(Updated) T-Mobile To Show Off Refarmed 1900MHz Network iPhone At WWDC Next Week? Yes, Yes They Are

Updated: It’s real! T-Mobile just sent us the following statement:

T-Mobile Statement:
While upgrading coverage inside the West side of the Moscone Center, T-Mobile has also deployed 4G HSPA+ service in the 1900 MHz band to test the live network on a small scale. As part of the company’s previously announced $4 billion network modernization effort, T-Mobile plans to launch 4G HSPA+ service in the 1900 MHz band in a large number of markets by the end of the year, which will make our 4G network compatible with a broader range of devices, including the iPhone.
NOTE: The time and location of this test is just coincidental.

A 9to5Mac report circling the interwebs right now is raising a few eyebrows in the T-Mobile community at the suggestion T-Mobile could be ready to show off the iPhone running on their refarmed 1900MHz band network. The 9to5Mac reader reported walking by Moscone West, ground zero for next weeks Apple super-event and experienced quite the iPhone on T-Mobile anomaly —-  a change in his iPhone from EDGE to 3G, which occurred just for the one block around the center itself. Accordingly, the reader specifically said he has passed by the center before and never had the iPhone indicate 3G service, for what should be obvious reasons.

Now, eyebrows are raising that T-Mobile may take some time next week to show off the possibilities of unlocked iPhone’s running on their refarmed network. T-Mobile could make use of MicroCell’s in and around Moscone Center to prepare for the influx of folks attending the Apple conference.

Now, the 9to5Mac report specifically says that they aren’t sure if this is a fluke, or a hint of things to come next week. Let’s be clear that there is no clear sign Apple will announce their next generation iPhone next week, nor that T-Mobile will be among those carrying the iPhone when it is announced.

T-Mobile could be using the time to show off the capabilities of their refarmed network ahead of its purported completion time of later this year. Now, I should add that this persons experience mirrors more than a thousand-plus reports I’ve seen in the last two months showing T-Mobile is clearly making some progress on the refarming front.

Is this a sign of things to come? We hope so, because even if the iPhone running on T-Mobile’s refarmed 1900 network isn’t your cup of tea, the door still opens to dozens of new handsets that can take advantage of the new network.


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  • Marino

    Just focus on getting this service better because when I’m in school it’s a DEAD ZONE with all the other carriers having bars (EVEN BOOSTMOBILE come on now)

    • XM_JDM

      Oh no! Never mind focusing on SCHOOL. It’s all about getting your texts and Facebook updates!

  • Jarrod

    I was just thinking, If the new iPhone is like the new iPad I could just use the LTE on the iPhone with T-Mobile if they launch it before refarming and then use EDGE for phone calls and text messages. That would also work out for me.

    • N773PH

      the new ipad uses the 700Mhz for LTE. VZW and ATT uses both 700 and AWS for LTE while T-mo will only use AWS so your plan may not work..sorry..

      • Jarrod

        It don’t need both bands of signal plus T-Mobile is going to use AWS for LTE

  • XM_JDM

    Lol. Thanks random person from the internet who thinks he is cool and claims to work for T-Mobile but instead he is just a poser loser.

  • AhhYo

    OK, so Virgin Mobile and Cricket how supply and service iPhone 4 & 4S What a slap in the face to T-Mobile. At of all this, you would think T-Mobile would be in line first before those prepaid chumps. I love T-Mobile and was a loyal fan for a few years. I even paid the termination fee, just in case I wanted to come back and not have a negative chance of paying a deposit. If and when T-Mobile gets the iPhone (hopefully the 5, when they announce it on Monday) I will gladly sign my life away with T-Mobile.

    • pinto

      with virgin mobile you’re BUYING THE FULL PRICE OF THE PHONE like you would tmobile if you were to bring it over. no big deal. dont understand what you’re all in a fuss over. sheesh

      • ArminVanBuren

        Not many ppl wanna drop $600 for a phone.

  • Zolomon1233

    Too late. I just switched my 4 lines on T-Mobile to iPhone 4s’s on Verizon. And I’m only paying about $15 more per month for the same usage but much better coverage. And Verizon is gonna get every new iPhone from here on out. T-Mobile has been good to me for 10 years but I got tired of Blackberries and Androids.

  • Boobinator

    Agreed with Zolomon. I switched both my lines on T-Mobile with Galaxy S2s to Verizon for 2 iPhones last month and paid the full termination fee. I don’t regret it.

    Not hating on T-Mobile but having unlocked phones on their network ain’t that great
    -No insurance offered by carrier for lost/stolen phones
    -No subsidies – gotta spend $600 up front
    -Won’t have full features of subsidized iPhones that other carriers ACTUALLY sell


      Sure you had a gs2, your probably one of those chumps who had a 3gs unlocked. we won’t miss you and iI can’t wait till you drop that pos

    • Soun Maokhamphiou

      Now that you mention it Boobinator… I used to think having unlocked phones on T-Mobile was great but considering there is no insurance and I have to pay international text messaging to the UK every time iMessage doesn’t work right… I’m considering paying the Early Termination Fees so I can use iPhones on a carrier that officially supports it.

      If T-Mobile doesn’t officially carry the new iPhone by the end of 2012… I will pay the ETF, sell my unlocked iPhones and buy subsidized iPhones on a carrier that officially supports it.

      I used to think I was so awesome for getting iPhones unlocked on T-Mobile but once I started seeing text messages being sent to the UK for activating iMessage/Facetime and even sending a failed iMessage to my wife on the same account… I will pass.

      I left android (Samsung Nexus S running ICS) less than 6 months ago to try iOS… never looked back and realized I missed out on so much iOS had to offer.

  • GuestGuy

    Does anybody know when they are changing it and where?

  • Dilson / Mr. Spacely

    I have a DROID Bionic running Tmo and I’ve been getting 1900mhz hspa+ signal in certain parts of RI