T-Mobile’s Official Response To Todays JD Power Announcement

While T-Mobile can take pride in achieving the top spot in the JD Power Wireless Purchase Experience survey 11 out of the last 15 times, a fourth place finish this time around is clearly disappointing. After the J.D. Power press release went out, T-Mobile released their own brief statement touching on their efforts to improve the wireless purchasing experience once they began to see customer happiness decline. Along with their official statement comes an internal statement that went out to employees earlier today also touching on the disappointing JD Power results. Both statements follow:


Official statement:

T-Mobile Addresses J.D. Power Wireless Purchase Experience Results

While our scores for online purchase experience improved, our overall fourth place finish is disappointing. Delivering outstanding customer service and a great shopping experience is core to T-Mobile, and we’ve been consistently recognized as a leader in that area.

During the period of time in which JD Power conducted this study we introduced many new offers combined with changes to our policies and procedures, which made it difficult for our frontline to deliver the highest level of service to customers. When we began to see the impact of these changes through feedback from our frontline employees and customers, we reacted by making significant changes during the last few months of 2011. Those overall changes have been a step in the right direction and we have already seen our customer satisfaction steadily improve month over month.

T-Mobile has been consistently recognized for its customer service and we are committed to re-establishing our outstanding service reputation, giving our customers the great service they deserve and previously relied on from T-Mobile.


Unofficial Statement:

Subject: JDP Purchase Experience Results

Field Sales Team,

A few weeks ago we wrote with results on the JD Power and Associates (JDP) Customer Care study. Today, JD Power released its Wireless Purchase Experience Study and T-Mobile ranked fourth for overall Wireless Purchase Experience — one point behind AT&T. We scored 5 points below the industry average — a decline of 14 points compared to the previous study.

This particular study measures the satisfaction of our customers who recently had a wireless purchase experience through visits to a T-Mobile store, calls to Customer Care or online. The most important factor in this study is the customers’ interaction with our Retail Store Representatives. The study results show that we need to focus on three key attributes to improve customer satisfaction:

  • Promptness in being able to speak with a representative
  • Knowledge of the representative
  • And, Courtesy of the representative

This news is disappointing to share. However, as we discussed a few weeks ago, several changes were incorporated at the beginning of this study’s reporting period which made it difficult for frontline employees to deliver the highest level of service to customers.

Our frontline teams have always prided themselves in our customers’ satisfaction. With our focus moving forward on executing the customer standards as well as our customer loyalty initiative “Drive Down Churn, Drive Up Loyalty” and working with our partners in Direct to Customer, we expect to see gains in re-establishing our customer service leadership. We have already seen our JDP satisfaction score steadily improve month over month, resulting in a 32-point increase from our low point in September to the last report in December.

We’ll continue to implement tools and training to help us focus on the customer experience. And, starting in March, we’ll bring back internal programs to measure our customers’ satisfaction such as Secret Shop for both Retail and TPR as well as customer SMS surveys with specific questions regarding the customer experience.

The next JD Power study on the Wireless Purchase Experience is under way and “One Person DOES Make a Difference”. Each and every one of you has a big impact on customer satisfaction and we each have the opportunity to make every T-Mobile customer a satisfied, lifelong T-Mobile customer.

Together, we sincerely thank you for everything you have done, continue to do and will do throughout 2012 to deliver outstanding customer service.

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  • iHateTmob

    T-Mobile is a horrible company especially to work for. Mistreated thoroughly. HR did nothing. Horrible people.

    • Abc

       Then what are you doing on a Tmobile site?  Take your hate elsewhere.

      • Frigadroid

        I thought this was an independent unofficial tmobile blog? Other than the annoying tmobile banner bouncing around on my vibrant screen I assumed david wasn’t being payed by DT.

        • http://tmonews.com David

          The only thing paying me are those annoying T-Mobile banner bouncing ads. :-)

        • Tbyrne


        • Yardbird65

          But I and many others still wonder why people like you dislike T-MO and are not customers but hang out on a T-MO news site posting negative comments….

    • http://www.facebook.com/iiJecire @Jecire

      right why come here to talk about the same people who mistreated you go post on their DIRECT page, send them a tweet, comment on their faceboook wall not here….some self esteem you must have you created a profile that states “iHATETmob” …www.wow.com

  • http://twitter.com/submariner Aaron Slater


    “T-Mobile attempted to adopt policies in line with AT&T for our potential merger. After that ended, we realized they sucked and worked to cover our asses”.

    • Tmo Ninja

      I am a T-mobile emplyee and I can tell you that at no point was any tech care employee told to adopt policies that were inline with AT&T. Thru out the entire procedure we remained our own company and no AT&T employee ever even stepped foot into my call center.

      • http://twitter.com/submariner Aaron Slater

        I suppose that doesn’t help T-Mo’s case.

  • Stopthewhining

    I work at tmobile tech care, been there for 6 1/2 yrs.  I have seen all the changes and they have to be done.  T-Mobile is a business people! when tmobile was bending over backwards for people they wouldnt appreciate it and now that its all changed everyone complains.  We are constantly being watched on how long we are on call and if the person calls back. We cant do exchanges either now which was a way of pleasing the customer but the customer didnt need these exchanges which would cost tmobile money to send replacements.  60 percent of exchanges by tmobile customers are no issue found with phone when returned to tmobile, which means its user error. Now, tmobile cant please everyone by just sending out phones just to get them off phone and give them what they want.. Tmobile customers ruined it for themselves and what I think will save it is this…… People need to stop whining about issues with there phn just to get something for free and if you want a new phone, PAY FOR IT! I work for tmobile and I have to pay for my phones when I want a new one and if I do get a discount, i get taxed on my check for it and taxed a lot…..  I have wanted to leave for a long time but where do i go work and get paid what i do for what i do. We deal with a lot of BULL and anyone wants to try customer service or tech support go ahead and you wont last past training! 8 hrs a day of grown men/women whining and crying can get to you so next time you call tmobile understand this, “we are people too.” Another thing that will help out customer service is this, DONT BE RUDE! Being rude will cause that customer service or tech rep to just shut down and not help you with issue.  Do you ever go to some place to eat and yell at the server, probably not, cuz you dont want them to spit in your food. So why would u want to yell and be rude at a person trying to help you, dont kill the messenger cuz the messenger just wants to get ur issue resolved and send you on your way with a smile on your face. It all goes back to elementry philosophy, “Treat others how you wanna be treated…”

    • Vim

      First let me say that having done tech support over the telephone for an ISP in my younger days I understand exactly how hard it is to remotely troubleshoot a problem based on the description of someone who doesn’t have the vocabulary to describe what they’re experiencing, or worse, is prone to exaggeration to the point where what they’re telling you has little to do with what is actually going on.  I never want to be in that position again, ever.  Nevertheless…

      Unnecessary exchanges weren’t aren’t always user error.  On occasion, lazy or less knowledgeable reps sent replacement phones when they shouldn’t have on known issues with known solutions.  I had that happen to me once.  Through a stroke of dumb luck followed up by some internet research, I learned that the issue I experienced was intrinsic to my handset model and that there was a very easy workaround.  In the end I didn’t even bother to open the replacement when it arrived, a replacement that in all probability would have had the exact same charging problem.    I simply returned it to T-Mobile unopened.  The rep I talked with about the return told me that it was a known issue with a known solution and he didn’t know why the 1st rep had sent me the replacement.  So unnecessary exchanges weren’t always the customer’s fault…

      • Stopthewhining

         Yeah I know what your saying on that but sometimes known issues are discovered til the customer has phone. I always like to say the best tester of a phone is a customer not a guy that sits behind a desk and never uses all the phones features but on another note…. known issues with devices are not Tmobile fault tmobile doesnt make phone they provide service, Samsung, motorola, htc and all the other companies make  phones and they dont discover these known issues before they release to public. I know all exchanges are user error but when u get a customer that calls twice a week every time her phone “freezes” and already received an exchange more than once u start to say…hmmmmm could it be the user not the phone especially when you own that phone personally and never had an issue cuz u can maintain a phone. Tmo is at fault to certain point but i do think tmobile does care about their customers and if you dont think so what company gives out celfi signal boosters for free and also has wifi calling…. tmobile does have some fault and i will tell ur it right now… Automated System is terrible, i hate it! Customer care in other countries is terrbile, they take forever to explain things and i hate it too so i feel everyones pain and all they do is mess things up more than transfer to tech care by then the customer is so mad they dont even want to troubleshoot bc they just talked to a foreigner that knows nothing about our culture and how americans are and i know what the fix is within 5 mins…but u know if i said this in a meeting, my coach and manager would put me in their office and rip me a new one.One more thing that will also help out tmobile customer service is putting 1 certified tech rep in store to help with tech support issues in store with all same tools that we have in tier 3. This would be huge in my opinion, imagine going to store, getting ur issue solved without having to talk to 3 diff people on the phone which could take about an hr,,,,This would help out tmobile big time!

        • JBLmobileG1

          After these past few months.. and pretty much since I received it… of running into issues with my G2 phone I finally gave in and accepted the replacement. One reason, because it wasn’t another G2 which could have had far more issues than mine, but they offered me the Amaze 4g which is the phone I actually have been wanting since I first heard about it and is far superior in everyway. My G2 has been resetting itself atleast every few months to where you need to do a battery pull to turn it on. Also it would lose pictures where you would need to use a 3rd party app to bring them back or restart the phone completely. Even the last update that was to fix this issue worked for a while then it did it again. And recently when you would record video the playback would pause every few seconds… and it’s not the 32gb class 10 card that I have either. Plus I think the Rom in my phone isn’t accurate because it says I have less than I should even after doing a system reset on the cache so I continued to have freezing issues. All I can say is Iam glad I have the $7.99 insurance because it paid off. Only bummer is that I won’t receive the phone on the day they said because of the holiday but that’s not a big deal since I pretty much received a great deal. I do hope it’s not a refurbished phone itself though because who’s to say it won’t have any issues that may not have been discovered or fixed. I know my G2 issues don’t show themselves unless you really play with it. And the cosmetic condition was superb because I used an otterbox case at all times. One reason why I wouldn’t have wanted another G2 is because I did my research how some people received phones in worse shape then their last. I just hope I will be happy with this one, and I already know about the battery life which isn’t the greatest. I have a case and a screen protector ordered and on their way as well. All I can say is thankyou Tmobile for giving me this phone as my exchange. Definitely more reason to praise you because most companies would have probably given one a phone that wasn’t as nice or newer. I guess it does pay to be a loyal customer for 8 years and to get the $7.99 insurance.

    • http://www.facebook.com/iiJecire @Jecire

      I concur I feel you 100% Accountability is everything and our society lacks it and what we equate to “good customer service” is simple ass kissing whether the customer is wrong or right is so stupid. Both sides any business type from the worker tot he customer need to not take it personal and treat each other with respect and be more proactive especially consumers. I hate calling call centers and rarely every do we need more self sufficient people are tooooo needy and then blame us ! smh wtf

    • Richard

       idiots like you and many of these stupid tmo employees are the reason for tmobile being  4rth in customer satisfaction and wireless purchase experience survey,

      what you incompetent fools are  saying doesn’t help tmobile

      • Aaron Tant

        I guess you would rather T-Mobile be like Sprint… give whatever, even to the detriment of the whole company (with a debt to equity ratio of 1.4:1, they’re effectively going bankrupt).  OR, you would rather T-Mobile act like Verizon and AT&T, overcharge every single customer so that they could “give” stuff away.

        Richard, “StoptheWhining” is right on the money with his argument.  Name calling just proves “StoptheWhining”‘s point.  You don’t have anything factual to bring to the table, so you resort to name calling (well, you did mention the 4th place customer satisfaction rating… but not the real cause).

      • Stopthewhining

         Hey man u dont know my skills on the phone so before you say i am stupid, i provide the best VOC at my call center and you know what VOC stands for voice of customer which is a survey by the customer… I get awards for my work I take pride in what i do so before u start calling people stupid and idiot maybe u should look at the man in the mirror like michael jackson…HAHAHA

    • Justin Jett

      I used to be a rep for T-Mobile and we also had to buy our phones outright with no discount.  The catch to that was my phone bill was $25/ month.  Now that I have a job in my degree area, my bill is now $114/mo for the same exact service.  I also got to carry over my service as I was not allowed upgrades for the time I was a rep.  For that reason, I really don’t feel bad that you have to pay $400+ for a phone.  You’re being subsidized on your phone plan.  Outside of that complaint, I’ve never really had an issue with customer service.

    • DopeDesign

      Absolutely agree!  T-mobile used to be the company that would do whatever it takes to make a customer happy even if it dipped into the profits.  Customers caught on and asked for everything when it wasnt deserved and continued to keep doing it.  T-Mo has now caught on to the fact it was gaining any customer like this and wasnt successful as company so they changed that mindset.  T-mo is now in limbo between doing it the old way and the new way.  Some customers are going to have to get over the fact that they will not get whatever the want just because.  I dont feel bad for a customer that has been with us for 3 years and gets a full discount every 6 months because they complain enough when I tell them “no”.  Problem is customers will not change but tmo has to find that middle ground.

    • GP

      I am tech support. Been doing it for 12 years.  And yes, there are sometimes irate people.  But I try to help them as best I can anyway. I’ve taken angry callers and made them happy by the end of the call.  Not always, but that’s what I try to do.  As for blaming the customer, I have this to say: Your automated computer system that answers the call sets us up to be angry.  It doesn’t understand what we say and if it can’t three times, it HANGS UP.  It actually hangs up on us!  That’s ridiculous and eggregious!  So then I have to call back, lie to the thing, and now I’m really angry.  Recently I called because a voicemail just wouldn’t delete.  Simple problem I hoped could be fixed simply. I was driving at the time.  The computer system told me to look at the My Account on my phone.  I had to do that while I was driving to click the Call Customer Care, then it didn’t understand what I needed and hung up on me.  Then I called back irate and lied. I got a human.  She fixed the problem and I had her record (I thought) my complaint about the computerized phone system.  More recently I had a run in with the computerized phone system and was told they couldn’t record a complaint.  There was no where to send it. 

      No way to put in a complaint?!  How do you know your customers are not happy if you don’t record and look at the complaints?  Why would you change the phone system to be more frustrating?  Why on Earth would you (and I mean T-Mobile when I say “you”) make it so it would HANG UP on a customer?  And then not expect angry customers when they finally reach a human being who won’t even let them them issue a complaint?

  • Taron19119

    Y do I have to call the bbb just to get a replacement phone

  • Lee

    I used to work for T-mobile, if they want better customer services? It’s very easy, make a new rate plan that can be easily understand, dumb the value plans, Phones for advance users and dumb users, don’t force rep to up sell shiet that customer don’t need instead have rep help right fit customer based on customer budget, loyal discount program, 5% discount after 2 years, 10% discount after 4 years, 15% discount after 6 years, 20% discount after 8 years.  No more activation per month goal for rep, change it to how many customers serve per month.  No more one time commission for rep, change it to residual commission generate per month as long customer keep their services.  

    • Frank

      It would be great if they could give discounts like that and not charge any fees for anything but they probably wouldn’t make any money. The profit margins they work on are just so slim…

  • Amar

    i never had any issues with TMO ever. Been loyal for last 8 years and hope to stick around with them unless someone else is ready to offer 4G @ under 10 bucks a month.

  • Ras

    tmobile should not be just in bad situation in the reports, it should be the worst of all! incompetent, unhelpful, stupid phone reps and stupid , dumb store reps. so many junk fake deals!
    30 days only and counting, can’t wait to get this s**t mobile out of my thoughts after that

    • JBLmobileG1

      Good luck with any other carrier. Tmobiles prices alone are like a deal everyday when compared to the competition. As for making it seem like their entire staff is crap… sure they might have some bad apples…. but I guarantee from personal experience they still are some of the friendliest and try to help when they really can. Maybe you are upset because they aren’t giving the farm away like they have seem to do in the past. And I can tell just by your post that your probably not the friendliest customer to call in either. If you don’t show some respect I don’t blame them if they don’t show you any. So see ya!

  • Guest

    I’ve been with TMobile for over ten years, and the customer service is significantly lacking compared to what it used to be. The initial animated answering system is not service friendly, and then it takes a ridiculous amount of time to reach an actual person, and once you reach an actual person, they’re not always able to help you, although they are very nice. I chalk it up to the company being in financial trouble, cutting their customer service employees by loads, and outsourcing them. I wish they’d realize that they can offer all kinds of crazy deals, but that doesn’t make up for subpar customer service. 

  • Rob

    Their customer service is horrible. I had a supervisor named Dwayne who was offputting. Which thank God motivated me to actually cancel my service with them and move on to better pastures.

    • Tbyrne

      Better pastures? And where might that be robbie?

  • Anonymous

    Now that they don’t have to worry about AT&T screwing them over they can return to the great T-Mo that they were.

    • Frank

      Unforrunately from my experience, customer service started to go downhill before the AT&T fiasco. Hopefully they’re on track to bring it back to the level it was at 5 years ago, but I am not holding my breath.

    • Anonymous

      They likely will get out of their funk, but  like someone else pointed out, this declining probably started prior to the merger.

      Worst case, it’ll continue to decline until something happens to finally make it better.

  • Kingbomani


  • Guest333

    perception is everything. If you have a great experience with an in store rep, or a Care rep, you’ll always go into things with TMO with a positive attitude that you will be taken care of, and usually it ends up the case. But the people who go into things pissed off and irate, will NEVER get taken care of to their liking, because NOTHING will make them happy. I’m an in store rep, and I never thought that I would get yelled at by a customer and told that we have “the worst customer service ever” because he called my store and I wouldnt give him information about his account or make changes over the phone. I don’t know that you are who you say you are. 

    • onceATMOFan

      You have policies in place to identify callers and to then help them with their issues.  You make the case of poor customer service because, apparently, you’re not even aware of the policy. The client should have their needs met regardless if they call customer care or the retail store. That is a sign of great customer service.

      • Primus42

        In a retail store the only way an account can be accessed is by visually seeing a valid government issued id…we have no access in store to anything other than a name on the account and an account number…anyone who found possession if your bill has access to that info…sooooo no we have no means other than id to identify an account

      • Coolness

        Store dont take calls over the phone.  You call customer service.  Customer are not always right especially when for years customers have ripped off T-Mo or call in wanting something for nothing because “I am a loyal customer”  We have great customers and we have bad ones.  Mostly bad ones as of late.

    • RockoT

      Nothing? So when you rip someone off for $400, you don’t think returning the $400 would make that person happy.

      No need to give back the money that was taken via fraud, because nothing will make them happy anyway?

      LOL – no buddy, there are specific things that make people happy – in order to find out what those things are, you’ll have to learn to listen.

      You think you need to come here and post and help educate your customers, but its you, who need a lesson.

      When someone is lied to – and the fraud is used to take their money from them – t-mobile has created an irate customer.

      And yes – when money is taken from a person by deceit, you have a moral obligation to return the money.

      In my case I spent $400, but that money down on phones that I had for only a few hours.   They were shipped back the same day – the moment I found out that the fraud had occurred the phones were returned.

      Look, unfortunately big business sometimes engages in putting together systems, that they hope will be profitable, but actually cross the line into wrong doing.

      You have to expect that when you work for a company like that – that you will deal with your fair share of irate customers.

      Your example – the customer likely just didn’t want to travel into the shark’s den – and the policy is there in order to force him into doing something he didn’t want to do.

      Of course, he was irate.  Tmobile’s policies are all about sales – and nothing about customer service.

    • http://www.heartinsanfrancisco.com/raa.htm ItsMichaelNotMike

      Another T-Mobile employee making assumptions, blaming the customer, and who believes that the customer is the enemy, or at the minimum, should consider himself lucky to get questions asked and the minimal in customer service.

      Sidenote: Why is it that T-Mobile employees never ID themselves when they post in here, acting rude, arrogant and accusatory.

      I say you should at least ID what store you work at.

      And FYI I have never acted pissed and irate (your words) at CSRs, despite my having to spend hours on the phone correcting T-Mobile mistakes, slamming, overcharges, and breaking promises.

  • RockoT

    It’s interesting to me, as a person undergoing consistent horrible customer service with t-mobile, is that they keep issuing statements to the effect that they are working on their customer service problem.

    But – do you think any of that means, that my specific issue will be resolved.  No.

    No, and I’ll tell you why, that would take real action, not mere words.

    Words are free.  Salespeople know that.  T-mobile effectively doesn’t have a customer service department, they have a sales department in its place.  And issuing words and statements is right up their alley.

    Look, one of their team tried to rip me off, as I’ve told the story before – they claimed I could keep my grandfathered plans, and after my new phones arrived – the story took a 180 degree turn.  Now, suddenly I’m the dumbest person on the planet for thinking I could keep my grandfathered plans.

    Turns out the same rep that said I could keep my plans – is the one who changed them – slammed them through without my permission.  Outright lied.

    Now t-mobile – are they going to fix the problem?   Well, in a word: no.

    They demanded I return the phones, if I wanted my old plans back.  I returned the phones, meanwhile, they kept my service off for several days.

    Then finally I get my service back, but am I on the old plans?  No.

    They say they have a month to work that out.  Well they can say whatever they want, they give themselves a month, a year, 10 years – it doesn’t make any of it reasonable.

    It’s been almost 3 weeks now, and they refuse to acknowledged that they even received a return.
    They want tracking numbers to prove I shipped the phones back within the return period.

    Now I do have a tracking # – shipped both phones back in one package, just as I received them, in 1 package.

    And I can prove I shipped the phones back, but its interesting nevertheless that by default tmobile does not acknowledge they receive anything, and forces you to prove it.

    I’ll prove it, when the time comes to take this to arbitration, but in the meanwhile – I’m waiting to see if these clowns ever admit they got the phones – which they got – close to 3 weeks ago.

    My guess: no.  I’m assuming they’ll never admit it.  Why?  Because this is par for the course with them.  They simply cannot be trusted and only reluctantly do what you force them to do.  If you aren’t in a position to force them – don’t expect them to act.

    Is that good customer service?  LOL – I’d say its not good customer service, not in the least bit.

    When they try to improve customer service with a change in behavior, rather than with press releases – that’ll be the day.

  • RockoT

    Btw, since getting treated to t-mobiles customer service for the first time – and realize how amazingly bad it is – I’ve had the occasion to have a few conversations with coworkers and their thoughts on service with tmobile.

    One of my coworkers said, that he looks at the 2 year contract as being the most fragile thing in the world – any call, any problem, any need – and suddenly you are on a new 2 year contract – so he never calls customer service about anything, as a rule, won’t call them.  He just suffers with whatever problem, finds a way to fix it himself, or waits for it to go away.

    The other coworker said that he doesn’t ask the tmobile reps anything because all they do is lie.
    He looks at the most expensive plans and assumes that’s what he’ll be signed up for.  He doesn’t walk in the store unless he wants the phone enough to get the most expensive plan.

    You know its a sales game – but its one that tmobile has actually made too easy on themselves.  Instead of actually selling people – they just slam through changes on people who don’t want the changes and wouldn’t agree to it.  It’s just too easy, they’ve gone from being good sales people to just being fraudulent.

    So – you can use words to argue against these people – except they aren’t here anyway, its just me relaying the thoughts.

    I’ve read thought these threads, and I read those posts, from those who want to construct argument – want to build an argument against anything someone says.

    Look, argue all you want – but this is about reputation – part of your reputation is that you do argue.  Some companies have a  good reputation, and some a terrible one.

    Tmobile has a horrible reputation.  A well deserved, really poor reputation.  And the sharks are going to argue – that’s what sharks do, but in the end, building a customer service department chock full of hyper aggressive salespeople – don’t expect to have good customer service – it’s just not what they are good at doing.

    • Mahpham

      This is what I see too. Who knows what additional services they might sign you up. It takes few times arguing to remove. And getting transferred so many times is frustrating. I’m just waiting for my 2 years to finish.

    • http://www.heartinsanfrancisco.com/raa.htm ItsMichaelNotMike

      There’s a lot of spot on comments in this thread, but on the customer service issues yours is one of the best comments I have ever seen on TMoNews (and the Net).

      In the past, some TMoNews comments and complaints have alluded to parts of what you say, but your post succinctly sums up with sniper precision what matters most in industries that serve the public. In business, A COMPANY’S REPUTATION IS WHAT MATTERS.

      Yes, phoniness and dishonesty might close sales (especially since it is easy to gyp people with fine print, false promises, denials that things were said, agreements made, and having no problem simply wearing customers out to where they get fed up, go away and keep paying the bill). But just like Sprint found out, eventually a company’s rep will catch up to it, and as has happened to T-Mobile.

      Oh, and I totally agree that TMOUS’ poor reputation is well deserved. Even as a long term customer who had paid them anywhere from $25,000 to $30,000 over the years, T-Mobile has given me the runaround, reneged on promises made, overcharged me a number of times, and acted with repeated incompetence.

  • anon42

    Why do some people blame the company’s downward spiral on the almost AT&T aquisition? As someone who worked with T-Mobile from 2004 to recent, it’s been on a downward spiral before the proposed buy out. This is all on T-Mobile, not AT&T or any other company. The values of the company are no longer a staple of the company.

    • richc

      the lack of values, and “sell first” mentality is why I quit t-mobile.  The company has no values other then the sales.  

  • Sunnymoe

    So, you want to be #1? Study well the definition of CUSTOMER, SATIFIED, SERVICE. It’s not a missin impossible. Case in point: on Feb 11, 2012, i went to your Boynton Beach, FL store. I was 3rd (!)) in pre-line, at 8:20AM before they opened the store @9am. Guess what it was about 11 AM when I fannaly got my new phone. “My” sales rep was servicing two couples trying to figure out what phones they want and what plans are available at different rate and what can they afford, only to be interrupted by a lady that came to the same rep “Just to pay her bill”. Being a great guy, he accomodated her too. …and I am next in line. I just wanted the phone, pay and leave. and surprisee! I came home and couldn’t use it becauseMy data plan (Almost 8 years w/T-Mo) was not included/ defined right or something. had to come to the store again! after waiting more than an hour since, believe ut or not my Rep could not do it from his terminal at the store, tried to reach Tech Support or Tech Care or whatever he was trying to reach and waqs put on que waiting to talk to somebody who can make it work. On top of this there are no CHAIR in your store. You expect people (of all ages- I am in my mid 70s) to stand there for hours???! how is the genius responsible for this. He should  wait standing up for 3 hours in your store that does not even have a Wi-Fi in-store service (!!!) and then I would walk him/her right out the door forever, and let him to try to sell his genius “efficiency/ expediting cutomers out of the store” to some other carrier who want to chase customer out!!!
    A word of FREE advice if you really want to improve sales/customer service.
    1. Get a Greater at the door to direct you to the right person
    2. Have a person(s) to show 7 explaine your phones features, and answer questions.
    3. Have another person(s) to go over your convoluted plans and veryfy that they understand it. Don’t oversell! You “screw” somebody once (Fot 2 years!) and all his circle of family and friends and their familied and friends will remember you for life.
    4. The Sales reps at the sales stations should do only this SELL. give the person the phoes that the other specialist match him to, sign him to the plan he needs get the money, Give the receit, and send him to the final station the VERIFICATION station were they’ll check that every thing is working and functioning to your and your customer satisfacion. …and have the last person sing off on the deal and be responsible fot it.
    5. A store like T-Mo should have at least one or two qualified hi level technicians with the proper test equipment to trouble shoot and repair/correct froblems found. they might become a cost center too by selling the like of new batteries (ONLY if needed, and alike)    

    An Aside: As I sepnt my day trying to get a new phone @AM, AND make it work @PM, I withness an advanced middle-age couple who bought two phones in the store but T-Mo mailed it to them. One unit seemed to be defective or not funcnioning right. The woman was told to call customer care. After almost two hrs with that illustrious entity, they were told her to have the STORE take care of it, and especially she IS calling from the store were they puchased the phones. The “Floor expediter” for lack of any other way to describe his function, was telling her to ship the phones back to t-Mo and they will take care of them. They came to the store to begin with because they were told to do so. The truth is I envied her – she brouht her oen chair! yes, a wheel chair! After additional give and take, this MC was tried to help other happy customers with their To_mo problems (MultyTasking is passe and it provides the most INEFFICIENT service. and yes you started me going on your customer service awareness someting manifesto…

      FYI, this is just a random observation from a random by-Stander (Literally: No Chairs) customer who want you to be successful!   

    By the way my sales rep  Mr. W…DS, was a wonerful guy, knowledgable, courteous, freindly with lots of patience. and should be commended.
    @PM:disqus I have some other recommendations but strictly off-line

    • http://tmonews.com David

      Hey, I got into that store a lot!

  • richc

    I used to work for t-mobile.  As an employee I really wanted to help customers cause thats what we were trained to do.  And we did great at it.  After about a year on the job things started to change. The company began to focus less on “world class customer service” to mrc.  Then the focus was “sales & service.” this all happened shortly after sue nokes, and bob dotson left the company.  I saw the writing on the wall.  Sales and service are like oil and water.  They don’t mix.  it soon turned into “do what you need to to get your numbers up.”  Then it was, well, if its a troubleshooting call, you HAVE to offer them something before you hand them off.  there was an increase on pissed off custoemrs cause they got charged for something they didn’t want.  supervisors told us to “assume the sale.” 

    it degraded into a typical winner take all screw everyone else sales mentality.  So I quit.  I was not going to sacrifice service for sales.  And I let my supervisors know that.  I was constantly harassed by my supervisor and her senior.  Daily threats of being fired, and a few times where I had to leave early for doctors appt’s where she didn’t let me leave unless I quit.  

    My biggest regret is ever working for that company.  It was an aweful experience with horrible leadership in a terrible work environment.  Customer service is difficult, the company shouldn’t make it harder.  

    The company is in a death spiral and it will not recover.  I can’t say that I feel sorry for them cause they brought it on themselves.  Horrible management decisions, terrible leaders, and no focused vision killed this company.  Someone will buy them out.  It will happen, DT does not want any part of the company, and Phillip Humm was brought in to facilitate the sale of the company.  he will get that done.  

    Thats just my 2 cents.  I won’t even begin to discuss the horrible HTC phone that I have! But you do have a choice, you can always take your business elsewhere.  

    • Allan Locantore

      You can take you business elsewhere if you are willing to pay 200 per line to get out. The company has been left behind. We are stuck with service the is mediocre at best and the service just plan sucks anymore. The equipment available to use doesn’t compare to whats out there. Lets be really here, the IPhone has been out for 5 year and if you want on t-mobile you are stuck on 2g. Im an android guy but that still sucks. They are so stuck on this 3G HPSA+ that they pass off as 4g while the rest of the would is moving to 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution).
      They even went so far as to have samsung put a different chip in there version of the Galaxy S2. I love this company at one time but have grown to HATE it.

    • DopeDesign

      Get back to work and get off the internet lol .  Seriously tho, you were taught to right fit the customer in order to upsell.  Means check the account and see if the customer can benefit from the upsell.  You were never told just sell them something.  Your are the problem or your leadership was the problem here not T-Mobile.

  • http://www.heartinsanfrancisco.com/raa.htm ItsMichaelNotMike

    What a difference six years make, this from May 2006:

    “[TMOUS] has effectively improved its business by turning away business. A new “no secrets” philosophy that has salespeople telling customers when its network won’t provide the best wireless service is likely a primary reason why [T-Mobile] made the biggest customer satisfaction improvements of any wireless carrier in the usually frustrating world of mobile phone service.

    T-Mobile’s new proclivity to decline a customer who might not get the company’s best service has effectively ensured that it keeps the customers it does have. Customers then enjoy a pleasant experience and good relationship, company officials said.

    The American Customer Satisfaction Index, or ACSI, shows today that although wireless remains lowly regarded within the information sector, the industry made a slight improvement last year and
    appears to be trending upward. T-Mobile’s customer satisfaction increased the most — 5 points — on the ACSI, which puts the company on par with Verizon Wireless, the longtime champion of wireless customer service.

    ‘We’re not trying to be the biggest. We’re trying to be the best,’ said John Birrer vice president of customer service operations for T-Mobile, which is the third-largest wireless carrier in the United States.

    Survey after survey has shown that as a highly personal consumer service, the wireless industry for years has been less than satisfying to the average consumer.

    Within an industry that has been busy the past two years picking up the pieces of unpopular mergers and rapid technology growth, today’s wireless carriers are now highly focused on
    taking better care of their customers.

    The ACSI index and at least one other measurement of consumer satisfaction are showing that
    wireless carriers are starting to make good on the promises of better customer satisfaction.”

    Again, the above was from an article from six years ago.

  • Arnesto

    Rite Aid had a Sales program every month. Management would think up these catchy sayings . Thety never worked.You have to have proper staffing -NOT gimmicks.

  • TMo Sucks (F@#$ them)

    everyone knows T mobile sucks in its customer service, technical service, their phones are crappy old non upgradable ones, and they want to swindle thier customers by charing them for service which the customer didnt even ask in the 1st place. I was a TMo customer for 8 years, now I have decied to leave them 3 more months, just putting up with this crap till my contract expires. 

    One word of advise for all of you who are frustrated with TMo, ‘FCC”. Go to FCC web site and file a complaint, for a change this works and I am sure Tmo corporate Customer care will give you a call and try to resolve your issue or refund all excess chargers. I have done it and it has worked very well.

  • TollFreeCaller

    I’m not waiting on the contract. I’m done with T-Mobile. They lie about delivered services. Bye.

  • Jim

     I Love T-Mobile service!!! Hand’s down the best. Haven’t had a chance to use any other mobile providers customer service so I can’t compare, I can just say I’m Happy where I am.

  • http://twitter.com/jimzks Jim Ziegler

    Not surprising..  T-mobile’s customer service is horrible now.  I have had Tmobile for well over a decade, and am counting the days until my contract is up and I can go somewhere else.  

  • T-Mobile Hater

    I am disgusted by T-Mobile’s service.  Their customer service is should be retitled Customer Disservice.  Their staff are unempowered scripted parrots.  I was billed for services that I disabled based on specific directions from T-Mobile.  I was billed either way, and am now liable for the charges.  Total bullshit.  I will take my business elsewhere even if I have to pay an early termination fee.  I am also going to make it my mission to dissuade people on every opportunity to do business with T-Mobile.  In one interaction I have gone from a satisfied loyal customer to a fierce hater of T-Mobile.  I will never do business with them again.