T-Mobile Connection Manager OTA Update Improves Software Performance

T-Mobile’s Mobile Broadband users should be on the lookout for a new OTA update for Connection Manager that began going out on February 14th. This update upgrades the connection manager from version 2.05 to 2.06 for the Jet 2.0 and improves software and device performance for the Rocket 3.0. The following legacy devices may also receive the OTA:

  • Dell Mini Netbook
  • Jet
  • Rocket
  • Rocket 2.0
  • USB Laptop Stick


  • Improved software performance
  • Improved network connectivity
  • T-Mobile Broadband is now the default tab when opening the connection manager



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  • Anonymous

    It’s always annoying to open the connection manager and the default tab was wifi. Never understood that

    • Magmaspawn

      Agreed. You could always fav a page but why the need?

      • Anonymous


  • Off Topic

    This is off topic but it is to anyone who has a htc sensation do you have problems when turning WiFi on ? Sometimes it works other time it’s jus keeps turning on and off and then eventually restarts itself

  • They are so far behind, its crazy lol.

    • Anonymous

      Behind what?

  • Kevin

    Can anyone tell me what exactly is connection manager? Is it an app on my android phone?

    • StrongArm

      Yes, the app allows for seamless connection to the phones flux capacitor.

    • Anonymous

      Its in reference to Tmo’s portable hotspots tjey sell. Nothing to do with your phone bro… Or your flux capacitor..lmao! You may be a little young to understand that!

  • Mary from New York, NY

    There is also a Rocket 3.0 Firmware update. I applied the firmware update and have not noticed any remarkable performance differences. The update for the Connection Manager can also be downloaded from the TMobile site, where the firmware is located.

    Connection Manager is TMobile’s webConnect software package that installs on Win XP, Vista and Windows 7 and acts as a network agent for its data broadband session with the Rocket and Jet USB devices. It’s not like using BlackBerry Desktop Manager for “tethering”.