T-Mobile Acquires Domain Registrations For Upcoming “Prism” Device?

Here’s an interesting rumor for today…and I emphasize rumor with a capital R-U-M-O-R. According to Fusible, T-Mobile is working on a new smartphone called “Prism,” if recent domain registrations are to be believed. The new device part of this is truly speculation however, as T-Mobile counsel registered the domain names through MarkMonitor, an internet brand protection company on November 21st, 2011.

T-Mobile originally filed for the Prism trademark back in 2009 and has since had three extensions granted. Originally, when the name Prism first surfaced it was suggested as a possible name for what eventually because the T-Mobile myTouch 3G.

The goods and services 2009 filing lists the Prism as a “wireless handheld telecommunications devices, namely, wireless telecommunications devices that combine wireless voice and data telecommunications functions, digital imaging functions, computing functions, permit the two-way wireless transmission of e-mail and text, permit wireless access to a global computer network, gaming and multimedia functionality.”

I’d definitely file this away in the back of the mind as it seems likely to be more rumor than fact…at least for now.


The list of new domain registrations include:

  • t-mobileprism.com
  • t-mobileprism.net
  • t-mobileprism.biz
  • t-mobileprism.org
  • t-mobileprism.us
  • tmobileprism.biz
  • tmobileprism.org
  • tmobileprism.us

The WHOIS info:


IP Counsel
T-Mobile USA, Inc.
12920 SE 38th Street
Bellevue WA 98006

Domain Name: tmobileprism.com

Registrar Name: Markmonitor.com
Registrar Whois: whois.markmonitor.com

Administrative Contact:
IP Counsel
T-Mobile USA, Inc.
12920 SE 38th Street
Bellevue WA 98006

Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
IP Counsel
T-Mobile USA, Inc.
12920 SE 38th Street
Bellevue WA 98006

Created on…………..: 2011-11-21.
Expires on…………..: 2013-11-21.
Record last updated on..: 2011-11-21.

So what do we think: rumor, something old or something new?

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  • why do i feel like i heard this before?

    • Vim

      Prism shares a lot of letters with Pyramid, which was the development code name for  the Sensation a year ago…

      • Oreo

        HHmm Sensation XL lmao.

  • Anonymous

    Prism would be a cool moniker for a high end device (something that the myTouch 3G wasn’t).  I would think that would pair up with an HTC device.

    My prediction:

    HTC Prism:
    -12 MP with cool camera features like the Amaze
    -Fast Quad Core SoC
    -4.5″ screen
    -Crystal-Like case (not see through, but close and very solid to the touch).

  • Anonymous

    It’s the HTC Pyramid!!

    • Frigadroid

      They took the best out of the emerald plan & combined it with the pyramid plan and came up with the new prism plan.

      • Anonymous

        Lol yeah!

    • M1ku5

      HTC Pyramid == HTC Sensation

    • Wilma Flintstone


  • Quailallstar

    Maybe its that new Sony Xperia S? T

    he phone has a clear prism-like insert?

    Just a hunch ;)


  • Anonymous

    So what ever happened with the HTC Sidekick Twist? Lol. I don’t know why but this reminded me of that.

    • Anonymous

      I really wish HTC would make a high end android sidekick with a kick stand.  However I’m going to assume here that when T-Mobile sought to revive the Sidekick brand with Android they went to HTC first but realized with Samsung they could get a better bang for their buck since they could get HSPA+ 21 and the hummingbird processor from the first Galaxy S phones and sell the Sidekick cheap.

      Even though it’s important to have mid range affordable handsets I’m of the opinion that this was a bad call.  There was an article posted on here a while back that showed the Sidekick 4G as one of the most googled items of 2011.  The Sidekick 4G should have been something at the bleeding edge of technology.  The brand recognition of the Sidekick has something to take on Apple and the iPhone.  The Sidekick was the hip thing to get.  You could see celebrities using it all the time back in the day.  ALL these ‘hip’ people have moved on to iPhones.  A revived Sidekick should be conceived as something to bring back anyone who ever left T-Mobile for an iPhone.  There are certain people that just want a cool phone and those people aren’t going to drop their iPhones for a Sidekick 4G with it’s worse display, bulkiness, and below average camera with no flash.  COME ON T-MOBILE. 

      • Oreo

        So you want a sidekick with a kickstand? lol Good joke mate.

        • Oreo

          BTW Agreeded with your idea. It should be named Sidekick X, and be made by HTC. 

  • ray

    i need a new phone, hurry up and release something good. 

  • Anonymous

    I’d be down with this phone.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe it’s some sort of platform item.  Like the mytouch line having the genius button. 

  • Whiskers

    Great , probably another damn Android phone.
    Like we don’t have enough of the OS on practically everything TMO sells.


      There is nothing wrong with Android although it is nice to have variety I agree. It would be cool to have a phone with multiple O/S’s on it. Like both Windows 7 and Android. The best of both worlds.

      • Whiskers

        Now that’s a great idea.
        I love my HD7 but sometimes i wish their was better apps.

      • Dsxs11

         MY HD2 is dual boot. Android and Windows 7 pretty easy to do

  • Lijobabie

    When is the iPhone coming to tmobile? Like seriously, DT has had the iPhone practically every international tmobile branch. When is it going to land on T-Mobile USA?? I love tmobile and want to stay with them but also love the iPhone. I’m tired of spending $600+ on an iPhone. I also want 3G speeds on it too. The other carriers probably paid apple millions on exclusivity to keep it away from tmobile. But if not, it’s DT’s fault that we don’t have it here

  • Anonymous

    Going to the sourced article something interesting was: 

    Apparently T-Mobile registered ‘4G Turbo’ domain names.  Maybe this is what T-Mobile will call HSPA+ 84 devices since it will be a vastly different experience than all the HSPA+ 14 devices out there.

  • LE


    • Kalel

       People still buy Blackberries?

      • What?

         RIM still MAKES Blackberries?

        • Anonymous

          A blackberry isn’t just a delicious fruit?

        • None

          What is a blackberry?

  • Anonymous

    This makes me think when talks broke down between Apple and T-Mobile over the iPhone 4s.  The T-Mobile response was the Value Plans.  If T-Mobile gets permission from Apple to sell the iPhone on Value Plans only that would be amazing for them.

    • Kalel

       I think they could do the Value plan Iphones, just people would actually being paying what the phone costs and not the heavily subsidized pricing that Apple forces carriers to take.  I don’t know how many people will shell out the $650 for the cheapest Iphone 4S.  At least T-mobile could say they carry it but you have to pay for it yourself.

      • Anonymous

        Well on the Value plans now T-Mobile let’s customers pay the  subsidized price of a phone as a down payment and break up the rest of the phone on your bill interest free across 20 months.

        With the iPhone, I would imagine T-Mobile would be financing more instead of subsidizing more. That way people pay the same thing up front for the iPhone as on other carriers but T-Mobile ends up recouping the full retail price of the phone back.

        • Kalel

           Max amount they let you finance is $300 per line, which they’d have to increase with the Iphone.

        • Actually, the maximum is $400 per line, but you need excellent credit to get it. They’ll probably bump it up to $500 per line if they do get the iPhone, or it wouldn’t work out.

        • Kalel

           You might review Community again because it’s definitely not $400 and last I checked it was $300 per line.

        • Aaron Tant

          $400 on my shift, yesterday.

  • Gross

    Prism is just a code word for upgrading existing GPRS or GSM only sites to some form of EDGE.  Truly exciting and brings us to 2001 technology levels. 

  • Anonymous

    It’s been a while since T-Mobile’s come out with a secret code named project of some sort.  Project Black, Project Emerald, etc…

  • Dpro

     LOL That article is full of so much speculation and Analysts spouting off about things they don’t know about. Apple actually helped the Music Industry with Itune’s. How you might ask? Napster and piracy was killing the Industry period. Apple showed the labels with Itunes that Music could indeed be sold on the internet rather than just trying to fight the whole thing. I am in Music and believe me before Itunes everything was just being given away online or pirated.
    Oh and excuse me in his article he also states that the carriers pay Apple $600 for the Iphone. LOL that’s just ridiculous . $600 is like retail. They pay around $375-400 and it even says that later on in the article. That whole article is poorly written and basically a slam job on Apple by someone who is decidedly anti Apple.
    Don’t look to the LA Times for unbiased writing they have not been that way in years. LOL

    • Vim

      The article isn’t speculative, it’s based on Verizon, AT&T and Sprint’s quarterly earnings reports.  The more iPhones they sell, the more their profit margins drop.  And yes, Apple bills the carriers the full price of the iPhone 4S which is somewhere between $600-700.  They get $200 of it back when they sell the phone to the customer.  The other $400-500 is the “subsidy” that Apple demands of them and which they hope to make up over the course of a 2 year contract.  Contrast that to the typical $200-$300 subsidy you find on Android phones.  Selling the iPhone 4S for $199.99 is thus about as cost effective for a carrier as giving away the Galaxy S2 and the Amaze 4G for free every day of the year. 

    • Ben McRill

      I think you don’t understand words. That article is NOT speculation at all. It is well known in the industry that Apple charges retailers almost full cost per iPhone, they demand payment for bulk orders (in the billions of $), then the carrier has to subsidize the phone not seeing a return on investment for years (if ever). The proof is in the numbers which are very easy to understand, for most. the only reason T-Mobile “needs” the phone is for you weird fanboys and to stop churn which is the major focus for 2012. And comparing itunes and the iphone is just ridiculous. That is apples and oranges. Record companies didn’t have to buy itunes for 600$ per person, then re-sell it at $100, then make their money back on each album sale. Also networks cost money to run and data and tower maintenance is expensive for companies. So that comparison is beyond retarded. Try to learn some business before YOU write such speculation. 

  • I wonder what it is, hmmm.

  • now_onTMO

    if this is a device code/project, why would there be a need for a domain? or is that common to tmo?

  • Matthewsj

    If this isn’t a high end Windows Phone device then I don’t give a crap.  Where’s my HTC Titan 4G T-Mobile?

    • None

      +100  Same here!

  • Taron19119

    Can we get the iphone come on t-mobile

    • Littlesis1774

      If they don’t get it by June I am going to switch the competition

      • Taron19119

        Thats if the new one come out in june but if ipad 3 is on tmobile then iphone well be 4 shore

  • Memohugo

     One question: It’s is possible to cancel a Value plan after 5 days?

    • You have 14 days, from what I understand.

  • Humpty4321

    Maybe its the HTC One X im hoping its that one or even the HTC One S

  • Taron19119

    I was reading somewhere it it iphone runing on hspa+84

  • Anonymous

    its a pink floyd phone

    • Scarfacemario

      Haha hell yeah !

    • Blackcat3119

      Ooooo the dark side of the phone.

    • Diana

      Dood.  If they branded it a Pink Floyd phone, I’d have to get it even if it were a crap phone.  Just on principle.

  •  “Originally, when the name Prism first surfaced it was suggested as a possible name for what eventually because the T-Mobile myTouch 3G.” 

    Because or became?

  • Boo boo da fool

    Its a new sidekick device

  • rob

    I’m thinking it is the upcoming htc ville, seeing as how the Sensation was called the pyramid behind the scenes. Prizm…pyramid…makes sense to me. Probably wrong tho

    • rob

      for some reason i subconsciously got gangster and spelled prism with a z. sorry guys!

      • Dfirrballwow

        oh boo BOO! mis speller!

  • Kevinmarchibald

    Maybe it’s the Blaze 4G? Can’t tell – is the Blaze basically the T-Mobile version of the Galaxy S2 with the Galaxy Nexus HD screen?