T-Mobile Continues To Train Frontline Employees On Churn-Reducing Efforts

T-Mobile’s churn-reducing efforts for 2012 continue with new frontline employee training highlighting “four non-negotiable customer standards.” T-Mobile is looking for frontline employees to cover four basic steps to help make sure a customer leaves the store happy and smiling. The first step is a personal coverage check to determine if the future T-Mobile customer will have a good signal at their home or office. We’ve already seen a document regarding churn that suggests T-Mobile sales representatives honestly tell a customer T-Mobile may not be a right fit based on coverage. Second, T-Mobile wants frontline staff to set up EasyPay for customers to make sure they are able to pay their bills as easily as possible along with being able to review all billing online. Customers then move to step 3 and leave the store after their salesperson makes sure their new smartphone is working properly. Lastly, if the first step yields a questionable coverage area, T-Mobile wants frontline staff to work with customers by suggesting a Wi-Fi solution to help customers get the very most out of the T-Mobile experience. As a side note, I love the 2007 looking Wi-Fi router, that’s awesome.

Now, all of these are good steps but they don’t mention the “real” reasons we feel customers are leaving T-Mobile. Hidden fees, confusing rate plans, unusual regular fees, and the iPhone. We can leave the iPhone out of the conversation today because we all know the argument for why T-Mobile should have the iPhone.

Most important however, should be the overall concern for the customer. We’ve heard some rumors lately that T-Mobile’s next showing for J.D. Power and Associates could be fourth place, that would be last among the national carriers. That’s a far cry from where T-Mobile was just a few short years ago. Obviously that’s pure rumor for right now and until we see an actual J.D. Power’s report, nothing we we’d be willing to bet money on. However, T-Mobile does need to make sure that first-time customers calling into customer service receive the very same experience as customers who have been with T-Mobile for a number of years. These are the kind of complaints we see in our comments time and time again. Hopefully the T-Mobile brass that read TmoNews regularly haven take note of the customer service pitfalls as of late and are working on a plan to return T-Mobile to J.D. Power glory.

As always, we’ve got faith in T-Mobile to make changes, they had/have a fantastic customer service experience and we know they can bring back the prestige, we just hope that they recognize the processes listed in the above screengrab are given the same amount of attention as the “hidden” fees that have been the source of much irritation lately for T-Mobile customers.

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  • anon42

    As someone who has worked in the retail and B2B channels for T-Mobile, I would say the company has lost it’s identity. With so many issues with churn, growth, customer service problems, and network, this ship has sailed. It needs a fresh start with a new logo/name.

  • Mdco

    The last three times I called customer service were incredibly frustrating and aggravating for me. I remember when I first started with Tmo in 2006 how amazed I was at the customer service. Not any more though. Maybe they think they are saving money but in the long run when they lose customers like me they will not be saving money at all but losing it. The last call took 45 minutes to convince the rep not to charge me around 6 dollars for data use on a line that doesn’t have data with a sum card that can’t use data. Lately I’ve been thinking about how nice it would be to not worry about data use with Sprint. I heard that their customer service is like what Tmo used to be and the prices are good and I could get my daughter an iPhone.

  • Maggie S

    Their customer service has become the worst!!!!!!!!!!  I have been calling for a couple of months trying to get them to straighten out my bill and have had horrible customer service.  I’ve had 2 of them hang up on me because I asked them to repeat themselves because I couldn’t understand what they were saying.  The customer service used to be great but not it’s awful!!!!!!!!

    • Tbyrne

      You must be on prepaid. You’ve been calling for 60 days to get your bill straightened out? If I was there, I’d get your bill corrected with one call I bet.

      • Anonymous

        see i knew you worked for them!! all you had to do was be honest!!!

        • Tbyrne

          No gouvy, I don’t, but if I did, I’d make sure your monthly bill was such a mess not even the genius that you are could figure it out. Bye gouvy.

        • Anonymous

          Look at my bill?? please byrnie….   it goes on my amex jet blue card to get flyer points and then gets written off at the end of the year as a business expense. WINNING!!!! 

          when your winning there is no need to look at the bill and therefore no need to figure anything out.

        • Tbyrne

          LMFAO! You’ve got a point there gouvy. You’ve got that tiger blood going on! LOL!

    • Th3problem17

      You only get hung up in for cussing or threatening someone stop lying

      • david vaughan

         i got a “not very english speaking” person one time and she told me something i didn’t like so i told her something she didn’t like…and when she got upset at me she started speaking in some other language which was definitely not Americanese…..so i was reduced to telling her to “slow down and speak english”….which she took offense to and then hung up on me…..so yeah it happens…….there was no swearing or threatening involved……..i made sure to call back and report her hang up to her surperior.

  • http://twitter.com/LisandroAcostaS Lisandro Acosta

    Why Iphone ? you can’t facetime while on the cellular network, also, all kinds of videos ( youtube, netflix) are poor quality as well ON NETWORK ,,, So my set up is an entry level android on t-mobile with mobile hotspot that can give wifi to my Ipod touch and Ipad…. So I can get the best of both worlds at a cheaper price.. 

  • Tbyrne

    Poor gouvy. It actually was you who brought up religion first 2 posts back, however, I would never think of killing myself (gasp), do you? Please don’t do anything obtuse. You post many negative and moody things and I’m worried by your last melancholy post that you may not be in full possession of your mental faculties. Maybe you need to stop and take a step back to reevaluate these discussions were having. I’m patient and can wait for how ever long you need to get out of the funk you’re in. Bye gouvy. Take care.

    • Anonymous

      oh byrnie, i wish you could see how much i laugh when i’m at home of in my office  with such internet asshole like things to your comments.  You bring me such comical relief that i look forward to unclever, sheepish answers.  I have reevaluated some and everytime i laugh at your expense yet again.  there is no sadness, gloom, or melancholy here, byrnie.  In real, non-internet life i’m actually a happy guy who has a lot to be thankful for.  I’m also thankful that i have you to entertain me with your lame sheepishness.  

      Even though i’m completely clamoring out my ass, you still focus on little petty things that most would never pick on just to look less sheepish.  You should be proud of your sheepishness byrnie, stop hiding behind the wool and accept who you are!!!  it’s ok to be but a mediocre lamb.   

  • Intheknow

    Last info I heard was TMO was 3 points behind Verizon in the most recent JDP survey.  With the 3% margin of error its really a statistical tie. 

  • Maxgamer001

    It will only get worse…

  • Ihateliars@tmobile

    R own dealers are churning our customers.. Dealers get more commision on new activations.. They screw our customers plans by not telling them .. Corporate and indirect dealers 95% of them are the ones who is CHURNING amd committing internal fraud and cheating tmobile

  • Th3problem17

    The majority of these troll comments are disappointing, just stop lying some of the stuff u guys are describing would get someone fired if u complained like you do on here. Be real with your evaluations of your service that you received, and don’t make up bs just because someone gave you an answer u didn’t like, welcome to the real world

  • MIke Krause

    I was with T-mobile for about seven years and this year have had the most god-awful experience with customer care that this month (March, I dropped them, gladly paid the early termination fees for our two lines, and moved to Verizon.  T-Mobile will never see another dime form me, and I will try and convince everyone I run onto who has T-Mobile to drop them as soon as possible (in fact, I’ve set a goal of getting ten people to drop T-Mobile).  The essence of loyalty is reciprocity, and if you want to keep loyal customers around, you should treat them at least as well when they are under contract as you do when you are trying to get them into the contract.

  • Jillellenburke

    I’ve been with T-Mobile from the start.  My last bill included a $14.95 and a $9.95 charge for wallpaper and a ringtone my husband did not order.  Then, about 3-4 months ago, I noticed my bill going up, up, up.  Data charges are on my daughter’s phone who has never accessed the web.  Called customer service today and they said she must have signed up for Facebook alerts or something to that tune.  She didn’t, I asked her.  She’s not a phone user…just to call her boyfriend.  That’s it.  $1.99 per minute to pay for Facebook alerts to the tune of $45-$50 a month.  They will give partial credit for last month.