(Updated x2) South Florida T-Mobile Customers Currently Experiencing Network Outage

Update1 : T-Mobile has released a brief statement over Twitter:

T-Mobile is experiencing a network issue in parts of Miami, FL. Service for some customers may be impacted. Will keep everyone posted.

Update 2: T-Mobile says most areas are restored and the last few sites with issues are being repaired.

T-Mobile South Florida customers (including yours truly) are now experiencing an outage on T-Mobile’s network. It doesn’t seem to be a full outage but voice and data services are currently degraded leading users to suffer dropped calls, call failures and slow data. We’ve pinged T-Mobile to see if they have an ETA on a fix and we’ll update the post as soon we hear back.



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  • Jarrod

    Its probably due to them adding a huge 3G/4G coverage expansion and there doing maintanence on there backbone to support all the new traffic, thats my theory.

    • http://www.joshrobertnay.com Respawn

      That sounds about right too. I was in Salt Lake for a week and this happened and then suddenly BAM! We went from 3G to 4G HSPA+.

    • Dhunte21

      WOW!! It has been hours now, No service nothing at all Sunrise Florida.

    • Thayden

      I don’t think they’d do that at peak service time.

  • Ipsummm

    My phone’s working I can still make calls and text and data but my friends 4g phone is going quite slow.

  • OldJ

    I’ve been getting :/ data speeds all week, last night it was a little better, I got 9Mbps Down and 1.6 Up, but last week I was getting 1-2… and I’m using a Galaxy S2… A little concerned….

    • Donleo265

      do you u have a problem accessing the web with the gs2 what i mean is lets say you go to Google and u have to wait like 4 minutes?

      • OldJ

        right now yes

      • Sherryk39

        wow! this is horrible no service in hollywood.  Many of us only have the cell phone and no land line.  just aweful.

  • pinto

    was on a run. pandora kicking and everything. towards the end, phone jumped from H, to edge, to G to nothing. its out all right. got a new sim card and that doesnt work either.

  • Qban in Hialeah

    We have 4 lines on out T-Mobile plan in the Hialeah / Miami-Dade area and none are working. Sometimes we get a few bars but no 4g icon. Text messages not working, data not working, calls barely work. 

    I wonder when they are going to fix this issue!

  • Tajaisonherway

    No mobile network in ft lauderdale for past 3 hours

    • Oscar Zamora

      Same here. No service at all

  • Silk7412

    NOOOOOOOO. It’s just like my dream when ATT took over and my phone did something it never do- NOT WORK !!! my hands were clamy and chest was soking wet until i seen T-Mobile on my phone.

  • Phillyblunt420

    in sunrise and no service for a few hours

  • Iceangei98

    Hollywood, intermittent service since early this afternoon. 

  • Aviifl

    I live in hollywood florida. near 95 and hollywood blvd and i have no service sinve 3 pm today no voice or data

    • Luis lopez

      samehere but i live in boynton beach 

    • Greenirish22

      I’m basically in the same area with the same results…

  • Vernonfarmer

    no service at all

  • Mojam14

    1st time my google g1 hasn’t worked in 3.5 years

  • Johnny2

    In Plantation and NO SERVICE HERE!! Jeez come on T-mobile!!!!! Thought Metro was bad!

  • melvin

    here in miramar. voice and data are fluctuating right now.

  • Dcarlish

    I am BACK !! – TMO was down in NMB until NOW ….GOOD LUCK ALL !!!

  • noname

    Damn you Tmobile stop hanging around AT&T!

  • rdb4133

    Same here, at Work in Coral Springs nothing and now at home in Sunrise nothing either…

  • Pike1701

    Still out Coral Springs and Plantation Areas.

  • Androidwins

    miami is working now

    • Tipaso

      not for me

  • Silverl20

    This ridiculous!  Haven’t had service since earlier today

  • Tpezz10

    I received a phone call today from 706-352-6516 regarding a job I replied to on Craigslist.  He asked if I had text messaging on my phone, I said yes.  He sent a text with a secret code and said he would call right back and I was to tell hime the secret code.  He then said I would receive an email with instructions on where to go for the interview.  Right after that text, my phone service went dead.  I wonder if this scam was the cause.

    • go away att

      It isn’t necessarily a scam, but they’re wanting the code to post spam postings on Craigslist.

      • Tpezz10

        thank you.  I just thought it was odd that right after the text, my service went down.  I feel better now.

  • Alexray

    Thank god for wifi calling :-)

  • Jovy2721

    Service is back in hialeah florida 4g with full bars geeeeaaaah

  • Floridaindesign

    Barely any signal in Sarasota,FL!

  • Tmo_employee

    its down on in south west florida from naples to port charlotte use wifi calling guys

    • Miami Cop

      WiFi Calling does not work on some phones. Galaxy S II, no wifi calling!

  • Qban in Hialeah

    My Galaxy S2 just started working but the internet is not even 1 MBPS download. At least I can make calls and text; however, data is extremely slow.

    Loc: Hialeah, FL (33012)

  • Carlos

    No service in Pembroke pines.

  • Be Our Guest

    This story has been developing for almost an hour, how about an update? Geez

  • Vyquill

    Not working in Deerfield Beach, FL

  • Joshuag941

    david, please update us on why this is happening in south fl. could this be because we’re gonna get 42mbps hspa+? fingers crossed.

    • Jarrod

      It might be there adding new 3G and 4G areas and expanding the coverage areas around markets that are already available with 3G and 4G

  • rdb4133

    As most people have said here this has been going on since earlier this afternoon. Thankfully Wifi calling is working!

  • Greenirish22

    Hollywood… No service… :(

  • You123

    Sunrise, Fl just came back up.

    • Briny555

      Sunrise, FL is barely up!! I can use WiFi from where I am for internet but phone keeps going in and out

  • JordanG314

    i was wondering wth was going on

  • Robin

    no service, Boynton Beach

  • :l

    On my  moms blackbbery 9900 she only gets EDGE and not 4g it’s been like that the whole day :( 

  • http://twitter.com/LTEstyles LTEstyles

    Orlando FL sends the same text 3 times or doesn’t send the text at all. My friend’s internet keeps dropping service.

  • geezmo

    no service in Pembroke Pines..would like to know when it returns..this sucks!

    • Elizabeth Penaloza99

      I’m in PPines too. This sucks!

  • Drmark1

    Margate area still down or spotty at best.

  • dark angel

    I decided to call them after experiencing issues all day and they said : ” it’s a problem in your area in ” Miami Dade ” (I’m at least 30 miles away) then the lady said its a problem nationwide, then its on south Florida only and finally said its only in Florida …… as usual they don’t know more than we do :/

  • Vyquill

    i have 4g

  • Seshin12

    Got 4G and like 1 bar that goes away from time to time…probably still being fixed…

  • OwlsForever

    Called customer service also…seems like they have no clue. Asked when it was going to get resolved…again, no clue. She actually tried to say it was possibly my phone, I told her we have two diffrent phones and the problem is the same…”No Network Coverage”. Thank you Tmobile…Metro PCS looking better and better.

    • TheWayOfThings

      Customer service rarely has any idea of when an outage is going to be resolved. The tool that they use to identify outages says “ETR: Unknown” 99.9% of the time. .. (ETR = estimated time of resolution.). When they have no ETR, the next step they take is to troubleshoot the phone itself, just in case there is a chance of it being the phone. Customer care does not have a direct line to the engineers and the resources available are not updated to the minute with what’s going on.

      If you know there is an outage already, calling customer care isn’t going to get the outage resolved any faster.

  • Lincdelos

    No service in west miramar phone has not been working since this morning how long more do we have to wait.

  • Elizabeth Penaloza99

    Thank you for the info. Been going nuts trying to figure out what’s happening. I appreciate you posting this. I was able to find it by doing an online search.

  • Drmark1

    Margate rea seems to be back up and running.

  • Thayden

    Same here. Seems to have gone awry around 3:30 PM today.

  • Thayden

    BTW I’m posting from the Zoo Miami area

  • A8179999

    Fort Lauderdale/Pompano line….Still NADA

  • A8179999

    Good time to change to Metro

    • Tbyrne

      Metro PCS? Not even in the same league as T-Mobile!