T-Mobile Posts iPhone 4S Versus HTC Amaze 4G Camera Showdown

We always take videos made by carriers and manufacturers with a grain of salt as they tend to be a little subjective. That being said, we dig what T-Mobile has done here as it tries to show the iPhone 4S user that the HTC Amaze 4G has some amazing camera features that the iPhone 4S user doesn’t get to experience. For what it’s worth, this video has a total nerd feel and I’m digging that.

That being said, plenty of non-subjective material is available where you will find that the HTC Amaze4G and iPhone 4S are both clear winners on the market now for smartphone shooters. Here are some alternative reviews to get a little more hands-on with both cameras.

Remember, this is a T-Mobile made video about which camera is better, not which phone or operating system is the better choice. Keep the comments clean and on topic please!


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