T-Mobile’s #FindTheElf Contest Going Down In Los Angeles Tomorrow

T-Mobile’s #FindTheElf Twitter contest is coming to you Los Angeles, tomorrow, December 14th. Having already visited New York on December 7th, the contest goes cross country and lands in Sunny California for one more day of $1000 dollar prizes and Galaxy S II smartphone giveaways to a few lucky winners. So LA, want to know how to win?

  1. Follow @tmobile on Twitter
  2. Decipher the elf’s tweeted clues
  3. Go to the correct T-Mobile store
  4. Find the elf
  5. Tweet “I found the Elf” to @TMobile using the #findtheelf twitter hashtag, this must be a public tweet and not a direct message
  6. Win (hopefully)

While you’re waiting for the contest to go down, check out the winners video for New York.


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  • daddy


  • The Observer

    i could of went but i had to work :(

  • DuTcH PaPi

    DARN IT!!!!!  I forgot all about this and how it worked.  I just happened to be at my local T-Mo store and the elf showed up.  He was really loud.  I was taking a picture with the elf when someone ran in the store and screamed “I found the elf.”  

    I wanted to bash my head into a wall because I was the first one to even notice him.  There went $1,000 and/or an SGS2.  That girl was certainly having a great Christmas…