(Updated x2) South Florida T-Mobile Customers Currently Experiencing Network Outage

Update1 : T-Mobile has released a brief statement over Twitter:

T-Mobile is experiencing a network issue in parts of Miami, FL. Service for some customers may be impacted. Will keep everyone posted.

Update 2: T-Mobile says most areas are restored and the last few sites with issues are being repaired.

T-Mobile South Florida customers (including yours truly) are now experiencing an outage on T-Mobile’s network. It doesn’t seem to be a full outage but voice and data services are currently degraded leading users to suffer dropped calls, call failures and slow data. We’ve pinged T-Mobile to see if they have an ETA on a fix and we’ll update the post as soon we hear back.



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  • Tami Miami

    My signal issues (slow internet – data, delayed bbm’s and dropped calls) started around 1:30-2:00pm today. I called t-mobile after 2:00pm and they said they had not yet received any calls or complaints from South Florida area. They issued a work ticket # for my complaint to troubleshoot South Florida networks. Ticket # 4391985 In case anybody wants to call: 1-800-T-MOBILE
    / 1-800-866-2453
    to follow-up on the progress.  Also I have switched my phone to Wi-Fi mode (go to your home screen>> manage connections>> Set-up wi-fi >> & select a local wi-fi network to connect) This is a temporary fix for internet-data & bbms. You can also place phone calls via wi-fi.  Hope this was helpful!

  • Melissaox

    All good on the space coast in central florida all day.

  • Anonymous

    Apparently it’s back. I was freaking out because my Comcast died at the same time.

    • Jarrod

      It was probably a comcast issue that in return sparked it. A year ago comcast cut a fibre line and then effected tmobile services in houston

  • Dcabello96

    poop service in coconut creek, hotspot isnt working either.

  • Mario23

    well, this what happens when you pay extreme value plan (remind me as Metropcs at the beginning of time), network cant handle all of us. I might have to pay more (hate this choice) to have least drop calls or network failure possible. Verizon maybe?

    • Scarfacemario

      Well Verizon had a network outage twice this year and it was nationwide and lasted 24 hours so if u want go for it

      • Mario23

        Your are right, but I don’t mind to much about data service or 4G network failure, for me is more important to make a call in case you having a emergency out there. I think is time to change after many years I been with t-mobile, they were good before, but now it takes two or three times to make a successful call (over crowded network).

        • Scarfacemario

          Oh alright well goodluck on your new carrier dude

        • TheWayOfThings

          Agreed Scarface… People act like switching to a new carrier will mean they never experience an outage again.. Doesn’t matter what company you go with, you can absolutely take it to the bank that you will experience an outage at some point in time. 

    • JEM

      The outage was not on T-Mobile’s end. It was FPL (the power company who supports our network) that went down. Paying more doesn’t necessarily mean better service. I have AT&T and T-Mobile and I’ve had way more issues with my AT&T coverage this year. While there may be some instances where AT&T or Verizon’s coverage is stronger, the coverage is very similar overall. Point in case: Don’t assume if you don’t really know.

    • Jarrod

      I get better service at my school and a few other places with tmobile over verizon which I had before

  • Customer

    FPL accidentally cut a fiber optic line that caused this outage. Affected areas included West Palm Beach to the Florida Keys. It started from 1pm and started coming back around 7:30p EST. It could have happened to any carrier. 

    • Jarrrod

      Utility companies need to be more careful, that same thing happened a little under a year ago in houston thanks to comcast 

  • Humpty4321

    North Coral Springs, FL I’ve had Good 4G all day today between 2-3 bars of 4g some 2g but only for a few mins

  • Eddie

    I’m in west palm and have had issues all day.

  • WorkerBee

    Traffic should be restored within the first hour of the maintenance window, 12am EST. We are currently working with FPL to bring back last lag containing appx 42 sites.

    • lee bailly

      Status this morning?

      • Anonymous

        With the exception of just a few straggler sites bring worked individually, FPL was able to restore service to everything just after midnight last night. 

        • Tmobilecust

          This is heavy, this was a major fiber backbone for south florida. Will FPL compensate for this trouble? 

  • Dcabello96

    Still nothing in coconut creek guys… Hoping for connection before noon :/

  • pinto

    really FPL? now you make me hate you even more.

  • Lawrence of Arabia

    The picture with the cat helps.

  • Debibluiz


    • Annie

      I had intermittent service for the past two days also. It’s very annoying.