It’s Over, AT&T Drops Bid To Purchase T-Mobile, Will Pay Break-Up Fee

Here it is TmoNews readers and T-Mobile lovers, the news we’ve all been waiting for, hoping to hear and believing in. AT&T has dropped their bid to buy T-Mobile USA and will pay Deutsche Telekom the $4 billion dollar break-up fee. That’s one hell of a price for a bad first date. Viva la T-Mobile.

AT&T will pay a total of $3 billion in cash plus around $1 billion in spectrum and the two carriers will now agree to a roaming deal allowing devices for each network to work on each others. Sounds like we might see more of this.

Let’s get right to the official statements and we’ll revisit the next step in our next post.

AT&T released a brief statement announcing the end of merger talks:

AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) said today that after a thorough review of options it has agreed with Deutsche Telekom AG to end its bid to acquire T-Mobile USA, which began in March of this year.

The actions by the Federal Communications Commission and the Department of Justice to block this transaction do not change the realities of the U.S. wireless industry. It is one of the most fiercely competitive industries in the world, with a mounting need for more spectrum that has not diminished and must be addressed immediately. The AT&T and T-Mobile USA combination would have offered an interim solution to this spectrum shortage. In the absence of such steps, customers will be harmed and needed investment will be stifled.

“AT&T will continue to be aggressive in leading the mobile Internet revolution,” said Randall Stephenson, AT&T chairman and CEO. “Over the past four years we have invested more in our networks than any other U.S. company. As a result, today we deliver best-in-class mobile broadband speeds – connecting smartphones, tablets and emerging devices at a record pace – and we are well under way with our nationwide 4G LTE deployment.

“To meet the needs of our customers, we will continue to invest,” Stephenson said. “However, adding capacity to meet these needs will require policymakers to do two things. First, in the near term, they should allow the free markets to work so that additional spectrum is available to meet the immediate needs of the U.S. wireless industry, including expeditiously approving our acquisition of unused Qualcomm spectrum currently pending before the FCC. Second, policymakers should enact legislation to meet our nation’s longer-term spectrum needs.

“The mobile Internet is a dynamic industry that can be a critical driver in restoring American economic growth and job creation, but only if companies are allowed to react quickly to customer needs and market forces,” Stephenson said.

To reflect the break-up considerations due Deutsche Telekom, AT&T will recognize a pretax accounting charge of $4 billion in the 4th quarter of 2011. Additionally, AT&T will enter a mutually beneficial roaming agreement with Deutsche Telekom.

That’s not all we’ve got for you though as we’re TmoNews so we’re bringing you the internal statement from Philip Humm, T-Mobile CEO announcing the end of the deal before T-Mobile’s 37,000+ employees:

Dear colleagues,

Today AT&T and Deutsche Telekom announced they have mutually decided to terminate their agreement for AT&T to acquire T-Mobile USA. This announcement effectively ends the acquisition process launched March 20, including the regulatory approvals process with the Department of Justice and the Federal Communications Commission. Additionally, with the termination of the agreement, T-Mobile will receive certain spectrum licenses and a 3G roaming agreement from AT&T, and AT&T will pay $3B to our parent company, Deutsche Telekom.

What does this mean for T-Mobile USA? Our Challenger Strategy continues as before, with energy and focus. We have seen early successes with our great 4G network, affordable unlimited rate plans and strong Android portfolio. We now have an exciting chance to build upon these and other strengths to bring our business to the next level of success and beyond. We have an opportunity to write our own future – making the latest mobile products and services affordable to more people. We call it “4G for All.” We’ll continue on this path through 4G network leadership, affordable smartphones, being a trusted brand, evolving as a multi-segment player, and executing our Challenger business model.

The leadership team and I will be meeting intensively in the next few weeks on our go-forward plans for the business, to identify and map out any and all options to further strengthen our strategy and prospects for the future.

I know you also want to know what this means in terms of retention bonuses and other details that impact you personally. I promise to make that information available to you in the coming days and weeks on OneVoice and through your leaders.

Most importantly, I want to thank you for the amazing effort and focus each of you put into the business over the last nine months following the acquisition announcement. You performed well under extraordinarily unusual circumstances. Thank you for your ongoing commitment and support.

Let’s now go into the new year and show everyone we are, indeed, ready to be Challengers!

With sincere appreciation,

Philipp Humm

CEO & President

T-Mobile USA

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  • Anonymous

    helllllllll yeahhhhhhh  david i guess we will see more tmonews and i just hope they dont do something more stupid and just let tmobile USA die

  • fixxmyhead

    i always knew this would never go through

  • Kev30591

    This is good news!! I couldn’t be any happier!

  • HKd

    awesome news .. happy holiday tmo customers.

  • TmoFan

    TakeOver bid came as a surprise on a weekend, and the superb no-go news comes on a Monday! Go Tmo!

  • MagentaMadness

    Welp, let see whos next up for bid??? Google? Dish Network?

    • Antoine M.

      Hopefully Google

      • James Matthews

        If it’s google i’m out.

        • Anonymous

          Ya, Google is too Playboy (inconsistent and unreliable) to have a steady, far-seeing steering T-Mobile needs.

  • Shawn Neely

    good!!! now get some better pricing going and new phones

  • Ben Pike

    I’m as stoked about this as the next customer/employee ….but now what….

  • Anonymous

    :) that’s all I have to say.

  • Anonymous

    If DT went through this just to get spectrum and money to invest in TMUS network and knew it would never pass, they are pure geniuses.  

    ATT is dumb. they basically paid for Tmobile’s network upgrades to MultiModal base stations, and now tmobile can join up with Dish Network.   LTE/HSPA+ sounds great to me. 

    • Whylee77

      I think they should roll out a dual LTE/HSPA+ network. Best of both worlds! Team up with Dish and Direct TV.

  • Anonymous

    CHRISTMAS DONE COME EARLY!!!  Im guess im doing like Van Halen and standing on top of the world!!!! i know Tmo will get bought out by someone, but at least i get to keep my job!! congrats my peoples!

  • s slash

    What a great Christmas! Yes!

  • ABE

    Not good news, Tmobile doesn’t have LTE or any plans to roll it out. DT wants to sell us and the money it will get is probably not heading to Tmobile.

    • Msn

      do some research before you throw things out there. T-mos 42+ is better that most LTE networks out there, and are currently working on an 86+

      • ABE

        Not everywhere, the highest I’ve gotten is 3.1mbps mytouch 4g

        • HM

          3.1 mbps speed is more than enough for full fledged desktop or laptop running windows/unix/linux even for business applications using cloud. Most applications on phone are just minor applications and that too with claimed higher bandwidth and dual/quad core processors, unbelievable!! Seems like overkill!!

        • Anonymous

          3.1Mbps is basic cable-speeds. Many of use still live with that, and it’s plenty enough!

    • Anonymous

      hspa+ if built out properly turns into LTE.  They are doing it in a cost effective way by expanding their current network instead of building out a totally brand new one from scratch like Sprint, Verizon, or ATT.

      • Props2us

        Last night with my amaze 4g I was hitting 17.35 mbps on our 4G network in fort Collins CO. Never have got less then 11 mbps. Can’t wait till 84 mbps phones come out.

    • Whylee77

      Get a better phone! HSPA+ 84 is already being rolled out as we speak and it kicks LTEs ARSE…. HSPA+ will support up to 168 Mbit/s theoretical peak rates. LTE is no savior. HSPA+ is also supported over all the world. LTE is the worlds best marketing Strategy! They are already testing HSPA+ 336….. Jeeze….. It also has to do with how busy your tower is. Since HSPA+ is an upgrade of 3G its already being utilized for 3G….. Get a 42 phone and youll notice the difference. I saw speeds on an amaze of 12, with the speeds on my my touch of 4. Understand the technology before you bash it.

      • ABE

        Can’t upgrade until march 2013, and phones without contracts are exlensive.

      • Guidomus_maximus

        Agree.  There really isn’t much you can do on a phone that will use HSPA+ 21, let alone 4 times that.  You aren’t going to get any value for the premium you pay for LTE.

        Max you can get on HSPA+ 42 is about 27, which I have gotten.  My cable at home is only 15 and I never get even close to using it

    • s slash

      Let me spell it out for you and everyone else who comes up with a similar argument: What would have happened if there was a merger was not that you would have had “T-Mobile with iPhones and LTE”, it’s that T-Mobile *wouldn’t exist anymore* and you’d be forced to be a customer of an operator you never chose.

      If you want LTE or the iPhone or whatever, your choices are unchanged. Had the merger gone through, you could have chosen AT&T or Verizon. Now it hasn’t, you can still make that choice.

      Except… that now that hard reality has taken hold, T-Mobile can once again reevaluate its options and consider rolling out LTE itself, either (unlikely) by sacrificing some 2G spectrum, by buying more spectrum (such as that widely available in the 2.5GHz band – it’s not great, but LTE TDD will work fine with it and it’s cheap), or by partnering with another operator, such as LightSquared, or a soon-to-come-to-their-senses-and-switch-to-LTE ClearWire.

      Either way, your choices just got better. T-Mobile will continue to improve its HSPA+ services so they’re on a par with everyone else’s LTE roll-outs, and they’ll continue to examine options as far as LTE goes. You wouldn’t have gotten this had T-Mobile been swallowed.


    i can’t wait to see if the rural coverage they give us is the black hole in southern tennessee.

    you would think att would have learned their lesson after the gov’t broke them up 30 years ago.

  • s slash

    On the other hand, the employment outlook is worse for this: all those shills, who posted here pretending to be T-Mobile customers who really actually wanted to be AT&T customers, are going to have to find new work!

  • Ilyas_k15

    And the Death Star is no more…

  • BP

    Philipp said affordable too much in his statement.  We better start back getting the high end phones!!!

  • The Joe u know

    As a T-Mobile Employee all i can do is sigh in relief and would like to extend a personal thank you to Mr. Humm, your strategy for profit and spectrum was challenging and scary for a lot of us employees but it pay off in the end.

  • Chad

    WE WIN! So what’s next? 

  • Tmosince2003

    Our nine month nightmare is over, thank goodness. Roaming agreement sounds good to me. Happy holidays indeed :)

  • Guest


    …And there was rejoicing and dancing in the streets…

  • Brandon Carpediem

    Lets be real – tmo is getting spectrum, but DT isn’t going to invest that money in Tmo. They are going to keep it for DT. Tmo is probably still up for grabs. To come – Google Mobile? Dish Network Mobile? We’ll see.

    • Tenkely

      +1 for Google mobile

      • Chris Martin

        Noooo – no Google Mobile.  No mobile service run by any phone/OS manufacturer.  No Google/Microsoft.Apple/HTC/Samsung/Nokia owned and run network.  The conflict of interest between providing a range of handsets to customers, and furthering the fortunes of one OS/hardware platform are too great.

        • Anonymous

          But I am tired of carrier (e.g. Verzion) screwing up phone launches one after another.  The rest of the world are enjoying Galaxy Nexus while we were still wondering when US is going to get it?  I will take Google mobile in a heart beat.

        • Chris Martin

          Much of the rest of the world can buy their phones unlocked for any network.

        • Tenkely

          I disagree. I want a carrier that will act solely as a freaking pipe. If all they support are Android handsets (highly unlikely) that’s fine by me. Google is a company that I feel would push the competitive envelope in terms of plan pricing and speeds. 


    dont kno what to think about this…

  • Ef Jay

    Time to diversify, Tmobile leadership! Dont put all your eggs in the android basket, bring high end WP7, BB and whatever OS available devices to your network as well to push not just value but choice across the board! Attract big spenders and cost-conscious costumers alike, spoil them for choice, improve the network and keep up the pressure!

  • Jimmy Norton

    Will the roaming agreement help Tmo customers in poor coverage areas?

  • Tenkely

    Cellllllllebrate good time come on!!  da da da da da daa da daaaaa!!

  • Mike

    Wooooo!!!!!!!!! Maybe now we can get an iPhone on Tmo!

  • Charlie Laster1

    that is what im talking about! this is exactly what tmobile needed!!!!! LONG LIVE TMOBILE!

  • Dpro

    Perhaps an Iphone on T Mobile? I was quite surprised when I saw it come across the screen on CNBC and posted in the asset sale thread and sent you a message David as quickly as I could so you could put together a post like this. This is good news that competition will survive. Oh and to anyone thinking T Mobile is just going to die? This actually opens doors for DT they are getting Spectrum as well as roaming agreements and they have new options for deals with the likes of Dish , Clear and a few others.

  • Silk7412

    I feel like Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator kill the T-1000! Good bye att-i wouldn’t miss you.

  • Jonathan R Strong

    Oh well… I watched this since it started, REALLY needed to upgrade our 3 year old phones (including my ancient Blackberry), became convinced that AT&T would either merge with or cannibalize T-Mobile, and finally made the switch to VZW last week after more than 11 years with T-Mobile. No complaints so far – phones are great, signal is great, prices in my particular plan are close enough to not be an issue. Ah well… not my issue any more for the next couple of years…

  • Lawrence of Arabia

    They should share the break up fee with the retailers that didn’t give up on tmo.

  • Supaflash3

    That’s great news,, I like tmobiles plans and phones better,, would of not been good if they emerged with att..

  • CeeGee Borela

    quick someone find a pic of Hess as he finds this out, can you imagine the smile on his face

  • Nearmsp

    As an AT&T (T) share holder, I call for the resignation of Randall, for blowing up $3 billion in shareholder money by gambling on something that had less than 5% chance of happening. As a Deutsche Telekom AG (DTEGY)  shareholder, I am elated that the sky high dividend yield will continue even though the stock has lost 10% this year. As a T-mobile customer I am thrilled that the most unethical company in the US, which came last ever in 5 years in JD Power and Associates survey will not be my service provider. I am hopeful that T-mobile which was turning in to a pseduo AT&T will start reverting to going back to the top spot in the JD Power and Associates annual survey by once again becoming an ethical business focused on its customer.

    • Tbyrne

      I concur! Randall step down! Randall step down! RANDAll STEP DOWN! EVERYBODY!!!

  • Anonymous

    ‘ It’s all over baby.. everything’s going to be just fine. That big bad ‘ol AT&T can’t hurt you now. 

  • Anonymous

    Now if only T-Mobile could celebrate this by announcing that starting next month they’ll be selling the Galaxy Nexus. Been sitting on an upgrade since March and that’s the only phone that’s piqued my interest.

  • John Angelo Moraitis

    It feels like we just won World War II! 

    • Anonymous

       Terrible comparison

      • Anonymous

        Hilarious comparison 

  • Kevin LeRoy

    ATT shot themselves in the foot. They made a lot of mistakes and are now going to pay. This would have been a great deal for everyone. Better coverage, better phones, sounds like a winning proposal if you ask me. Never understood why people were so hesitant w/ ATT.

    • Kyjeepbear

      No better coverage would have come from this… T-Mobile has roaming in place where they have no service and the roaming is usually on AT&T so the coverage would be the same. or worse because SURPRISE!!! AT&T has roaming in place with T-Mobile also for the area’s they need a boost as well.  T-Mobile has a great selection of phones…no there’s no iPhone but if you want an iPhone customers can always go to AT&T, Verizon or Sprint and pay MORE for their service….These are only a few reasons that people here were so against it.

    • Kyjeepbear

      No better coverage would have come from this… T-Mobile has roaming in place where they have no service and the roaming is usually on AT&T so the coverage would be the same. or worse because SURPRISE!!! AT&T has roaming in place with T-Mobile also for the area’s they need a boost as well.  T-Mobile has a great selection of phones…no there’s no iPhone but if you want an iPhone customers can always go to AT&T, Verizon or Sprint and pay MORE for their service….These are only a few reasons that people here were so against it.

      • Dpro

        Ah really you have not done much analysis lately. The prices on Sprint and ATT are actually not that off T Mobiles. If you know how to package. Both Sprint and ATT have whats known as Unlimited Any Mobile to Mobile whatever carrier. Since for most people 90% of their calls these days are to other Mobile phones that means no minutes drawn of their plans if they get it.
        On Sprint that translates to a 450 nationwide minute plan with a 5 GB data plan and unlimited Mobile to any Mobile for $80 a month.
        On ATT you can get the same deal except 2GB of data for $85 now granted T Mobile has it for $70 with unlimited calling and 2GB of data but basically when it comes right down to it the plans are more less equal given the fact that most people call people on mobile phones these days.
        So T Mobiles prices are actually not all that much better. Verizon is the one that costs on average $20-35 more than any of them.
        T Mobile at this point would effectively hurt their growth in the U.S. without the Iphone. It was I stated above why their has been so much massive post paid attrition at T Mobile. Their prices are really not all that much better. They just want the public to think that.
        Given all of this I still a fan of T Mobile but I am not wearing rose colored glasses like you seem to be.
        I want T Mobile to succeed, to do this an Iphone would be a much needed addition to the phone line up purely for the sake of success.

        • Kyjeepbear

          You may need to re-check your ‘facts’ as AT&T does not in fact offer an unlimited mobile to anymobile feature like Sprint… to my knowledge Sprint is the only company offering this.

        • 21stNow

          AT&T does, in fact, offer unlimited mobile-to-any-mobile calling.  The caveat is that it is with the unlimited text messaging plan that costs an astronomical (by comparison) $20 for individuals, or $30 for families.  I passed on the deal because it doesn’t make financial sense for me.

        • Dpro

          yes and in that fact 450 minutes for 39.99 plus $25 2 GB data and $20 unlimited text and mobile to any mobile adds up to $85

          just saying. lol

    • David (Not the publisher)

      Because AT&T as a company sucks. It would have been a great deal to foster the ongoing near-monopoly they desire by simply buying and consuming a competitor and sucking more money from customer’s pockets. 

      When AT&T took over my landline back in the early 2000’s, I ran as fast as I could to convert to the phone service from my local cable provider. When I heard complaint after complaint from ATT mobile users about lousy service and high prices, I swore I’d do everything I could to stay away from them for my cell business, too. 

      That you think for a second that ATT had the slightest interest in fostering anyone’s interest other than their own, you’re either delusional or a shill for ATT. They are not a benevolent company out to service the cell needs of the country, they are a self-serving monstrosity bent on reconstructing what the government broke up thirty years ago under the same name, albeit a different company. The statement released by ATT today is a disingenuous, derisive diatribe spewed by what amounts to the schoolyard bully who finally got his eyes blackened when he didn’t get his way. 

      More competition makes the consumer the winner, and that’s what the free market is about. Not buying your competitors and shutting them down. 

      • Cp60188

        This is what I have been waiting for ever since this ridiculous merger was announced. Both the FCC and DoJ exhibited a great deal of common sense and knowledge of antitrust law in denying the evil empire their bid to take over T-Mobile. I’ve been with T-Mobile since VoiceStream days, and have always been happy with the great service and rate plans. I’m definitely an Android fangirl, although I am one of the first to admit that TMO is not the first to get some of the hot phones.

        Throughout this whole ordeal, AT&T has done nothing but lie, cheat and attempt to bribe its way to success. Because we supported T-Mo, we won.

    • Anonymous

      “Never understood why people were so hesitant w/ ATT” seriously? it doesnt take a rocket scientist to know why people were against this merger/takeover. for starter at&t is known for having the worst customer service among all the carrier, their plan prices are too high, and their prices keep increasing. those were some of the complaints that people kept going on about.

  • Anonymous

    Im guessing ATT customers will get new fees on their bills and some Higher-Ups over at DT are getting a nice bonus this holiday season.

  • Kyjeepbear

    As a former employee i can almost assure you that a good chunk of that 3billion dollars will go to several meetings about meetings that will be coming up so that they can have a meeting to let all the employees who are left know that they will NOT be getting the iPhone but yet 1 more phenominal android phone, 8 marginal android phones. 2 crappy low end android phones, a couple blackberries, and educate them on just WHY that’s better than getting the iPhone.  And no i’m not an apple fanboy…I actually AM a T-Mobile fan boy and a fandroid who spent 12 years working for and whole heartedly promoting T-Mobile, I just know that’s how things usually work.

    • Anonymous

      i’ll go one further and say all these meetings will be happening overseas with the DT executives swimming in bonuses while T-mobile USA is hung out to dry.

    • Anonymous

      Well i’d agree with you except i’m too busy being excited that I won’t be absorbed by ATT and have my bills raised $60 /mo for sub-par service.

  • Whylee77


  • The Dude

    HIP HIP HURRAH !!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    The fat lady has sung!!!!

    • Tbyrne

      She sounded so good! Didn’t she?

  • Sally

    Yay!!  The most GPRS coverage in America remains in tact!!

  • TMO_tech

    Being a TMO employee, that is the best Christmas gift!!! Woohoo!!!

    • Anonymous


  • YogiBear


    Now, DT get your German heads out of your AZZZZES and realize this isn’t a bad franchise to own. Our Gov just told you YOU CAN COMPETE HERE, WE’LL ASSURE IT.

  • Youngt82

    Sounds like Phillip Humm wanted this all along lol well I’m really happy about this deal being dead and looking forward to what T-Mobile brings in the days weeks and months to come. I wish them all the luck and success. Hopefully we will get the Galaxy Nexus and iPhone 5 (for the iPhone fans) lol and the best deals, devices and tablets to come. GO TMO!!!!! Its our time now yezzirrrrrr haha

    • Spooln3

      are you kidding? Why do you think DT brought him over to TMO USA? TMo is dying, all of you on here complaining about this not going through were the same people complaining a year ago about tmo having crappy service, or not good enough phones or whatever and threatening to leave because of it. TMo’s churn is horrendous and the customer subs are down, its going down regardless, celebrate this while you can, will look forward to your complaints in a month when they start back up…

      • Tbyrne

        We can see right thru you. You’re not going to be able crash this party fool! Hip Hip Hooray!!! Randall’s outa here!! All you minions can go with him to cry the 4 Billion dollars away!

      • Anonymous

        Sorry, i’m quite happy with my T-Mobile service. Just like any other network, it works best if you’re in an area with good coverage, and I am. Even better everyone I visit is in a good T-Mobile area. So i’ve never actually complained about it at all. I don’t know why everyone assumes its still going under when they’re still being profitable quarter after quarter. Even if DT pulls out of T-Mobile, T-mobile is still making enough money to stay open. It may slow down them spreading their spectrum, and will likely slow down any attempts at LTE, but honestly i’m fine with 42.2mbps HSPA+. 

        BTW, if you like ATT so much, you could always go pay $60 + more per month to those crooks and go whine on their blogs about it.

      • Gsm1900

        TMO’s churn is stablizing, and once they get the iPhone, will likely reverse. Humm has publicly recognized the need for the iPhone to get TMO US back on track.

        TMO USA is not dying. It turns a very tidy profit for DT, however without continued investment, it will die. DT stopped investing in TMO US late last year, and began the process to sell them off. It will sell TMO US to somoene, but not make as much now. I’m ok with that, as they already abandoned them.

  • Anonymous

    glad to see this nonsense over early. 

    The lack of clarity in what’s going to happen to T-mobile USA was aggravating.  Now i don’t even need to re-up my contract until i need to.

    I have to say i’m absolutely shocked that AT&T bowed out early.  I thought this was going to be some sort of cage match that dragged out through most of next year.

    I still won’t rule out T-mobile USA and AT&T teaming up for some sort of spectrum deal.

  • Navylostboy

    all the people who are celebrating for t-mo need ot realize that this was not a hostile takeover, duetchcom wanted out of us market, and they still do.  So now what?

    • Anonymous

      I think people are just happy that it was NOT AT&T that took over…

      • Spooln3

        ya, will be much better with a company that has no idea how to run a wireless company taking over, IE Dish Network… Or hey better yet, when DT decides to divest all of its customers and sell off its US Spectrum because it clearly does not want in this market anymore. All the people that were hoping for this to not go through were truly ignorant, TMoNews included. You all are so short sighted and refuse to see the bigger picture. In a year or less, there will be no more T-Mobile, and most of you will look back and wish that this had gone through. Selfish and ignorant. 

        • Anonymous

          I completely agree. I have been saying this all along. I don’t know why Everyone thinks T-Mobile can sustain itself. It’s reputation is the equivalent to MetroPCS and that isn’t changing anytime soon. Customers are leaving in droves and the company has no idea how to stop it. I highly doubt that T-Mobile will still be around in a year or two unless it is simply another “contact-free” Cricket style company. I mean they continue to have “everything free” sales and they still can’t even “give it away”. A joke.

        • Jeffreygreen1315

          T-Mo has been turning a profit all along. Customers coming and going is a part of the wireless business!

        • Spooln3

          Wrong. No we haven’t. We have been losing more customers than we bring in and keep. Thats why two years ago they cut all bonuses and raises/promotions. Our EBITDA has been horrid. You are clearly speaking about things you do not know.

        • Tbyrne

          Get the hell outa here already!!!

        • Anonymous

          And please tell me how Verizon and AT&T and Sprint (now even) are
          losing customers… They aren’t.  The only thing T-Mobile has to look
          forward to is maybe some new prepaid additions. Postpaid customers are
          leaving by the droves.

        • Guest

          Again, more manifest idiocy! 

          TMobile is a *profitable* company, and their churn rate dropped drastically through the last quarter of the year. Given the shadow of the horrendous, market-stifling ATT merger is now gone, TMobile has a great chance to construct a partnership arrangement with an entity that can help them establish an LTE roadmap and give them a shot at the future.

          No, the future isn’t perfect and rosy, but it is infinitely better now than when framed in the spectre of an ATT acquisition six months ago.

          The sour grapes ATT apologists desperately need a life. The DOJ saw through the faux market arguments ATT made, and now ATT is ducking and running. Its a win for consumers all the way around.

        • Anonymous

          Turning a profit yes… Mainly because of its push to Value
          plans and the way it can count revenue for full priced devices even without having cash in hand (installment plans) but that is definitely no long term solution. Also finding small loopholes to close such as employee PTO balance reductions, no merit increases, and closures, etc doesn’t really indicate a company that is “doing well” so much as a company that knows how make themselves look like they are hanging in there.

        • startBlue

          LOL.  Dish, Vodafone, Orange/French Telecom.  Somebody will come in a buy T-Mobile and make it work.  My money is on Dish as they have spectrum holdings they can use to deploy LTE (in fact that is why they bought the spectrum was to create a from scracth LTE-A network).

          But even if worse comes to worse and T-Mobile just shuts down I would rather take that then be forced with AT&T.  That way I can scout the entire market and get the carrier I wanted.

        • Spooln3

          Ya screw all the employees that work there, as long as you get your cell service, you are one of the people I was referring to. 

        • startBlue

          Wow.  I do not owe you anything.  I am not required to have cell service.  I can cancel tomorrow If I choose.  We don’t owe anything to T-Mobile employees, your sense of entitlement is amazing (as is some customers, but I am not one of those).

          And while a union job can be comforting, AT&T could have easily gotten rid of certains jobs before actualling merging the jobs into union jobs.  Not to metion that any employee not official hired by T, such as a outsourced call center would not have any union protections.  I’ve worked in telecoms before in exactly such a position.  Working for a big name but not officially hired by them.

          But divesture is a worse case scenario or I would not have been so strongly against this merger.  Sprint and Vodafone were rumoured interested before.  Now Dish is.  Anyone of them is better than AT&T.

        • StopTheATTShillsAndApologists

          Hi, Spooln3. Could I ask something? Are you an idiot professionally, or do you have to take pills?

          DISH Network is in a position to make a *great* strategic move in the marketplace to expand their position in the content delivery market, whether by satellite or wireless. A carefully conceived joint venture could be a great boon to customers of both. To say they don’t know what they’re doing is, well, inexorably stupid. 

    • Brian

      DT said what they were suppose to during the merger to help it happen.  As a former business owner who sold his business this whole merger thing does not mean that DT wanted out.  They were offered a whole lot more money than they should have been and they tried to take it.  While they might still try and sell the business, and it is still a valuable business, they could easily take what they got and put it towards their business and make it that much better.  During the process of when I was selling my business we had multiple offers and during the process of selling to the people that offered us the best deal we had decided that if the deal went south that we would not sell to the other people but that we would take some of the ideas we had gotten from the buyers and make our business bigger and better.

      This was a win win for DT.  Either they got over paid for the USA division or they got a great break up package and can choose to sell for less or grow the business.

      • Gregp74

        DT said they wanted out of the US market before AT&T made their offer. They’ve been trying to get out of the US market for quite some time.

        As I see it, TMo’s value has dropped since this AT&T takeover business started. The breakup fee (Which goes to DT, not T-Mobile) is there to offset that.