• Kevinmarchibald

    http://theunderstatement.com/post/11982112928/android-orphans-visualizing-a-sad-history-of-support Looking at this chart, for a person that keeps their phone for the entire T-Mobile contract, and doesn’t update their Android devices through the developer community, it would be smart to wait for the HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus, to ensure you’ll be get all the Android updates over the course of your contract. Most people know this, but the chart paints a stark picture of poor update support through official channels.

    Now that Verizon’s removed the “exclusive” tag from the web site, and we’re hearing about European sales starting on Nov. 17, I’m more optimistic we’ll be able to buy HSPA+ devices in the U.S. by mid-December. I can wait that long.

  • Anonymous

    Uh, it’s a business decision. Folks see Tmo as dead in the water. That even if the merger is not approved Tmo has shown no Plan B. Why give a dying company a new toy to play with?(iPhone and now Nexus).  I love the service I have with Tmo but we have to realize that unless a miracle happens, magenta will break up.