The Sidekick 4G, G2X And G-Slate Are Now Available, Are You Picking One Up?

Just in case you didn’t know, today is a major launch day for T-Mobile with three high profile Android devices hitting store shelves. The Sidekick 4G, T-Mobile G2X and T-Mobile G-Slate are all available for your buying pleasure. So naturally we pose the question, which one are you picking up? Are you waiting for the Sensation? Are you waiting to see what happens with AT&T? Vote and sound off below!

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  • Kick

    i tried upgrading to a sidekick, but $167 was the best price they willing to give me. anyone have better luck?

    • ATL guy

      “willing “? Interesting.

      • Kick


    • Anonymous

      That’s what full discount it. 150 +18 upgrade fee + tax and a 50 rebate card. You’re getting nearly $300 off full price for the phone after rebate…

      • Kick

        i understand, but i’ve been a customer since the voicestream days, and i assumed they could give me better pricing.

  • Going_home

    Got the G2X today.
    Having unacceptable reception issues with it.
    The Galaxy S 4G which I dont care for gets way better reception.
    If I cant get this issue fixed it going back to TMO.

  • 808prettyboy808

    I was playing around with the g2x but i never found it to be fast…the reason for this is because i have a mytouch 4g rooted running team royals gingerbread 1.6 rom and for some reason quadrant benchmark proved that my phone was faster…I guess ill wait for the sensation plus the ui looks better than the g2x…cant wait for this phone to come out…

    • Anonymous

      Lol! When you put on a custom ROM, you cannot compare it with stock. Put a custom ROM on the g2x and watch that Quadrant score be over the roof. Besides, it is not all about benchmarks. It is about actual performance. The g2x, is blazing fast.

    • AimHi

      Come on man fast is fast. Just cause you got Q from James Bond to put a rocket launcher on your phone doesn’t mean the G2x aint fast.

  • Anonymous

    Got my G2x this morning and its fantastic. I think i’m done with phones for a while with this one, it does everything super fast and I could not be more satisfied. Funny, because now i own a G1, G2 and G2x, though the G2 is going to be sold to help pay for the G2x.

    I played with the sidekick a bit and was disappointed, it felt like an old sidekick with a new OS but even then, the slide up mechanism didn’t feel natural like the old sidekick 180 flip did, and the screen seems way small for a phone that size. If I was looking for a qwerty keyboard phone I would definately still get the G2 over the sidekick. On a side note however, the 21mpbs hspa+ modem is the only + I see, and the price. (off contract- compared to the G2, since I buy all my phones off contract)

  • Phonyfake

    Very nice,VERY fast. but reception is disappointing. Keeps bouncing between 4g (not even available in my area) and 2g. my old phone got full bars 3g always….

  • Ladyluda113

    The g2x is too awesome. Too fast. And very productive. I’m in love

  • joe361

    When is the Wi-Fi only G-Slate coming?

  • Anonymous

    Sorry SK4G haters…t I said it before and I’ll say it again. I love the keyboard on the SK4G. Yes I am in my early 30’s…and honestly it doesn’t look as kiddie as it used to back in the day…it has grown up a bit to me. Not everyone likes all touch screens, and the G2 keyboard is just too clustered together. I think the SK4G is a pretty decent device for the price.

    • Anonymous

      PS…I will say that the Sensation does look pretty hot… I think I may get that too

      • Adrian Balansay

        You can get me one too!

  • Melody

    I really like the g2x, but I’m still waiting to hear more on the sgs2… It’s my dream phone. If not, then I might be waiting to try out the Sensation, but who knows if I can wait that long

    • jbjtkbw00

      If you have a dream phone, I’d wait. You can always get it, then decide against and go with something else. Then remember, something else will be coming down the pipe. It’s the price we pay in the ‘shell’ phone game.

      • Melody

        Exactly! Ugh, I hate being such an impatient woman…

        • Nick Kane

          I know how you feel. I’m constantly flip flopping between getting the G2x now and waiting for the Sensation

    • Anonymous

      I’m with you 100%

  • Anonymous

  • GSlateOwner

    I picked up both the G2x and the G Slate both are worth it


    the g2x will have to be left on the shelf now that i saw the sensation. too too nice……. homer drooling awawwww.

  • Anonymous

    I was thinking of getting the G2X but I read a review that the NETWORK speed is faster on the G2. (mobilecrunch) I’ll keep my G2 and wait for the Sensation. Too many options

  • jarrod

    I picked up a Sidekick 4G yesterday. Going from DangerOS (Sidekick LX) to Android is a really hard transition. My biggest problem with the hardware is that there aren’t pgup pgdn buttons around the trackball. Still, I’ve been waiting over a year for a device that might be as good for my needs as the old LX, and the SK4G has the best chance of any device I’ve heard of.

  • Anonymous

    So in usual fashion, I spend months waiting for the next great thing and as soon as it arrives I find some nitpicky issue that makes me stall. This time it’s the lack of a dedicated two-stage camera button (with two small kids, photos is a big part – maybe 50% – of what I want from my phone). Also did I read that you can’t take a picture while e.g. listening to music? No multi-tasking the camera function?

    Am I being silly (please tell me yes, so I can buy my new toy)? How do other nice modern phones compare on these points? The misc Samsungs, the Sensation, the Incredible or Thunderbolt over at vz?

    • Simon Yu

      I doubt that you can’t listen to music and take a picture.. I can do that on my old Moto Cliq.. well launching the camera shouldn’t be too much of a hassle on a dual-core phone.., should be very fast, hold the virtual button to focus and let go and shoot.

    • TweetMo

      Yeah, the music/camera issue can be resolved by one famous sentence: There’s an app for that!
      If it’s an issue, someone will find a way to resolve it.

  • Simon Yu

    I just called the Local T mobile store.. and I was right; this area isn’t very tech-savvy and what not.. they still have them in stock :) Picking it up tomorrow at one! Boot to the Cliq ready.

  • Anonymous

    G2x screen bleedz…bad

    on most devices at least…consider yourself lucky if yours isn’t!

    • Simon Yu

      Now I’m worried about getting mine tomorrow haha, but at least I know now and can check when I go pick it up.

    • Vibrant Addict

      You can swap it out ASAP in store I’m sure.

      • Anonymous

        I have twice

  • Chillin’

    Grabbed my G2X yesterday. I am a good-to-go happy camper right now.

    For all you folks who can’t get past always waiting and contemplating for the next big thing…it’ll never end.

    Get over it, make up your mind, grab something, and be content! Trust me, you’ll be much happier. ;)

    • Bxcutie4life2001

      i couldn’t have said it better myself!

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    I called T Mobile today and a nice lady advised me that the G2X does not have 3g capability in Europe or on ATT.

    Then there is this-

    Also see-

    Phone and Data
    The T-Mobile G2x is a quad band GSM world phone with 3G and 4G HSPA+ on T-Mobile’s bands (T-Mobile’s webpage incorrectly lists it as quad band 3G/4G)

  • Brandon

    Is anyone having an issue with the g2x battery life? My batter life is awful! It was fully charge when I went to bed last night and was at 80% when I got up this morning. Anyone else with an issue?

  • Vibrant Addict

    I don’t see an option for “I’m waiting for quad core” :)

  • Sanjaths

    Is the hotspot feature free to use ?

    • Brandon

      The guy in the Tmobile store said that if “I told him I wanted to tether he would charge, or I could just go home and turn it on the phone and he wouldn’t.” so basically he was hinting that it would do it at no charge because it’s built into the phone.

  • Yahoo

    Love my new G2x! Better battery life than MT4G and way, way faster.