T-Mobile Posts Promo Vid For HSPA+ 42 Network, Have To See It To Believe It

With respect to this video, watch it all the way through once if you can, twice if you dare. T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 42 network is most definitely fast, but I would much rather see Carly demo it. Just saying.

T-Mobile YouTube

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  • http://twitter.com/stevensteve steven

    This is how NOT to do a commercial.
    Talk about not showcasing the 42 megabits/s.

  • http://twitter.com/brianLbloom Brian Bloom

    oh that hurt..

  • Jeremy

    I could not watch that all the way through. It was terrible 3 days ago…still is. WTF at the pointing?

  • Dewey Cox

    I am surprised that they don’t make him the new spokesperson. Maybe AT&T will change their mind once they see that.

  • seriously?

    Sorry but this is weak… beyond weak.

  • http://twitter.com/dethduck dethduck

    Who the HELL thought this was a good idea?! Seriously, who?!

  • http://twitter.com/jbjtkbw00 jbjtkbw00

    I had to mute his voice. He annoyed me and thusly, I could not watch all the way through. How about running some of those vaunted speed tests? I didn’t in Orlando, and on my MyTouch 4G, I went from averages of around 4meg to 7-10 meg. Way below, but hey, that’s still wicked fast for a phone.

  • http://twitter.com/BiGMERF Merf

    that was soooooo wack

  • http://twitter.com/DADM_Graphics DADM_Graphics

    I made it till he said tiger blood. Then I had to stop it.

  • Anonymous

    Worst actor since Justine Beaver

  • Rdfrancis516

    Wow… TMo really has checked out already. Did they lay off their already-terrible marketing department in prep for the AT&T buyout?

  • Justinbauder

    Holy shit, looks more like he had 42 grams of crack than 42 mega ;)

  • http://www.facebook.com/matt.mingkee Matt Tsui

    So what? I’ll be nothing once AT&T put AWS HSPA+ offline and replaced by 24kbps HSPA+!

  • SuperNova

    Well think about it if we make t-mobile look crappy maybe at&t wont want it. who knows . . . .

  • Anonymous

    i thought he was going to demo a live 43mbps speed or something.ehh…..

  • QDOG8

    wait. ..his girlfriend is pregnant? *top story on the news*
    “T-Mobile Promoted Premarital Sex!”

  • zig

    I felt like he was trying to reach through the screen to pinch my cheek or something. Did anyone watch a second time? That was painful.

    • Jonathan

      A 2nd time? The 1st time was painful enough.

  • Anonymous

    Wait, was that a Cricket 4G commercial?

    David, smack yo self for showing this to us!!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6JUK2RDOPHCULTIFWTNRVQ4PYQ JonathanW

      Cricket is actually better than this terrible “commercial”. Lets hope they don’t air it our AT&T will back out and Cricket might just pick us up.

      • Anonymous

        LOL Well to some that may be better than ATT

        • Anonymous

          Well Anyone but AT&T and Verizon really hell even US Cellular i would be ok with

    • Jonathan

      Agreed. I mean, REALLY?! REALLY David. :-( Big thumbs down. I think I speak for the majority of us that we could have done without that stupid video. That told us ABSOLUTELY nothing about the 42+ speeds.

  • No one

    I hate myself for watching this even after the comments…

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6JUK2RDOPHCULTIFWTNRVQ4PYQ JonathanW

      hahaha, I’m about to watch it right now.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6JUK2RDOPHCULTIFWTNRVQ4PYQ JonathanW

        Jesus Christ that was bad. Anyone notice the dude only had two bars when he was on twitter. Nice one T-Mobile, feel free to find a hot spot next time. Couldn’t they get a shot of him downloading or uploading something or use the web browser to show off the speed. Don’t really see how talking on the phone while playing angry birds show how fast the network is. Failed!

  • brandon

    dumbest video ever! no wonder they company is sinking!

  • http://twitter.com/AcmePhoto Adam Nollmeyer

    WT….. Who wrote this script? I super <3 TMO, but I think high schoolers could have written and produced something better. Sure Tmobile is a great value, but this video says "Hey TMOBILE is for Losers with no life" How does Angry birds utilize a faster network. How about uploading high rez pics or video. #DUH

  • Stratspider230

    Well…they just lost a customer. o_O

  • Jonathan

    One word, STUPID. :-/

  • Techguy

    Knowing that this video is on the internet which basically means it will be out there forever makes me die a little inside.

  • BigMixxx

    Hilarious….I gotta go find his store..

  • Techguy

    If AT&T does buy T-Mobile, this is the first guy to get canned.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VGQMRQOQYPZHFOGRIZ53F646KU Not ice_fusion.

    This video = How to lose respect at 42mbps

  • Telekinetic13

    What does the D stand for douche?

  • urmail

    yeah this guy is the first to get the boot

  • Bigger Mac

    Oh wow ya Tmobile is going down at 42mbs rate!! They’re not even trying anymore, I heard Carly’s contract got bought out by ATT so dont be surprised to see her in some Iphone commercials soon, It looks like everyone is getting off the ship before it completely sinks. The question is what are YOU waiting for?

  • Josh

    Just registered at http://www.savetmobile.com. Hopefully more people register and remain active so we can make a huge difference. I HATE AT&T.

    • ATL Guy

      WOW more bleeding hearts and poor wittle tmobile!!!!
      I KNOW ITS PAINFUL but the it is the truth!!

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Simon-Yu/100000989859895 Simon Yu

        For the last time it’s Deutsche Telekom not T-Mobile.

  • Daisyblondy26

    Wow well u cant really expect more from a crappy company. Hopefully att buys t-mobile what a horrible company me I could care less what happens to t-mobile I have verizon so yea idk wtf im doing on this website I was in vzbuzz.com which is exactly the same as this website and clicked on tge tmonews link on top by accident which brought me here first time I been on here I feel bad for the employees at t-mobile that saw this if I worked at t-mobile (thank god I dont) I would be embarrased to work for such a lame company that makes horrible commercials. Good thing I work at verizon at least verizon doesn’t make pathetic commercials like this

    • Drivethruboy168

      It’s not a commercial! It’s just a video that an employee made and T-Mobile was kind enough to post it!

      • ATL Guy

        Does TMobile have a recruiting team at the gates of San Quentin?

    • Silverhayes

      Good thing they don’t make you use punctuation at Verizon. Otherwise, you’d be fired. :)

  • Jordan

    Is this a commercial for T-Mobile or for Boost? Holy crap…

  • http://www.facebook.com/timmyjoe42 Tim Bennett

    I think their youtube account got hacked.

  • Anonymous

    This is very interesting. If this gets widely deployed, I could find myself back on the Magenta network.


  • pdx503otron

    Is it 42 megabits/sec or megabytes/sec?

    • Scwrath88

      MegaBITS if you are talking about data sent/received

      MegaBytes is a definition in terms of storage capacity such as in a hard drive

  • Quailallstar

    Imagine watching this video on those snazzy new 3D phones (sarcasm) as this dude flashes his hands towards you a 1,000 times per second… LOL

  • Climber42104bg

    I feel like I just wasted 2’53” of my life, crap video, but hopefully they can actually show the network off before the death star makes is bend over without lube and take it.

    • ATL Guy

      Oh ya tmobile is the poor victim riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.
      I guess AT&T must have held a gun to DT’s head?
      Oh wait tmobile bent over like a little biotch and allowed AT&T in.

  • Scwrath88

    Nobody cares about HSPA+ anymore cause its all dead technology at this point and all the phones compatible with it will become obsolete in 1-2 yrs

  • Gizmojoc

    I think for a second i died…

  • Youngt82

    Haha wow now that was too funny lol only in america y’all smh

  • Guest

    that was hilarious. 2 bars on his phone in an area that has handlaid fiber backhaul.

    Uh Huh
    Uh Huh

  • Farhan

    Looks like AT&T has already taken over the T-Mobile marketing department. I thought the acquisition was going to take another year. :)

    • ATL Guy

      WOW really?
      AT&T has much much better marketing.

      • http://twitter.com/LaNcELieD Lance Bell

        Why no get joke?

  • alt-mobile

    the D in D-Mobile stands for douche right?

  • ATL Guy

    Wow David you really have wasted people time here.
    What a joke to read, “t mobile posts promo vid” and than you open up and view that garbage.
    It really is no wonder that Tmobile is the red headed step child of the wireless industry.
    They are the laughing stock of the industry.
    Yet another good reason for AT&T to buy this sinking ship.
    Thanks again for this time waste.

  • ATL Guy

    WOW that guy is a typical tmo customer.
    Ghetto fabulous.

  • Anonymous

    I guess there are a lot of flies and mosquitoes where he filmed this.

  • ATL Guy

    lets just get past all the crying about poor tmobile and we need to save tmobile!!
    guess what folks:

    • Tito!

      Dude, seriously. Shut up. what’s with the CAPS LOCK?
      Yes, ‘Deutsche Telekom’ are sell outs.
      Enough, that T-Mobile is a different entity.
      We here, Like T-Mobile USA. Not Deutsche Telekom.
      Sooo, how bout you boot it. because this thing is final either :)
      father clairvoyance see into the future.

      • Tito!

        *isn’t final

        • ATL Guy

          soon it will be ATT Mobile.
          CYA Tmobile

        • http://twitter.com/DogoJosho Josh Garrett

          God you need to be quite.
          T-Mo arent the sellouts.
          DT is the sellout.
          T-Mo does care about us, and thats why they’re the best. (Ik they care about us)
          So go away.

  • ATL Guy

    I wonder how many car dealerships that guy used to work for?
    Maybe if tmobile had better hiring standards they wouldnt be selling us all out right now.
    After watching that I honestly hope that tmobile bleeds customers at a record rate.

  • Tito!

    I know. when I saw this I was like ‘SMH
    there are better & hotter, more charismatic camerabound employees who work in Vegas .