T-Mobile CEO Philip Humm Discusses Sprint Buyout Rumors

It’s not unusual for large corporations to respond to certain rumors involving sales/acquisitions/buyouts especially those that have been ongoing for some time. We just received this letter written by Philip Humm, T-Mobile CEO in response to the ongoing rumors that once again surfaced. As expected, it’s a non-denial response that in our estimation leaves open any and all options for the company to pursue. There is nothing here that I can read as a denial regarding the Sprint rumors and given the line “…DT will always explore options for maximizing the value of its portfolio and profits,” I almost read that as a “yes, we’ve spoken to Sprint.”

For now, we’ll continue to watch this story closely as most of the tech blog world will and hope that while T-Mobile and Sprint may be speaking, they can’t come to terms. We wish the very best for T-Mobile and while there is an argument that can be made for a long term merger with Sprint, we simply don’t want it to happen. Still, what’s in the best interest of T-Mobile is in the best interest of those who love her, so we’ll watch on the sidelines now and wait.

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  • TMoFan

    The Sprint/Nextel merger has been called one of the worst mergers. I’d hate for the same thing to happen with T-Mobile, with two incompatible technologies trying to be meshed together.

    I am bombarded with Verizon ads nonstop. On the highway I see a Verizon and AT&T billboards. One the radio station I listen to, more Verizon. TV, Verizon. The newspaper often has whole pages taken out for Verizon ads. The last time I seen a T-Mobile ad was during the early AM hours. I know Verizon is huge and all, but I wish T-Mobile would step up the advertising.

  • T mo fan

    I’ve been with tmobile since omipoint, if they sell out I’m going to Att with gsm. No CDMA for me, no sprint.

    • justme

      good news you don’t have to go anywhere lol because they are being sold to AT&T

  • boh22

    you guys are dumb. if tmobile is sold to sprint it will become a hybrid network with tmobile gsm towers and sprint cdma. taking advantage of two 4G types. sprint wimax and tmos hspa+ and better service

  • Zcmods


  • Screwatt

    T-Mobile is getting bought out by AT&T. You’re all wrong: http://newsroom.t-mobile.com/articles/att-acquires-tmobile-USA