(Updated!) Samsung T839 Passes Through The FCC, Is This The Nightwing?

Updated: Turns out the Nightwing = Sidekick 4G!!

It’s been a little over two months since the codename “Nightwing” popped up on our radar but the guys at PocketNow have given us reason to revisit the name. As a little background for our readers, typically a Samsung model that passes through the FCC with a name like “T839” is usually T-Mobile bound. We can tell this by both the “T” as well as the model number ending in “9.” Both are indicators of a T-Mobile handset. Of course, the presence of the 1700MHz AWS frequency band doesn’t hurt T-Mobile chances either.

Unfortunately, little is known about “Nightwing” specs, though the newest rumor points to an 480 x 800 display and an ARM 11 processor with an unknown clock speed. The Nightwing is certainly something we’ll be keeping an eye on, and with CTIA right around the corner, we’re just hoping for a bevy of announcements from both Samsung and T-Mobile!


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