Verizon Claims Fastest 4G Network; How Should T-Mobile Respond?

Well, what do we have here?  It’s another entry into the “4G” war by big red Verizon herself.  The above image, via Twitter, shows that Verizon is ready to tackle the 4G issue and formally enter the 4G war.  This time the ad hits AT&T where Verizon has enjoyed hitting them in the past, their 3G network.  Anyone remember the “There is a map for that” ad campaign?  While T-Mobile has enjoyed the last few weeks of cheap shots at AT&T about their network and its weaknesses, such fighting back against Verizon could be a whole separate issue.

Of course, AT&T isn’t sitting back as they laid claim today to having 80% of their network covered with HSPA+ 14.4 goodness.  However, they have but one device that can even reach those speeds and it’s a data stick so without any devices, AT&T has little to show off.  The same could be said for Verizon, as they have no LTE phones now and likely for some time.  The thing isT-Mobile can’t hurt Verizon on their network with Verizon widely accepted as the strongest competitor in that arena and while T-Mobile has arguably the most “attractive” ad campaign right now, where do they go from here?  The 4G wars are definitely going to heat up as we push right into the holiday season but it’s next year that the fun should really begin.  One thing is for certain.  When the carriers fight, the customer usually wins.

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  • davidohio

    verizon is advertising a 4g network (LTE) but has no 4G phones???

  • Calijoe73

    T-Mobile should never compare itself to Verizon, T-Mobile has SHIT for coverage, fast or not. I would switch but can’t afford Verizon. As T-Mo begins to cost more the option for moving to a more reliable with freekin coverage every god damn where starts looking better & better. I drove with My Bro who has Verizon to Denver from Cali & I had only data in major cities, only one with HSPA+ & he 3G in the middle of nowhere & everywhere.

  • Joey D

    & oh yeah, 4G just means 4th Generation which could mean anything, they are just saying this our 4th Generation data plan. While we all know that LTE is the real deal. Its what we all hope to see in the future.

    • Philip Napolitano

      Actually Joey, LTE is not officially 4G Either. ITU-R states that 4G is a network that can sustain 1Gb/Sec. None of the current tech can do that. TMO is 21Mbsec and LTE in its current form can only reach 10. So Verizon is lying on two fronts. At least TMO can say that they are faster and at least they have devices that can support it.

      • raitchison

        Actuall the ITU standard says that for mobile applications that 100MBps meets the requirement to be called 4G.

        At least LTE technology (in the form of LTE Advanced) has the potential to be legitimately 4G unlike HSPA+

        • Guest

          The ITU standard calls for a minimum of 100 Mbps at high speed (around 50 miles per hour) and a minnimum of 1 gbps at stationary (less than 5 miles per hour).

          That’s minimum speed, not “speeds up to.”

  • Edward Mullens

    Do you get the feeling that the Europeans are looking over at us with all of this 4G mess and saying “Stupid Americans”? I mean only in this country do we have no regard for international standards, definitions, etc.

  • thaghost

    i have a simple question. is my mt4g supposed to show an h+ when its on 4g or just an h? anyone knows? im in nyc and in every burough and only see an h

    • guest1


      • Superman

        H is just HSPA+ which is still UMTS. It’s like EDGE for GSM. Therefore, technically, T-Mobile doesn’t have 4G!

        • Louisdeluna

          Lol 4g= 4th Gen, but hey w/e makes you feel good..

        • raitchison

          Actually 4G is an official standard now, in order for a service to legitimately cal itself 4G it must support a minimum speed of 100MBps. Of course this means that VZW’s LTE network as well as Sprint’s WiMAX network aren’t 4G either but at least LTE and WiMAX technologies have the theoretical potential of reaching 100MBps while HSPA+ only has a theoretical limit of a bit over 20MBps.

          The “generational” argument doesn’t make sense, does that mean that when TMO starts rolling out LTE either next year or in 2012 they will start calling it “5G” and when they roll out LTE Advanced (which should meet the official definition for 4G) they will call that “6G”?

        • Hardinpharmd

          Okay HSPA+ is projected for next year to double from 21 Mbps to 42 Mbps, and then the year after that its on pace to double yet again to 84 mbps so just cuz it currently maxes out at 21 mbps doesn’t mean it will always cap at that speed!!!

    • Louisdeluna

      ^^ Just take the phone back and get a bb.. :)

  • Michael Lococo

    T-Mo should say they have the “Fastest – Fastest 4G Network!” :-)

  • Anonymous

    I tried the verizon network with the droid 2. I live in Boston suburb. Honest, I wasn’t even getting 600 kbps download. My Nexus One is getting between 2700 kbps and 4200 kbps on the download and around 1300 on the upload. This is a fairly large suburb of Boston and right in the so called meat of the verizon network. T-Mobile has IMO slowly but surely taken over the airwaves. I will never leave T-Mobile with this kind of service. The prices are better then all the other carriers and the customer service is 2nd to none. Thank You T-Mobile.

    • Edward Mullens

      The Droid 2 isn’t on the LTE network and it isn’t an LTE phone for Verizon. So you can’t compare that at all, it’s not a valid comparison in this case. Verizon is just rolling out its LTE network.

      • Dysphoria

        Dunno, I was getting 600kbps on my G1, on 3G in a small city. It’s a little bit of apples to oranges, I’ll agree, but if you’re looking at options available today, it does make the Droid series feel a little sheepish. Also, kudos to HTC for developing three of the four 4G phones available on the market today, eh?

        I understand I’m throwing motorola under the bus a little bit with that, but it’s not like they’ve done much help for tmo, or really, anyone other than verizon in the last two years with their devices.

      • Kristjan Gjokhila

        the nexus one isn’t a 4g phone either, tmos network just happens to be stronger where he lives

  • DeathStarKiller

    ppppffffttttt. verizon sucks. crappy phones, crappy network, crappy customer service. way to make another outrageous claim, though. They are DEF the kings of doing that. oh and they are also good at inhaling man-sausage.

    • Makoute

      Say what you want about the network, but you can’t bash their phone selection

  • Mark Carruthers

    I’m getting 4,000-6,500 kbps here in Vegas on T-Mobile. Verizon has not come close to that here.

  • Anonymous

    there is a reason they have 95 million subscribers. and what can t-mobile respond about? t-mobile doesn’t have 4G either.

  • longcat

    I’m not very impressed with any networks’ speed claims. I don’t care if I get 5mbps or 10mbps if I can only use 5GB per month.

    If Verizon introduces tiered speeds (instead of tiered data allowances) at a reasonable price for their LTE service, I will be staying with them for quite a while. Verizon is unlimited data.

    I ditched T-mobile because they fouled up their data plans by reducing the cap to 5GB, and while you still pay a lot for Sprint vs Verizon you do get a bit more. However, Sprint’s 3G data speeds are nearly nonexistent during peak times in Manhattan, NY.

  • djembeman

    Coverage, coverage, coverage! My first cell phone was Verizon in about 1998 and even then I got great coverage, no dropped calls. I went to T-Mobile in about 2004 and I had one bar of service in the middle of Denver, CO and dropped so many calls my phone became useless. In 2006 I went back to Verizon and am planning to stay for a very long time. Streaming Pandora Radio while using Google Maps GPS at the same time without any interuptions when driving from Pueblo to Denver is pretty amazing! I can wait for Verizon to upgrade to 4G because the service is already the best that there is. Android rocks!!!

    • Dutytime

      AHHHH you are incorrect. Verizon is not unlimited Data its caps off at 2GB (two of my friends work at Verizon read the fine print) T-mobile has unlimited Data yes it caps off at 5GB but will allow you to go over with no overage charges its just the data is slowed down. Verizon and 4G? HAHAHHA what the LTE network??? that will only have in stadiums to start off with. Its gonna be great if you live in a Stadium have a 4g phone (which that dont have until FEB) and you also have to pay more for the “4g” speeds and (40-50 got the “4g” data) and if your think about tethering add another 40. And when Verizon gets the Iphone it will destory their network and there LTE is theortical speed of 7.2 which they will NEVER reach due to the saturation. SO hey if you wanna keep it thats great. Also T-Mobile is upgrading to HSPA++ whcih is 42mps Verizon will not be getting that till 2014

      • 73uf31

        if it caps off at 2gb then damn i must be always going way over with out being billed … i average over 2 gb a month

        • maccmill

          Its definitely unlimited, unless youre referring to data cards, in which case there is a 10gb plan.

      • Fisfinders

        …true, and they only cap the upload. @dejembeman, you should give t-mo a chande on their 4g devices, you won’t dissapointed

  • Anonymous

    Verizon your so called 4G network is not the most advanced or fastest in the world. Please don’t misguide the public.

    Bell Canada offers 42mbps and so will TMobile soon enough.. so 10mpbs just doesn’t cut it..

    And to call your self 4G, please provide 100mbps otherwise you don’t meet European or Asian standards that actually do provide this through put. so you can’t say its the most advanced by any stretch of the imagination!

    Oh yeah .. by 2014… TMob will be over 100Mbps… so is Verizon add subject to legal action?

    • Nick

      You spelled ad wrong dumbass. And no they are not subject to legal action.

  • BEEF

    here are the facts, you hspa loving artards:
    Flexible Spectrum usage possible with LTE: LTE will be the same whether the bandwidth available is 5MHz or 20MHz. Ofcourse the data rate will increase when the BW is increased. With HSPA+ only 5MHz bandwidhts possible. Similalrly with HSPA+ only FDD mode of operation is possible whereas with LTE FDD or TDD mode is possible.
    Spectrum Effeciency: Better spectrum effeciency, by a factor of 2 atleast over HSPA+
    Simpler Architecture: LTE has a much simpler and relatively flat architecture compared to the legacy UMTS network in HSPA+
    Higher Data Rates: LTE gives DL data rates of 144Mbps and UL of 57Mbps. HSPA+ gives 42Mbps in DL and 11Mbps in UL
    Ultra Low Latency: 10ms instead of 50ms for HSPA+
    Short TTI: 0.5ms instead of 2ms for HSPA+

  • Vcoffey

    Great article, thanks. When the carriers make overhyped claims of “FauxG,” it just creates more disillusionment and disappointed customers. Does anybody really get 12 Mbps downloads on their cell phones? Yeah, no. Maybe if you have the right phone, at the right hot spot, with a WiMAX datacard modem, on the right day, for a few seconds until someone next to you tries to download something. AT&T is the only major US carrier not making false claims right now. Good for them!

    • BEEF

      check out engadgets post on their reception and actual user data speeds… they actually saw results of 12mbs DL, but they average is coming to about 10mbs, which btw, is still stellar for mobile speeds.. sprint and tmobile cant even reach past 4mbps on a good day..

    • BEEF

      check out engadgets post on their reception and actual user data speeds… they actually saw results of 12mbs DL, but they average is coming to about 10mbs, which btw, is still stellar for mobile speeds.. sprint and tmobile cant even reach past 4mbps on a good day..

  • Billy

    All these mis-informed claims cracks me up…

    Verizon has 20 Mhz bandwith for all their LTE, and almost all of the 700mhz spectrum as well. Which means the data can be faster and will reach farther than any of the competition. Verizon’s “floor” is literally, other’s “ceiling”.

    Also, smartphone data is not capped, it is unlimited at $29.99, and a 150 mb plan for $15.00, which charges another $15 if you go over.

    Verizon claims speeds of 5 – 12 megs, but in reality, it is capable of being much faster, those speed claims are already considering heavy usage to go with Verizon’s motto : Underpromise, and over deliver.

    I have seen LTE and seen it run at 25 Megs constantly while in Chicago, it is real, and it’s latency is so low that it is literally faster than “real time” being 20 milliseconds before the data initiates. “Real time is 50 ms”.

    Verizon is set to truly dominate all the competition in 2011.

  • Ben

    I dont think VZW is still touting “America’s Fastest 4g”, They are now saying “Most Advanced 4g Network in the World”. Verizon’s LTE has a lot of potential and can me upgraded to go even faster and actually be a REAL 4g network by ITU standards.

  • Ben

    I dont think VZW is still touting “America’s Fastest 4g”, They are now saying “Most Advanced 4g Network in the World”. Verizon’s LTE has a lot of potential and can me upgraded to go even faster and actually be a REAL 4g network by ITU standards.