T-Mobile Takes Yet Another Swipe At AT&T With Online Only Ad

Oh T-Mobile, how we LOVE this new marketing approach, sticking it to AT&T! This commercial which T-Mobile unveiled earlier today via Twitter appears to be an online only “special” but we do recommend pushing this to television networks nationwide immediately. It’s just that good. Not good in the sense that the acting is fabulous or that the point is serious, it’s just funny.  Don’t take my word for it though, watch and enjoy! Then everyone can go and make fun of AT&T in the comments, we won’t mind.

Oh and take a look at my take on the 4G wars, I wrote it just for you guys!

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  • mark strong

    well i was told you can video chat on the iphone without wifi if you jailbreak it… so if that is true this would be so much better if they showed the 2 trying to break out of jail instead

    • rolo


      • Ricardo1

        With tango, you don’t need to use wifi.

        • melissa

          …yes enables your camera to make video calls but the sound quality is horrific….

  • Julio C

    Tmo seems to be stepping their game up. Im real excited. Im actually being real patient about picking my next phone for once.Currently running android on my hd2.
    I want to milk this phone till smoke comes out of it.

  • Nokia Guy

    I LOVE THIS AD! by far, this is the greatest ad I’ve seen! haha

  • Fort

    Finally in the game!! Love it.

  • syks

    i know this is off topic but why is that new customer prices are lower than my full upgrade? what incentive is it to be loyal customer vs canceling my contract?

    • http://robert.aitchison.org Robert Aitchison

      Sadly this is the case with all carriers, unless you are planning on switching carriers every two years there’s not much that can be done about it.

      • syks

        thought about it seriously , but cant find anything better than the loyalty plan i have unfortunatley. a friends tells me to threaten to close my account and they will offer me a better deal, but again dont want to risk losing my loyalty plan on that chance…*sigh*

        • hybridr6

          I was in the same boat as you until they decided to run the all phones for free thing this past Father’s Day and even then I had to call up and threaten to cancel, but I’ve learned to play that game and Tmo is hurting for customers right now. When I called up we got 2 free mts, 2 free nokia nurons, unlimited texts for everyone for $10 (instead of $20), and $10 unlimited internet on the two mts.

          CALL THEM, they will do something for you.

        • Pissed

          hybrid is either lying about his web plan or is misinformed. dont expect unlimited web on a mytouch slide for $10.

      • Ritz426

        T-Mobile employee here…
        The only price difference is an $18.00 upgrade fee. If you are a new customer, they would charge a $35 activation fee. The upgrade is the same pricing as a new customer (with mail in rebate).

    • i

      Well, you may not get the same discount if you buy through T-Mobile or Radio Shack, but most Walmarts will give you the same price when you upgrade. Many times their prices are way lower than anywhere else as well.

    • jemm

      Check Costco for usually pretty good upgrade prices. Their upgrade price for the G2 is $99.99, MT Slide is $49.99, Vibrant is $129.99, etc. Of course they do offer better prices for some of those for new customers, but it’s better than what you can get direct from tmo. Plus you get a free accessory kit.

      • RT212

        Wal-Mart can offer those prices because they are an enormous distribution company. They have BUYING POWER, purely because of their size. They pay less for the phones because they order so many of them and can still make a profit at selling them at those prices. T-Mobile Corp. and T-Mobile RP’s are not here to lose money. Anyone can give phones away, whatever happened to service and loyalty??? People want to buy their phones at the cheapest places but then want to go to a store or a dealer in the mall and have them spend an hour servicing them and answering their questions. The reps at wal-mart applied to work at wal-mart and they said, “here you will work in this department” they are not committed to providing world class service, they are all sales.

    • Kayleetay86

      I just think that people need to realize that phone’s are not cheap! You may not want to pay $200.00 for a new phone, sure beats the hell out of paying the full $500.00 for it? If we just GIVE away phones all the time because people don’t like the phones that they have now or don’t want to pay for it the company takes a hit. T-mobile or anyone else don’t make a profit off the phones, they buy them full price you get them half price. You buy a car, next year a newer model comes out you think if you go back to the dealer ship that they will swap it out without any kind of payment or difference? UM NO We love our loyal customers so for you SYKS just be patient more phone’s are launching and soon at a better price and trust me the phones are worth the investment.

  • alex

    In other other news, samsungs chief of product management has tweeted- using a new device that awesome..next week will be..i hope its the nexus s..not the continuum…

  • Lobo


    Check when your last upgrade. With upgrade through Tmobile you get full discount after 22 months from your last handset upgrade which will be the same or less as prices as a new customer. So anytime if you have upgraded and hasnt been 22 months since your last.. the price will be higher because you arent availible for a full discount yet.

  • iFloss™

    LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!! T-Mobile Wins.

  • Sasha

    As much as this commercial is funny and great, there are two complaints.
    The first is that Tmobile needs to get more original instead of the windows vs mac theme.
    The second is that After watching this commercial it seems that the only thing being stressed is the FFC. For some that is just not a deal breaker. Both the first and digging commercial focused on how ATT only allowed video chat over WiFi.
    Don’t get me wrong, Tmobile has fantastic customer service. And I love to dead my vibrant. When I also do speed tests my phone can get 5.5 dl speeds while the iPhone is around 3.0 and the Epic 4G on 4G gets 1.3.

    • Shasha

      The windows/mac ripoff is funny because its turning their own marketing genius against them (much like windows embraced the ‘im a PC’ line in their commercials). It shows that apple isn’t the greatest in consumer electronics anymore and it takes a jab at ATT. double win.

      • Sasha

        Oh I hated iphone from iphone 3gs. And the people at ATT are really rude. But they could be a little more original. I understand android has outsold iphone but it really was unappealing to see the commercial after all the mac vs windows ads are old.

        • BMAN325i

          and dont forget, calling ATT customer service, your are on hold forever

    • the perm tip

      Yeah, the apple spoof is meant to be obvious, thats the whole deal……funny joke

      • Sasha

        Yeah ATT customer service is terrible too.

        I understand that it’s obvious and it kept me interested but when the Catherine Zeta Jones commercials came out with the creepy kid it was so much funnier.

    • Eric

      I agree, I wish T-mobile would do something original. If they had released this commercial a few years ago, when those ads were new, it would have been a funny spoof.

      It feels like their marketing team just hired some high school kids to come up with the idea for their commercials.

  • pessimist

    what a dumb commercial. It has a point, but what a poor attempt. Good job tmobile, once again….

  • Mike

    First Tmobile Make sure that Chicago Has 4G because it doesn’t and then advertise
    Your 4G.

    • djwildcat

      Chicago has had “4G” in certain spots of the Chicagoland area since the G2 has been out…but officially announced it on November 3.

  • watbetch

    The iPhone guy is hot

  • bberryking

    u r right, they r def stepping their game up. and its about time….. its great they r the biggest 4g network supposedly but we still dont even have 3g here in central maine and theres a fricken tmobile call center 2 miles down the road! so i think maybe they are getting a little too cocky a little too soon.

    • Dan

      They have 3G in the call center that you speak of…I guess it doesn’t leak out beyond the walls at all.

  • Mr. T

    No offense T-Mobile, but who the blippin bloop does your marketing…Really? … really?

    I love you T-Mobile, you do a great job and all with service, but your continued path down the marketing path you have chosen the last 10 years shows why you are last place amongst all the major carriers. You have me-too ads, do a horrible job at pointing out your benefits, and an even more horrible job pointing out your competitors flaws.

    When I had T-Mobile you know how many dropped calls I had in 1 year? Probably 3. I’ve had ATT for not even 2 months, and I’ve had 21 dropped calls! Also I’m not calling more, I’m calling substantially less because I don’t work in the phone industry anymore, and make probably 200 minutes of use a month.

    Anyways, the reason why ATT is where its at, is not just because of the iPhone, but because of their marketing. Same with Verizon. They have entertaining ads, that people want to watch. They aren’t all funny, but if they aren’t they are entertaining and interesting. T-Mobiles ads scream desperation.


    I mean come on, the actors aren’t even as good looking as the Verizon models in the Verizon brochures!

    T-Mobile you could release 100% guaranteed drop call proof service, with 100% of america covered with 18G service technology, and you’d still dick around in the basement while MetroPCS overtakes you in total number of subscribers.

    @#$% you T-Mobile.

    I wish T-Mobile gave me as big of a discount for my job as ATT does…its a substantial difference, I’d pay termination fees on ATT to get good service again.

    • Joshua

      Everyone bitches about T-Mobile not doing great marketing. Well guess what!!! Increased marketing = increased spending. Guess who is gonna make up for that increased spending? The consumer you tart! I don’t care if Tmobile is 10th place in the cell phone market behind ma and pa crap. I love my service, I love my phone, and the most important part, I love the cost. STFU and stop trying to raise our plan prices. Jesus Christ!

  • 2FR35H

    I feel as if this is foreshadowing the release of an iPhone on T-mobile…. T-Mobile seems to be going strong on these commercials nowadays. First iPhone 4 with AT&T baggage and now iPhone 4 trying to escape from AT&T?? then not only that we get iPhone/iPod accessories and an iPhone/iPad sim card of which doesn’t seem to fit Galaxy Tab nor HD7 or any other device currently on our network.

  • Very cool

    These commercials are ineffective until I actually see them on TV.

  • Joseph Singer

    How Applesque.

  • djwildcat

    I like how this commercial is trying to say that the only way for the iPhone 4 to use video calling outside of wifi is if the phone is “jailbroken”, hence the guy trying to escape the “WiFi Zone”. lol

  • UDX

    This is so great lol

  • jm

    The whole point of this “apple vs Mac”-esque commercial is exactly that.. free marketing. It creates a whole lot more hype. Tmobile doesn’t have the type of money that Verizon and Att do, so they’re getting smarter and scrappier. GENIUS! great job tmobile.

  • Coitus

    Woo Hoo! I love it! Go T-Mo! There is so much they can sell; great phones, fastest network, low costs, great service. It’s about time they start bragging.

  • ryan
    • David, Managing Editor

      This article neglects and omits the idea that T-Mobile is doing this for marketing, I don’t think anyone who knows anything about the field truly believes T-Mobile wants people to think they have actual 4G speeds as defined by something they might look up in Wikipedia. It’s about marketing and T-Mobile believes they can put the Sprint 4G issue to rest by showing that anyone can claim it, Sprint has no more right to 4G than does any other company. It’s marketing, not a “bald faced lie.”

  • http://djkrazyk.com DJ Krazy K

    Who’s the girl in the commercial??

  • michael

    with these direct iphone 4 commercials, is this maybe an indication that tmo IS about to get the iphone 4 and that it may be running smoother on tmo?

  • michael

    or maybe tmo is expecting to accept an exodus of iphone 4 customers from att

  • somone

    tmo is tired of being the competiton and now wants to be the competitor!

  • Jed Clamped

    seems like this commercial could be paving way for iPhone on T-Mobile…

  • ray

    Wonder whats her name. She’s hot.

  • Kyle

    @ Ray. Her name is Carly

    • ray

      Thanks. Is she famous? (not because shes in the comercial) She looks like Anne Hathaway.

  • http://www.adtwik.com Omar

    Love it its time T-Mobile stopped been defensive and started been offensive. Even if they distort the true a little bit but every other carrier does the same specially Verizon.

    And Carly looks amazing.

  • thereugo

    This actually made me laugh and made the truth known about the pressure of the Iphone trying to work with AT & T breathing down the Iphones neck, Funny!


    HAHAHAHA! T-Mobile Vs. AT&T, T-Mobile doesn’t stand a chance I was a loyal customer of the crooks tmobile only to get some-what ripped off!! Tmobile is norhing but a fraud company!! I am typing this from my iPhone 4! So who cares if you can’t do video calls on the go!? Theirs apps for that!!!! Tmobile HAHHAAHAHAHAHHA BIG JOKE!

  • Kayleetay86

    To everyone who bashes on t-mobile and their products, yes the company and the network wasn’t as advanced as the AT&T, Verizon or others years ago. All you saw on TV were AT&T and Verizon bashing it out on who has the best network, this is the FIRST time EVER T-mobile has published a commercial about their network. Why did it take so long? They have the products and the services to back it up! People with the sour taste in their mouth probably had that ONE bad experience and decided thats it never again. Have you tried the new services and the new phones? It is about time we fight back and next week they are launching something that will make the other companies scratch their heads even harder!

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  • Kaumil29

    shameless t mobile

  • Marky419

    I’m a iPhone user and I love my phone, but I love this ad. AT&T does need to step there game up from that video chat with wifi connection only.

  • Marky419

    I’m a iPhone user and I love my phone, but I love this ad. AT&T does need to step there game up from that video chat with wifi connection only.

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