T-Mobile HTC HD7 On Backorder?

Several hours after its official launch, it looks like the T-Mobile HTC HD7 is already on backorder. We made a call to Customer Care and have been told that the handset is now on backorder and that they do not currently know when it will be back in stock. Additionally, when trying to order the HD7 from my.T-Mobile.com, we received the error message pictured above. Either the HD7 has been selling like hotcakes or Magenta didn’t order enough.

Have you had trouble getting your hands on an HD7? Let us know in the comments!

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  • G4tro

    Okay I don’t normally comment on here but I feel the need to just because i do love Android and I’ve had a taste of both Windows phone7 and IOS, The truth is Android to me has never been as smooth as IOS with the lags the exchange between apps just seem a lil slugish….I have a Vibrant so I had the top of the line android and although i love the customization it gets boring fast. However I went to tmo and got the HD7 I gotta say it has its ups and downs but alot more ups… If ure the type that likes to have 500 apps for every single thing u do then WP7 is not for u stick with Android or IOS…But if u want an organize different and smooth experience theres no better IMHO than WP7…I think its smoother than IOS and def smoother than android, yes I hate the fact that I cant listen to Slacker radio and check emails or txt messages at the same time…yes i get that and it should be something MS should work on like yesterday…but Im willing to sacrifice that for smoothness and speed…every OS has something they’re missing come on if they gave u everything we would not have anything to look forward to…right?…The one feature that to me is a great selling point is the picture hub i mean how many times have u wanted to show someone a pic u have on FB and u had to go to the app open it wait for it to load and then look for it…this OS has ure pics there ready to go no app no opening anything just there…I love that!…the FB integration is amazing on this fone I dont have to open up the FB app everything is in one place…so yes Android does blow it out the water when it comes to apps and IOS destroys it but other than apps WP7 is great its a great OS with no lag smooth as silk and everything at ure finger tips…once MS gets up to par with apps this is going to be a super OS…give it time by this time next year we’ll be talking about WP7 like we talk about Android and IOS…Do I recommend it?…that depends on you’re priorities…if ure a fan of an app for everything ure better of getting Android…but if u want to see what ure people are up to and organize email view organize pictures without having to log on to FB a smoother OS thats organize and easy to navigate than WP7 is for u…but like I said its not for everyone and u really haveto try it to see if u like the feel of it…thats just my 2cents i hope it helps someone with their decition.

  • Charles

    I know what my next phone is, going to wait till my contract is up and upgrade from my HD2.

  • Michelle Purposedriven

    I ordered the LG Optimus and was told that it would be shipped in 7 working days. The phone has been in back order status since it was ordered and now I am told to check with their loyalty customer service representative to have this resolved. Why was I not told that the order was not in stock? Why merge when you cannot even deal with the customers you currently have?