T-Mobile Reveals myTouch HD Fact Sheet, T-Mobile TV Included

In case you missed it, the new upcoming myTouch made a surprise appearance at CTIA and then we even saw others go hands on with the hardware prototype. But that’s not the only thing T-Mobile revealed at Mobile Focus 2010. Apparently Magenta released a fact sheet for the upcoming T-Mobile myTouch HD. Although most of the content on the fact sheet is already known, we noticed one specific item on the sheet that caught our attention. T-Mobile TV. It looks like the myTouch HD will include T-Mobile TV, which according to the fact sheet, offers live and on-demand TV, including always free programming from ABC News Now, Fox Sports, PBS Kids, Disney, Univision, family holiday movie favorites and more. Sounds interesting! We’re looking for more details, so stay tuned! Larger image after the jump!

[Thanks, tk192!]


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  • Tito!

    Sounds interesting. :)
    But I’ll stick to slingplayer .

  • http://i-appreciate.org alt-mobile

    I think it’s great that T-Mobile is rolling out their T-Mobile TV but I think for it to be truly successful and make people want to get phones/plans that support it they really need to step up their coverage/speeds nationwide. I know, for the most part, they have pretty good coverage in major cities. But they need to expand to other BIG cities in states that may not be as major as say Chicago, New York or Los Angeles.

    Just my opinion. But, like I said, I’m glad to see T-mo taking these steps…

    • Mast

      Chicago still does not have HSPA+, :( Seriously!

      very disappointing!!!

      • DBO


        Relax!!! The thing you have to understand is that patience is a virtue. I am willing to bet, that although they lay claim to having the largest network, Verizon customers are complaining about coverage just like every other wireless customer with other companies. Try having a little patience bc Chicago does have 3g coveage. Would you rather wait, and let it fall into place, or would you rather pay more for something that has not quite hit yet. I have said it once to others, I will say it again, Patience is a virtue

      • http://i-appreciate.org alt-mobile

        I feel you Mast…

        I’m originally from Chicago but am in graduate school at Michigan State in East Lansing, MI. Chicago has awesome reception and I get really fast speeds in Chicago but when I go to any of the major suburbs (20 miles west or north of it) speeds drop off.

        I’m not even going to talk about my reception here in East Lansing (Lansing, which is 3 miles away is the capital of Michigan). My reception in Michigan in general is terrible (and I’ve been ALL over the state). I’m usually on Edge which sucks to be honest. Michigan is OWNED by Verizon with Sprint coming in second. T-Mobile is non-existent in the state.

        Anyways, I really think if T-Mobile worked on solidifying their network and expanding their coverage they would be killing the competition. Sure, everyone talks about how they want the newest/fastest/sexiest phone but what good is that phone when it doesn’t work to its full potential?

      • Frigadroid

        I remember the days of Powertell. That’s when your phone wouldn’t work indoors, pass the county line, or outside 5 miles of a major interstate.
        We had to walk to school in the snow and rain 10 miles a day uphill both ways with no shoes.
        We used to have to get up to change the channel on the tv clicker.
        The moral of the rant is things will get better eventually as they have in the past in the near future we will be bitching about LTE.

      • blah

        Mast, dont listen to these guys, you have every right to complain especially when you pay the same amount as other Tmo users but get less speed. If we didnt complain nothing would get done and tmo wouldnt care. If left up to some of the people on this site we would be still under Englands rule and slaves would still be in bondage as they should be “grateful” for a food and a place to live…. Things only get better because people take an active stance to make it better, it doesnt magically happen on its own…

      • darkmonday

        umm i have a nexus one and i get speeds of 5mbs down, maybe its the phone u have

    • phongeek

      i understand you im just glad they made a big step with the wifi calling, per say like in my college you CANNOT get reception at all indoors …looks like thats about to change

    • ingram pdx

      well… on my cliq xt in portland this last august i was able to get 8MBps download speeds… fast enough for me to watch youtube with no problems.

  • Rilesman

    Hope there is not a charge coming with these features….feeling bad ju ju here.

  • Rpinazo

    What’s the deal with the “HD”. Are you guys just using this to avoid confusion of the first or do you guys still suspect this to be the final name? I hope this drops before Thanksgiving

  • karlc

    hmmmm….me-likey, perhaps i should have waited for this instead of my vibrant…….even though im enjoying it, the MYT-HD reads like the phone some of us have been waiting for…..for a long time!!!!

    • Tpavey

      I thought the same, but with the ji6 update my vibran runs well. Froyo will come eventually. I’m waiting for Gingerbread phones before I upgrade again.

  • http://www.cissypeoples.com cissypeoples

    Im totally getting this baby! the more i hear bout it the more i want it!

  • Mike

    This phone looks good but i need to hold it and play with it. I never buy a phone with out actually handling it first hand. So far the vibrant and G2 are good, but still not making me crazy enough to get a new phone yet.

    • get real

      You make your phone decision like I make decisions about women. “…looks good but i need to hold it and play with it.”

  • HD2/Vibrant/G2 User

    What ever happened to project emerald

    • David, Managing Editor

      It’s the myTouch.

  • http://n/a Just me

    Why are there a bunch of complainers and cry babies in this world? Dont they know that there are much more important things to worry about?

    • DBO

      Amen, Just me. Nothing will ever satisfy some of these crybabies and sissies, who want ther phone to do EVERYTHING under the sun, knowing that they will not ever use half of the capability of what the phone can even do

      • blah

        wow, slob on the tmo knob much?

  • ian

    Is it just me i dont remeber seeing anywhere this was getting sense or expresso ui, nor have i seen any pics with it. Possible like the original my touch it will be stock android

    • Rpinazo

      Highly doubt it. With that Genius button and the MyFaves page….no stock Android!

  • http://www.allanweinbergesq.com Allan

    anyone know what the internal memory will be on the new My Touch?

    • blah

      Rumored 768MB or something to that effect, internal HDD is said to be 2-4GB with 8GB card installed.

  • http://John Johnson

    Will the mytouch HD have the capability like the nexus one. Portable HotSpot? I know they removed the feature in the G2 sadly

    • podstolom

      I think the thought of tethering (USB or Wi-Fi) on HSPA+ is scaring the brown out of T-Mobile Management, seeing as they are enabling it on their dinky new Optimus-T but not the G2, and most likely not the MyTouch either. But hopefully they will mend their wayward ways in future software updates. As they said they might. As if I have any faith in any credibility for that kind of non-committal promise.

  • thereugo

    I was thinking of getting the G2 now with out rooting, I dont know. Will anyone tell me if the G2 will possibly be rooted? What about the Mytouch, is it going to have SENSE on it? Will it have that security chip in it? What happen to the Glacier and what is it?

    • k-mack

      I would say that eventually there will be a permanent root for the G2. It’s really just a matter of time. I love mine and don’t necessarily need to root it actually. I guess it would be nice but not a must right now. The phone is amazing. This myTouch HD looks really nice. I think it will be really well received, especially with the ffc, wifi calling, 1GHz MSM8255 chip, HD video recording, genius button, tmobile tv, fm radio, etc! Sounds like I’ll have to pick this baby up when it drops! I’m psyched that it has all the frequencies so we can use it in europe and asia too. when I think about it, this phone is really packed with features! I’m betting it will sell well for them.

  • Foxeh

    Looks like we were right on the money with the MSM8255 SoC in there. Good thing we nipped the dual-core rumors in the bud.

    I bet this will have the same self-restoration feature the G2 has.

    • blah

      Im curious to see what the XDA community can pull out of the chip, its quadrant scores are too close to hummingbird to think it can only pump out half the triangles, also anyone know if that estimate is which shaders on or off?

  • LyonByTheSea

    … dont yell … LOL

    is this the phone that is supposed to give the iPhone a run for its money?

  • mtnman

    Wonder if you’ll be able to tether on the MyTouch? As far as the tv goes, I watch TV.com on my Vibrant, but can’t do it at work sice I do maintanence. Love to have it though, I bet it’s the same thing as Samsung’s Media Hub where you’ll have to purchas shows or similar to it.

  • kai

    i heard theyre gonna roll out with the name mytouch 4g.

    • J-man

      that would definitely bring in the crowds. hopefully this phone does bring in ppl, i am sold, only if i had the money…

  • low

    heres a fact looks like a chick phone ,need something that looks like the evo please tmo ,a nice 4.3 screen and hspa plus,ffc please

    • Midori

      That sounds more like an opinion,unless you have reasonable proof?

      • low

        i have proof i want buy it by all means if you like it have fun with it

      • SnakeEyez

        You have proof that it looks like a chick phone? Wow, can I see your proof?

      • low

        i must have touch a nerve with the chick phone comment lol and yes it is my opinion and if your a dude and you want one stop being sensitive its not that serious lol ,by all means if you like it buy it ,it not my style thats all ,its a powerhouse its comes in different colors and the style doesnt fit me,heres one fact im not buying one , HTC Glacier is what im looking at i hope tmo (hint)

    • Rpinazo

      Not everyone wants a big ass 4.3″ screen. The Evo looks like a damn portable DVD player! People keep complaining about everything. That’s the beauty with America… If you don’t like something then leave…..Sprint is waiting.

      • low

        well i do like the 4.3’s ,and sprint sucks ,try them and see ,and the beauty of america is freedom of speech ,tmo should offer a larger device in andriod ,we have one in windows, and if you dont like it dont buy it ,maybe you can buy my n1 or my vibrant or my g2, i only used on of them anyway smh

  • Rpinazo

    T-Mobile could come out with a phone that can navigate a car and people would still complain that it doesn’t do the same for a motocycle….lmao. Big Babies!

  • ogopogo

    This phone is definitely worth the wait. I passed up the Vibrant based on sketchy details about the MTHD, then passed up the G2 based on additional leaks about the MTHD. This one just seals the deal.

    MTHD all the way now!

  • cham

    Isn’t this phone supposed to have a dual-core processor?

    • blah


      • jake

        No, its going to have a quad- core!

  • Ansel

    Any word if the screen’s gonna be SLCD??

  • JP

    Can’t wait. Release thing thing already !!!!!

  • Flyingrequin

    I have a few questions about the Tmobile TV service. Given that both the MyTouch and the G2 sport the Qualcomm chips that can pick up mobile tv service, I would think that it might be possible to get the service on the G2 through a software upgrade.

    Question 2 – there was some news very recently that Qualcommm is suspending the sale of FLO tv (basically their mobile tv service). They own the frequency ranges for this service. Does that mean that Tmobile TV is also a limited time venture constrained by when Qualcomm actually pulls the plug on the service?

    • David, Managing Editor

      The TV is a rebranded MobiTV from T-Mobile, it’ll have a new icon but it is MobiTV.

      • Flyingrequin

        ok – thanks.

        It does say always free programming for ABC news, etc. Does that mean there will not be an extra $10 for Mobi tv/Tmobile tv?

  • JiRiz

    My only question is why is the HD7 so attractive, and this is so ugly? I mean, can we GET an ATTRACTIVE and professional looking keyboardless Android phone on tmo? Desire HD hardware with “stock” Android. That’s all I want. They did it with the Desire Z and the G2. What gives?

    • Flyingrequin

      I am with you on that. Why? why? Mytouch functionality, HD7 looks.

  • teport

    Does any one know if this phone will be compatible with at&t’s 3g? i know i am going to get crap from you guys but i have to switch to at&t. work requires me to have an att line. and i dont see the need in me having two lines. i would like to at least take a bit of tmo with me. and this phone IS what i am going to get. beats everything that att has by far. go ahead people start throwing trash at me i know i know i am goin to at&t…………sad sigh (:<) p.s. what about the g2? i want one.

  • J1

    3.8in slcd screen, 1ghz sec gen processor, 5mp cam, ffc, froyo, t-mobile t.v., hspa+, etc.. Those features/specs coupled with t-mobile’s affordable pricing should be enough to off set any grievances one may have over the build quality ( I for one dig it)..

    It seems like some people wouldn’t be happy unless they were actually able to design the phone themselves.. Guess what there would still be other people who would label your “dream phone” a fail..

    My point is if you expect more than what you think t-mobile is providing, then you have every right to cancel your service and not give em anymore of your money.. In the end you have your self to blame if your paying for service/products your not happy with..

    • Ansel

      Thank you for indirectly answering my question about the SLCD lol…and I agree with you completely. If you can’t do anything but complain about what T-Mobile ISN’T doing to their phones and not appreciate what they ARE doing you can kindly go to a different carrier. I however, and MANY others will buy the new myTouch happily.

  • mailman13877 (HTC EVO 4G)

    FINALLY TMO has smartened up..I have said it all along and stuck to it..This should have been their HSPA+ lainch phone but they aren’t smart..I wont argue if people say this phone is better than the Evo cause it fits the competitive features every non SETTLER and myself wanted..I luv my Evo and congrats to this phone and whoever gets it.This is a true competitor.
    So much for those SETTLERS who said video call will never be a hit..It will an TMO has recognized that.They took forever but got it right for once..Even the ipod touch has an FFC lol..I would stick to my SLING PLAYER if i were you guys though.I can’t get enuff of SLING since my TMO Wing an now on my big screen Evo i hook it up in my car and get car speakers as a nice surround sound when im on the go on football sundays..Welcome to the competition MTHD..Other than this phone TMOs other phones are still lame including that lame vibrator and G2..smh hehe..Evooo FTW imo

  • stickywicket

    I know a lot of people are thrilled with the G2, but it’s not doing much for me. Before Swype I thought I _had_ to have a keyboard, now I know I don’t and am seriously considering returning the G2 and getting the MyTouch. If it looked like the Desire HD there’d be no doubt. What was Tmo thinking? (I seem to ask that a lot)

  • going_home

    I cant see where it says how much RAM the phone has ?
    Am I just missing it ?


    • SnakeEyez

      No, I have been wondering why they haven’t confirmed the ram yet while everything else is confirmed. This site has the ram listed at 768mb, itd be sweet if its true


      • going_home

        That link has the ROM at 3.7 GB which is good even if it is afflicted with the Linux “not able to see more than 2GB” thing the G2 has.


  • PhonePhreak

    Maybe someone covered this already, but wasn’t this phone supposed to be dual core in the processor department? I’ll probably get the phone as long as it doesn’t have the anti-root bug that the G2 has…but how did the specs change from a month ago to what’s showing up now?

    • going_home

      I dont thing any dual core TMO phones will be out till Q2 of 2011, at least thats what I’ve been hearing.
      I’m hoping the successor to the Nexus One will be out by then so I can snag one.


  • Johnny Kay

    I personally played around with the G2 the second day it was released and I must admit that it’s a sweet phone. I truly appreciate the presence of the physical qwerty keyboard even though I can live with the software qwerty. Tmobile’s HSPA+ is BLAZING fast! I live in L.A., however, I was in the greater L.A. area at the time. The rep told me they have the hspa+ spread out pretty well throughout the valley. So, you pretty much have 4G like speeds where ever you go through the valley and the downtown area.

  • http://none billy v

    what kind of batter will be in this phone???

  • http://none billy v

    battery… what kind of battery will this phone have? will it have better battery life than the SAMSUNG VIBRANT… cuz this VIBRANT SUX!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.theaero.net Toxa

    I bet next year there would be 150 mytouch species on the market