T-Mobile Launching $14.99 Tethering Plan November 3rd

Although we already knew that a new plan for customers that want to Tether was coming soon and then yesteday, confirmed for November 3rd, the folks over at BGR have recieved details on the new tethering plan. T-Mobile will officially offer the $14.99 /MonthTethering and WiFi-Sharing Add-On beginning November 3rd. The plan will allow subscribers to use their smartphones as a tethered modem or Wi-Fi hotspot. To qualify for the $14.99 Tethering add-on, you will need to have a 3G/HSPA+ capable handset in addition to an unlimited web plan of $19.95 or higher. The tethering plan also counts towards your 5GB data cap. So that means once you’ve used 5GB of data, your speeds will be throttled. The plan will be available for Postpaid and Flex Pay Customers.


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  • Walhaddi

    too much just to tether if you ask me. So, do Nexus 1 users have to pay this charge too?

    • http://robert.aitchison.org Robert Aitchison

      Good question, for N1 owners and those of us with rooted phones that have had the ability to tether for more than a year how are they even going to know if you are tethering?

      • Noel Barcellos

        Will they know? only if they are looking. they are gonna cap you after 5gb anyway. Im sure rooted phones will still be able to use it with out paying.. like it should be. I find it so funny they would charge for the convenience instead of doing so. Technology is supposed to make your lives easier not more expensive.. We should let money judge the tech, let the tech .. ah nevermind.. i cant explain because im way to tired here at work.. but someone understands.. we are not paying for the 5gb since we already had the 5gb.. they are charging for the convenience and that is bull…just like everyother company that does it.. ATT and so on.. crap..

    • DUB

      The True question of the day is: How can you call it unlimited data and then cap someone after 5GB of data use?

      • JW

        Because it’s unlimited data not unlimited bandwidth.

      • 2FR35H

        But is the unlimited data USABLE? that is what really defines unlimited data. and 60kbps on a smartphone is UNUSABLE so unlimited what?

  • Washout

    Lame, too expensive for what you get

  • zeya

    Why would i pay them for tethering when i can just root my phone and get it for free or i can just go on youtube and find free apps!!!! TMOBILE SUCKS !!! ALWAYS TRYING TO MAKE A QUICK DOLLAR

    • ob18

      Are they forcing you to stay with them and if not stop the bitching and move to another provider whom will most likely end up doing this themselves in the near future.

      • Al

        Hey ob18 it’s called freedom of speech.

      • Chris

        Hey Mr. Constitution, the First Amendment covers censorship by the state, not by other people, corporations etc. So shut the hell up!

      • Samuel

        while i agree with zeya, just root your phone, i tether my vibrant. I also agree with ob18, nobody is forcing you to be with tmobile. 15 dollars is alot cheaper than the 30 that sprint or verizon wants to charge

      • Al

        bite me chris !!!

      • maruichan

        lol Mr. Constitution

      • j

        no they are not, att pays by MB, no thanks. You can tether vibrant with the KIES software downloadable from samsung for free! tethering is not as great as is sounds, it is slows as dirt and wifi is better

    • MattB

      Only ‘you’ can answer why ‘you’ would pay them… in fact, it sounds like you wouldn’t. There are those, however, who aren’t willing to steal. They will pay for it. There are others who maybe want the mobile hotspot, but can’t/don’t know how to root their phone. They will do this as well.

      Other companies charge more. Nuff said.

      • Marc

        How the heck is tethering on your data plan stealing?

      • MattB

        They offer a service for a cost. You use the service for free against their approval/knowledge. Your use of that service violates the terms of service that you agreed to with a signature at the time of activation.

        You tell me.

        If you go to the movie theater and pay for movie A, and upon completion you decide to sneak in to movie B without paying, is it stealing? I mean, whether you go in or not isn’t impacting the theaters overhead right? So what difference does it make? That theater used to not enforce it, now they want to charge me? How dare them…

    • Dave

      Yeah, see how much it costs elsewhere.

    • Cory Ga

      Yeah i agree. I mean its one thing if by paying the $14.99 if they actually gave you unlimited data.

    • j

      Zeya if they suck why are you with them, tethering sucks! It isn’t any faster then your phone browser and wifi is much better. These sites are only for whiny people who like to hear themselves talk, well see their words typed at least. What carrier isn’t out not make money???? ATT and verizon are more expensive and are not any better. whine all you want, if people read what they signed up for and did not sue then maybe things would stay they way they were.Notice this happened after the idiotic lawsuit over throttling, this site even said, they will probably make tethering a paid feature. Well sure enough, it happened. Don;t blame the carrier, blame yourselves for the whining and idiotic lawsuits!

      • Marc

        Do you include yourself in the whiny people who love to hear themselves speak category, or it’s just everyone else who don’t agree with you?

  • techiechicky

    For $14.99/month it should include some additional data; another 5GB at least. Not sure why anyone would pay only to end up throttled and hobbled across the board.

    • Nate

      For sure. 5 GB cap would be a show-stopper.

    • MattB

      Hmm… Dunno. Ask all of the Sprint/VZW customer who are already paying 20-30 extra dollars to do just that?

  • Illegal Machine


  • Pimpstrong

    This is like if Netflix charged me extra if I take my movie and watch it at a friends house as well as my own. Still an unnecessary charge just to use the same alotted amount of data that you already pay to use. On the other hand though atleast its cheaper than the competition right?

  • Green Robot

    Hmmm…, so how are thy going to pull this off? Let’s say you’re a Vibrant or MT3GS owner that just does not know what to do with that $15 budget surplus that they keep coming up with every month and you decide it to give it to T-Mobile because you like the company so much that you think they deserve it. Then what? How are they going to “enable” your Vibrant or MT3GS to actually tether? Will they reflash your Vibrant with a firmware that does not have the tether functionality removed by them? What about MT3GS that never had tethering before? Will they root it for you and send you a link to download Wireless Tether application?
    Just curious…

    • Pimpstrong

      Probly a minor OTA update containing their branded Tethering App. It is just an App afterall.

    • Eric

      The vibrant isn’t HSPA+

      • chaoscentral


        It says 3G or HSPA+ capable device, not just HSPA+

    • John

      They will probably push the mobile ap settings option to your phone.

      • MattB

        Probably sneak it in with the T-Mobile TV push this week ;)

  • JB6464

    I tether now on my HD2 all day long and i still stay under the 5GB limit.
    Why pay extra for the same service.

  • ob18

    Don’t tether so don’t care.

  • phone capo

    lmao….T-mobile making major moves like there a big player game. With that said I have a hd2 and I wonder if I will be charged if I use my wifi sharing app?

    • doug

      No, data is data. They cant tell if the data is coming from the phone’s internal browser or apps or your laptops browser or apps.

      There is no flag on a TCP/IP packet that indicates that a packet comes from a laptop or from the phone. About the only chance they could identify would be to sniff all the packets and identify based on browser agent strings, which not only would probably be illegal, could also be gotten around by tunneling all your traffic though an encrypted VPN. WinMo supports VPN’s natively so hows T-Mobile going to know that VPN isn’t originating from the phone itself?

      • PittsburghG1


        So in reality, for those of you tethering now — keep doing what you are doing!

  • ob18

    I’m not crazy about some of the changes they are making but if I switched to another provider I’d end up spending $20 to $40 more per month just for a plan similar to the one I’ve had for the last 6 years.

    • tmorep

      not necessarily true

      for example on sprint

      for $69.99
      ANY MOBILE, ANYTIME: Unlimited domestic calls from the Sprint network to and from ANY U.S. mobile phone regardless of carrier. Any network, any time.
      Unlimited data on our network: Web surfing, email, BlackBerry Internet Services (BIS), GPS Navigation, Sprint TV and Radio, NASCAR Sprint Cup MobileSM
      Unlimited messaging: Text, pictures and video
      Talk: Night calling and weekends starting at 7 p.m., nationwide long distance and no roaming charges, free weekends

      and an additional $10 fee for their premium data, you’ll get true unlimited data, not unlimited limited data.. you can video chat on the evo or epic, use google maps, gtalk, google voice, google earth and all other google apps without concern of exceeding a data limit (i mean what google app doesn’t use data?), pandora, we now have flash on our devices don’t we? netflix? hulu?

      and that’s just sprint, you can research verizon yourself, don’t be fooled that every phone company is false advertising unlimited limited data as unlimited data

      • God

        Clear is now rate-capping people to 256kbps on WiMax. That unlimited may not be as unlimited as they advertise.

      • MattB

        Any Mobile Any Time only applies while on a Sprint tower… if you happen to be roaming, it’s coming out of your 450 minutes, they DO in fact put a limit on your data usage REGARDLESS of whether you pay for the extra $10/premium/4G package, and they also charge an additional $30 to use the phone as a mobile hotspot.

        EVO – 450min/Unl Txt/Unl Web/Mobile Hotspot = $70+10+30= $110.00
        G2 – 500min/Unl Txt/Unl Web/Mobile Hotspot = $40+10+30+15= $95

      • ob18

        Actually it is because you look closer at the Sprint plan and they do charge for roaming if you are not in a spot that Sprint can get a signal in or a strong one so it can very well end up costing you more. Where I travel to are not strong Sprint areas so I’d get nailed harder and faster then a hooker offering a discount.

        I’d like to avoid roaming fees if at all possible.

      • ob18

        In addition to that my plan is over 6 years old so it’s hard for any provider to match it or come within the ballpark.

        I have 1000 anytime minutes, unlimited text, & unlimited internet with no roaming and I roughly pay $85 a month total including taxes and fees. I’d love a line of consistantly good products coming out but that hasn’t always been the case with t-mobile and the only reason I am with them is because if I left I’d end up paying more for less with another provider.

      • tmorep

        EVO – 450min/Unl Txt/Unl Web/Mobile Hotspot = $70+10+30= $110.00
        G2 – 500min/Unl Txt/Unl Web/Mobile Hotspot = $40+10+30+15= $95

        lets remove the mobile hotspot, cause honestly no one’s paying for a hot spot now nor will they in the future, damn thing comes preinstalled with 2.2 phones, there’s apps in the market for the rooted & non rooted seriously

        EVO – 450min/Unl Txt/Unl Web = $70+10= $80 (how often would you be roaming? plus you forgot that free mins starts at 7pm)
        G2 – 500min/Unl Txt/Unl Web = $40+10+30= $85

        @god you have a source? a friend of mine haven’t been throttled in the past 3months on sprint’s wimax

        we’re forgetting about verizon also here

      • MattB


        First of all, why would we remove the mobile hotspot? Scroll up and look at which article we’re posting in. This whole debate is about the Mobile Hotspot… If you just wanna compare prices, I would argue this is the wrong place to do so.

        Secondly, Math fail on your part… upon removing both hotspots, the prices would be matched at $80 each. With the benefit (for me at least) in having faster web access. I live in one of the many areas that T-Mobile offers HSPA+, and sprint has no 4G. TMO services 200mil pops with HSPA+, Sprint 120mil pops with 4G. (And aside from that, most reviews show HSPA+ being faster in areas that both are offered, but thats irrelevant for me, because it no Clear in my area.)

      • MattB

        Yeah… how could we forget about Big Red

        450min/unl.txt/unl.web = 90
        add the ONLY hotspot plan ($20/2GB) to bring it up to $110.

        Verizon is the most expensive of the group, and always will be. No need to discuss further.

  • alex32g2

    15 a month is too much..and I think tethering is almost asking for it to get your throttle speeds down since tethering uses a lot of data. Im starting to wonder also if video calling uses a lot of data as well witht hat5gb data cap. dont get me wrong, id love to get tethering, but I dont want to risk getting my throttle speeds down. tmo is still #1 though by providing unlimited internet

    • ob18

      Makes you wonder how soon they’ll charge you a fee if you use the video chat in the future when or if it becomes a popular use.

    • http://www.russellheimlich.com/blog Russell Heimlich

      Tethering in and of itself doesn’t result in increase data usage, downloading a lot of stuff results in increased data usage. What if I wanted to tether in order to check my e-mail on my laptop and that’s it? Should I have to pay $14.99 when it’s built into my phone? Why can’t data be data just like minutes are minutes?

      • DatNizzle

        .Yes tethering does increase data usage. Why would you tether just for email? If your phone can tether chances are it can check email. Besides it takes more data to check email on a cpu than it does a phone.

      • doug

        @DatNizzle wow really? please explain how? your phone establishes the exact same POP3 connection to download email as the laptop would, thus the exact same amount of data is consumed.

        And well why would someone want to use their laptop? well maybe they are actually in business and have a ton of emails to reply to. A laptop keyboard will get you though all those emails a lot faster than a phone’s keyboard.

        What if you need to work with attachments that the phone either doesn’t support, or only supports via striped down versions of word and excel on winmo?

      • Pimpstrong

        @ DatNizzle – Tethering “in and of itself doesn’t result in increase data usage”. To say Tethering actually increases data consumption is like saying just because I buy food in bulk that means I will consume more food as a result. Nobody is too stupid to realize that there is a greater chance of data being consumed faster with the ability to share data with multiple devices BUT you cannot say that in fact will. I might be a person who will only tether to my Galaxy Tab while I’m on road trips. Would that should that qualify me as a person who should be forced to pay $15-30/month just for that stupid little convenience? No. The companies are charging us simply for the convenience that Android has brought to the playing field.

      • MattB

        Removing all ‘assumed’ differences in style of usage between tethering and device use, tethering will STILL use more. When I check email on my phone, not all images load, when I go to 90% of my websites on my phone, I am redirected to a Mobile version (tmonews.com included) which load less media. Youtube defaults to HD on my computer, etc….

  • shawn

    So I can pay them $15/mo more to get what I already have?! They will provide Tethering and wifi hotspot support in the firmware (which it already is in the standard codebase), which will allow my device to use the hardware already in it, and use my data allowance they already provide me, and throttle me down when I hit the same 5gb (un)limit(ed) that my current plan has. So again what am I getting for this $15/mo?! Sounds like a tech-neophyte tax, if you ain’t smart enough to root and load the apps (or just run kies) to tether then t-mobile will tax you.

    How about charging me $10/mo to use the speaker phone feature on my device?! That should make t-mobile a few more bucks.

    • S. G.


  • ogopogo

    It’s not the fact that it’s $15….well, that’s partly the reason, but that $15 doesn’t even buy you any type of addition to your cap? Are they kidding? Who in their right mind would even go for this? There are apps out there that can do this for free.

    I could understand if they said – for $15 you get your data cap doubled to 10GB. This just doesn’t make sense.

  • Darnell

    T-Mobile included a FREE app on my HTC HD2 to do this and many HD2 owners already use it. It already counts against the 5GB cap like usual usage.

    Is T-Mobile saying they want us to “true up” and pay them for what they have given us for free for the past 6 months? And it still count against the same 5GB cap!

    Just like Sprint (and other carriers that tried to put a fee on it), all who are tech savvy will not pay and continue to tether if they desire to.

    If they want to charge for it, they should at least provide a seperate poll of bandwidth for it to count against.

    • JB6464

      I tether with my HD2 and there is no way T-Mobile knows if your tethering.
      They know your using data and how much,but not what your doing on your phone.
      Just stay under the 5GB limit and you will be fine.

  • yup

    Pdanet works for free

    • Chris

      I was thinking the same thing. Took about 30 sec. to set up and works great and for free. I don’t understand why people would pay for something that is free. I already pay for the data, this is just a way of using the data.

      Whatever, some people will pay because they just don’t know better.

  • yup

    Pdanet works for free

  • BeerBellyBilly

    Wow. What are they gonna do to tethring-capable WinMo phones that now tether for free? WMWiFiRouter works great on my Dash3G. So does USB/Bluetooth Internet Sharing. God Almighty, if i wake up on Nov 3 and find authentication services blocked I’m GONE at end of contract.

  • Eric

    There are to many people out there who can make a work around. I could see paying 15 bucks if it didn’t count toward your bucket or made the throttle start at a different amount like I don’t know 10 where it use to be. Plus I have to remember that this has not been confirmed.

  • Androidless

    Nov. 3 seems like a big day for T-Mobile. Hoping that day will also be the day they announce an OTA update for the G2 to enable wifi calling.

    Man, I am such a broken record.

  • http://tmonews Barbara

    They are preying on the weak. Only those who don’t know any better will fall for this. Sales people are fast talkers if you are not knowledgeable. I’m just saying!!

    • MattB

      yeah… how dare those sales people try and sell you something you could just as easily steal. Understand that whether you like it or not, tethering isn’t going from free to $15. It’s going from ‘violation of ToS’ to ‘$15’.

      • Trevor

        Oh so by using my Nexus One which has native tethering released in an OTA update that was sanctioned by T-mobile, or by using an app that ships with WM 6.5 phones I am violating my terms of service? Makes little sense.

      • JB6464

        BS !
        T-mobile does not know when your tethering. All they see is use of data.
        The only way they would know is if they put a tethering app in your phone and when you use it then they know.
        WM phones and others already have the tethering app in them from the factory and T-Mobile sold them that way already.
        Even the corporate store that sold me the HD2 told me i could tether with it when i bought it new.
        So how is that stealing ?

      • LSxChevelle

        @Trevor…yes tecnically on a N1 you are violating T-Mobiles TOS by tethering on an Android device. But no they do not care.

  • Bob

    The froyo update just sent out for the mt3g has tethering built in. I don’t understand what they are trying to do. If the capability is already on my phone then why would I pay them more money??

    • S. G.

      Unless they cripple the firmware. Carriers have been known to remove capabilities before.

  • Defiantbeast

    Still cheaper than the competition

  • JB6464

    As i see it , this will only effect New phones and phones that don’t have tethering capabilities and one wants T-Mobile to add that feature to their phone. T-Mobile could control tethering then by adding the app and charge you for it’s use.
    Or the new phones coming out will have the app pre-installed like Verizon,AT&T phones do. Then you will be charged if you want to use that application.

  • James

    I can currently tether for free on my Nokia Nuron with the $10 unlimited plan. Heck at this point I’m wondering why I would upgrade to an Android phone just to get stuck with a $30 a month data plan plus an additional $15 a month to tether.

  • Deke218

    Is T-Mobile on crack? $15 more and it counts against your 5GB cap? T-Mobile will not see many people using this.

  • dnice711

    All I want is wifi calling for the g2, does anyone know when (if) that’s going to happen?

  • cellswag5

    Won’t need it unless I get a tablet. And my phone is good enough for web. Unless ur a black berry user with a tablet don’t see the need for it.

  • http://soapboxuniverse.blogspot.com/?spref=gb Mr Cker

    I hope this all gets worked out so with the new WP7 phones it will be available. The pricing on the Gtab makes it a pass. I’m holding off for Tab with WebOS.

    Stay thirsty my friends!

  • David Thomas

    I was fine with paying extra for legal tethering, that’s not my issue. My beef is that it’s the same 5GB cap as my phone. Really, Magenta? You’re not going to add in a bit more data since I’m paying you more per month? That’s a stab in the back.

  • pantlesspenguin

    I usually stick up for T-Mo & their decisions…but this one I just don’t get. I can see charging extra for tethering…but to not get anything added to the 5gb cap??? That’s slightly ridiculous. Also, I wish they wouldn’t charge the $15 for wifi hotspot capabilities. I don’t have that now, but it was something I was looking foward to in case of emergencies. I definitely wouldn’t use it enough to warrant another $15 onto my plan.

  • coldnipples

    An extra 15 to tether when I already have unlimited data and now there’s a 5gb cap Smh

    • John

      Vibrant root is too easy to do to warrant paying for it. It’s not stealing btw, due to the fact that dmca says root is ok, and the app I use it’s directly from google code.

      • MattB

        When you established service you signed an agreement to not you the internet access for use on any device other than the mobile phone itself. That is where the ‘stealing’ comes in to play. Listen guys, I’m not trying to play the self-righteous card here, I’ve been tethering for awhile now… but I did so knowing it violated the TaC, and that this fateful day was right around the corner.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    all I have to say is… wow. Thanks Mr. Humm

  • bbcrisp_03

    UHHHHHHH simple answer.

    PDANET is FREE 99! tether for freeeeeee!

  • tooltard

    haha, i dont see anyone paying this

  • Chadastrophic

    I hope there’s more to this than what’s posted.

    I think we all know tethering is against ToS, but then again my Mytouch with the official 2.2, like others, has tethering as an option. It’s like TMO is saying no you can’t bang that hooker, but here’s some condoms and blow.

    I wouldn’t tether but the internet package at my apt is horrendous. $35 a month for 1mb down service. I’m in an HSPA+ area, so yeah no, not going to get internet at the apt.

    I’d gladly pay $15 a month to tether if the throttle point was moved up to 15GB, hell maybe even if it was back to 10GB. To my knowledge webconnect sticks are still throttled at 10GB.

    • blah

      Yea I agree, I would pay it if it actually INCREASED your monthly cap. As there seems to be no added bonus…. Really cant wait til LTE gets here and all this pre-4G madness is gone…

    • DF

      No the webconnect sticks are also throttled @ 5gb & yes it does suck

  • Bigmerf


  • Carlos

    Wait…..so I’m paying $14.99 for tethering, but I don’t get an expanded data plan??? How is this logical??? Do they really think that they are going to stop anyone from tethering for free????

    I would say that most people that need to tether, or choose to tether, are the same who constantly go through all the forums to see what else they can do with and to their phones….

    Personally, I think this is a PR move to quite the noise of the capabilities, but one that may bite them in the arse!

    I may even consider paying if my data plan got and additional 5 or 10GB, but to pay more and get nothing is return….I don’t think so!!!!

  • abel2fresh4u

    I wont just stay home wit my laptop untill some one makes an app for this

  • 2Noob4U

    This is funny. For people who won’t/can’t root their phones their appealing to their intellect for a change. If you can’t root your phone add $15 to your bill. How about all the free apps that do the same thing.

  • PJ

    I hope illegal rooted tethers get caught by T-Mobile. I know Verizon can tell when you’re tethering.

    I had a Verizon phone and added a 5 GB tethering plan. When I logged in there would be 2 meters. One for the phone and one for when I tethered. They detected when I tethered automatically. It didn’t matter if I used WiFi, USB DUN, bluetooth DUN/PAN. I didn’t even have to use the Verizon connection manager. They just knew.

    • JB6464

      Verizon and AT&T can tell when your tethering because they put that app in their phones before they sold them. That way they would know from the first time you do it. Their way of controlling their network.
      T-Mobile does’nt have that app right now but maybe they are catching on and wil put it on all their new phones that’s coming out soon.
      Tmo wants a piece of the pie for them as well.

      • AC

        Or maybe an OTA “update” will come out for many current phones. It’ll say something like “improves tethering” where the improvement is really in T-Mobile’s wallet.

      • doug

        They other way they could be metering separate usage is separate APNs. I dont know how cdma carriers handle internet connections, and im sure its different than GSM carriers. but they could possibly setup an APN for the phone to use, and the tethering app would connect to the other APN.

        This is already somewhat similar to how my phone is working, since I have the VPN internet plan. i primarily use internet2.voicestream.com as my APN, however MMS cannot be sent though this APN, the HTC messaging is configured to use the epc.tmobile.com APN. Whenever I send a MMS the HD2 will disconnect from internet2, connect to epc, send the mms, disconnect from epc and then reconnect to internet2

  • Trill

    I still don’t understand the issue with everyone complaining especially after weeks if not months of knowing this was coming and $15 is way better than $30 don’t forget you still get unlimited data just instead of 10Gb then they throttle its 5Gb also if your rooted or have an unlocked phone then it doesn’t matter.

    T-mobile branded phones will be subject to this change and being how I deal with all carriers I would say you still get more if you decide to pay and obviously many users are confused about caps and throttling but I digress.

    I want a Galaxy Tab but will wait till see if they release a 10inch version and HTC will have a tablet out as well

  • crzy

    why does everyone keep saying the exact same thing…over and over…you guys wont pay for tethering, no increased cap arrg, some phones already do it for free. anyone have anything new to add to the conversation? How about…cool sounds like Tmo is going to make it available to more devices at a premium cost…OR…bummer looks like tmo figured out a way to charge for something that’s loading their network more so than other actions. How about the fact that the aircards they sell are $40 – $50 per month and this could eliminate the need for those types of devices and SAVE PEOPLE MONEY.

    • Orison

      Well, maybe but those Air cards can reach higher speeds than my Cliq and get throttled at 10gb instead of 5. For another 5gb, I wouldn’t mind paying $15/mo to be legal vs the free I paid with my Cliq or my Shadow.
      Even now I wouldn’t complain if that $15 included an Android app that allowed me to tether and use https as well as throttled me at 10gb. I like to stream media and came close to that 5gb last month.

  • Courtney

    Looks like my Touch Pro 2 just became a dedicated internet router. Moving on…

  • Bimmerz

    Wow! I wasn’t expecting this bit of offsetting news (at least not so soon). As others have mentioned, I could see this extra fee as a bonus if they doubled the cap to 10 – then it might be worth it.

    The good news is, that you can use PdaNet/and or Easy Tether for free (NO root required)! Or if you need to be able to access secured sites, then pay the 1 time fee on either of these apps, and then you’ll be able to do so.

    Last I looked, PdaNet was having a sale, $15.00 (one time fee) which allows you to browse secured sites. And Easy Tether is about $10.00 (one time fee) for secured sites.

    *rolls eyes* At Tmobile.

    • blah

      Exactly, why pay $15 monthly when I can just pay the same one time fee? Plus PDANet and EasyTether (I have both) allows bluetooth tethering. Tmo cannot actually detect when you are tethering as the phone itself is acting as the router and all IP traffic is directly through its IP address just like a traditional router, If you stay under your 5GB cap I really dont see why I would pay for this as it still is deducted from your total internet 5GB limit….

  • Johan

    Oh Hell NO!!! it’s official, T-Mobile has join the Darkside…

  • blah

    Well you guys wanted TMO to be a BIG company, well now they are starting to act like it… Profits is first and foremost even at the cost of deceiving or manipulating the customer… Its funny, it almost seems like they are becoming more like ATT and Verizon. In both good and bad aspects.

    • Chadastrophic

      “Profits is first and foremost even at the cost of deceiving or manipulating the customer”

      More than you’ll ever know, unless you work in customer care or have friends that do.

    • mark925

      Profits are the goal of EVERY company. Without profits they wouldn’t exist.

      Still not sure where you were manipulated or deceived. I’d say the better term for this is that you’re butthurt.

  • Word

    This makes me think that it wasn’t a coincidence that the G2 has a hardware feature that makes it un-rootable. It would really be un-cool if all new phones coming out on t-mobile are like the G2, so that no one can easily root and tether, giving t-mobile more control and more money (for not providing anything and revoking a heck of a lot). huge bummer…

    i was considering signing up from t-mobile and getting the mytouch 4g on nov. 3rd, but this really makes me want to go to the competition…

    • mark925

      VISIONary + Wifi Tether for Root Users = awesome on G2.

      Just sayin’.

      I’ve been tethering with my G2 now for the last couple weeks with it.

    • MattB

      Until you realize that the competition will have the same issues on their new Android devices as well…

  • Tyrone

    Wow! What a great plan! For $15 per month, we get to be DOUBLE CHARGED for the data we already paid to transmit with our Unlimited Web $20 fee.

  • LBthaGreat

    whine whine whine! all people do these days americans complain to much, we are free to do what ever and have whatever to a certain extinct. If you where forced to take what was giving you how could you complain, so in other words leave tmobile and go to sprint at&t or verizon who dont care about customer service.