myTouch 4G Pics In The Wild, Boots Up As myTouch 4G

The myTouch4G/myTouch HD/myTouchDavidJustWantsThisPhone is expected to drop November 3rd but before that we’re giving you an “in the wild” look at the device which has made its way into the hands of our ninjas. We’ve seen the myTouch4G/myTouch HD thanks to some hands on vids from CTIA, a leaked ROM and promotional video and now the inevitable in the wild hands on. Behold the myTouch4G/HD in all its in the wild glory. We’ll add pics as we get more!

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  • Midori

    How is so many people getting their hands on this phone?

    • Jimmy

      divisonal managers and above have had it for over 2 weeks

    • mikeyo

      theyre either liars or possibly employee’s

  • michael

    Ive had mine for little over a week, you all are correct we are all emmployees

    • Midori

      Im JEALOUS!!! LOL!! So how was it?

    • j

      please read you employee manual, you might not like what you read

      • phonegeek

        guessing you have to return it?!

      • jj

        j, while it is possible that tmo may require the employees to give the phone back, it never happens.

  • Jmc87

    Im glad I got the g2 over this. TSB

    • Kevin

      Why? I am on the fence about both.

      • aksnoopy

        I got a G2 (upgraded from G1). I thought I would really miss a qwerty if I got a mytouch but I honestly am using the onscreen keyboard for swype that I hardly miss it. Plus I have to take back my previous comments that I didn’t have reboot issues because they began a couple days ago. :( I’m a little disappointed and if I can’t even root this device I might have to return it soon so I fall within my 15 day return policy and then get a My Touch when it comes out. I really do like Sense and I miss it quite a bit on the G2.

  • suckerr!
    • Bimmerz

      Yeah, “I want to believe” too! lol I saw this 1st in an Android spreadsheet awhile back, for 2011 – no “Q” was given. I doubt we’ll see this in Q1, maybe Q2? I’d guess Europe will see it before we do, if this is even a true phone. Either way, I think 2011 is going to be the year to watch. :)

    • DavidinJax

      I really cannot believe Samsung will be releasing a new version of the Galaxy phones anytime soon. My friend has a Vibrant and still hasn’t gotten the ota update for the gps.

      The phone is gorgeous, but it is missing some key factors that I think are essential to the phone!!

      So glad I didn’t get the vibrant!

  • Josh

    This may be a stupid question but … what the hell is a live wallpaper? lol

    • Kickstar13

      Animated wallpaper.

  • Just Looking

    i just found this: 360 view of the phone in white. looks good.

  • herromoto

    sense is garbage. love my g2.

  • Jack

    I hate when people say they hate sense, touchwiz, etc… TURN THEM OFF!!! You can disable them, or use ADW or Launcherpro. Either way, a ton of people love sense. If you haven’t noticed by the numbers yet, HTC sense phones are selling like crazy.

    • the perm tip

      How do I turn off touchwiz without rooting my phone? Is there a setting? I am pretty sure you cant.

    • leo the lion

      how do you turn off sense on mytouch? thanks

  • jezterking

    David… WHAT?!? Re: Have faith, good things come to those who wait… Do NOT tell me that Samsung will be out right after the holidays!! This waiting for the MT3HD/4G is KILLING me!! I’m ready to throw my G1 out the window, and passed on the G2 waiting for this! I CAN’T wait any longer!! But I WANT that Samsung S2!!

    • Midori

      Uggghh! Now I want that Samsung, especially now that I already have one and this one seems to have it all,I was just going to settle for the myTouch and not complain,but that S2 *Whistles Cat Call At the Samsung S2*! LOL!!

  • http://tmonews troy thaman

    Will this have voice recognition through Bluetooth?

  • the perm tip

    Calling it the MyTouch 4G is a great marketing idea, but if they dont advertise the hell out of the thing on TV it wont matter. Look at the EVO, its a nice phone, I consider the Galaxy S devices better. But through marketing people think they get the EVO and all of sudden they have 4G and are on the best network when we all know that its still Sprints garbage network and the 4G portion in owned by Clearwire, thats no good, it makes Sprint into an MVNO in a sense…..My point is if tmob advertises the device and the network on TV itll sell like crazy and people will finally realize the mobileT has a decent product!

  • Magnus

    I WANT Sidekick Twist!!!! G2 look nicely… MyTouch4G is ok…

    Pls BRING Sidekick BACK!!!!!!!!

    4.3 Inches S .Amoled
    1.2 Snapdragon
    3.0 Android
    16GB on Board
    Full Physical QWERTY!!
    8MP Camera

    and I wanna play “Angry Birds” in Android! my sklx09 don’t! :(

    • aksnoopy

      We can dream ;) And yeah I would hate to have any device that you cannot play Angry Birds. That’s just torture.

  • Gooseilini

    I am eagerly awaiting Nov 3rd. At least I hope it drops on Nov 3rd. It’s only like a week or so away and it’s not even in the “coming soon” section of T-Mobile’s phone list.


    I want to toss my G1 out the window.

  • paulie E still rockin G1

    Just spoke to T-Mobile customer service asked them to call me asap when my touch is available they said they would call Oct.27 Wednesday so I guess that it the 1st pre order date

  • Mark

    I’d rather have the G2 and that’s exactly what i’ll be picking up next week..probabaly on November 3rd (at Costco of course)

  • Michael

    In your opinion, wich is nicer the sense (i think its expresso) on the new mytouch or the new sense on the desire hd. also is the mytouch gonna be called mytouch 4g or mytouch hd?

  • jezterking

    Gooseilini, I am SOOOOO with you on the wanting to throw your G1 out the window! I rooted mine and have tried every ROM that I can find on it and it still… just needs to retire. And now… thanks to David… I’m considering waiting even longer!! That new Samsung looks SAWEEET!! He says good things come to those who wait, but I don’t know how long I can WAIT! I certainly can’t afford getting a new one and then turning around and throwing $500 on a new phone 2 months later! Grrrr….

  • some internet dude

    Ill wait to see what Google releases this 4th quarter.