myTouch 4G ROM Leaked, Includes Promo Video

UPDATE: The video has been turned right-side up!

Apparently the myTouch 4G ROM was leaked earlier this morning, and like many other leaked ROMs it included a few goodies. The folks over at AndroidCentral went through the ROM and found a 50 second promo video for the myTouch 4G. The video briefly showcases some of the features, such as the Genius button, HD video recording, Video Chat, and ScreenShare. Sadly, the video is sideways as its designed for viewing on a mobile handset but its still pretty awesome. We’ve queued the video up for you guys above! Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments!


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  • tmoemerald

    at 18 seconds i see a slit above the metal back right above the speaker could this be a second microphone? i wana know if anyone else sees what i see ^^

    • pimpstrong

      I believe it is.

    • mikeyo

      looks like it might be. i dont see any other reason for a hole to be there.

      • PimpStrong

        That’s what she said

      • Midori

        Classic! LOL!

  • HD2/Vibrant/G2 User

    Can’t wait to replace my vib with this! It seems so slow compared to my g2. Does the 4g have the newer generation processor in it??

    • Kickstar13

      Yes, and the myTouch 4G’s 2nd Generation Snapdragon processor is clocked at 1GHz unlike the G2 which is clocked at 800MHz.

      • JM77

        I wonder if there will be a significant difference in quadrant scores since the G2 is running lower but has vanilla?

        For those who love clock speeds, coolbho3k tweeted he has his G2 humming along (and stable) at 1.4ghz… Whoa! Oo

        I would be afraid of mine melting. ;-) Still, it is nice to know the G2’s chip is designed to run 1ghz, so kicking it up to 1.2 would be no problem if it starts to feel slow in a year or so.

    • Clydesdale

      Yes the new mytouch will have a fast processor, but the difference between your g2 and vibrant has much more to do with froyo vs eclair… To see a good representation of the 2.1 to 2.2 difference, run a quadrant benchmark on any phone and look at the comparison results…look at the difference between the nexus one, and the nexus one with 2.2… And of course if you are in a good hspa+ area you’ll have faster downloads on the g2/mytouch hd…

    • claysu

      What do you do with all of your old phones? How was the HD2?

      • BTWATTER

        keep em and sell em I just sold my hd2 to a guy for 200 cuss he didnt have a full upgrade yet

    • blablabla

      you’re comparing a 2.1 device with a 2.2 device. How smart of you.

  • TMOJoe

    The features of this phone look and sound good and for me makes it worth it to finally leave Blackberry. All we need now is the date and price.

    • Kevin

      Yes! Date and price would be fantastic.

      • JohnMcJohnerson

        The manager at the store I was at yesterday said Nov. 3rd release date.

  • pimpstrong

    I liked holding the phone upright and watching the video full screen. We need more videos that way!

  • ob18

    I’ll again wait till it hits stores to check it out.

  • Will



    *sigh* I’ll wait until it’s released and hope to GOD it isn’t locked the way the G2 is. If it isn’t, this will be my next device; goodbye N1 on CM6, HELLO MT4G on CM6.X!

  • mula

    any idea what is it coming out!?

  • souldntsay

    That is the video that plays when you turn the phone on for the first time. It demonstrates key features of the device and serves as an onboarding tool to ensure a unique and high excitement experience the first time used.

    • Cmb

      That makes sense thats why the vid is in that skinny format.

  • LyonByTheSea

    it looks much larger and flatter than I had imagined … much less teenager-ish than many folks were thinking because of how the other MyTouch(s) do. I love mine but am sooooooo looking forward to this one!!!

  • reddragon72

    Also the same APK in the G2 update for WIFI Calling is in this ROM, but even with it we cannot get it to work. Really wish T-Mobile would hurry up with this feature!!!!!!

  • E-Z

    I have a g1 and am thinking about getting this phone… What is the Espresso that everyone keeps talking about and why is it unpopular?

    • BlackHawk

      Espresso is Android 2.1

      • E-Z

        I thought that was the Eclair

      • jonathan

        Espresso is the UI overlay aka Sense(ish). It is not “Android 2.1 or Android 2.2”

      • mikeyo

        No its not its tmobiles version of HTC Sense u.i.
        and its version 2.2 (Froyo)

  • John

    I’ve played with it, it’s a different version of espresso than I’ve seen before. It’s a pretty zippy phone though, didn’t dig the UI at all though.

  • Joseph Connor

    Great reporting! If anyone’s interested, is giving away a MyTouch 4G! All you need is a digital camera…


    Looking good.. Still very happy with my rooted vibrant over the g2.. And my screen will make me a cry baby to downgrade to anything else.. The Vibrant is capable of everything this will do other then video calling.. Not really a seal the deal type thing unfortunately.

  • jd

    i am waiting on the 4g to come out. i hope it is better than the nexus one by google. i needa upgrade.

  • jd

    thenexus one is about to be 3. when everyone else will still be 2.2 i hope
    t-mobile can get it together. i to have the vibranti like it so far would not trade it but want the4g as a back up.

  • somone

    i hear gingerbread is comming to the vibrant in december… acording to android :)