Sizing Up The G2 Against The Competition

This isn’t the first comparison shot we’ve thrown up, but, since the pre-order is actually here, many of you have asked for a size comparison of the T-Mobile G2 vs. the usual suspects.  So what’s one more comparison chart to help anyone on the fence about pre-ordering based on size!  There is nothing here we don’t know or haven’t seen, read or heard a number of times but seeing things stacked right next to each other often gives a clear picture of just what exactly you are ordering.

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  • Craig

    Got an interesting text today after pre-ordering the G2 from T-Mobile yesterday:

    “Your Equipment Order is being processed. It will be delivered within 7 business days. A tracking # will be sent to your phone once it ships.”

    So that means I’ll have my G2 by the 2nd? Here’s hoping..

    • HD2/Vibrant User

      I got the same text. Let’s see what happens

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I have a feeling that is simply a standard, generic message they send on all orders. I have got that same exact message when I have ordered my phones via 611 (Customer Care).

      And all my phones have arrived withing two days of ordering because I have a P.O. Box and T-Mobile sends phones with P.O. box addresses using USPS Two Day Priority Mail. But they always say seven business days so people don’t flood T-Mobile with calls about order status.

    • Andy

      Actually, it said seven BUSINESS days, which does not include weekends. Seven business days from Sept. 25 would take us right to Oct. 5 as they have said. The seven business days are 9/27, 9/28, 9/29, 9/30, 10/1, 10/4, 10/5. That would make sense since they will be available in the stores on 10/6.

      • steven

        one day early? thats fine with me :D
        i got the same message. i’m hoping for the slightly early delivery because i start class on the 6th, and it would be awesome to be able to show off my G2 to all the incredible and iphone owners :D

  • JustGoogleMe

    I’m happy with my Nexus One. The G2 is a good phone and has advantages over the Nexus One, but not worth it for me to upgrade. IMHO, I don’t need the G2 at the moment and will stick with my current phone until it is necessary for me to make an upgrade and sign a two-year agreement.

  • LStrike

    Just got my confirmation text. Order being processed. It will be delivered in 3 business days!!! Can’t wait. Now I just have to pick what I will keep between the Vibrant, G2 and N8. Sigh life is sooooo unfair! :) Want to collect them all like Pokemon.

    • HD2/Vibrant User

      I used my upgrade for the g2, I’m going to wait and sell my vib for the mthd and then sell my hd2 for the hd7. Then when the super Android duel core comes out I’ll just sell the mthd for that and the hd7 for the next big wm phone that drops. I have this down to a science.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Report back if you get your phone before the launch date.

      In fact, you should call T-Mobile back and ask for a clarification. I suspect they will say that’s a generic message and they did not think to change it for pre-orders.

  • http://t-mobile jenni

    im so excited i work for tmobile and i preordered my G2 yesterday…

  • http://t-mobile jenni

    none of you will get the G2 until the 6th thats the launch date your preordering it so that t-mobile isnt out when it does launch.. so october 6th you will get it…because thats the date its launching

    • Devin

      I work for T-Mo too and if you read what it says in Streamline it says customers will receive it on OR before Oct 6th. So getting it before is definitely, and likely, possible. Just like when the G1 came out, we had guys get it like 5 days before the official launch. Here’s hoping!

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Shouldn’t people who have pre-ordered from T-Mobile simply call customer service to clarify when the phone will be shipped.

        I would be very surprised if T-Mobile is selling and delivering the phone early.

        Moreover, are people paying the full price when pre-ordering? If they are only paying a deposit, no way T-Mobile is sending you a phone if you have not paid for it in full beforehand.

        Also, I see on the site that it says:

        “Order your T-Mobile G2 by October 4, for delivery on October 6—the first day it’s available everywhere.”

        Are you people who say you are receiving the G2 early getting a different statement on the order page, that says delivery will be ON a day other than ON October 6??

        Of course it is possible that T-Mobile intends to get you the phone BY October 6 so you have it in your hands on launch day, otherwise there would be no benefit to pre-ordering other than assuring you get one.

        If you are paying full price and not a deposit, then as others said, here’s hoping you get the phone in a few days!

    • Herman

      I received my MyTouch 3G almost a week before it was released. Also, I received it a few days after I pre-ordered it which was about 2 weeks before launch. So it’s possible that they’ll receive it before release.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Is anyone else having their comments moderated by this Site? I get the below message on my comments and they don’t post. (See attached.)

    • the hammer

      I paid full price and was told on or before the 6th, so that means I could get it next week.

  • beenattheTMOcompanymeeting

    I just pre-ordered my phone yesterday! and Magenta says that there is a GREAT LIKELIHOOD that the G2 will arrive before the official release date, especially in MAJOR markets. They have guaranteed the delivery by the 6th if ordered by the 4th, but say orders that come in well before the 4th may arrive well before the 6th. Here is to hoping, though it does not matter as I am out of the country and will not be home to play with my G2 until the 6th

  • Young Quazy

    T-Mobile G1 has Android 1.6 not 1.5

    • McPhoney

      It just states what OS came with the phone at launch.
      Look at the Evo it has 2.2 now

  • smoku

    Well no g1 came with android 1.0 rc3 right? Lol

  • WrlsFanatic

    Why list the EVO and Droid X as being 2.1 when all new devices come pre-installed with 2.2 now? Is it wrong to see that as completely dishonest?

  • Elroy Preer

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