MyTouch HD Also Known As “Emerald” To Release November 3rd?

In case you aren’t interested in the T-Mobile G2 or the HD7, perhaps the MyTouch HD aka “Emerald” suits your fancy? A trusted tipster has dropped off word that the release date for the next phone in the myTouch lineup will drop November 3rd at your local T-Mobile store. That lovely little roadmap we’ve been following so closely I believe if I am reading it correctly states that the Emerald is dropping November 5th, then again it could be a 3, its blurry as can be in this picture. Either way, a Wednesday November 3rd launch sounds about right in the Magenta world though of course things are always subject to change. All things considered, November is right around the corner and if the G2 doesn’t suit your Android fancy, you won’t have THAT long to wait.

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  • BlackHawk

    I think its pretty lame that T-Mo and HTC just dropped the slide out keyboard and are trying to pass this off as the next big thing in the MyTouch line-up. Thumbs down.

  • tracers

    Dude… mytouch STARTED without a keyboard. if you want a keyboard, go with the slide or g2, or whatever keyboarded mytouch might come out AFTER this. i personally never use the keyboard on my slide but like all the other features. people like different things, which is why t-mo and htc come out with different options. there’s nothing wrong with that. it’s just not the next big thing for YOU! big whoop…

  • tmo

    one word FFC..its official :)

  • Wiineedmore

    Nov 5 on tmo pc’s

  • Wiineedmore

    Oh and its dual core 1.3

    • SnakeEyez

      any proof? I mean anybody can say anything on the internet.

      • @JoeHobot

        No Sh** :)

        Replay to Wineedmore: Dual Core 1.3? hahhahah, what happened when you woke up?

    • ddiirrttyy ddaann

      you dont know that for certain, thats wishful thinkin my friend but i hope its true lol

  • remixfa

    the big question will be if its full HSPA+ or not. Imma be pissed if it isnt. Any word on if it will use one of those new sony LCD screens like the nexus or what it may be?

  • alex

    this screen looks like 3.7 at max dosent look too big,but i love it hopefully the design is a little better :) anyways this phone i will be getting :D

  • NowVoyager

    The Emerald Project was said to have a 4.3 display and a dual core processor. This is *not* a typically sexy HTC top-of-the-line phone like the rest that we’ve seen. This is another plasticky sub-par Tmo-typical Teen-centric mess. They can add this to the Bubblegum mess from Huawei.

    I am going to throw a term out to Tmo: Business Class. When you’re in a business meeting with people slapping iPhones, Droid X’s and the new HTC sexy from Verizon on the table in the boardroom – You don’t want to drop this plastic fail on the table or, God forbid…the Huawei Primary Colored party favors. People, we’re in phone hell.

    • Alex

      I’m a teen :p

    • Scott

      Best comment on this entire site. Yes, T-Mo has chucked business class out the window. Does The Sims really sell your top phone to your target market??? If so, you’re clearly targeting the wrong market.



    • mjN1

      I know exactly what you mean. Can we get a a Desire HD? I mean feature wise, sure its not bad. But that plastic stuff just dont look cool, unless your comming from a moto razor, and first time buying a smart phone right? I wish for a Nexus one like body design and maybe a screen size like the vibrant, umm…FFC with or without its ok. But please no more plastic toys. lol…geeez. I love tmo’s service thats why I’m still here, but can we advance on our handsets.

  • Reece

    Only thing that’ll get me to bite on this over the G2 & Vibrant is if it’s a dual core device. Tell me it’s dual core and I’m all over it

  • ddiirrttyy ddaann

    nooo dual core in g2 or this, the supposed 3rd phone 2 drop @ the end of may is the EMERALD we ALL want with!!!! so stop fondling urselfs off this phone cuz its STILL A MYTOUCH!!! (in other words its a midrange phone, not a topend)

  • Tim

    I never could really put into words how I regard T-Mobile’s marketing, but you articulated it very well: “plasticky sub-par Tmo-typical Teen-centric mess.” I need something that has the business presence of an iPhone, the quality craftsmanship and durability of a HTC EVO 4G, and raw power of a Droid X. T-Mobile came SO CLOSE with the HTC HD2 – but unfortunately it is a Windows phone, and that negates my attraction to the hardware. Software is just as important as hardware. Even T-Mobile’s current promotion of “buy one HTC HD2 for $99, get the second on free” still isn’t enough to attract me. Since I’m not in T-Mobile’s target demographic uber-texting MyFave teeny-bopper, I really doubt they’ll offer what I need. So I’m off to Sprint when my contract is up in 45 days from today.

    • MAS


      • Scott

        Nice! Perfect example of T-Mobile’s MyFave teeny-bopper target market.


      I agree with you 100% on this…. well, except for the sprint part…. phone choice might be better but in the end, sprint sucks a$$…. the sad thing is that I have been with all of the carriers and with T-mobile since it was voicestream. Although I have had my fair share of issues with T-mobile, they have still been better than the other companies. When it comes to phones/service provider, I say pick your poision wisely. Good Luck!

  • Ed

    Anyone remember Voice Stream? That’s how long I’ve been with T-mobile… Sure we don’t get the iphone or the droid (personally I don’t find either of them Business profesional) but we do have a large selection of blackberry’s if you’re looking for a profesional phoen… all that aside and the reason I’m still with this company… fast, reliable 3G service for under $80 a month. thanks T-mobile! :)

    • mjN1

      True, tmo’s service is the only reason why I’m still here. From price plan, customer servie and coverage atleat everywhere I go I do have signal. But phones, they need to really GET ON IT!!! I was a blackberry user but those days are over. We all know RIM needs some catch up to do too…