Here We Go Again, T-Mobile and iPhone Rumors Persist

Another day, another rumor.  Yesterday we heard about merging with Sprint, but what about surpassing them?  Well, it is very possible that that could happen if this particular rumor came true.  It’s not the first time we have been on this roller coaster, but yet another analyst says the iPhone is coming to T-Mobile.  Tee Examiner’s source says “There were talks about it, then strong rumors. Then, there were problems with the carrier. But now, the iPhone will definitely be available for T-Mobile.”  Is there any reason to believe this iPhone rumor over any other iPhone rumor? Absolutely not, but it is fun to toy with the idea.  Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments!


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  • Ohgeez

    I’m a TMO rep and although I’m not a big fan of the iPhone, I would welcome the new business/customers. I’m a BB and Android fan. I’ve spent days and days with an iPhone and yes there are lot of apps…. but I just dont care for the phone very much.

  • lucia

    Crackberry fan here. how about the OS 6 for the bb9700 or are you getting another phone

  • T-mar2u

    If they are going to do, lets get it over with. We have been waiting for this to happen since 09′, and personally this is getting kind of old! This is the US of A, so I’m not sure how they are getting away with this monopoly anyway!!! Just my opinion…

  • Topdawg

    If you remember the cult of Mac rumor that is enough for me but this is helping me on my thoughts on iPhone to tmobile it’s obvious it’s gonna be done no doubt I have unlocked 3GS right now so I can’t wait for the 4th on tmobile

  • Rockyglass

    I’m not surprised T-mobile USA may sell the Iphone. It is already on sell in the UK on Tmobile. In fact, they’re selling the Iphone 4 now.

  • Isaac

    You know I Do believe that this will happen because it just makes since. Why? For one like Rockyglasses said T-mobile is already a seller of the iPhone in the UK so why not in the US? and second Apple needs to make a move like that in order to compete with Google. If they stay proprietary to AT&T then Google will crush them.

  • JOhndeere


  • mskelbel

    The UK has the same frequency as AT&T here- 1900MHz. The Frequency in the US for 3G is 1700 MHz. Unless the iPhone has just not listed it as an available frequency, it will take time to get the iPhone4 compatible with the T-mobile network. It will work on EGDE, but it’s not like you get a cheaper rate for not using 3G service. I personally would love to have an iPhone 4 with my T-mobile plan. I have problems with reception in certain buildings too, but none of the other top US carriers have unlimited data plans at a price near T-mobiles if they even have an unlimited plan at all.