T-Mobile G2 Pre-sale Chatter

Remember how we told you there might be a pre-sale for the T-Mobile G2? Thanks to one of our trusty ninjas, we’ve got additional details on Early Availability for T-Mobile Customers and Employees. Magenta will be giving T-Mobile customers and employees first dibs on the T-Mobile G2 with Google. Although the majority of the G2 handsets will be reserved for customers, T-Mobile employees will be given an opportunity to pre-order in advance of the G2’s public availability. So at this point, all signs point to a potential preorder for the handset. As always, we’re working on diggin’ up more information, so stay tuned! Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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  • Edward

    I just read that the G2 will not have a snapdragon processor but a new qualcom chip that has 4 times the video processing capabilities, vanilla 2.2 froyo, and all the other obvious stuff. So no, you are not getting a snapdragon. Your getting something better. Cheers!

  • Daniel Sullivan

    I only wish T-Mobile would have informed me of the release of the g2 prior to my purchase of the Samsung galaxy. I think it’s a shame the way T-Mobile conducts business. I had the HTC g1 since it’s release and never had a problem. Wish I could say the same about the Ssmsung