HTC Glacier=Project Emerald?

According to some recently uncovered GLBenchmark Pro 1.1 charts,  results show a new handset dubbed the HTC Glacier, which is rumored is be T-Mobile’s infamous Project Emerald. The benchmark results which are very impressive, show that this HTC Glacier handset definitely packs a huge punch and according to AlienBabelTech, who found the entry, believe the handset houses a dual-core processor. You may recall, a while back, there had been rumors of a dual-core HTC device heading to Magenta this Holiday season. Additionally, the user that had uploaded these results has also uploaded results for various other T-Mobile USA branded smartphones. To top it off, the guy’s LinkdIn profile reads that he is a Senior Interaction Designer at T-Mobile USA. We’re diggin’ for more details, so stay tuned!

Engadget Via AlienBabelTech

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  • Thanh

    you can’t compare these companies to an Apple. Apple makes a handful of products and only that, its American made with quality as its top priority all over the production chain. HTC serves as a manufacturer based out of China for numerous carriers. In HTC’s short history of success starting with the G1, its released over 15 different phones, in that same timespan Apple has released an upgraded macbook, new ipad, a track pad and the iphone 4g. I dont think we need a product better than the iPhone, we just want one as snappy and functional yet remain on Android.

    I’ve always used macs and would honestly switch to the iphone had it not been for AT&T. I just returned the SGS and felt it was about the snappiest and closest thing to the Iphone however there were just some minor design specs that I was not happy with. A better GPU than the current Snapdragon’s and better battery life w/ FFC, flash, and decent camera would win me over in a heartbeat, I’ve been on the Android bandwagon since the preorder days of the G1. Once they perfect android’s software we won’t have to worry about updates and fixes, its getting there!

    • ObsceneJesster

      Are you smoking crack or are you just that stupid? The GPU on the Galaxy S blows every thing else out of the water including the new Droid’s. The Galaxy S battery life is also better than the Snapdragon based devices. Lastly, every review I have read has said the camera on the Galaxy S captures superb shot’s. I would say the camera on the Galaxy S is more than decent.

      On to the next topic. I decided your not smoking crack. Your just a idiot if you think Apple produces American made products. Do you even know who produced the CPU and GPU for the iPhone? Oh you don’t? I’ll tell you. SAMSUNG.

      Bottom line: Your just another hippie Apple fanboy posing as if you actually gave Android a try. Next time you make a post, think about what you type before your idiocracy spews from your finger tips and on to the keyboard.

      • Rob

        Nice comeback. Burn.

      • Charles Xavier

        Believe it or not, there are a lot of people (read: most) that would prefer an iphone over anything android. Aside from dorks like you on tech blogs people prefer something that works extremely well without a lot of modification.

      • Brian

        oh no he didnt

      • TMOprophet

        I hate to agree with him, but he’s right, Apple is NOT american made.

        Have you ever heard of the company called Viacomm, yeah the one that was in the news awhile back, where people were committing suicide cause of the low pay and bad work conditions…guess who they make stuff for…..APPLE.

        So yeah your pretty much just an Apple fanboy, and should really know what your talking about before you run your mouth.

        Apple is a douche bag company, people were killing themselves over the work conditions at Apples part maker Viacomm. Im not claiming that other phone manufacturers are better, but Apple is douchey.

        I will never buy an Apple product in my life.

      • Davidohio

        Very well said. I would take a vibrant over the iphone any day. I do however like Mac computers.

      • TMOprophet

        I have to amend my post, I meant Foxconn, Not sure why I was thinking

    • $am$hh

      now as for the iphone i would be ashamed to say that it was a product of the usa due to the fact that it has the reception problem from the very first design was never corrected. to this day the “death grip” exists and has not yet been corrected and as for plans that’s a different story. My sister was working for at&t and the day the iphone 4 was released she texted me and i quote “everyone is asking about the iphone and at&t is raping them w/ the plan they offer” i really dont plan on getting raped by my service provider. now another thing we must address is the overcrowded spectrum that at&t has not yet dealt w/ causing delayed service . so pound for pound compared to the iphone android is really kicking butt. 90 percent of the apps are free, free music downloads, u can make ur own ringtones, service is cheaper w/ magenta using an android phone ect ect what else can u ask for really

    • funkmasterc

      I concur with the others. You are an idiot. Your prhase ” its American made with quality” blew me away. All of Apple’s products are assembled ‘ by Foxconn IN CHINA! Go ahead and get your but bumper and make sure that you are holding the phone with your pinky sticking out and take your walk down Steve Job’s Utopian Yellow Brick road in search for Oz.


    • funkmasterc

      I concur with the others. You are an idiot. Your phrase ” its American made with quality” blew me away. All of Apple’s products are assembled ‘ by Foxconn IN CHINA! Go ahead and get your but bumper and make sure that you are holding the phone with your pinky sticking out and take your walk down Steve Job’s Utopian Yellow Brick road in search for Oz.


    • TheWalleh

      You relaize that your “american made” phone is made on a production line in China…

  • Nerd lust

    This can’t be real. Tmob is really stepping up! For the first time I don’t what to buy with all these nice options! Go tmob !

  • reveillazn

    I wish T-Mobile would just release some solid info on these phones already! One is due to be released in a month and we have nothing but teasing and web rumors. I just want some official specs and photos so I can decide to wait or just go ahead and get a new phone. My contract is almost up and my G1 really needs to be retired soon!

    • alex32

      i was wondering that of these phones will be release in a month and as of now we have no visual facts..just web rumors. i want to see the actual product already…

    • tmosal

      Come now.. if they gave solid evidence of a new phone such as this.. wouldn’t that just give an edge to competition? I think t-mobile is taking the right precautions this time around. First will all the spectrum for 3G but unfortunately last out of the gate. HSPA+ is gonna be awesome, correction, it is awesome and they wanna make sure the phone that’s gonna launch on it is gonna be phenomenal. I, for one, cannot wait to see.

      • reveillazn

        I don’t see how it would give the competition an edge. These phones are in development for months. It’s not like someone can reproduce it that quickly. I’m sure each carrier knows what the others are up to anyway. And people who see it and don’t like it, won’t like it if they knew months in advance or two days in advance.

  • adam

    Wow t-mobile still putting phone that has old hardward from nexus one to this phone smh!

  • adam

    When t-mobile puts outstanding device better then verizon then i be interest in buying them. Heck even the sammy vibrant suck wow 2gb worth of apps and 13.5 gb worth of file. droid incredible has 8 gb built in and access 7.5 gb of apps/file/mp3,mp4 it alot powerful then t-mobile that for sure. BTW DROID LINEUP droid incredible,droid x,droid 1,droid eris Even THE DROID eris KICK T-MOBILE ASS. t-mobile have only one decent phone is ya sammy vibrant

    • Relikk2

      Can someone translate this gibberish for me? What the hell is he saying?? I’m not even trying to be an A whole, I really can’t figure out this comment?

      • Bradly

        I believe he’s trying to tell us that the whole droid line up demolishes every T-Mobile phone as of right now. I think that’s what he means more or less.

      • Relikk2

        Thanks Bradley, Adam should watch this video then.

      • CactusCat

        I do believe that adam, in between tokes on his doobie and huffs from his favorite Krylon, has a slight problem with coherent English. Either that or he’s a foreigner who seriously needs to pay more attention in English class. I concur .. I can’t think of a better term than “gibberish” for that ridiculous attempt at the English language.

      • Jayyyyyyyyy

        relikk nice come back!

  • Barry


  • Ed

    If you did not know. The glacier is supposed to be duo core 1.2GHz or 1.5Ghz and it was tested to be 3 times faster than the evo and 61% faster than the droid x adam soo…

    • Relikk2

      My Dash is faster then the EVO. The EVO sucks!!!

  • Barry

    Man idk if ppl are stupid or in denial

  • dr.alliw

    this is NOT the project emerald!!! Trust me!!! y’all be shocked when the phone comes out by the end of the year!!!!! so mark your calendar!!!!!!

    • TMOprophet

      And what makes you so sure?

    • TMOprophet

      Do you actually have any evidence to support your claim? or are you just trying to provoke a response from us?

      And since you haven’t yet answered anyones question as to why you believe this, I am inclined to think you’re full of it.

  • Barry

    so what day on the calendar do we mark ??? Or are you talkin outta ya arse ?

  • adam

    yup that what i said at bradly got it. T-mobile android lineup sucks plus t-mobile doesnt like updating there phone in time. Yuck i rather stay buying verizon phone then be with there suckie ones.

  • kc

    Apple uses things from other companies to make there products. Like them wanting to use Samsungs Super AMOLED. Tmobile should get more credit. They are smaller company than Verizon, Sprint, and ATT, but they introduce phones that change the game. G1 first android phone, N1 first 1ghz phone, and now every phones doing it. Im betting there gonna be the first to drop the dual core phone aswell.

  • adam

    Ed just like tech geek u cant always go by paper. Look review on the phone htc wildfire aka htc legend release in april 3 2010 processor (528 mhz) vs htc evo(1ghz). Droid phone has a better res then htc devices. I just like htc better still but not from t-mobile.

    Same comparison can be made with Motorola droid vs sammy vibrant.

    • Relikk2

      Why can’t I understand you? Bradly can you translate again?

      The only cold hard fact the Droid X has over the Glaxy S is an 8 megapixal camera. Which IMO is useless to 95% of users. Most people view thier pics on the phone and, or upload to facebook. 8 megapixal!? Who prints posters? It’s gimmicky, people see big numbers so they feel good. Just like LTE and HSPA+, 22mps is usless, and has no real world application other then feel good marketing. In all honesty if you want a good camera get an Iphone 4, it stomps every phone’s cam. The cold hard fact on the Vibrant is it is the fastest phone on the planet at this time (excluding JIT for CPU). It destroys every phone out there, even the Driod X. If you don’t like the Samsung, fine you don’t have to, but the facts still remain the same.

      • moose

        Lol iphone 4 for the camera seriously……. I guess I say this because I have been spoiled by using my nokia…

  • adam

    my bad is 600mhz on the htc legend

  • just some dude

    All i know is Tmo needs better AD time for there phones not there planes, also a great looking phone would be nice too. And im not talking crappy Fender editions or Vibrant Samsung. Tmo needs to fire there phone acquisition dude and get someone new that is in touch with whats current and relevant.

    • Brian

      YES! the mytouch line is UG-LEE!

      maybe they appeal to the teens, but i want a slick phone to hit tmo for once.

  • mjcl987

    Could this be the codename for the sidekick twist or the MTHD? Hope not!

  • Barry

    looks more like the silhouette on the hspa+ website more so than that suspect pic of the MyTouch HD

    HTC Desire HD Photo Leaked

  • K. Ray

    Endgadget is reporting that HTC Desire HD comming to AT&T. I’m still confused on why it takes so long for the new Android phones to com to Magenta. How is the Carrier that started the Ecosystem for Android is not the first to get the new tech. Does anybody question this or am I just crazy?

    • CactusCat

      No doubt, our fav Tmo, has dropped the ball a few times. Your question actually got me to thinking about why it takes Tmo so long. I hope this is the correct answer. Other opinions are welcome as well. I’m trying to see it from Tmo and HTC’s side of the fence. Tmo is trying to make a big push in the US. We all know they have the best plan prices and are upgrading the network to HSDPA+. Now.. they have to start getting their superphones out to take advantage of their enhanced network and great plans. So they work out a semi-secret plan (Project Emerald?) with HTC for a killer phone. However, the thing has to go thru R&D, testing, an update of Android (to 3.0?), and once finalized, will have to go into production BIGTIME! If this phone rocks like we think it will, there will be a big shortage. HTC won’t be able to get them out the door fast enough. And HTC is already making a gazillion other phones as well. Tmo (I think) has let the dust settle on the Android market (read, other phones) and now can pick the best solutions for the “monster” (like FFC, KB or not, etc). I sold my G1 and got a Nexus and while its a darn good phone, I’ll update to this new model if 50% of it is true. Hope that helps a bit. I sometimes feel like Tmo ignores us, but just have to face the facts that there is a lot to be done, both on this new project, and on updating the older phones as well. A lot of work for sure. Cheers and keep the faith.

  • K. Ray

    Endgadget is reporting that HTC Desire HD coming to AT&T. I’m still confused on why it takes so long for the new Android phones to com to Magenta. How is the Carrier that started the Ecosystem for Android is not the first to get the new tech. Does anybody question this or am I just crazy?

    • WinkyDinkyDogg

      I mean, really, this is gettin real old. I’m trying to be patient with tmobile but we still don’t have concrete info on a phone that’s droppin in one month. It’s sad watching android flourish on other carriers. I want to stay with tmobile, but they are making it REALLY hard. Give us a lil hope.

  • Usman

    Have you guys read this post by Jerry Hildenbrand of AndroidCentral?

    “It seems that when you sit down and do some math, you end up with figures that fit the Qualcomm QSD8672 Snapdragon chip. It’s a third-generation Snapdragon, with a feature list that will knock your socks off:

    Dual CPU up to 1.5 GHZ
    45 nm tech for low power draw and better performance
    WSXGA (1440×900) screen support
    1080p recording and playback
    HSPA+ (that’s the 28Mbps kind) and CDMA Rev 0/A/B support
    80 million-triangles-per-second 3D graphics

    “…I’ll go on record saying that I do think we’re looking at Project Emerald.”

    I want to know what the battery life is going to be like… but if this thing is better than the Hummingbird, it will probably replace my Nexus One.

  • TMOprophet

    The Glacier is back on the glbenchmark site, this time same test on page 2 showing only 711 or something…wtf..right

    Its also got a gpu test up, does ok, not super great though.

    I wonder if since there can be such a huge diff in scores from one day to another, if something was wrong with the software or if phone might not be getting tested properly?

    • Relikk2

      The rumors are that the GPU does 80 million triangles per second, so the score being in the ballpark of the GalaxyS line would follow that rumor. This update must be wrong or they had the codenames incorrect in the first trial. With so many different codenames it’s possible they might have got it mixed up, lol.

      • TMOprophet

        ok the 711 is the gpu score

  • Anh

    I want the Samsung Vibrant so badly…the only thing that’s holding me back is it’s not HSPA+ compatible..C’on T-mobile it’s time to get into the game here..

  • Jay

    Samsung Galexy S (Vibrant)- I tried this phone EXTENSIVELY two times – here are two main FLAWS that nobody seams to have discovered –
    1. Google Calendar reminder alarms – NOT CAPABLE of syncing (per Smasung engineers), so therefore NOTHING in your calendar has a reminder
    2. Battery Life – HORRIBLE, 42 minutes after a full charge, with NO WiFi, Bluetooth and only 15-20 minutes of phone calls & 1-2 web searches – 47% BATTERY LEFT

    These two things alone make this the WORST PHONE EVER, not to mention the HORRIBLE Samsung website and customer service.