myTouch Slide Software Update Coming Tomorrow?

We received word late last night that the myTouch Slide will be receiving a maintenance update starting August 4th and running through August 19th. The usual set of bug fixes is expected here (battery life, software feature updates etc…) but unfortunately this has no relation to an expected Froyo 2.2 update sometime down the road. I guess some fixes are better than no fixes so Slide customers sit back receive that update.

“Beginning August 4, T-Mobile will send an over-the-air (OTA) update to myTouch 3G Slide customers, which will provide a number of benefits, including increased battery performance and enhancements to software features such as Faves Gallery and Genius Button. The update will be sent to customers in staggered waves beginning August 4 and we anticipate all customers will receive it by August 19.
Improvements and enhancements included with this update are

Battery Life:

Updates to the T-Mobile online contact backup connection, which will improve battery life.

Ability to send MMS messages when connected to Wi-Fi.

Genius Button improvements:

Ability to turn GPS on and off using your voice, such as “Turn GPS on.”
* Will announce Caller ID for incoming voice calls and allow you to “Answer” or “Ignore” using your voice.
* Will announce incoming text messages and allow you to “reply” with dictation.

Faves Gallery improvements:

The Faves icon will be displayed beside notifications that appear while the device is locked to indicate that the communication is coming from one of your Faves.
* Fave photo display speed will be enhanced.
* General stability will be improved, including more seamless scrolling and consistent display of photos.

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  • tokinotabumblb

    Yay. :)

  • collin

    Yay for battery life indeed.

  • Rob

    A fix for the dropping of 3G better be in this fix otherwise its pointless

    • Kimberly

      Is it just me or does everyone have issues with coverage on this phone. I get no service at work like I used to with my G1 and I’m so sick of it showing that my message didn’t send when it actually did. Oh and I hate the messaging button. It’s not correct and I can’t change the icon. Battery needs fixed and genius button doesn’t work well.

    • FormerTmoEmployee

      I have the same issues. It will have 3G one second and then the next, fall the G coverage. It’s a bit annoying. And, the ability to turn on Drive Mode without having to do so much. Other than that, the phone is great!

  • ds

    bs! i’m gonna drop kick my cliq out the back door into the dumpster… lemmie get that slide piece!

    • Ms. Matrix

      @ds-that’s what I did! LOL I had the cliq xt and just gave it the boot and copped the Slide. I got sick of waiting for Motorola to send an update for android. Do yourself a favor and get the Slide if you can.

      • Ohsnaps!

        I got my cliq and im sellin it today on going to just wait and get the hspa phone..cliq sucks and it over heats u can use it as a mini stove top

  • Still no word on the MT3G update yet! UGH!!! Thought we weren’t getting left behind…UGH!!!

    • Jabombardier

      We are not going to be left behind. We will get froyo very soon. Until then the updates will be just fine. 2.1 still is great though. As far as issues with the MyTouch Slide, syncing for t-mo contacts never ends and the google search widget and friend stream crash and force close always. Battery life for me is superb though.

    • Soldado

      Ughh…… I’ve only had my phone with this outdated software for 4 months. What am I gonna do without 2.2. Your gonna get over it. This update does come with a ffc either……

    • Coiler

      Well at least we know we aren’t likely to receive the update until after August 19th now… dammit

  • JaylanPHNX

    I hope they fix the software for the camera. My wife’s Slide takes terrible pictures. I adjusted all the myriad settings and got some improvement, but pics from it still look like the 1.2 megapixel crap from my old dumbphone. The one thing my XT does great is pictures. Both are 5Mp. It’s gotta be a software issue, and thus fixable.

    • bryan

      Agreed that the camera need improvement, the focus is just a little soft even compared to other HTC 5 mp cameras. Pictures taken on my HD2 are noticeably better than on my Mytouch slide, the slide just seems slightly out of focus. They do seem to be better if I use the touch screen to focus and take the pictures that if I use the camera button.

  • MudDug

    Please let this fix the force close issue!

  • Unhappy MT3G owner

    Meanwhile this MT3G is still running 1.6…I wish I never bought this phone. Thanks. Abandon people who spend $450 with you only to say “oh…well the slide is a GREAT!” They’ve been teasing us about a “coming soon” update for months. They must mean “soon” in a Jesus-like “returning soon” sense that takes 2,000 years to come.

    • Cupcake

      Exactly!! How can you update the MyTouch Slide and leave off the MT3G???!! Makes no sense at all.

      • ThisGuy


        i spent $20,000 on a car 3 years ago…and they havent updated anything on it.


        get over it, cellphones should be bought with disposable income. If $450 is too much for you to be spending every year on a cellphone….consider spending your efforts on bettering your life.

      • Coiler

        two different phones and these are just hotfixes, it isn’t an OS update like 2.1 to 2.2 there is nothing wrong right now with the MT3G that requires fixes. However, the slide being a newer phone does need some patch work. Same thing happened when the MT3G was new.

      • Unhappy MT3G owner

        @thisguy – I’m gonna need you to either get better comparisons or refrain from commenting. You shouldn’t expect upgrades on a car…its friggin car. Meanwhile, modern smartphones are expected to get software updates. 2.1 delivers an entirely different experience. Not to mention that 2.2 moves the apps to the SD card instead of eating up the ram thus improving the overall performance of the phone. It actually “updates” the phone’s capability.

        I bought my mt3g < 1 year ago and I would anticipate any purchase for a phone to last 1-2 years before the way it operates becomes antiquated not less than 6 months. So with an expectation of 1+ years and not < 6 months, my purchasing decisions would line up just fine. But thanks for the Robert Kiyasaki advice.

    • weipei

      2 cents – Suggest that you root and mod your MT3G. The MT3G Tmo USA version is one of the best Android phones to mod. I don’t know much about rooting and modding until I read articles on it. I modded mine when I first got it and it has been WAY better than the stock Tmo stuff. – this site has great info on modding the MT3G.

      This is one of the best Mods available and probably the most easiest to use.

      Also, have you tried downloading Swype. Even though the Swype website says the Beta program is over, I was still able to download it and use it.

      Good luck!

      • bretttttt

        i did that with my g1 waaaaaay back when the modding first started happening…. in fact. i STILL have my g1. im getting the most out of it. i dont know why people complain about there phones. if it bothers them, then just mod. problem solved.

        although i would love to have this MTslide. or one of these new keyboard phones with android coming out sooon i hope

  • Wilma Flintstone

    That Tmo Roadmap seems to be lining up pretty accurately so far. It just may be real. Anywho, great for slide owners. I need another hd2 update to fix these many issues like the frequent rebooting (I was just in the middle of typing a really long email and all of a sudden, the phone shut itself off and rebooted and I had to restart everything, it really sucks).

    • swehes

      You need to put Android on it. :)

      • Wilma Flintstone

        thats what I’m thinking about doing but this specific HD2 has hardware issues. The GPS doesn’t work so Putting Android would fix the software issues but I’d still need another replacemeny unit. That would make it my 4th HD2. Thats sad. I may root it after I get a replacement device but I really want a new device now. I just been through too much with the HD2.

    • Matlock

      Actually you should just put a cooked rom on your phone! And then if you want put Android on it. Ive had my HD2 since the day it released, and cooked roms have saved me the hasle of dealing with having replacement phones! I have recently started playing around wit Android on my HD2, and its awesome, but still doesn’t compare to my Nexus One running Froyo!

  • bjfam83


    • JaylanPHNX

      A bug-fix update signals the death knell of a wireless carrier? How do ya figure that one?

      • watbetch

        No, he’s just pulling all of his dollars out of T-Mobile so now they’re bound to fail.

  • Lance

    Im not sure if it means anything, but this morning when I woke up i was having difficulty with signal and 3g connection. After popping the battery and power cycling i tried sending a text through the messages app, but it would just bring me to the screen that comes up when you make a call (contact name, number, picture, greyed out “call end” button). I decided to go through my settings and saw that under my firmware version it said “2.1-update1.” I didnt get any notifications of having an update to download but could this be the update they sent?

    If it is…its nothing exciting. Neither the Genius button nor the Faves gallery are any faster to notice a difference. And now sending messages takes a couple more steps, but its not a deal breaker…just want to know if this happened to anybody else.

    • ThisGuy

      clearly states that updates start august 4th, today is the third….read much?

  • P Santry

    Lance, doesn’t mean anything, they should all say update-1.

  • mike

    Lance, cmon buddy if you don’t know that your phone comes like that, maybe this stuff is to complicated for you

  • red_slide

    Lol wat if were rooted what’s the point ha everybody would root there slide and install slide me root v4 final you will be pleased my battery last me all day ha and im on it most the time

    • ds

      are you drunk?

  • Myles

    I just received the update and am about to install it. I’ll let everyone know if I see the improvements.

  • madman2

    Ugh…Ugh….Ugh….what the hell is wrong with you people? Do you have something stuck in your throat???

  • hani

    Where is the udpate for Motorola Cliq ? Why are early adopters left behind at T-mobile?

  • dubya504

    Yeah tomorrow means next month!!!!!!!!!!

  • snowdaze


  • nain77

    whoever said gps doesnt work on android with the hd2 hasnt done his research. ive got android 2.2 running smoothly on my phone like it was its stock OS. only downsside is battery life, lasts about 6 hours, other den thats its PERFECT =]. anyone who has an hd2 should seriously put android on it

  • Robin

    Well today I received a txt say we r getting update on software. So I gs we just wait and hope it takes care of all the issues.

  • Ryan

    Just received a text message from tmobile informing me of the update roll out. The message provides a URL to tmobiles forums:
    Looks like some interesting new features will be coming our way via the genius button.

  • mtnman

    I have a Cliq and I’ll bet you Dollars to Donuts that Motorola will come out and say something like the updates that were planed for the Cliq are no longer going to happen due to Blah blah blah. They’ve been stringing us along, all hoping for an update to Eclair and “Whoops!” was that the rug we just pulled out from under you?

    But that’s okay, I’m eligible for an upgrade here next week. I have two lines, and my Cliq is going to be sitting on my computer desk as a back-up while I decide to get either the Vibrant or just wait one more month and get the new Vision/G1 Blaze. Does anyone have any sugestions on which one to get?

    • Charles Xavier

      I would skip both and just go to a better carrier

    • fidget

      wait for the HTC. You won’t be disappointed. Some whacky stuff with the Samsung Vibrant including Macs don’t recognize the SD card (maybe they’ve fixed that now). Maybe use one upgrade on vibrant and one on the new HTC phone :-)

    • I finally ditched my CLIQ last week. I started with the Vibrant but returned it after 2 days. It’s $1000 of potential that costs $500 but only delivers on about $250. It had all the lag of my CLIQ but none of the reception. Nor GPS lock. Nor usable UI… But hey, it shoots HD video and can run Google Earth…

      I was contemplating waiting to see what the the two new anticipated phones had in store, but decided I would try the Slide anyway, since waiting for the next best gadget is a game you never win (unless you don’t play.) I have to say I’m thoroughly impressed! It’s blows the Vibrant away in real world use. Sure, it’s not as sexy, but when I’m paying full price (no contracts, thx), the thing had better work really damn well. And the Slide does!

    • JaylanPHNX

      Dude, get a grip! This is a bug-fix update, NOT an OS update! The Cliq has received two (or is it three) bug-fix and tune-up upgrades since it came out. So has the Cliq XT (one anyway). All phones these days get a firmware tune-up shortly after release. This has nothing to do with 2.1!

  • fidget

    Saw the TMO msg and really thought it was FroYo for a nano second! Still, these updates sound good, especially battery improvements. Coming from Blackberry the MTS has been challenging, but manageable with some tweaking. But, I don’t want to have to tweak and turn off wifi and run task manager, etc. Hopefully, battery technology will catch up with this latest crop of phones.

    Anyway, will be interesting to see if I get the OTA update tomorrow or closer to the 19th. Do you know how they distribute the updates, by purchase date, last name, phone number? I guess it doesn’t matter. Just curious. If purchase date I should get my update tomorrow as I ordered the day it released. If last name, well, I’m going to be closer to the end of the update window.

  • Myles

    Welli got the phone early because I’m a t-mobile employee and I also got the update early yesterday so I have to assume purchase date looks promising. The features are nice. I like the expanded genius features and now my picture messages don’t fail whenever I’m on wifi lol.

  • evoman

    Just got froyo on my Evo you t-mobile guys just keep dreaming that you will ever get a good phone or any good updates

    • Bdobs

      so what your saying is you got the only non rubbish phone on sprint. Basicacally ever. Way to go capt. Douche.

  • shells

    does anyone know how to fix the camera on the mytouchslide? a chick dropped my phone when i asked her to take a picture for me… and ever since then the pictures come out way blurrier than it has before! any suggestions on i can get it fixed? :[

  • Housetek

    got this update few days ago, a bit of improvement, battery last day and 1/2 now with me using it intensively.

  • houston texas soho

    yall are never ever getting a freaking 2.2 froyo update . heck tmobile does the worst job on delivering updates n promised updates i hate tmo , if yall want an 2.2 update or any update at all better jump ship cause tmobile sux at doin that.

  • houston texas soho

    yall are never ever getting a 2.2 froyo update . heck tmobile does the worst job on delivering updates n promised updates i hate tmo , if yall want an 2.2 update or any update at all better jump ship cause tmobile sux at doin that.

    • Dubya504

      I’m starting to believe you!

    • JaylanPHNX

      Eat $#!& you whiny loser! They come out with a tune-up update and you’re saying there will never be an OS upgrade? You’re and idiot. If you hate T-Mobile so much, stop coming to the FAN site.

  • fidget

    Have a little patience, and faith :-) We’re definitely getting FroYo sometime this year. HTC and TMO have made that commitment. Clearly all the Evo lovers don’t travel outside the US where their phone won’t work at all. I’d only ever consider a GSM carrier and I may be in the minority, but I love TMO. Great service, great prices…..and… last, some great phones emerging. Even though the mytouch slide is a midrange phone, I’m loving it. No performance/lag issues whatsoever. However, I’m a business user not a gamer so perhaps I don’t exercise the phone as much as the gaming crowd. Battery has been my only issue so I’m hoping this firmware update helps. I got the TMO message yesterday saying I’d be getting the update between 4th and 19th so just waiting for the actual OTA update.

  • hiwattage

    Has anyone gotten the updates yet? I have not seen anything happen on my slide yet.

  • Hurlamania

    Waiting patently, got my slide june 4th…

  • evoman

    @ bdobs when you and your garbage company finally get a phone that can actually keep up with Evo than you can talk till then enjoy your cheap ass phone and company …. try getting a real job so you can actually get a good phone and good coverage.

    • JaylanPHNX

      The Vibrant beats the kickstand off the EVO, so blow it out your (place choice orifice here).

  • Dubya504

    It seems like the My Touch 3G has all been forgotten about since the Slide came into the picture. It kinda reminds me of what happen to the G1 thrown away to the land of lost phones. All the phones that came out after MT3g is receiving Froyo love but not the MT3g. As Gomer Pyle would say ” SHAME,SHAME,SHAME on you Tmobile”.

  • evoman

    With that gps problem!……… ya keep dreaming that the vibrant is better than the Evo

  • Zachenry

    I have the update, but how does this work? I can’t see the option to enable it.

    Will announce Caller ID for incoming voice calls and allow you to “Answer” or “Ignore” using your voice.

  • gotit

    Just got it

  • Julian

    Would love to see live wallpapers.. if the droid can this phone should be able to also..

  • Reg Ridley

    This is getting to be a pain in the A–.

  • Hurlamania

    Still waiting… Live wallpapers would be nice… Is like a case and froyo also come on tmo

  • Brodie

    Eff Sprint and their Sh***y EVO! A sprint fanboy bragging about them but look who wants to join TMO….SPRINT! Go shove that up your”high a$$ bill” LOL!

  • Evoman

    I had Tmobile F**khe*d for 9 years and i left because its a sh*t company and it will never deliver a great phone……. and for your information i have 4 lines and i pay cheaper with sprint than with tmobile for unlimited everything so you shouldn’t talk if you dont know what your saying.

  • Broski

    can anyone help me with my slide …. i accidently deleted all of my sim contacts and now only have my phone contacts and i cant figure out how to transfer them to the sim

    • Hurlamania

      Download sim2phone or phone2sim it does both or copy them
      1 by 1 thought the phone…

      • Hurlamania

        Sorry its contact 2 sim. Also there is another free one
        Called copy to sim. Search the marketplace…

      • Broski


      • Broski

        on the app it says that i have all of my contacts on the sim, but when i got to my contacts and click view sim contacts it says there are zero

  • scottieo

    I saw the icon, i updated, what actually changed??? Is there something in the software version or firmware that says something changed?

  • Ben

    Great update, battery life definately increased for me.. except that it reset my ringtone.

  • josh

    I was tired waiting for the ota to hit, I’m sure in Corpus Christi I am low priority. My phone isn’t rooted, but I went to the xda forum and saw that someone had placed the update there, so I downloaded it, extracted it, renamed it, and placed the file to the root of my s.d. card. Then powered on the phone into stock recover (volume down + power) chose recovery, got a weird screen, then hit (volume up + power) selected and bam good to go. The phone has made some very notable improvements. The syncing thing was great, but I’ve noticed a much improved radio. My download speeds are so much better, I haven’t dropped a call and the phone is just smoother overall. Still waiting for froyo to really see this phone move. If you want to update this manually and not have to wait I can help you out.

  • dubya504

    Hey T-mobile thanks for the Froyo update!!! It’s Great because I still don’t have it! But if I root my phone then I void my contact but you can update the newer phone that come but you have the older phones to wait until the owners get pissed and buy a new phone.

  • dubya504

    F@#k the Droid, Droid X, EVO and all the other newer phones that receive the Froyo 2.2 update coming out and oh yeah T-mobile F*&K you Too and this site too!!!!!!!!!

  • dubya504

    I hope HTC come out with phone service to run all they assess out of business!!!!!!1

  • kp

    WTF! I got the update yesterday, and now my battery completely sucks!! Has anyone noticed WORSE battery performance after this update?

    • Melissa

      Yes! My battery will now only last 3 hours on standby. I fully charge it before i go to sleep and use my phone as an alarm and it’s now dead in the morning.

      Before the update, my battery was ok.

      • Fresco


    • Kerry

      I got the updated on Sunday. For me my battery lasted a bit longer than it did before, but not a huge improvement. I keep my display brightness pretty low and only turn it up when I have to.

      I haven’t noticed any other improvements… Genius button is still a waste of space.

  • Jake

    I also did the update and after 2 hours my battery drains. This update completely ruined my battery life

  • mlb1906

    Did the manually update this afternoon and I have seen some pretty impressive improvements. And I don’t see big issues with the Batt.

  • can anyone tell me how to download the 2.2 update on the mytouch slide

  • Michele

    Received the update this morning. Battery life seems slightly improved, but I still cannot send mms messages when connected to wifi. I had to turn wifi off to send. Anyone else have this problem? It’s really annoying.

  • This morning it stated that the firmware to my device was available. First time was 7:15am, it was still showing the icon by 7:30am, then again at 7:50am but now its 8am, I don’t get it on the G1 it downloaded and no issues, what is the deal with this phone? Is there certain amount of memory needed to download the firmware? I’m starting to regret more and more that I bought this phone, should have stayed with my G1 until something more dependable came out.

  • taylor

    got the update today and im not seeing much improvement… ill charge it today and see about the battery ill get back to you on that

  • Matt

    I did not get the update now will I since I’m already running 2.2 with the new OTA installed… anyone want 2.2 so bad, go to

  • Kerry

    I find that I get about 1.5 hours more of battery life before I have to put it on the charger. I’m using the phone just as much as I did before the update. Instead of throwing it on the charger at 1:30, I can go until about 3:00. I’ve got touchdown running all day and getting e-mails every 20 mins (it only runs from 7AM-6PM).

    It will be interesting to see how it does over a weekend when touchdown is off for 2 days.

    I’m looking forward to getting the 2.2 update! I like this phone a lot, I wish it was a 1Ghz phone. I bought this to tide me over until I know what monster I want. I looked at the Vibrant the other day; it seems nice but I think I’d miss the keyboard. I’m going to stay tuned for the next batch of keyboard phones in the 1GHz and up range.

  • dubya504

    I got the MYTOUCH 3G and I’m waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’m still waiting for mine too. Is there a way to do a manual update??? I’m new to teh Mytouch 3G slide phone and only had it 3 weeks.

  • CeceBabyyy

    Just got the update, wish it would’ve done alot more for the phone, but the myFaves gallery certainly does run alot smoother, battery life for the phone doesn’t really change. It depends on what your running and all the settings you have. Froyo update needs to happen soon though.

  • misslxw

    i uploaded the update and my ph crashed. it constantly reboots itself, never passing the mytouch logo. grrr. wtf!

    please fix it.

  • Michael

    I still haven’t recieved my update… but spoke with t-mo customer care 2 days ago. He informed me that the update had been extended until the 31st of Aug. and that I should see a 2.2 update in the fall… though I’m not holding my breath for that to happen… he also claimed that my wife’s mytouch 3g 3.5mm will be updated as well in the fall.. wishful thinking on his part i think b/c he told me he had a mytouch 3g and customer care usually doesn’t have that information ahead of time…

  • Hannelore

    Ok I don’t c any changes except bad….y when I gt a text message no ringtone but vibrates but when I receive a call it rings and vibrate…didn’t happen til I gt the angry

  • Anabel Lee

    Damn all these people need to STOP bitching here and call customer care or something lol.

    I got the update and my battery lasts like 3 more hours and my phone runs smoothly!

    I am completely satisfied with the updates I love my MyTouch Slide <3 Thank you T-Mobile ;D

  • DPBSJH06

    Anyone having issues with receiving pix msg..i’m getting an “message failed, download error” msg…called customer service, have had tickets filed and serivce inspected and no issues found yet…help please

  • Rubyebay

    I just got my damn update – and my phone looks nicer – but I get Force Close messages all the time and I too am having issues with sending picture messages.

  • Jessier405

    Takes picture message an hour to finally download, everytime I try to make a call it tells me to turn off airplane mode (my phone is NOT set on airplane mode) and friend stream hasn’t opened for a month. Constant force close. I hate tmobile

  • WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot

    The Update is horrible! Serious lag and constantly freezes. The extended battery life is not worth this crap I have to put up with to use my phone. Oh and this “we can store all your passwords and information on Google servers” (Which is the default option selected for you already) is shady. Hmmm…must be a Government run update! LoL

  • Cndy0072

    can someone tell me about a maintainse, or software upgrade that was not an ota but a website i have to go to for my touch slide 3g 

    • guest

      search andriod 2.2 froyo and u can do it through usb

  • guest

    i havent got a update and its pissing me off and froyo is gonna be an ota update. its gotta be downloaded through usb