Motorola Charm Showing Up At Best Buy For $250, No Wait, $350

I was just sitting down to write a quick little blurb here courtesy of Engadget about the Motorola Charm popping up in Best Buy’s inventory for $250. I first decided to hit the Best Buy


  • Roger

    I doubt the 350 price is accurate. It’s a good middle-of-the-road smartphone, but not so much to be just 100$ less than the top-tier ones at full price.

    • wp7

      well roger save your money and buy a windows phone 7 when it comes out…..

      Wp7 ftw

  • MyNamesNotRick

    I saw this last week and attributed the different prices to the different colors.

    I assumed that BB thought that more people would want the purple one.
    Who knows.

    Either way, this phone will be a good buy for a full price and wait for the better phones at the end of the year to use with my discount.

  • The only phone TMo should get excited about is the iPhone 4. The Charm is hideous, who would carry that thing? Or wait for a quality Android phone like the X or something like a more substantial Vibrant that actually felt good in your hand and had more bells & whistles. Until then, TMo will be bringing up the rear. Thank God for their good rates and coverage, because their phone offerings suck.

    • 2FR35H

      Compared to Verizon maybe but as far as variety goes tmobile is second best then AT&T follows after then Sprint.

  • ob18

    I’m sure like the garman phone this will see multiple price cuts just to get it off the shelves.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      I actually wouldn’t mind paying $99 for the charm off contract.Unless I can get it cheaper. :)

  • chap

    this is one ugly phone. Motorola steps it up with the DROID X for Verizon and TMO gets this pos?

    • @cha
      You are so very extremely tremendously Extraordinarily stupendously hugely greatly amazingly correct my friend! How does this always happen? I love T-mobile to death, and will defend it till the end, but its getting very hard to do so when everytime a carrier comes out with a phone, t-mobile strikes back with. something 4 steps below it. I mean seriously, if i wanted a blackberry…. i’d buy a blackberry! I’m glad we are getting new managment… current must be a real nice guy because he doesn’t know any decent comebacks..

      • 2FR35H

        Not everyone wants a blackberry with blackberry’s os some may want one with android and this is for them. Tmobile isn’t catering to you they are catering to the people. And that does include the blackberry texters. They already released the high end vibrant and have 2 more high end devices slated for the year be patient.

        Plus moto prolly has some contract with verizon besides verizon has always gotten the best motorola phones. They prolly have a partnership.

  • tipsofme

    This phone isn’t for nerds and fan boys. Its for Gen pop and they will love it. It will sell just fine.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I must say, while I was demoing the Vibrant, I saw this device and demoed it as well. This is a really nice device. While it may not be the phone most of us are looking for, it would make a very nice replacement to a Blackberry (You knew that was coming didn’t you?).

    The Build feels Pretty Solid, the Software is decent as is the Hardware. While it isn’t a superphone, it is a good mid level phone for people that Like BB but want Android.

    Now the $100 price difference for a color swap is utterly ridiculous. Really now? $100 for a color? I could go to or and get a decal/skin and slap it on there for around $15 and get the same if not a better effect.

  • These are two different colours. They’ve done this before where one colour costs more than another. Perhaps this is the case here? But $100 difference for a colour difference is pretty rediculous – assuming it’s accurate.

  • Yyevo

    My friend’s wife wants it. She has used nothing but a Blackberry for 5 or 6 years now. In fact the only mobile device she’s ever owned is a Blackberry.

  • NiiDiddy

    Pricing is still not that bad. Why price difference in colors beats me…other than that price points aren’t that bad, i don’t think. But its a really nice phone. If you haven’t played with it yet, visit a t-mobile store and see if they have a demo.

  • Dewman

    Yes that price is correct. Best buy has one color in stock as we type, if you wait for the other color to get to the stores, meaning its not in stock yet, you can have it for 250.

  • Fish

    motorola puts out another mid range hardware device, like the cliq, and people will buy it, like the cliq, but due to motorola’s crappy customer service and lack of support for low grade phones, like the cliq, the people who buy this phone will end up being disaponted in the long run, like cliq owners. do you see where i’m going with this? like the fing cliq…

    DON’T BUY MOTOROLA. boycott them, don’t give them your money, give it to companies who put out phones they will support for longer than the craze is to buy them. all moto wants is your money with no work in the customer service area. sadly, where they lose 1 customer there is another unknowing-sucker waiting to move in.

    you say it’s a low end phone “new gen” people will get and have no problem with. what about 4 months later, when they still dont have 2.2, android 3 is out, the phone is no longer supported, and they are stuck in a 2 year contract so they could get it for free? it’s bad ethics, screw motorola

    imo, same goes for samsung…though i like samsung…dropping the behold was bad for their rep. samsung’s non-smartphones are still ok in my book, but then again, those don’t require long term customer service requirements…

    HEED THIS WARNING! DON’T BUY MOTOROLA OR SAMSUNG SMARTPHONES! you’ll be happier in the long run…

  • Mohammad

    Buy HTC!

    • 2FR35H

      And get left behind with updates as other phones get them before you.

  • mike

    I love htc phones and I did have a cliq when it came out but I had several problems with it and had it replaced 3 times. But now htc has left us behind. The Eris has 2.2 already and the mt3g is still on 1.6.

  • tipsofme

    I’m an instore tech for Tmo and 95% of the android users dont even know their email and password let alone what version operating system they are using. This phone will do fine.

  • asdf

    Look its specs just as well as bb phones that cost like 200 on contract but this shows potential with its os

  • Droidfan

    all you guys are technology nerds so the charm is not the phone for you, since you way more advanced. It’s designed for average consumers that do not want big screens, fastest processors, ect. T-mobile doesn’t have the money to produce the best phones as soon as the technology comes out. If you want the latest and greatest technology then you have to go to bigger carriers, otherwise wait a few months for t-mobile to get the technology.

  • Myg1

    some of maybe have never owned a behold 2 so stop dissing the vibrant..just cuz they didn’t update it to 2.1 doesn’t mean you can jump the bandwagon n hate samsung the vibrant will get updates its a worldwide phone! There will be some that like this phone..its not for everyone!!! N some may not now this phone has wall paper and running 2.1 its a decent phone

  • I don’t think only the color difference worths $100.

  • wp7

    D.O.A. hehehehe………….Motorola is pathetic. they should just give up. Nokia,Sammy,LG,HTC,Sony know how to make phones. droid x is heavily marketed. other wise its crap.

  • nerd lust

    Bb has some android comp now. Interesting. Hopefully bb will counter with the torch

    • wp7

      True i have respect for bb. It gets the job done, plus has probably the best email client.

      I dont know if you guys noticed the email hub for windows phone 7. Its different, looks cool and all but i have used bb for work and i love bb email.
      wp7 won me over but still have to check email on it… looks awsome, hope it lives to the hype.

  • wp7

    as much as i hate icrap, even its better. Cant wait for all you android fans to switch over to windows phone 7 when it comes out. We all know it… deep down we only got android not because we liked it, but their was no other choice but android other than iphone.

  • wp7

    Also wanted to point this out to Tmoprophet…..plz dont advertise your site here, its realy messed up….and stop trying to act like a no it all.