(Updated With More Pics) And Just Like That, The G2 In The Wild

Updated: New pics have  been added!!

Update 2: According to Engadget’s tipster, despite what is shown in the very last pic below, the T-Mobile G2 sadly, will not have a tilting screen.

The last piece of the puzzle has come together to get a clear “image” of what the T-Mobile G2 is all about, pun intended. Just like that Engadget has scored what look like the first live images of the G2 in all its HSPA+ glory. Perhaps this will put to rest the argument that the G2 was really the MyTouch HD that some of you loved to speculate in the comments. As we stated, the MyTouch HD should be dropping sometime in November; so for now, its all G2, all the time. One more pic follows below! Start marking the days off your calendar to our alleged release date! Now about that pre-sale?!



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  • G2YaY

    Hey does anyone think there be Moore Colors Available? Like the G1?

    • ghost99k

      hope not.unless full black would b cool.
      looks sweet though even though i dont like physical keyboards but i will buy this when it comes out.

      • Coxatron

        Then buy the Samsung Vibrant. It’s almost the same phone, without the physical keyboard :P

      • Deke218

        …almost the same phone without a keyboard…

        So the deer in the backyard are just like unicorns without the horns.

    • Matt

      I hope so. I really liked the color of the first leaked pictures of the device. http://androidandme.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/htc-vision-g1-blaze.jpg

      I hope that color scheme is an option.

      • chotpy

        yeah, I liked the blue a lot too.

      • JoshL

        same here. I’m still hoping for a blue/black option.

      • Steve

        Yup Blue/Black would be awesome.

  • Stream

    This is…gorgeous or will be, just in another color. My vibrant is stunning. I miss my g1s keyboard so much but it broke so I went ahead with the Vibrant. I am NOT a master of Swype so you probably know how irritating using this phone could be for me. Even just writing things like these take a lot of effort and is a hasell. I prefer faster download speeds than faster processor and with hspa+ and this phone hardware, I’m pretty sure the download speeds will be faster than the processor. And that’s okay with me. I’m most likely going to return my Vibrant and get this. Anyone care to make me feel better by telling me I’m doing the right thing? Or should I stick with my Vibrant?

    • T-Mo Fan

      just keep your vibrant and then get a g2 also….whats the harm in sim swapping whenever you feel in the mood for full touch or keyboard.

    • immadroid

      i returned my vibrant after 2 weeks, it is a beautiful device but my loyalty lies with HTC they don’t disappoint and you are doing yourself a favor if you decide to return it as well, the g2 sounds more like a device for you

  • blablabla

    seriously why the HELL are some you crying about a front facing camera? are you sad that you won’t be able to brag to your friends about it? You’re not even gonna use the damn thing. You weren’t crying about ffc’s 5 years ago so why is it so important to you now? People hardly even call each other nowadays. It’s mostly text so why would people go from not calling anyone to doing video calls?

    • Shon

      But front facing cameras make it much easier to do the Facebook Fishy face picture.

      • Bigs12

        this phone does have a front facing camera, you may not see it on this one but it will….TRUST ME!!!

      • dwillistyle

        Im pretty sure Biggs12 is mistaken. I dont think the G2 has a FFC. Really, I would love to be proven wrong but thats not going to happen I’m afraid.

      • JoshL

        I seriously doubt this phone will have a FFC… It’s not in any of those pics and it’s just not going to happen.

      • chotpy

        lol, if you look at the original version in the first blurrycam pix, it did have a ffc or a proximity sensor.

      • trogdor

        @Bigs12 Are you all knowing allah or something? It sure would be sweet as hell to have a FFC camera on this beast. This is what the slide was supposed to be.

      • Josh

        Actually I agree, it’s going to have a ffc. It’d be dumb not too. You’ve got a device that receives some of the fastest internet available and then your not going to put a ffc on your debut phone…

      • Bigs12

        say what you want you will see, when Cole Brodman, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer tells you, you tend to trust what they say …. I’ll be telling I told you so when the phone is released

      • Deke218

        Cole who?

    • George


    • rod parish

      preach! that is what i’ve been saying.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      actually I was wanting a ffc over 5 years ago.

    • jonstonson

      Because everyone has to compare everything to the iphone. Ridiculous.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        just to let everybody that thinks the iphone is the reason Everybody wants a ffc, the Nokia N95 was the reason that I first started wanting a ffc and it came out WAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY before iPhone was even thought of so here is what made me want a front facing camera.

        NOKIA N95:

        That phone came out over 5 years ago and seeing people on youtube use the ffc over any signal on this device made me start wanting a ffc.

      • immadroid

        i know MOST people compare everything to an iphone but i want an fcc since the EVO has one and had it before the iphone 4 =p

      • Deke218

        So Wilma Flintstone was the first person in the world who wanted a FFC not because of the iCrap but because of the N95!

    • Joshuakprice1

      But with a ffc I could use my phone as a mirror! How can you not see the sense in spending 600 in a phone so I can look at myself while I drive? And just think of all the cybersex possibilities!

    • Marc

      How do you know people are not going to use it? People were not crying about 1ghz on phones 5 years ago either, or capacitive touch screens, or SAMOLED, but they are now.

    • Andy G

      Cause maybe that was 5 years ago… Facebook was still swimming aroun in its daddy n#t sack!

  • Yawn

    *rewind several years*

    seriously why the HELL are some you crying about a cellphone? are you sad that you won’t be able to brag to your friends about it? You’re not even gonna use the damn thing. You weren’t crying about cellphones 5 years ago so why is it so important to you now? Use an at&t landline like everyone else!

    • Wilma Flintstone


  • csgmusic

    Isn’t this the same pics of of Nexus 1 with a kybrd from several yrs ago? The iphone wud b an iphone 4 if the perspn really had a g2. Idk. I’m just saying. Ffc and 5 row kybrd wud really be cool. Hope this isn’t the g2 nore the sidekick twist

  • Jake

    I don’t know if there will be MORE colors but T-mobile tends to bring a lot of colors to their phones. Some awfull like the Samsung GRavity’s, some nice like the BlackBERRY’s.

    • chotpy

      I like the blue gravity, it’s cute.

      the green can jump off a bridge and soak until it malfunctions.

      • Rob

        Had two different green gravity phones doesnt need to jump off a bridge to malfunction.

  • ZMeister

    I hope this is not the real phone….. looks like a cheap knock off of nexus with a key board

  • justmee

    I’d get G2 only if T-Mobile makes it deaf-friendly. Most deaf people don’t need voice plans at all. Is T-Mobile gonna ever realize about that?

    • Technogen

      You should call customer service, I have data only on my plan.

      • Steve

        How is he going to call them when he is deaf?!

      • chotpy

        LAWL i see what he did there

    • Alessandra

      Steve: Deaf people have ways of calling customer service, they can use the relay or their video phones that are connected to their TV’s or use the Videophone on their laptop to call Customer Service, either that or they can probably do the Live Chat with T-Mobile if they have one.

    • Rosario

      Im sure they have something they can offer you. Remember Tmobile had the sidekicks which were geared towards the deaf community. There were several apps for people who were deaf. Now, the sidekick line is sorta dead, but they still support the features on the phone so you might just have to talk to the right person to get what you want.

    • Deke218

      What? Can’t hear you.

  • J1

    wtf.. I can’t believe this phone doesn’t have android 4.0(honeycomb).. what a p.o.s.

    It better atleast come with android 3.0(gingerbread), have the ability to bake gingerbread cookies, while humming jingle bells.. if not its a total dealbreaker for me.. smh

    You see how much easier it is to monday morning quarterback(especially pre-specs), as opposed to getting an engineering degree, designing and manufacturing the next “killer phone”..

    though very little is actually confirmed at this point.. I find myself very interested in the g2 as well as the prospect of the fabled “glacier”.. just waiting for some “confirmed specs” from tmo because last time I checked there was just a silhouette of a phone there.. just saying.. anyway it’ll be one or the other for me.. maybe even both.. smh .. Magenta baby.. ftw

    • Ivan

      @ Alien, well you cant really compare the two because no specs are know for the G2, but even with the keyboard its pretty thin, from the looks of the pics.

    • Deke218

      Android 4 isn’t honeycomb. Its CrackHouse.

  • BrianH

    About the desire to for a front facing camera….. There are many people who travel for work and want to stay in touch with their families. If I am in Brisbane Australia at 4 pm waiting for a meeting I can see my kids before they get ready to go to school in the morning at 7am. I can snap pictures of myself while I am traveling so I can show my family where I am and what I am doing without having to wonder if I am in the picture because I can’t see the LCD. If you don’t want an FFC then don’t worry about why other people want one. I get tired of getting out my laptop to see my family while I am on the road. Having a phone with an FFC would make my life better and make business travel a little easier. My wife has an iphone 4 with a FFC but I would prefer not getting an Iphone 4.

    • Rilesman

      It truly amazes me how people will so excited to blast/flame/reply to those who desire a certain feature in a phone like FFC. So what if they don’t want one… should not dictate to others what they want or desire. No replies required. Same thing for those that still prefer a keyboard (I am not one of them).

    • Deke218

      Don’t you need a iCrap 4 to Icrap 4 in order for the FFC to work.

  • Willie

    good looking phone….but pictures arent confirmed yet, but if tmobile does read viewers comments, id love to see front facing video camera, 8mp rear camera with flash, this phone to have htc sense with andorid 2.2, a 4” screen would be nice…but to me tmobile should have features better than the evo if they really want to sell this device and call it a revolution continue…hope they set standards with this, otherwise this going to be a fail

    • immadroid

      if this is the device, it looks like a 5mp camera with flash (the 8mp sticks out a bit like the evo and incredible)

    • Stream

      Those features would be nice but you shouldn’t take sides against the g2 if,Tmo doesn’t deliver your requests. They’re doing enough “revolutionizing” by making it an hspa+ phone. I’d be lucky to have the original g1 completely taking advantage of hspa+!!!

  • mikeeeee


  • Slick Vic

    Wow! Nice phone. Although, I won’t be getting it. I’m not a fan of physical QWERTY keyboards, anymore.

  • rpinazo

    Whats up with the keys still having european symbols on them????? Are we sure this is the one coming to the U.S.? The covered phone has a slight bulge at the bottom back and I dont see one here.

    • zapote21

      Yes its coming to the US…

  • CarlosG2ftw

    I doubt tmobile wants a evo like phone…I read that sprint looses around $300 for every evo they sale…i know that I wull be getting this sexy classy looking phone…I just love the way it looks…I might keep my vibrant or I might sell it to get the g2 faster…OMG I love the G2…cant wait for it too be released…

    • 2FR35H

      Lol this is more pictures of the gawd damn prototype. Note how engadget blurred the serial number.

      Are you sure this is the finished product pictures for G2?

      • alex32

        this is the finished product. I dont see the blurred serial# from these pictures. Where do you see them?

        This is one hell of a phone, and the thought of it coming in september 29 kills me. I seriously want this to come out september 15 like it was rumored before. I cant wait.

  • taaars

    Hope the g1 users get what they want from this phone. I would be hard pressed to get a phone that did not have a super amoled screen (or better). Plus to me
    a slide out keyboard always scares me, just one more thing that can break :)

  • droidfan

    Im at the verizon store, currently typing this with a droidx. I saw how the droid 2has a3.7inch screen and man is there’s huge difference. The 3.7 looks so small to the obvious 4.3. 3.7 looks small competition wise. The g2 should have been 4 inches…

  • coolMANDINGO

    3.7 inch screen !!! FAIL
    @droidfan…. i was thinking the same thing

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    See my pic, this is obviously a screen that tilts, like the Touch Pro2.


    • alex32

      i agree with you, thing phone obviously tilts, if you look at the picture (where its open) the top row of the keyboard is covered. For it not to be covered, you have to tilt that screen

    • williamkray

      i don’t think it’s a tiltscreen. i think the pictures are demonstrating that the screen doesn’t just simply slide up, it lifts up, and slides down in an elliptical motion. kindof like how the g1 didn’t slide up, it swung out to the left and up.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Sidenote, I agree that the screen can lay flat like in the pic, but IMHO that hinge mechanism looks as though it also tilts. The Touch Pro2 also functioned the same, laying flat or tilting.

    If it’s not a tilt screen, then T-Mobile is dropping the ball on phone design because the tilt screen is a hot feature. It’s far better than a kickstand.

    • joel

      It’s be great if it tilted, but I don’t think it would be “dropping the ball” if it didn’t. And IMO, it won’t tilt. Hinge mechanism looks to small for HTC to rely on it for tilting.

  • tacos rule

    any confirmed specs or price yet? I also hope it comes with a decent speaker. Still using my G1 but hate how low the speaker can be at times when using gps or speakerphone

  • Alien_VS_Creditors

    I was planning on getting the Vibrant next month. Without knowing the full specs of this phone, do you guys/girls think i should wait for this? I really dont care about the keyboard. Usually phones with keyboards are pretty thick like the Cliq. But if you guys had to pick one, which would you pick? And i’m not including other phones that might come out. I’m just comparing these two phones!

    • joel

      If the keyboard doesn’t matter, then get the Vibrant IMO. This phone will probably be on approx. the same level.

  • mahogany1

    As you know when it comes to phone selection TMobile ain’t the brightest so you know it will not have 4.0 TMobile keeps disappointing in the Android race. How can you allow your competition to get ahead of you when you introduced Android?

  • Barry

    How can you even mention 4.0 when 2.2 isn’t even the norm yet smh. Besides 4.0 probably wont come out until 2012 there will be hundreds of phones launched between then and now.

  • jazzmanmonty


    a post today that seems pretty revealing.. we can see that the mytouch hd has all the specs we like to see on the g2, but will the hd also be hspa+ compatible? i just find it weird that g2 will come with 2.1 and hd with 2.2..and sense on both..hmm..idk

  • Barry

    So are you sure that the DHD and the MTHD are one and the same? Not sure if the G2 will have sense because on the teaser website it says a Google experience. And the 2..1 thing doesntt make any sense the rumored version was stock 2.2 Guess we’ll have to wait and see on that.. The mthd would have to be hspa+ right? To set it apart from the evo. Also if those specs are true that pic we saw a couple weeks ago supposedly being the mthd would have to be fake because there’s too much bezel around the earpiece to be 4.3″ as others have stated the same observation.

  • Barry

    Correction “G2 with google”* pretty sure if it had sense there wouldn’t have been emphasis on the with google more than likely it would’ve said with HTC sense but again it’s a wait and see.

    • LuckyStar

      I agree regarding the phone having HTC sense skin, I came across those rumored specs and hoping they will be the real deal at launch:

      Android OS w/ HTC Sense
      3.7? Active Matrix OLED display
      1 GHz Snapdragon Processor
      Landscape slide-out QWERTY keyboard
      5MP camera with autofocus.
      3G HSPA+
      WiFi + Hotspot capabilities
      Bluetooth 2.1 + Enhanced Data Rate

      As you can see there is a possibility of having sense over the stock android and no FFC. I am wondering if the “wifi + Hotspot capabilities” will translate into UMA.

  • Ivan

    Has anyone else noticed that the ‘ALT’ options are different? I think this is some europeon version but i also think were getting this in BLACK and possibly Graphite like this too i guess, and with the basic ‘ALT’ key options and since this is Tmobiles first HSPA+ phone maybe the US version will have a FFC. From what I see theres a volume rocker, a micro usb charger port, one microphone and one ( maybe two ) voice / noise cancellation microphones. and if you look carefully, you can see below the volume rocker a little slot, perhaps a HDMI out? or maybe thats the charger and on the other side is the HDMI out, cause most of the time ( i think maybe al the time ) the charger and the volume rocker are on the same side. i also see a camera probably 5.0 MP -.- w/ Flash and a cheap speaker. The screen also looks like it can tilt lke the Touch Pro 2 wich pretty much replaces a kickstand. A Touch Pad that HOPEFULLY LIGHTS UP FOR NOTIFICATIONS! HOPEFULLY IT ALSO HAS A PROCESSOR HIGHER THAN 1 Ghz and a screen larger than 3.5 and 512 mb of RAM or else it cant get Gingerbread. Or beter yet make it ship with Gingerbread! ;D

    • Marc

      Well it has the TMobile US dots on it.

  • Jesus

    so since theyre saying “Google Expierence Phone” its Vanilla Android ? If it is im Drueling for this bad boy.

  • ZMeister

    these pictures cant be true looks like a 2 year old htc model nothing like a breakthrough technology here

  • Ivan

    @ Jesus, Yes that does mean Vanilla Android, Probably all G’ Phones will have Vanilla Android just to keep up the tradition

  • Barry

    That’s what I’ve read but Walmart of all places (don’t get me wrong I love “the Walmart” lol) posted the specs of the G2 and listed was amoled *hard to believe * HTC sense *IMO hard to believe* and android 2.1 again *hard to believe*

  • ghost99k

    dammmmm it tmobile put their signature crappy silver metal bezel around the trackpad.i hate when they do that,it makes the phone look like a cheap or a samsung quality phone.the first original g2 or the g1 blaze(pic) looked a bit better.but im still getting this to put on my HTC collection.

  • Big Jake

    Okay.. first off, if this thinga ma jig is “spose’ to be a new pace for tmo & a pic is worth a 1000 words, why in the phuck is it sitting next two an outdated iphone “3g” at that & not next to say a moto droid 2?, true or not?, and even tmo said they wernt gonna “market” this or the mthd by saying its a secret launch, I bbelive this phone is not ment to compete with the evo nor droid x, but instead ment to tide over g1 users while at the same time showing what hspa+ can do, these two phones are small arms warnning shots “nothing special”, 4.3 munnitions chips later… final thought “phone does look as dated as the phone next to it”

  • wp7

    oh my god not only is this phone ugly but they crippled it with android… why tmobile. why?

    put windows phone 7 and i might consider this one….

    • alex32

      windows mobile in general is a fail, and so will windows mobile 7.

      • Carlos?

        How is windows mobile a fail?? It has had a long successful life of 10 years Compared to a mear 3yrs for android…people dont understand that android is nothing but a Rip off of windows mobile and the iphone combined…windowz mobile has ran its place in the mobile world Nd wp7 is here to continue that legacy…smh you forget that windows was the modern day Android a few years ago…most all technology eventually gets replaced by something newer and better…just like models get replaced by younger better looking models…. I REALLY WANT THIS PHONe! I DONT Care about specs anymore…I would much rather have it than my vibrant…

  • Manny

    My hopes for this phone…

    hoping these pics are some kind of prototype

    -I was reading an article on a different website (cant remember which one, if this sounds familiar to anyone, please let me know what website it was) and they said there source saw the G2 and he said it definitely has a FFC. and this was before these pics came out.
    -hopefully it tilts
    -im fine with it shipping with 2.1 but hopefully it comes with 2.2. as long as it doesn’t come with espresso, im good
    -Hd video recording (crosses fingers)
    …. it’ll be pretty messed up if this was a Tmobile usa version and the one thats supposed to have a FFC is going to come out in Eur…and that it will be announced Sept 15 at the HTC conference in London…that would suck

    • J1


      I think you may be refering to this article http://www.tmonews.com/2010/08/so-what-do-i-think-project-e… but if you still say yu read it somewhere else idk..

      in this article David’s source said that the mytouch hd would possibly have a ffc.. in the same article another source mentioned tmo would go with the name T-mobile G2 with google..

      Just keep in mind that the only things that are confirmed( by big M themselves) are that it will be the first hspa+ device, and its name will be the T-mobile G2 with google.. so take everything else with a grain of salt.. maybe even a soup spoon of salt at this point lol

  • Brad-fing-woods

    First i want to say get these M$ fanboys off this forum. Also to all you tards out there that probably dont even get enough from your 99 weeks of unemployment to buy this great phone. Shut your mouth grown people are trying to speak. Your free to say what you want but say it with logic in mind. FFC would be cool but not a requirement. I’m thrilled there is a flash. pretty sure there is 3.5 mm jack. honestly buy the phone return it if its not worthy. very simple.


    I hope it comes with a 4in screen or better.

    • legendary1022

      Its 3.7 more likely. Look at it compared to the 3.5in iphone. Slightly bigger. It agree, i think 4in is the sweet spot. Darn you Sprint and your Epic 4g

  • ihatefanboys

    the pic of the g2 with the back of phone showing…that port sure does look like an HDMI out port dont it ? along the side towards the bottom in case ur blind, lol

    • joel

      No, that looks like the charger port to me. It’d be great if this phone were capable of TV-out though <3

  • houston texas soho

    the evo is still the best ! 2.2 froyo

  • danny

    If T-Mobile keeps true to the G1 and myTouch launches shouldn’t we expect to see this thing in at least 3 colors?

  • http://collider.com Matt

    I don’t see it on the phone, but it’s going to have a 3.5mm headphone jack, right? We’re done with that USB converter required-crap, right?

    • Marc

      The top of the phone is not shown. And I don’t see how HTC could at this point in time, make a phone that would require an adapter for a headset. I don’t think they’ve done that in the past year at all. So I think it’s safe to say this will have 3.5mm jack.

  • abi

    somethings not right here ok fine this is the g2 but the outline on tmobiles g2 site doesnt line up….. well it does but the port….. that port on the side looks too out and it looks more like hdmi then a charger or is it both? is that even possieble? idk and the whole thing about it lunchig with 2.1 stock android ( does say with google so its going to be stock) is just kinda dumb if its stock android then it should luonch with 2.2 froyo. and all you people asking for 4.0 or even 3.0 first 3.0 isnt even out yet so they arnt going to jump to 4.0 and the first device going to have 3.0 is on verizon leaked roadmap for a taplet.

    o yea the desire z an desire hd is the g2 and mytouch hd and one last thing the specs that are out are for the uk version not usa for the desire z in uk it doesnt even have hspa+ has HSDPA so specs do and can change

  • J1


    Nice dig dude.. I stand corrected, I actually remember reading that previously..

    I wouldnt mind seeing a ffc on the g2 or mytouch hd.. I can think of some uses for it, but I won’t elaborate, because ffc is a sensitive topic and I don’t want to start a civil war, nor encite the anti-ffc folks who post on this board..

    Even if neither of these devices have ffc, its not a deal-breaker for me.. I’m more interested in seeing what type of screen tech and processor these devices will have respectively.. overall I’m just happy tmo is moving in the right direction, albeit a day late, but hopefully not a dollar short.. tmo.. ftw

  • YoursTruly

    If they would make a dollar a day prepaid data plan for all their phones, i would totally stumble out of my bed, run out and pay full price for this phone september 9th xD
    seriously, how long are all of us prepaid data lovers gonna be stuck with the sidekick???

  • Barry

    @@Abi good observation I was thinking the same thing about that bump and its nowhere to be found in those spy pics but just kinda rolled with it but its possible that this is the desire z rather than the G2. Also that old prototype pic is definitely running froyo so many things are just not adding up at this point and contradict from one story to the other… @ J1 cdhu at the civil war reference.

  • Big Jake

    Big slow moving glacier… ahhhh sounds refreshing eh?, what does a glacier do?? tears straight through big beastly vessles with violence, evo, droid x, x10, now therees our secret weapon superphone battleship destroyer with all the nuts you can muster… hope its waaaaaay better than my hd2, shouldnt be to hard right??, & its not the hardware.. its the software stupid!!!

  • butterflykiss

    Need feedback!!! I have a BB 8900 and I LOVE IT!!!! (Note: Its only for personal use) I will be getting a new phone by October or Sooner. Sould I leave my beloved Blackberry and RIM, and go for this G2 or should I get the newer version of BB 9700. I am a girly girl so i want something cute and stylish. I use my phone for Internet, and Texting… What should I do????

    • legendary1022

      Had a Blackberry 8900 last year before moving on to the Nexus One and haven’t looked back. Sister had the same phone and got her to the MyTouch Slide. You won’t regret it. Android is a modern OS, it’s time to get out of the dark ages. You like the EDGE on the 8900? And that browser? Yeah, its time to graduate into the big leagues.

      • butterflykiss

        TO LEGENDARY1022:

        Its sad to know that RIM can not inprove thier Internet Browsing they already know what thier CONS are so why not fix them. A well, EDGE yes it sucks everyone tells me you need to get a new phone thats so old school so I am really looking forward to this G2 it is the next generation of the first ever Android OS. It will be sad but, I hope not to be disapoiinted. Thanks for your Advice NOW i hope thier will be more accesories to this one then the MyTouch. Because they “Talked” about having a lot. And honestly i didnt think then did.

  • Barry

    Nvm you can see the same mark in the second pic. idk if it’s a usb port or hdmi port.

  • Barry

    3rd pic*