(Updated) Windows Phone 7 Technical Previews Hits The Internets

Updated: Slashgear has posted a 20 minute walkthrough video and we’ve embedded it below for your viewing pleasure!

I’m not sure its completely safe to say that Windows Phone 7 has been all but ignored in the recent days, weeks and months since its preview early this year, however its certainly fallen off our radar. Windows Phone has been long needed an overhaul and now more than ever it needs to bring it’s A game if it really hopes to compete with the iPhone and Androids out there. With that in mind, courtesy of some of the usual gambit of tech blogs who have posted their first impressions, or previews of Windows Phone 7, we’re getting our first chance to see if that’s really possible. Mind you this is not a hardware preview, as the phones they have been testing are for testing only so this is solely and OS preview.

Some of the comments are harsh, as BoyGenius points out regarding the phone feature itself: “We’re not going to lie, we really have no idea how people actually let the phone app get this far.”

Or Engadget, expressing a lot of love for both the Email and Keyboard options: “Let’s just put this up front: the keyboard in Windows Phone 7 is really, really good. We’re talking nearly as good as the iPhone keyboard, and definitely better than the stock Android option.”

With the leaked roadmap looking more and more accurate, we can firmly place at least one Windows Phone 7 on the T-Mobile radar and we’re all for options. The real question, are some of the glaring omissions these previews point out going to be fixed by the time this OS is ready for public consumption? Microsoft is likely ready to offer developers some serious incentives to port apps over to Windows Phone 7 but if the OS fails, Microsoft may find itself sitting on the sidelines of a smartphone movement it helped shape.

Check out the full previews below and let us know if there is anything here, anything at all that you like





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  • TMOprophet

    As much as I wanted WP7 to be good and help Android evolve even more, I am not impressed with this OS. I think Microsoft is likely showing up to the party a little too late. No one will care, they will get a handful of business minded people, but I think they will fail to get back into the game. Ironically the XBOX interegration, while appealing to many who are into that, I think that target audience is likely more into Android at this point, I dont know if WP7 will be enough to pull those customers.

    • David

      @ TMOprophet

      You are simply so wrong. There is no such a thing as a little too late. People who use “a little too late” basically are clueless about market and future of technology.

      • TMOprophet

        In this instance, for me to be wrong, WP7 would need to be groundbreaing and revolutionary. However from what we have seen it is neither of these things, so therefore I am not wrong, there is indeed logic to the “little too late” idea. So in this case, you sir are wrong.

        And in several months, after WP7 is an obvious fail, dont say I didnt tell you so :)

      • Steve Jobless

        Actually, what you saw is an unfinished product. If you ask me, playing DLC (down loaded content) from your console on your handset is pretty innovative.

      • TruFactz

        playing dlc from your xbox to your phone is very innovating? i coulda swore i told Sony that when they showed the psp doin that with the ps3……

    • TMOprophet

      you imposter stop…… the real tmoprophet loves this phone. i hate yhou. stop ruining my life… i…ii…….i love wp7

      • watbetch

        lol you guys are funny, anyone in here a while knows you are the fake

      • watbetch

        lol you guys are funny, anyone in here a while knows you are the fake

  • James L

    so what would make wp7 groundbreaking and revolutionary? having an interface that is just like android and ios? lol. the whole look and feel of wp7 is like nothing we’ve seen.

    • TMOprophet

      IMO the interface looked unnecessarily complex and layered, I think it could be simpler, If I knew the answer to how to make it groundbreaking, then I likely would make more money than I do, as microsoft still cant figure this out themselves, they always over complicate their UI.
      And yes it is unlike anything we have seen, but that dont make it good

      • now_onTMO

        if you think the UI looks complex and layered or whatever you wanna describe it, then it could only mean that it is different and revolutionary and groundbreaking as opposed to how the former OS and UI looked like..
        we don’t know for sure how people will approach this new concept, but the only thing i know based from what i see is that it looks unique and more advanced compared to android and ios, it’s an improvement.. but it’s just the UI anyway, there’s more to a phone than just the interface.. we’ll see

  • now_onTMO

    i like the UI.. definitely looks better than iphone’s bleecch UI.. LOL
    i love android! :)

  • Joe

    its = Possessive pronoun

    it’s = It is

    Not that hard…

  • just some dude

    Oh man I figured out what the UI reminds me of “Tetris”. LOL Yup this freaking thing looks like Tetris. The only difference is Tetris is fun.

    • John

      @ just some dude

      Oh you again in Windows Phone related post.

      Everybody knows you are just a tool and troll. All you do is spam and talk crap. Go back to you hole again…

      • just some dude

        @john, I talk crap when I see crap.

    • John

      @ just some dude

      No. You are crap and that’s why you always talk crap.

      • just some dude

        No the phone is crap and that’s that. lol this is funny, i arguing with someone how likes this thing. oh god help me.

  • just some dude

    “Tetris UI”, coined here first.

    • coolMANDINGO

      Good one because this phone and the “tetris ui” will fail miserably! they should stick to laptop and pc’s. if microsoft wasnt so lazy theyd still be at the top of the game.

  • coolMANDINGO

    this video had me like 90% of the video “SPEECHLESS”. this phone sucks.

    • Smith

      Your comments sucks too! ;)

  • Wilma Flintstone

    HAAA!!! @ 1:36
    “Hey dude”
    “Did you get my mms”
    “Google Voice doesn’t do mms”

    Do you guys think that was intentionally put there as a shot at google?

  • HEMI 922

    WP7 wont be leader in the mobile market.. It wont be complete with Iphone and Android, Meego, Bada.. Meego and Bada just are new platform OS, they have multitasking , app switcher, and copy & paste.. MSFt is no excuse for many missing features in wp7..

  • Sgt. Cell

    The software is only as good as the hardware. MS is getting a little too like Apple. Don’t try to re-invent the wheel.

    • Peter

      @ Sgt. Cell

      You tried too hard and you faild…

  • mark
  • http://www.youmobile.org Rafael Feeback

    Microsoft is not any stranger to having companions galore in the telephone business, however its lineup of manufacturers for the upcoming, surprisingly promising Windows Cellphone 7 launch isn’t any much less impressive. After loads of rumoring, Microsoft has confirmed that Dell and HTC might be making Home windows Phone 7 telephones, in addition to ASUS, LG, and Samsung who had already been confirmed. All of these companies ought to have their stamp on hardware by the top of the yr, with the launch of the OS still vaguely slated for the “holidays” We now have little doubt that every one five manufacturers can build some compelling, sexy hardware, however we’re significantly enthused to see Dell really stepping into the sport after the spectacular Streak and that drool worthy leak a short time back. read extra at http://www.wp7forum.com fans group.