Sprint CEO Dan Hesse Thinks A Merger With T-Mobile Makes Sense, In Other News, The Sky Is Blue

Well I suppose this is hardly going to come as any surprise that Sprint CEO Dan Hesse has said that a merger with T-Mobile makes sense. Shock and surprise right? I think with the recent “article” (if one can call it that) of T-Mobile’s demise next years we can all admit that the carrier needs to do something. Competing against Verizon and AT&T for any carrier especially T-Mobile and Sprint is becoming increasingly difficult in light of their tremendous quarterly gains. A merger would place them right back into the game with a combined customer placing them squarely into third place, but by an amount significantly smaller than where both carriers are now. Of course, Rene Obermann, Deutsche Telekom’s CEO stated that no multi-billion dollars would come to fruition this year, but 2011 isn’t that far off.

Let’s be completely honest and say that while the concept of the combined carriers is great in terms of subscriber count, the different technologies and other incompatibilities would mean some serious long-term considerations in order to successfully merge the companies. We can only hope that if such a merger were to come to pass, that it would look something completely unlike a Sprint and Nextel debacle and that Deutsche Telekom would lead the way.

Intomobile Via Financial Times

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  • http://www.brandnblaze.com GoDJ

    Say it ain’t so?

  • bjoseph

    i don’t know what to say about this or what this supposed merger entails
    but as long as tmobile gets more powerful phones then i’m all for it

  • Luke

    If this happens and Sprint takes the lead than its hello at&t. I have had Sprint before and will never have them again.

    • TheLight

      The article said ,”DT would lead the way” which means they control the brains and money if they merged so Sprint would have to switch everything over to GSM and have to improve in customer service greatly.. hope that makes you feel better..:) I dis-like every other carrier, T-Mobile USA isnt going anywhere cuz of people like me.

      • larry

        I agree. I’ve had VZW and ATT and would consider passing on a cell phone all together if they were my only choices. That said i havent tried sprint but from what i heard i want TMO to be the customer service and tech end of this deal. I just prefer GSM.

      • http://www.volkswagen.de quailallstar

        If T-Mobile USA ate and absorbed Sprint then I don’t see it as being a negative thing. I just HATE CDMA devices – so lets hope, if this switch/merger happenes, we keep GSM SIM card enabled devices.

        Who’s with me?

    • sgt. cell

      I have to agree, Sprint to me was the worst carrier ever. 6 years with T-mobile, not looking to go back!!!!

    • crazydog

      I’m with you. Sprint s@cks

    • http://exohxomusic.com dannyo

      Just out of curiosity – why does Sprint suck? I don’t have any experience with them, so I’m just interested to hear why they’re bad…

      • SHAWN

        This is why they are bad. I got a new blackberry on sprint, noticed it doesn’t say 3g on the signal even though t-mobiles bb phones do show 3g signals. I also puchased an android sprint and a couple basic other phones.
        I call call them up the first day…the conversation went a little something like this:

        Sprint Rep: Sprint how can I help
        Me: Yes, my new bb phone doesn’t show 3g signal
        Sprint Rep: BB phones never show 3g signal
        Me: I’ve owned BB in the past with another carier, it showed a 3g signal.
        Sprint: look its how bb works okay, your phone wont show 3g signal, its how bb is.
        Me: Can you please explain, so even though I’m not showing 3g on the BB will I get fast 3g speeds or no?
        Sprint rep(starts to get really bitchy): BB uses a different system, dont worry about it, shouldnt affect your speed.

        Umm okay… so I change the subject

        Me: I noticed on the BB, when I first got it, it didn’t ask me for a PRL update. But my 4 other phones on sprint immediately asked if I would like to do a PRL update, can you help me update the BB PRL also please.
        Sprint(now being a total bitch): Why do you want to do a PRL update?
        Me: Umm to make sure I have the latest update
        Sprint: You don’t need to be playing around with your phone. Why you going in your phone and messing with the settings, you dont need to be playing around with your phone like that.

        This is where i lost it. I said “excuse you, I own these phones, I paid for them, ill mess with the settings all day if I want. the reason I asked is because the other phones automatically did a prl update, this bb didn’t”

        we went back and forth for another minute, I told her she was rude, and it’s non of her business why I want a prl update, and never to ask me why i’m messing around with my phones settings.

        end of conversation.

        That was my first call ever to sprint customer service. Now you know why they are rude?

  • Ben

    O. Lord please no I like I said sprint is ok with service but ther CS Sucks! We don’t want you Sprint go away find some other company to bug

    • 2FR35H


      if they merge you would still be dealing with t-mobile customer service because its about Sprint merging w/ Tmo not vice versa. If it was vice versa then you should be worried.


        Is this “Merging” or buying out?

  • Ashish

    @ David – I just saw unboxing and proper feature review video of Samsung Captivate from androidandme. why can’t someone do the same for Vibrant. Wirefly one was just showing some screens here & there – ppl would really love such articles at this time.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I like many in here go off topic in threads, but your post is really, really off topic.

      Why not post your comment in the Vibrant stories.

      Here is another off topic, to keep in sync with you:

      On the news: George Steinbrenner just died of a heart attack.

    • hi!

      wirefly is mostly interested in pointing out the highlights of the phone considering they are trying to sell it (like you probably noticed in the “review”) so they’re not exactly an unbiased party.

    • Kyle

      Well, seeing as the Captivate is the EXACT same phone, that review should do the trick for you.

  • http://magicbluesmoke.org longcat

    If T-mobile wants to spend billions just for a frequency allocation, T-mobile should buy Sprint, take down Sprint’s 1900MHz CDMA2000 network, and put WCDMA(UMTS) on it. Anything less would just be uncool.

    • TheLight

      I agree but I dont think it would take billions and HSDPA is faster than UMTS since UMTS is a building block to HSDPA and +. lol..so I guess I agree that they should buy Sprint but dont stop at UMTS go to HSDPA then it would cost billions.

      • God

        Go read a book. Please.

      • TheLight

        I read the Bible all the time :) Just got done with Luke

      • God

        It shows.

      • TheLight

        Thank you…and God bless you

      • Tig

        Read something that’s not fiction next time.


        Don’t get this religion thing started. Not here… Not now… Not ever

    • eddy

      Actually Sprint doesn’t own their own network anymore, if I recall correctly they now lease their own network. I.E. all we would really need to do is give Sprint customers new phones that support T-mobiles network. We would still need to build out our network to support twice as many people but we wouldn’t need to purchase any towers I don’t believe.

  • Barry

    Nooooooooo!!!!!!!! This would suck for both carriers how would the cdma phones works on a gsm network? People keep saying T-Mobile is gonna disappear…I say sprint goes first. there was a article yesterday on one of the android sites where Dan Hesse was saying due to the shortages of evo’s it was costing them money and hurting their ability to expand their 4G coverage. It was a very good article but coincidentally he says this the next day I think sprint is done. T-Mobile is like the Nintendo Wii of cell phones they make products for families and kinda stick to that while neglecting their core gamers (phone geeks) while ppl enjoy Mario xyz…(MyTouch xyz…) the core gamer wants the killzones’s, the uncharted’s, resistance, infamous, (sorry I’m a ps3 owner lol) just like the techies want the Droid X, incredible, evo (gag lol) etc. I think they should stick to their roots somewhat where they don’t neglect the family aspect, but release some high end stuff in-between, adverstise more. I also think they should take advantage of their NBA partnership maybe having a NBA TV app or something similar to NFL TV. But the vibrant and the fall/winter lineup seems to be an effort in making a turn around.

    • alex

      ps3 all day :D

    • TheLight

      GSM and CDMA phone cant operate on the same network..they run on different bands and CDMA(Sprint) is very old compared to GSM(T-Mobile and AT&T) will have to upgrade to GSM… Great PS3 game line up by the way…lol

      • tmogeek

        There are a few CDMA/GSM phones out there. Verizon markets them for their international customers, in deference to their partner Vodaphone. Since limited funds are available, it is likely they would wait and upgrade both networks to LTE and rely on existing CDMA/GSM network for legacy devices. They could spin off the Nextel network to raise some $$$$.

      • Davidohio

        Actually gsm is older than cdma. It was developed by the french long before cdma.

      • TheLight

        I stand corrected @davidohio

        just thought it was for some reason…

    • 2FR35H

      This is how I figure it. They can either go fast with it or slow. How this would work? Sprint announces the merger. T-Mobile does one of those recycle programs where you trade in your phone and get $100 towards one of t-mo’s and apply 2 year contracts to your account. that would be fast. or they could take it slow and just slowly start releasing gsm phones on their line up etc and people slowly buy into the conversion from cdma to gsm.

    • God

      It’s really not as difficult as David always seems to think.

      The existing CDMA and GSM networks STAY IN PLACE for the time being. No changes to those.
      2011 – iDen gets shut down entirely (which is already on Sprint’s roadmap for ~2011/2012)
      2011+ – The AWS band continues being used for UMTS/HSPA.
      2012 – use Sprint/Clear’s 2.5ghz band for early LTE rollouts. Continue supporting WiMax, but halt investments and expansions.
      2012 – use ~5-10mhz in the AWS band for LTE rollouts.
      2014 – shut down the CDMA network. Refarm Sprint’s 1900mhz spectrum.
      2016-2018 – shut down the WiMax network and refarm that spectrum for LTE.

      Due to international roaming, the GSM network will exist for another decade.
      If a merger happens, the CDMA network won’t go down until all of those 45 million CDMA users have had their contracts expire and until they can be moved to another network (either UMTS/HSPA or LTE).

      Instead of fearmongering out of ignorance, I wish David would read up on business strategies regarding this scenario and inform his readers.

  • 2FR35H

    Lol is that darth vader filling up a gallon of water in the ocean? cheap azz darth.

  • Barry

    Ps3 in the hous…um sorry back to business lol


  • currator

    let me break it down so you guys realize what they are doing. sprint uses wimax its a true 4g only by name not speed. i was reading yesterday the d.t. was trying to do something with wimax sprint owns i think 51% tmobile said they would front the money for wimax to be true 4g in terms of speed. a merger would be a plus do you realize the kinda phones we would get the droidx type and the evo type and we would have a 4g network that would push out a lot faster then verizons lte. in the end its gona be all lte for the big 3 or 4 hell metro pcs is rolling out lte in vegas. once its all up you get super lte which could see speeds of gbps thats the really fast stuff

    • God

      HSPA+ ALREADY pushes out faster than Verizon’s LTE. Stop getting caught up in the hype and look at the real evidence.

  • mattopia

    Sprint already operates two incompatible networks due to their merger with Nextel – the Sprint CDMA network and the Nextel iDEN network. It has to be a pain to maintain two separate networks and two separate sets of devices. Adding GSM to the mix seems a little out there to me.

    From a business perspective though, perhaps it does make sense. The two combined would approximate the size of AT&T, and Sprint could co-locate GSM equipment on their current CDMA/iDEN towers, and vice versa, to consolidate tower use and expand coverage on both networks.

    If such a merger happened, I hope the things I like about T-Mobile stay in place – no nonsense contract free packages at very reasonable prices, backed by quality customer service.

    • God

      Sprint doesn’t operate their own network anymore. That was sold off to Nortel or something. That said, there is a LOT more in common between GSM/UMTS/CDMA than there ever was between iDen and CDMA. On top of that, apparently SprintNextel didn’t even have a plan for integrating that network, and they solely focused on cutting costs.

      Sprint’s woes with iDen are due to their own cheapness, not any inherent flaws in having two networks.

      For example, T-Mobile *already* runs two networks. The GSM and UMTS networks are 90% different.

      • tmogeek

        Sprints network is maintained by Ericsson. Hesse sold their Engineering and Operations division to Ericsson. 6000 Sprint employees suddenly found themselves working for Ericsson. Ericsson has been thinning out the staff ever since. Has anyone seen a new Sprint or Nextel cell site? I haven’t seen one built in my area in over 2 years.

      • God

        Ericsson – yep that’s right. Either way, check out howardforums. There’s actually a thread full of recent updates talking about new cell sites (since there hadn’t been any new ones for a while).

  • Barry


    Both articles are from yesterday…now this. Coincidence? Dan Hesse…”Cmon Man ?” we don’t wont or need you.

  • Reder

    If a merger happens, what happens to current contracts? Is there an opt out? I’m a loyal T-mo customer of 6 years after leaving Sprint, and I don’t want Sprint to get another dime from me. Customers have to have some kind of power in their choice, right?

    • God

      You’d still be a T-Mobile customer. As long as your contract doesn’t get changed by the resulting company, you’re still locked into your existing contract.

    • 2FR35H

      I think you guys are all getting it twisted. T-Mobile is NOT going merge under Sprint its Sprint merging under T-Mobile Name. You still will be loyal T-Mobile. In basic terms Sprint is joining t-mo’s bandwagon not the other way. T-Mobile is much bigger than sprint because tmo has a european division as well as USA.

      • Reder

        If that’s the case then I’m all for it, so long as they keep T-mo’s customer support and plans. I’ve got a stellar legacy plan, and I’d cry if I lost it.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Not that my vote matters, but you are correct.

        People seem to forget (or don’t know) that TMOUS is a subsidiary of DT, it’s not an independent company (albeit TMOUS has a corporate structure with a president, etc.).

        So any talk about TMOUS should not be focused on TMOUS only.

        DT has 255,000 employees and reported $82 billion in revenues last year.

        In anyone’s book that’s a big company.

  • tonka

    i think combining technologies won’t be that difficult. it’s like how some BB devices are “world” phones on verizon. it supports both cdma and gsm. i’m sure the same technology can work for a sprint/t-mo conglomeration. with sprint and t-mo offering the lowest prices and the most features, i just hope that IF they merge, the combo won’t turn the two into a “me-three” entity that nickels and dimes its customers more so than they already do.

  • mingkee

    Is DT interested to get Sprint? Only they knows.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Sprint is a dog with fleas (and some ticks too). I doubt DT is interested, unless Sprint wants to sell the Company at fire sale prices, maybe $3 to $5 billion.

      • God

        even at $12-15 billion, sprint is worth it. Their spectrum holdings alone are worth about half that. Tack on their customers and you’ve got yourself a pretty good purchase.

  • pimpstrong

    LMAO @ the picture

  • going_home

    I like TMO the way it is, the best customer service.
    A merger would no doubt screw that up among a lot of other things.


  • currator

    i know that hspa+ smokes verizons lte speeds by a whole lot thats why you dont see them braging about there speed cuz it sucks makes me think when att and bellsouth cell companies came together and phased out cdma. were did they unload all there old cdma stuff i think sprint and verizon lined up and bought it lol no matter if its new or old cdma stuff cdma is old tech should have been removed a long time ago

  • Rilesman

    No…no no no….bad idea.

    Increasing Frequency allocation is good but not significant to deal with ATT and Verizon in approximately 5 years (my estimate for rolling out services on new frequency allocations).

    Sprint customers is not enough for a win and the costs for 3 types of networks, poor infrastructure, and the debt that Sprint has built up scream of NO.

    I predict Sprint will be the first to fall, followed by T-Mobile. Sprint will not have a buyer but T-Mobile might get something at the end.

    Personally I hope T-Mobile wins but they truly need deeper market penetration. (cannot even find a store in Central IL is an example).

    • Reder

      There’s a store at the mall in Champaign.

    • God

      And last I checked, TMO has offered 3g in a couple cities in Central IL before ATT did (although ATT had a 5 year head start).

      That said, TMO is already operating two almost distinct networks (GSM and UMTS), Sprint’s phasing out iDen by next year anyways, and CDMA can be shut down over a 5 year period (if not sooner). And the 2.5ghz spectrum would give TMO the spectrum they need for LTE-A

  • Wilma Flintstone

    actually the sky has no default color. The color comes from the sun’s rays penetrating the earth’s magnetic field which bends the light to make the colors we see whether it be blue, red, orange, gray, purple or whatever. I like Astronomy and couldn’t let that opportunity pass.

    now on topic, I for one would like to know the positives and negatives of the merger. Without blatant fanboyism. What would Sprint gain and what would Tmobile gain?

    • Barney Rubble

      Um the sky being blue has nothing to do with earth’s magnetic field. The blue color of the sky is due to Rayleigh scattering. As light moves through the atmosphere, most of the longer wavelengths pass straight through. Little of the red, orange and yellow light is affected by the air. However, much of the shorter wavelength light is absorbed by the gas molecules. The absorbed blue light is then radiated in different directions. It gets scattered all around the sky. Whichever direction you look, some of this scattered blue light reaches you. Since you see the blue light from everywhere overhead, the sky looks blue.

      Oh and !@#$ Sprint!

      • Wilma Flintstone

        You’re halfway correct on that. I would get into a debate with you about the sky and how it gets it’s color but both of us agree that it isn’t blue so the point made still stands that it isn’t defaultly blue.

        And again, what are the pros and cons of this if this did happen? That question is to someone that can answer it with some form of intelligence of the matter. That is not an insult to you so don’t take it as one Barney. I just want someone to point out the pros and cons of this if it were to happen.

  • jmts80


  • Flgirll99

    Hmmmm…this could be good in that Sprint seems to focus a lot lately on the phones (which T-mobile lacks) and T-mobile has great rate plans combined with awesome customer service. Adding the two together, if done right, could result in something great. If not then it will be a massive FAIL and then I’ll just run over to Verizon. lol We’ll see what happens in 2011.

  • Flgirll99

    Oh and that pic cracks me up! LOL

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    OK, my comment is too long, but I am going to post it anyway so TMoNews shows up in the Google search:

    Hesse is gasping for breath. Anytime a CEO publicly talks lovingly about a merger, etc., that means the company is desperate and looking for someone to save it.

    While Sprint has subscribers, it has nothing else to offer T-Mobile in an acquisition, merger or partnership. The biggest problems are that Sprint has a horrible reputation and it’s hemorrhaging cash.

    Sprint is like a nice looking car that has superficial appeal, but on closer inspection one discovers the engine is shot, the tires are cheap recaps, and the interior has a stench from the driver smoking cigars.

    As I said before, T-Mobile (DT) is the bigger company, its market cap is $55 billion, Sprint’s is around $12 billion. So if something happened between the two, DT would be calling all the shots. E.g., they would fire everyone at the top at Sprint.

    But not to worry, T-Mobile US is not going anywhere. Just be patient. And note the T-Mobile of today and compare it with where the Company is at in 2012. You will see a better company all around.

    Sidenote: I disagree that T-Mobile is in trouble or that it cannot compete. Firstly, TMOUS is a division of DT, so when determining how healthy (and successful) T-Mobile is, you have to look at the entire company, not just TMOUS.

    Second: Everyone seems to be forgetting all that T-Mobile US is doing.

    1. Handsets: TMOUS will be launching its first HSPA+ Android superphone (made by HTC) in September (most likely the Vanguard).

    Additionally, TMOUS has announced that the Sept. superphone will be followed by another HSPA+ smartphone, in time for the holiday season.

    These two superphones will join TMOUS’s webConnect Rocket, an HSPA+ USB stick.

    Things have changed. People now want high end handsets for $200 or less. T-Mobile now gets it, so give it a chance to get up to speed, so to speak.

    2. Data and Speed: TMOUS is proceeding at a rapid pace to assure that by the end of the year that 3G reaches most people in the U.S. with a smartphone and is planning for rapid deployment of HSPA+ and (maybe even LTE depending on what DT thinks of LTE in its other markets).

    Don’t be too hard on T-Mobile for falling behind on speed and spectrum. Consider this report by Nielsen:

    [W]hile smartphones may be getting more and more features and capabilities, a significant number of their users don’t tap into those features. Nielsen analyzed phone bills from some 60,000 U.S. mobile phone users, Nielsen finds:

    25% of smartphone owners don’t use data service at all, instead sticking with plain-old voice and SMS service.

    33% of U.S. smartphone owners don’t subscribe to a data plan.

    By the end of 2011 only 50% of cell phone users will have a smartphone.

    So T-Mobile lagging behind on 3G/4G speeds, data and accessing the Net is understandable since there has not been a need for high speed data services. (To be sure, last year the majority of cell phone users did not know why one would need a data plan, much less knowing what a data plan was.)

    The important thing to notice is that T-Mobile is doing things to remain competitive and grow. IMHO TMOUS and DT are cautious. They don’t rush products to market nor make hasty decisions.

    Look what happens when companies rush to roll out a product. The Evo is advertised as the first 4G phone, but here in San Francisco I cannot get Sprint’s 4G. Interesting concept, to advertise a product as available, but it won’t be as advertised. (Even worse, Sprint is charging all Evo purchasers $10 monthly for the Evo because it’s a 4G phone, even if the customer cannot get 4G. That sounds about right for Sprint.)

    And the iPhone? LOL… we can see how that went with Apple rushing it to market. Class action lawsuits and a “Don’t buy, use duct tape” recommendation from Consumer Reports.

    Anyone saying TMOUS is dying or cannot compete is getting caught up in the minutia of situations such as the Vibrant not having an FFC or LED flash. LOL.

    • tmogeek

      TMUS cannot do business as usual. VZ and ATT are adding 1million+ subs per quarter and Sprint and TMUS are at negative net adds. That scenario cannot continue. TMUS and Sprint might be forced to merge just to cut operating overhead and claw their way back to profitability. Incompatible networks can be overcome. The value is in the spectrum and Sprint is spectrum rich and TMUS is spectrum poor. TMUS needs spectrum to grow, and FCC auctions draw deep pocketed speculators that TMUS could avoid with a Sprint merger.

      DT is expecting a return on its investment, not ownership in a small 4th place carrier with a shrinking subscriber base. Unless DT starts dumping $8-10 billion/yr to build out their network to put it on par with VZ’s get ready for a sale or merger.

  • pimpstrong

    Why doesn’t customer care or store reps know the Vibrant full price yet??

  • getreal

    Sprint sucks period. Nothing more to say.

  • Kevin

    i hope this doesn’t happen. i like that t-mo has gsm phones and no data caps.

  • slysy

    I’ll use a cup and string before I go back to Sprint.

  • woot

    Is http://www.sprintnews.com available? This will be awesome!

    • TheDude

      There is already a huge sprintusers.com community and I think they have Sprint stuff covered. Tmonews could potentially be done for if the actual T-Mobile brand name disappears. And face it, the T-Mobile brand name (in my experiences) is associated with crap service/coverage and dropped calls – which has NEVER been the case for me (although it was when I was with Sprint) – but it’s all about association.

      • David

        That’s what you think!!

      • rickb928

        Every carrier has complaints about dropped calls and crap service/coverage. that’s a red herring.

        I come from Maine, where there are significant challenges to coverage. My two places I visit now, Ogunquit and Yarmouth, have terrible coverage. In Yarmouth I barely got EDGE last weekend, and 3G only in Portand – and not in the suburbs. AT&T roamed me but would not complete a call or a data connection. VZW was readily available. Ogunquit has unique topography that just cripples my G1, no point in turning it on until I get close to the village. Now, if I were staying in Old Orchard Beach or Freeport, my story would be different.

        Your location is most important to your expeience with TMO and drops/coverage issues. But no carrier is immune.

  • jay555

    Well hopefully this means that T-Mo is swallowing up Sprint. Because if it’s the other way around, OMG…there goes T-Mo’s customer service and get ready to start paying a “premium” fee every month if you want a decent Android phone.

  • TheDude

    Losing Tmo’s awesome customer service would suck, but if they pry me away from my grandfathered plan (and don’t come out with something as equally good for the same/better price) then I’m gone. Off to Cricket or MetroPCS.

  • mike

    The reason why Sprint hasn’t killed iDen is because of a contract with Motorola,they do all the repairs and work and provide ALL the iDen phones for Sprint. Sprint has tried to sell the network and Nextel to Moto but they won’t buy the Nextel,only the network for now,I think once the contract is over Moto will have to pick it up or loose a major revenue stream. But how they will handle running a wireless company when they aren’t doing so hot themselves I don’t know. For now Sprint is tied to iDen until the contract is over 2012. Sources,Wallstreet Journal, TheStreet.com,dailywireless.org and Sprint management.

  • cj

    i hope so if they merge tmobile will have sprints cool phone cause tmobile phones suck

  • daEducator

    A Sprint – TMOB merger will be cool. I hope TMOB adopts some aspects of Sprint’s plans – such as unlimited nights that start at 7pm instead of 9pm. A good compromise will be unlimited nights that start at 8pm.

    Another thing could be unlimited calls to mobile phones.

    I’ve been with TMOB and I loved it. I left because of price and limited coverage, especially in small towns outside the major free-ways.

    I am currently on Sprint SERO which is the best plan out there. I also have excellent Sprint coverage where I live, work, and play. If there is no Sprint signal, I get to roam on VZW.

    So, in my experience, CDMA has been cheaper for me. I still love GSM mainly because of SIM cards, and ablity to easily use an unlocked GSM phone. A merger will be great.

  • jrperiod

    Here is my thing. DT is in charge of Tmo USA now, and they have sat back and watched Tmo USA for all intents and purposes under achieve for the last decade in all aspects except customer service. I think and this is only my opinion that if we where to take over sprint you will see all of a sudden the phone selection shrink. I just don’t believe that DT values Tmo USA.

  • J1

    @michael: nice post you made some really good points

    The last phone I had with sprint was the kitana smh I don’t even remember what yr that was.. but soon after I defected to tmo for the sk and been here ever since..

    Tmousa is like a diamond in the rough, with the only thing holding it back(imho) from reaching their full potential is/was their phone line-up..

    I say was bc as micheal alluded to it seems they have seen the light and are moving in the right direction(maybe a day late but hopefully not a dollar short).. as evidenced by their purported “road map” to glory and investment in their hspa+ network

    Guess by the end of the yr well know one way or the other..

    Sidenote: the worse thing about the potential merger is that mailmam would technically be a tmo cust once again smh.. my heart and prayers go out to the c.s.r. that would have to deal with that douche lord smh lol

  • rickb928

    Three points:

    1. Merging Sprint & TMO gets them bigger, but still third. If being third is such a disadvantage, why is being a bigger third better? Answer – it is not. Some other synergy must be found.

    2. Merging these two requires someone to give up their technology, whether TMO abandons GSM (NOT happening) or Sprint giving up CDMA (practical) but keeping iDen alive for a while longer (again, practical). So creating a larger GSM player has appeal, but does Sprint bring any coverage improvements to TMO? If not, this is Sprint’s play to get a better coverage map. Will AT&T extend roaming to this new carrier? Will WiMax survive? Does this fix any service issues? Again, I don’t really think so.

    3. A merger might make the two more viable, if you can work out the debt and technical issues, but truthfully, it seems to me to be a desperate stay-alive measure by someone. TMO? Sprint? Actually, if both are dying a lingering death, merging spreads the pain but the end is still the same.

    My entirely amateur and unqualified recommendations? TMO should continue to focus on customer service and carve out the Android niche. Let AT&T struggle with the iPhone’s success, and VZW can rely on coverage. Sprint is the odd man out, and a merger should be based on their serious long-term problems. Can you make a living on very high-speed data in not quite all metro areas? Sprint would become a player of they could convince Apple to make a WiMax iPhone. Not happening. So Sprint would benefit the most from a merger with the coverage bump TMO would offer, but TMO just gets more subscribers that would be forced to change something – either phone or carrier. Merge to induce churn? I don’t think so. This does not yet make business sense unless Sprint is throwing in the towel, or TMO will run with Sprint’s ‘4G’, despite having a good alternative already in reach. Verdict – not happening.

  • mikeeeee

    i bought 100 shares of sprint the first time the rumor surfaces @3.87.

    sitting @4.49 now.

    if it pops on hesse’s statement i’ll sell and buy a new phone with the proceeds.

    like to see it hit 5.50.

  • http://tmonews.com BenNYC

    If this merger would help T Mobile receive more high=end powerful smart phones then I’m all for it. T Mobile also have to take the lead on this merger as well. I had Sprint before and they are horrible along with there customer service. If they take the lead I will curtainly have to move on to another carrier.

  • phonegeek

    not a big deal a merger with sprint would mean money after they spend money just some economics have to get handled.. thats about it

  • tmoloyal

    I switched from sprint years ago because my bill was always in flux. I never knew how much i owed them and it was always some sort of extra charge each month. It drove me nuts. TMobile has been good for me and I hope that if this happens, the new company adopts more of a tmobile atmosphere than sprint. As far as the technology, which will we use, please let it be tmobile.

  • TMoFan

    I would hope that T-Mobile would keep what they have, that none of their other compettitors have: phenomenal customer support and the best rates. If any of those would be lost, T-Mobile would loose its identity.

  • alex32

    I am not sure if this is a silly question, along with the fact that (in my opinion) the launch of tmobiles hspa network and android superphones by the end of the year will help tmobile catch up in the competition in terms of phones. In subscribers it would help tmobile buy sprint. I am not liking the fact on sprint buying tmobile. Any how i could care less if tmobile has little subscribers, that means i can fully use tmobiles amazing 3g and 3.5g network all to myself, unlike att struggling with its many iphone users and network fail.

    if this is going to happen, id rather have tmobile buy sprint..along with that..i’ll get my sprint nascar updates without a problem (:

    silly question: if this does happen, that means tmobile subscribers will be able to use sprint phones like the EVO right? (then again this kind of process would take forever and by then better phonnes will come out)

  • Logic

    How often do you people use Tmobile’s customer service? People tout it over and over… I really don’t see this as a huge benefit.

    • Macknifetx

      In the 5 years I have been with Ymo, I have used Customer Service about 5 times, one was for am early order on the MT3G and once was to order the WEbconnect Rocket. Each time I have called the reps have been friendly and knowledgable, and were able to assist me with whatever was needed. In the past I was with Sprint and Cingular and would call their CS about dropped calls or error on bills. Each time I called them I had to ask for a supervisor because they were rude and could not help me. Even after speaking with a supervisor, I still did not get any satisfaction. You may not cal CS that much, but it is nice to know they are there when you need them ad they will do what they can to help you

    • Rilesman

      Let’s simply say I will never go to Sprint or ATT and of the 2/3 times (one time was an epic failure on my part but handled nicely by T-Mobile in saying I was screwed) were success.

      By and Far my experience with T-Mobile is the best.

  • Logic


  • JackRussell

    If Sprint takes over T-Mobile, then I am done here, and will probably end up with Verizon or something else. I had a royal battle with Sprint years ago over their bungled billing, and I refuse to ever have anything to do with them.

    And it really makes no sense either as they have incompatible networks.

  • En2Mente

    Maybe this is sprint’s way of telling t-mobile to buy them off.

    • alex32

      i hope so

  • dee

    i never been with sprint in i hear all these stuff about them sucking they dont suck that bad because t-mobile is in fourth place to there third, there ahead of t-mobile.

    • En2Mente

      I had sprint back in 01 never had signal in my area, and would get my voice mail messages 3 days later. They could offer unlimited everything for $20 a month and I’ll still refuse to go back to them

  • analog spirit

    LOL @ that picture.
    It looks like Vader is checking the sea water for purity, ‘cos you know, after that whole disastrous Alderaan incident, they’re trying to present a new image as a cleaner, greener Empire. LOL

  • Shon

    I think if this Merger went through then it would be best if the name of the Company remained Tmobile. However I think Sprint’s plans are definitely better, Nextel would remain the same as it is now, and GSM would definitely be the way to go. There is one problem, if this did happen, if they go with CDMA, then ATT is the only major gsm carrier….even worse, if they go GSM then verizon is the only major cdma carrier. How’s that for competition. As is, it’s likely Tmobile will be absorbed by ATT and Sprint by verizon, leaving 2 main cell competitors, basically cdma vs gsm. EEEEkkkkkk. sorry I scared myself.