• socalfrank

    Yes, T-Mobile…we have nothing better to do with our lives then play clue games to see what other new boring handsets you are planning to try to pawn off on us.

  • Nobody

    I’d hardly consider a 1 gig processor and a 4 in. super amoled screen boring… oh, and its an android… how sad your life must be :'(

  • Henry

    Totally agree….

  • Sebastiaan

    Well it’s something about a Samsung phone… But which one.

  • sam

    the problem that i see with samsung phones is the factory software that they use , look at the be*%@# 2 that now finaly the 1.6 update is released and still the phone lack the smoothness of the G1

  • NiiDiddy

    exciting…!! ;)

  • http://soapboxuniverse.blogspot.com/?spref=gb K. Ray

    I just saw a video on youtube/Endgadget that the new Iphone will loose signal streangth if you cover the wrong spot on the Iphone. You can fix this by usuing a phone cover. It is funny that they made such a big deal about the new antenna system and it has a flaw. I’m glad to have the urge to wait on Android.