New Upgrade Policy Coming July 1st

Beginning July 1st, customers that upgrade through T-Mobile Customer Care will be required to pay for their handset upgrades at the time of purchase by credit or debit card instead of billing the charges to their T-Mobile account. EIP customers will be required to pay the first installment only in addition to the Upgrade fee and shipping costs. As for non-EIP customers, T-Mobile will require you to pay the full payment. Customers who want to pay by check or cash will be required to visit their local T-Mobile store to complete their transaction. Government and Business accounts are exempt from this policy change.

Why is T-Mobile going to enforce this new policy? According to Magenta, changing this policy will also create consistency by aligning all of Customer Care with the “pay up front” policy currently used by FlexPay and Retail. How does it effect Magenta? In the long run, these changes will increase revenue, which would go towards improvements with Customer Loyalty offers and network expansion.

What do you think about this new policy change? Good, bad, don’t care? Let us know in the comments!

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  • dubya504

    Android 2.2 is coming to MT3G but you gonna have to pay for it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RICO

    That’s crazy! You’re lying dude…

    • dubya504

      Do you have it yet? Everything else is getting upgraded like the nexus 1 has it and many others. Did you read Tmonews statement in the article?

  • derrickps3

    bad, now we won’t be able to get the phone we want until we get all the money????? CRAP!

  • N 6700

    who needs to upgrade. Screw the stupid T-mo phones!!! Go unlocked instead. My contract is done since Jan’10 and I am not going to renew it.

  • ray

    I should have stayed with Verizon….

  • Tito

    This isn’t that much of a change…

    You’re already required to pay up front if you want it sent somewhere other than the billing address.

    You’re also already required to pay up front if you go to the store for the phone.

    You still have the option of EIP to spread out the charges.

    I don’t see what the big deal is?

    I personally like this change because now I don’t have to choose between having the charges delayed a month but wait a week for the phone or go to the store and get it right away but also pay right away.

    I think this will shift sales more to the store as well as entice more people to take advantage of EIP if they still want the cost spread out.

  • Vision77

    I’ve been paying up front for my phones on T-Mo since they had the Nokia 6600….and that includes the phones unlocked treo 650 and the Htc Tytn…It looks like I will continue to pay up front because I don’t wanna give up my Unlimited Loyalty plan…Plus I don’t wanna get raped on my data plan eitherl


    I work for Tmobile at a call center, I think is better. People Always try to complaint about all the charges, one of the things this will help is to reduce this type of calls.

    • Shawn

      Since you work for t-mobile, can you logically explain what the 18 dollar upgrade fee is for. Other than some random fee to collect money from customers who are commiting 2 more years to t-mobile.

      I also think 36 dollar activation fee per line is crazy.

      • The Man

        TMO charges these fees for one simple reason…because other carriers are doing the same thing. When they started charging upgrade and activation fees, they straight up said it was “to better align our procedures and charges with competitors”.

      • blakburry

        And also tmobile was one of the last carriers to charge this upgrade fee. Many people complain about all the charges we have but really tmobile is always one of the last to charge many of the fees other carriers have already been charging.

    • dubya504

      And still we have yet to see Froyo on the Mytouch original handheld like it was stated we would in your employer magazine promoting the Mytouch slide.

      • thizmobile

        expect froyo to be on the mytouch slide within 30 days. I was told also that it will be on the mytouch 3.5mm but no date was given.

  • Esther

    bad. why not spend more time and effort on the network? I’m waiting for my contract to expire.

  • Kyiske

    How is this different than you walking into a Bestbuy and getting a tv or ordering off some infomercial. No big deal, if you’ve got the money cool get an upgrade, if you dont then whats the harm in waiting.

  • Kirsten

    I like it. Now I can just buy a phone instead of my dad seeing the bill and automatically assuming he has to pay for it.

  • Carlos

    My contract expired a year ago so why would I have to pay $499 for the New Samsung Vibrant phone and new customer can get it for $199. How does this make any sense. I don’t care having to pay for the phone, but I’ve been a loyal customer to the 4th largest carrier for 10 years suffering through the bad selection of phones they had to offered and now they finally have one that I’m willing to upgrade and they want $499. I might has well switch to another provider and get a better phone from either Verizon, Sprint or AT&T. Doesn’t loyally count for anything any more.

  • Lisa

    I’ve also been a loyal customer of Tmobile before they were Tmobile. If anyone can recall their previous names, Voicestream, and I believe Omnipoint. I don’t think they are interested in longevity. I recently upgraded one of my lines on May 11th 2010. At that time, I was told I would receive the same deal to upgrade the other line effective July 2nd 2010. When I attempted to complete my transaction in July, I was then informed of the policy change. I was not aware of it prior to my purchase attempt. However, I do feel considering I was told by a Tmobile rep that I could receive the same deal as of July 2nd, Tmobile should honor the verbal agreement. My phone is old and on its last leg. I have called several times and was told the same thing. My monthly bill is extremely high. I have purchased all of my phones directly from Tmobile. I expect to be treated fairly. This really sucks!!! Not sure if I want to renew my contract!!!

    • Wingedlightcarrier

      Call retention and they will take care of you. They really don’t want to lose your business with all of the up and coming phone companies available now without contracts…just ask for the retention dept and tell them how they broke promises and what a loyal customer you have been.


    i thank you all make hold for you customer who bend with you all for year

  • carmen peterson

    Bad.  Because not only did they remove the installment plan they raised the prices since less phones are being upgraded at 22 months.  I am due for an upgrade and the prices are crazy.  I am not paying $100+ for a equal or better phone (I have a BB) when my car payment is only $113!