Customer Loyalty Also Has Free Phones For Qualified Family Line Upgrades?

Tread softly with this one, as its still early and I have no idea whatsoever what I am writing. This is an unconfirmed report and your mileage may vary in success.

We are receiving word customers who are FULLY ELIGIBLE on their phone lines, as in 22 months since your last upgrade can contact T-Mobile Customer Loyalty and qualify for free devices WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. Just to reiterate and clarify, it MUST be 22 months since your last upgrade as override eligibility will not be given on this offer. No rate plan changes are required (and this offer will not qualify for Even More Plus customers), shipping and upgrade fees apply and a 2 year contract is required. Something else to keep in mind as I am hearing it, if you purchase a device via this offer and then decide to return/exchange, you will not be able to take advantage of the specialized pricing (read: free) on a replacement device. This is a ONE-DAY ONLY SPECIAL and individual lines MAY NOT qualify for this offer. As the in-store father’s day special is reserved for family plans, so is this loyalty offer.  Happy hunting!

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  • David M

    Called 611 spoke w/reg customer service and asked to be connected to customer loyalty, she asked a few questions and xfer me. I was able to get the Mytouch Slide I ordered on Tuesday for free, and asked about my line which had four months till it was eligible for an upgrade she was able to get me a second MyTouch Slide for free as well, also got unlimited family txt for 9.99. I’ve been with Tmo for 7 years. They are really busy right now, so it pays to be really nice to the reps, other wise you probably wont get jack haha… Thanks for the great tip was really bummed about not being able to take advantage of todays offer, this makes for a great weekend.

  • phonegeek

    man this is tempting but the mts just doesnt seem worth it i think i need to wait smh :( dangit i need a good phone my mt3g is getting old

  • hurycne

    Its ashamed after 9 years I have to threaten to cancel before we can get anything because we are already customers.

    • Stillwaiting

      Yes, sometimes you have to play “the game,” a sad but true way telephone and cable companies do business

  • Jon

    crap crap…. My wife and I have family plan and we’re both out of contract from initial 2 yr contracts… we just bought her the slide a week or so ago for $180.. wish we could get that back…

    I’m personally waiting to get a discount on a better phone with my upgrade.. happy with the nexus one for now…

    • cholo

      buyers remorse is 14 days..go ahead return the phone !!

    • thoughtSausage

      this rumor has been going around for a few weeks. where have you been dude?

      • Jon

        That rumor was for adding a line to a fam plan or starting a new plan.. not upgrading..

        Seems silly returning it, I’ll just call T-Mobile and see if they will help me out or just tell them I’ll return it and re-buy it otherwise..

  • Dan

    Success!!….kind of. Made attempt 2 a few minutes ago…asked right away to be pushed through to a Supervisor or to their Customer Loyalty department. The woman, Amber, was very nice & asked why I needed to speak to a Supervisor. Told her the situation with my wife’s G1 being an issue with the keypad & not being able to send out coherent texts on it anymore. She pushed me through to a Supervisor (7 minute wait) named Calvin who at first was kinda a dick to be honest with you. Told him about my wife’s phone and how she really wanted a white Slide but they were sold out. I let him know we’ve been with the Mobile for 5 years with my number being from 2003; I asked him anything we could do about getting a black Slide for a cheaper price. He asked a bunch of questions about when you first inquired about getting a new phone & where I went. T-Mo store in Cheektowaga, NY was no help & didn’t want to help me out at all. Calvin put me on hold for 15 minutes to make me sweat a bit while he called around to a few other stores to see if they had a white Slide that I could get. He gets back on & says he’s still checking but his screen just came up with some deal – he asks me what phone I have (original MyTouch) & then layed it out for me – Black Slide & White Slide for the price of 1. Somehow he was able to get a White one for me (no idea how….). Total cost was $350ish with $100 in rebates. After he came back on the line he was a really cool dude – friendly & personable. Go figure…. Not what everyone has been getting with regards to 2 free phones, but this was a good deal none the less. I really can’t argue with it. I was prepared to get my wife a White one for full price two days ago, now I got the BOGO with a White one to boot & considering how hard it’s been for everyone to get a White one I’d consider it a success in the end. Be patient and friendly, it’ll get you a long way in life in the end. And if you have an old Android plan change it online to save $5 bucks….now $30 a month but not advertised

  • Cesar

    I just got a my touchslide and a blackberry bold for my wife and only had to pay a shipping fee of 19 dollars!!!!

  • Ricardo

    Shoot, when will the individual plans get some love?

    • cholo

      ricardo magenta loves you

  • unknown

    It’s sad to see people taking advantage of loyalty to get a new phone when you don’t qualify for the upgrade yet. People are spoiled now a days and cry for everything. This is the reputation we built around the world. If you want a new phone that is a choice you’re making. Be ready to pay for the consequences. Open up your wallet or shut up.

    • davidohio

      yep very true and it costs t-mobile lots netnn when thousands of people do it. Then people want cheap data and plans etc. It all effects the bottom line and prevents t-mobile from growing like they should.

      • Cowee

        Not too bad though cause it gets people locked in the on the internet if they didn’t have it already. All I see with this promotion though is fraud. T-Mobile is all about reducing churn and this is not the promotion to have to help with that. I know plenty of people that went to stores and are turning the phones after the rebate comes to make anywhere from $200-$300 per phone after paying a ETF. Does nothing for T-Mobile other than create short term customers.

  • worked 4 me

    Unknown shut ur face. Wireless companies make plenty of money by roping people into iron clad contracts.

  • Jeremy

    Not totally free but ended up buying 2 slides for 129 each and getting 3 free with none of the phones really eligible for the upgrade. The rep started by offering 129 for each slide with none free to to the motorola cliq xt for free. I guess it pays to sound uninteresed cause he finally said the best he could do was the buy 2 get 3 free on the slide. Who knows might have gotten them down to all free but it seemed like a pretty good deal. Good luck to every one trying to get an upgrade!

  • Dan

    Unknown…eat it. Yeah….I wanted a new phone & complained about it. My whole deal was I didn’t want a refurb G1 for my wife and didn’t want to get a new G1 considering it’s outdated. If Customer Care were to get me a White Slide like I wanted in the first place I would have taken it. If I could have gotten the Black Slide with money off considering that isn’t the one I want then I would have taken that too. I wasn’t asking for the world with free phones & such – it was offered to me.

  • Jeremy

    unknown, no crying here. T-mobile could simply say you get nothing at this time. Instead they will ensure they have me as a customer for quite a bit longer. No threats of canceling and no crying needed.

  • Jim A

    Thanks to TmoNews and the notes from some other posters I was able to upgrade to an HTC HD2 today via Customer Loyalty. My G1 was well past its usefulness and I was really thinking of moving to ATT. However with their network issues (soon to get worse?) and the additional $40/mo my plan would have cost, this was a win win for me.

  • blam!

    existing 8-year customer, just got a 3g slide for free! woot!

  • tokinotabumblb

    I didn’t get a free phone, but I’m still pretty happy. When the automated machine was on, I said “cancel service”. I was transferred to retentions a.k.a. Customer Loyalty, and I told them I am cancelling because I want to take advantage of the sale. I am only 6 months into the second line and I have the loyalty plan plus preferred web, and I got a discount when I wasn’t eligible for a full upgrade when I bought my own Slide. He said with the EFT included I would save $700 in 2 years if I kept my line due to the discounted plan. He offered me $197 for the phone instead of full price. Let me say it is a steal for me. I am very happy with the decision and I always love T-Mobile’s service.

  • nkog

    i refuse to sign a new contract with tmobile. it seems like to me that contracts are played out and no contract is the way to go. especially with tmobile since they have better rate plans for non contract people.

    • cholo

      there you go..a contract is not for everybody…

  • James

    I absolutely adore T-Mobile. Their customer service is really terrific and it’s so nice that they appreciate loyalty. I spoke with a rep today, explaining that I had called and spoken with someone in Customer Loyalty just 2 days ago to confirm the details of the Father’s Day promotion. They had assured me on Thursday that my wife and I (who have been fully eligible for upgrades since last autumn) would NOT be able to take advantage of the free handsets for families deal today. So, my wife and I purchased two myTouch Slides on Thursday evening, and we were able to do so with the BOGO offer. I read these forums this morning and felt sick to my stomach after learning that several people in the exact same situation as my wife and I were able to call in and receive 2 free myTouch Slides without having to add a line or anything (exactly what I was asking Customer Loyalty less than 36 hours ago.) I called this afternoon, just to see if there was anything they would be able to do, since I had made several phone calls to T-Mobile all through June before the details of the Father’s Day Sale were really known, just trying to make an informed decision when it came time to purchase our first smartphones. They put me on hold for a few minutes this afternoon, then came back and offered a kind discount off my next bill, a credit of sorts. Certainly didn’t have to do that, but they empathized with my feeling a bit mortified that I had called a few times this week and was assured that I certainly would not be able to do better than BOGO. I was very appreciative and thanked them several times for listening to me and working something out. Every bit certainly helps, and I’m truly grateful for T-Mobile’s customer service. Little things like this will keep me as a customer for several years in the future, so I’m more than happy to continue paying for my cell phone services with this company because I feel that they DO care about my wife and I as customers, and that will go a long way because I will continue to give them my business for a long, long time.

  • Frank

    got the MT3GS also for free :) tmobile is great at helping me from getting replacement batteries for free and everything

  • hybridr6

    Thanks Tmonews for pointing out this deal! We called and got 4 free phones 2 mytouch slides and 2 nokia nurons.

  • Mud Dog

    Worked for me @ 2:30. Said “cancel service” when prompted on the automated system and then entered number for a call back in about 10 minutes. Told the rep I was planning on switching but wanted to see if I could take advantage of the free phone deal. He checked my account (currently off contract) and said no problem. Super easy, although really bogus IMO that you have to threaten to leave to get the deal.

    Now the not so good part. I then had him transfer me to someone who could add the AAA 14% discount…had been waiting on this as you have to sign a new contract to get it. After about 25 minutes on hold was told that there was no longer a AAA discount! Only free activation. Changed a couple months ago. (I talked to them in March and it was still active.) Told the rep this was the only reason I started a new contract and would probably send the new phones back. She transferred me back to customer loyalty. Loyalty rep couldn’t do the AAA discount, but gave me some other discounts to get me to the same spot.

    All in all, a lot of work, but I’m happy with the result! 2 free phones and a super cheap plan for about $5 in shipping!

  • Bill F

    I had trouble getting past the first line service, but once I got to Customer Loyalty they were wonderful and more than willing to send me a myTouch 3G Slide (Black). Even better they grandfathered my $20/month data plan. T-Mobile is keeping this family for a LONG time.

  • Goomba2010

    T-mobile is amazing. I have been with them since 2003 as they are also my first cell company. I have had the original mytouch since November and have replaced it about 6 times for issues that I have constantly had. I went into my local store on Thursday and they did some things to try and fix my current issue on my current mytouch then told me to contact T-mobile directly on Saturday.

    Anyway I did and spoke to an associate who sounded like a jerk when my phone disconnected again. I called back and waited on hold for about ten minutes then spoke to another associate who told me that he was going to talk to a specialist. Mind you I had expressed my situation twice now. I was transferred and on hold another twenty minutes till I got a specialist on the phone. I explained to her all the trouble I have had and she put me on hold again. After about eight minutes she came back on the line and told me they were going to send me out the phone that I had mentioned after I told her that I was about to add a third line just to get a new working phone and slide my current one under the bed.

    So now I have a new working phone on its way… Wow, great customer service.

  • Manny

    It took me three attempts, two very rude CSR reps. But at the end of it all they reimbursed me for the Mytouch slide and Nuron I got a week ago and I got my dad a Nuron too. They put the $20 internet on my and my wifes plan and gave me the $9.99 family messaging last week. I have Nexus 1 so I didn’t get a phone but I might wait for the Galaxy next month. Spent a total of an hour on hold. First rep was very nice and transfered me to Loyalty right away, but I got rude loyalty CSR. On call back got rude CSR who wouldn’t transfer me to loyalty. Third call CSR was very nice and transfered me to loyalty. Patrick at loyalty took like 10 seconds to make the changes to my account. So I guess I won’t be getting my Evo from Sprint.

  • K. Ray

    Now hear this Android hold outs! I spoke with a rep at the Shack (Radio Shack) He told me the rumored device is cumming to the shack in July. He advised he could not confirm specs. The device should be a merge of the HD2/EVO. The windows mobile will be discontinued. It will have the latest version of Android 2.2 preinstalled and could not confirm price. If you wanted the EVO but are frustrated by TMO this is the one you’ve been waiting for.


    CONFIRMED PLUS!!! called in right after i saw this post this morning, and was able to get the BOGO for the slides. WHITE ONES!!! (my fiance will be happy) got the three day shipping waived also. THEN when i went to my local mall today, i went into a best buy mobile store, they have the slides for 149 and the guy said he would honor the BOGO, so i called magenta back told them that i wanted to cancel my order so i could get the cheaper price, very nice lady said that the order was already processed due to the nature of today’s sale, and agreed to give me a $30 bill credit to even the price out. so total i will pay 149 for both WHITE mytouch slides…what a day!!!

  • speculation

    Had a very positive experience with customer loyalty, rep was very nice and helpful. The computer system was slowed to a crawl but it payed off to be patient and kind. New mytouch slide is on the way, she grandfathered my data plan and waived the upgrade fee, my total for 4.99 shipping and .25 tax. Thank you Tmo news for the tip and T mobile for awesome customer service!

  • druzhok

    Its awsome, thanks you guys for help and heads up. I just ordered my phone for free its Mytouch 3g slide. I called 611 and then I said that I want to cancel one of my lines. After waiting I got a call back and a lady told me that I can’t get another phone because i needed to add a line. So then I told that I want to talk to a supervisor, and after she asked about the reason, I told that my phone died. She told me to hold on the line and then she set the order for Mytouch 3g slide with shipping free and everything else free.

    I am a happy T-mobile user now.

  • PoloKidd

    I recently upgraded phones in March and tmobile still gave me free phones…so I ordered a BB9700 and HD2….free everything.. I was just nice

    • Mohammad

      Wow really? Other people were 11 month into their contract and they were turned down.

  • Nick

    As a T-Mobile emp at a call center it really makes you sound like a bitch to cry and complain like this. The best way is to be a nice, real person. Most you guys who call sound like females at the mall. If you want something pay for it. I’d rather cancel most of the big ass babies than listen to their sob story for 10 minutes.

  • Nick

    As a T-Mobile emp at a call center it really makes you sound like a bitch to cry and complain like this. The best way is to be a nice, real person. Most you guys who call sound like females. If you want something pay for it. I’d rather cancel most of the big ass babies than listen to their sob story for 10 minutes.

    • unknown

      That’s what I’ve been saying! Most of these guys just want to cry and cry and milk the company and not pay anything. Hundreds of posts talking about milking loyalty.

  • JimS

    just wanted to add another success story. Called customer care, said cancel, got a call back 14 minutes later and my MyTouch 3G Slide is in the mail and will be here by Wednesday absolutely free.

  • IhaveDASH

    the current wait for call back is 1 hour and 22 mins….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tmofan

    I love how everyone here is thrilled with T-mobile when they get what they want, but you know will cancel as soon as they don’t get their way the next time. Yay loyalty

  • IhaveDASH

    can you people post how many months u had left on ur contract…. that would be helpful

  • loyal customer

    I called….free phones are there…unless its a smartphone…..then you need to pony up data plans!

  • JustMike

    Another option if you don’t want to play the disgruntled customer game – has T-Mobile phones for a penny today. No rebates, free shipping, and they have all three colors of the mytouch slide. You just have to be eligible for a 22 month upgrade and you’re good to go.

    • Guy

      The site says that you need to activate a new line. Where are you getting this part about being eligible at 22 months?

      • JustMike

        You can upgrade at just have to answer the questions to add it to your cart and checkout. Appears to work for individual or family plans.

  • Dan

    Upgraded my phones in October 2009 – grandfathered 1000 Family with $35 Android unlimited plans. So what…14 months left. I’ll admit that some people are just trying to get free free free and act like asses doing so. Being nice gets you places with Customer Service….worked in it for a while when I was in college. Was I expecting to get BOGO on MyTouch Slides this afternoon?….nope. Just wanted to see about them lowering the price for a Black Slide because White was supposedly out of stock & my wife’s G1’s keyboard was going nuts. Am I grateful & appreciative that Calvin did his due diligence to help me out – hells yeah I am. Always appreciate people/companies going the extra mile because I always do the same & I know there aren’t a whole hell of a lot of people in this world left who bust their ass & try to make people happy. You think for one second you would have gotten anything today from Sprint? ATT? Haha…Verizon? Hell no….Yeah, phones might be better on some, better coverage on others. But when you have a question/issue you are SOL. Thanks Mag for being always awesome

  • John G.

    This really works people.It will require some patience on your part though. I went to a Tmobile store at 8:30am and waited about half an hour just to be told “Sorry, we can’t help you”. I have been with Tmobile since 2002 and have been out of contract since 2004. I have two lines and the store rep said I would have to add two more, and then cancel the old ones to get the deal. I would then lose my numbers and my old SunCom rate plan. All in all it would cost me $200 out of pocket and take my bill from around $130 to the $195-$200 range. Discouraged I left and went to Sprint, but they were closed, so I went home and checked out TmoNews to get a few tips. I saw this post and made the call, 3 in fact. There is a lot of waiting and transferring, but it is worth it. I didn’t give them any story at all, I simply told them I wanted to get in on this sale and asked for customer loyalty. After 2 disconnects the Customer care rep got me though to customer loyalty. Customer loyalty rep Josh said “How can I help you?” I told him I wanted in on this deal and I hear you can make it happen. He said we have lots of differnt rate plans to offer outside of the norm, and then asked me which phones I wanted. I said MT3G slide and HD2. “No problem” he says. The only change was my old plan going from $79.99 to $89.99 unlimited minutes, $20 per line for unlimited Data, and $5 for unlimited messaging. Josh had me set up with 2 new phones in about 15 min. My new bill for everything is $140 a month. All free of charge. No activation, no upgrade fees, no “rebates” of any kind. The only thing I had to give up was my time and $5 for shipping. So this week my wife and I will be new owners of an HTC HD2 and MT3G slide. Like many of you I was losing faith, and feeling left out on the all the deals, but today renewed my confidence in Tmobile. Thanks TmoNews for the tip.

  • NewSlide ;)

    Thanks to the info I found here and a crap visit to a T-Mo retail store, I called and got a free upgrade. I currently have the original Behold and really wanted a slide. A friend told me about the free phones deal today so I stopped in a store, where they told me the deal was only for new customers, which really upset me as I have been a loyal customer with them for 5 yrs. My friend was bugging me to just open a new line to get the free deal, which didn’t seem worthwhile in my opinion, when I found this article. Well 3 (dropped) calls to 611, and two dropped personal calls later, I was really pissed and might have actually cancelled when I finally talked to a rep who offered me a free upgrade right off the bat!

  • crybabies

    I’m definitely glad people are getting deals on upgrades. I do agree that if you are not eligible you shouldn’t get the deal. Also, workd for me, I have yet to see an iron clad contract. Even when people get prenups and then decide to get a divorce many times those do not hold up in court. Anyways, thats for another day.

  • NewSlide ;)

    but also according to the rep I absolutely had to add a $20 data plan to my line which was being upgraded, even though I plan to use the phone on the other line. I told him I had no need for web on this line, but “in order to get the upgrade” it was necessary.. I asked if I could cancel later, and he told me it would be a part of my new contract.. This seems inaccurate to me as web has always been an add on service, and never part of a contract.. I plan to try to cancel as soon as get my phone.. Any insights on this?

  • czaplin

    Just called cs and asked to transfer to loyalty. I was very kind and she gave me free mts (they have only black ones) despite I have 6 months left on my line. I also asked for $25 internet and it wasn’t a problem. So hurry up and take advantage of this offer. t-mobile rocks!

  • czaplin

    I forgot to mention that waiting time is about an hour :O

  • irko

    yes 4 new phones for free
    HD2, Neuron, equinox, and and gravity for free!!!!

  • allen

    I should probably wait for the Galaxy or something but I can’t trust that the smartphone T-Mo gets will be the one that fits my needs. I have three phones, 2 of them qualify. At the very least I’ll get one free Slide and have that just in case. My jailbroken iPhone is out of date and, lately, has been showing the “sad ipod” icon. It’s on it’s last legs.
    T-Mo Loyalty service was great. They recommended I go in to actually see the phone in person. They were right. Good call. The Slide seems like a sleeker G1. So, that’s great. When the Galaxy comes out, I’ll use another upgrade to grab that and pass this on to the wife, who loved her G1 but is starting to have trouble with it.
    Customer service couldn’t have been better. Grandfathering in my $20 data plan. No activation fee. Phone will be here in a few days.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Good job Allen. IMHO you made an excellent call. The Slide is an uber cool phone, and getting the Samsung Galaxy S when it comes out, man you will be set for a year, at least.

      I am getting the Samsung Galaxy S too. And I might buy the Slide for my GF since she is using our remaining G1.

      I have to pay full retail for my phones since I am on Even More +. I am willing to pay full retail for the Slide, so that tells you it’s a great phone.

      Sidenote: For me I am hoping I can get $50 off the Slide’s retail price, but I don’t have anything to bargain with. So I’m stuck.

      Bonus comment: Yes, pass on the Slide to the wife and get the SGS for yourself. You would be a man in name only if you gave your wife the SGS. LOL.

  • Noel

    Ok. Finally have a chance to post this. I spent an hour and a half on the phone with TMobile today. I was hung up on during 1st call after 10 minutes on hold- never spoke with anyone. 2nd call spoke with a Retention rep who transferred me back to the normal customer service line… or attempted to. I spent another 15 minutes on hold and then I hung up. 3rd attempt- I spoke with a young gentleman who told me that they could give me a Motorola CLiq XT for $99 and up my data plan to $40 a month. I told him no way. He attempted to put me through to retentions and again I got 15 minutes of dead air. I think the transfer failed, but he never attempted to check.

    FINALLY, I got in touch with Lisa in Retentions. SHe was AWESOME! I explained the fact that last week I bought and returned a Motorola CLiq XT at Costco. I could not get it activated becuse TMO wanted me to open a new account. They refused to do an override for the vendor. She was able to give me the Motorola Cliq XT that I wanted at no cost and matched my BB data plan at $19.95. In addition, she upgraded my wife’s Samsung T-429 slider (back-up phone- my wife hardly uses her phone as it is).

    I’m a happy camper, my BB 8320 was falling apart. Loved it, but have a feeling I will like the Android phone even more…


  • Johncl84

    I called this morning to try and upgrade to a mytouch slide for free but somehow I agreed to pay $228, now its 10pm and after reading all you guys comments I called back and in the authomated voice menu i said cancel and it sent me directly to a loyalty customer service rep, they kept repeating the same bs about 3 diffent times and i kept mentioning the forums lol, so finally he puts me on about a 3 minute hold and i get a mytouch slide completely free, let me also mention that I was 10 months into my contract lol. Have my line on my fathers family plan and hes been with tmobile for 6 years. just be presistent and you will get your free phone.

    • unknown

      @John, its spelled “persistent” and what you’re basically saying is; keep crying and bitching your going to cancel until you get your way? What if you don’t get what you want? Do you actually cancel and pay the ETF? Some people are like leeches!

      • Johncl84

        Thanks for correcting my mistake.Whatever you wanna call it, if the result is a free phone then why not???

      • grazapin

        Wow, if you’re going to correct someone’s spelling at least have your own correct:

        “keep crying and bitching ***your*** going to cancel until you get your way”

        Should be you’re.

      • unknown

        you’re right. lol. I was just a little annoyed at these posts. Thank you graz.

  • sym

    Just fantastic!!! Two free MyTouch Slides and premiere data plans. Today has been a good day :)

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Be persistent people. If retentions believes you are going to switch (and even pay the ETF) they will cave.

    Remember, T-Mobile had a loss of subscribers last quarter. They can’t afford to have that happen the second quarter, which is April, May, June.

    That’s the reason they are having this free phone promo, to get new activations (and without telling anyone, to keep YOU from leaving.)

    If you are convincing that you will cancel your accounts if they don’t give you the free phones deal, I guarantee they will cave.

    Bonus Tip: I suggest you call Sprint, get a quote for two Evos and a data plan, then use that info to tell retentions. That way retentions will know you are serious. (They know what Sprint is doing to get customers, so if you let them know the specifics, the retentions CSR will ship you your phones instantly as if by magic).

    • Matt Hatter

      Just as an FYI, those of us who work in the loyalty department can see through the facade and typically know within the first 3 minutes whether or not you are serious. You really don’t think that T-Mobile puts schleps in the retention team, do you? Great idea though, I’ve called many of people out on that one.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        That’s why I tell people they have to be serious about canceling.

        Whenever I called to cancel I meant it. I tell you the reasons why, but I don’t need to convince you.

        But you are right, those who say they have called and are faking it, yeah they are not successful. That’s because you pros can tell they are faking.

        Sidenote: It’s exactly your attitude that causes people to in fact switch. You can call them out, call them fakers or whatever, but eventually those people will switch because T-Mobile did not do anything to keep their business.

        And for sure, the decent people who are loyal customers will also remember your attitude, how they called, tried to get a good deal likes others were getting, then when Sprint comes up with a better deal they too will switch.

        Yep, you showed them. I am curious though, which would your boss congratulate you for: Detecting a loyal customer trying to “work you” and saving the company the cost of placating the customer; or saving that customer from now or later leaving T-Mobile.

        Well I am sure you guys in Loyalty, Retentions or whatever you call it are doing something right, based on what I read here. Keep up the good work.

    • Brodi

      Yes, this is very hit and miss though. I find that some will bend over backwards and others just sit back and say no no no

  • Broski

    I’m on the my touch 3g slide right now and damn is it an awesome device. Best phone I have ever had and very very fast. 9/10

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Broski… some people in here criticized the Slide, people who have never seen it. We told them that if they actually saw and use one in the store, for example, they would be impressed.

      I doubt there are many who would disagree with my opinion that HTC is the hottest handset maker on the planet (at least at this time). That should have been a hint to Slide naysayers that it would be a great device.