Customer Loyalty Also Has Free Phones For Qualified Family Line Upgrades?

Tread softly with this one, as its still early and I have no idea whatsoever what I am writing. This is an unconfirmed report and your mileage may vary in success.

We are receiving word customers who are FULLY ELIGIBLE on their phone lines, as in 22 months since your last upgrade can contact T-Mobile Customer Loyalty and qualify for free devices WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. Just to reiterate and clarify, it MUST be 22 months since your last upgrade as override eligibility will not be given on this offer. No rate plan changes are required (and this offer will not qualify for Even More Plus customers), shipping and upgrade fees apply and a 2 year contract is required. Something else to keep in mind as I am hearing it, if you purchase a device via this offer and then decide to return/exchange, you will not be able to take advantage of the specialized pricing (read: free) on a replacement device. This is a ONE-DAY ONLY SPECIAL and individual lines MAY NOT qualify for this offer. As the in-store father’s day special is reserved for family plans, so is this loyalty offer.  Happy hunting!

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  • terrasaurus

    oh man…so since i’m a poor college student still hanging on to the apron strings of a family plan for dear life, i gave my dad the lowdown on everyone’s successes and told him to give tmobile a call. after getting the waiting game most everyone has posted, he was then told that they couldn’t do anything at the moment, and that they would call him on wednesday. that was at around 11 this morning. it doesn’t seem like anyone else was given this brushing off. i’m hoping they make good on their word and still offer us the free phones. if not, oh well, i’ll just have to buy a successful person’s castoff from craigslist after all these phones ship out.

  • ryan

    I really don’t this should have been published. The promotion was designed to bring in new customers to T-Mobile and thereby generate new sources of revenue. That’s the idea behind the BOGO offer, encourage customer not currently on a data plan to get two data phones because it will generate higher arpu for those customers. By encouraging people to try to game the system like this, I’m sure you have contributed to longer hold times for other customers and reps in stores who need to contact customer service to support their work in stores, and helped to decrease T-Mobile’s success of this special offer in trying to generate more revenue and drive them past sprint. I hope that in the future, if you really do have an interest in seeing T-Mobile succeed, you will exercise more restraint in the leaking of rumors like this which can potentially damage the company you claim to support.

    • T-Mo Mike

      @ryan: wtf?

      • ryan

        It’s simple. Let’s do the math on a family of 4 who have no text messaging and have a 750 minute plan. Their plan is $60 per month, which is a total of $1,680 per two years. If that family of four calls in to T-Mobile Loyalty department and is able to receive four free phones without the activation of new lines or adding any additional services, then that $1,680 per two years decreases $680 per two years. Let’s also take into consideration that the now $680 is not all profit, some of that goes into maintinence bills, hourly pay, benefits and some needs to be either saved or reinvested. Encouraging people to try to abuse a promotion that is intended to drive new business is userous and irresponsible because it is encouraging people to literally “take advantage” of T-Mobile. The offer is for new lines only for this very reason. Anyone who has any background in business would realize this.

        It’s awesome when customers can score a great deal, but there is a difference between getting a deal and taking advantage of an offer in a manner in which it was not intended to be used.

      • Jesse

        This posting really irritates me as well. Seeing that we are a business to service our customers. With adds like this it is taking our jobs out of our hands. I spent most of today wondering why there was a 15 minutes hold time and also over 1000 people in que all day long. Knowing know it was due to a posting like this allow people to feel like they can beat the system by simply requesting a different dept for no reason.

  • Tony

    Sweet! Just upgraded and got a MTS, REALLY excited to finally get data and to get my hands on an Android phone! =) Unfortunately, it’s in black, anybody know if it’s possible to exchange it for a white MTS once they have it in stock?

    • utkarsh

      If you bought it from the store Maybe

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      You have not had data before this? Wow are you in for a treat. Android is an absolute blast with a data plan.

      And the Slide is an excellent phone with which to get your Android/data wings.

      White is a good color, but IMHO black looks really high tech and professional. (I handled both the white and black Slides. White does look good, have to admit. But black is the color I prefer. Obviously, get the color you want, not what others like. ;)

      You can’t exchange it AFTER your 14 days buyer’s remorse period expires (30 days in California).

      The better move would be to simply order white and tell them to ship it when they get more in stock. You have to wait (should not be that long) so that’s up to you. If you want to wait for white, call and cancel the order and have them put the white on backorder for you.


  • Tony

    Just called retentions at 7AM this morning. Tried several times yesterday but couldn’t get through.

    Original G1 owner since launch day 10/22/2008…16 months since last upgrade. I was just shot down for a free Slide…told I could get it for $179 with activation/shipping waived, any color I wanted as long as it was black…no red ones in stock.

    Anyone still getting the deal today?

    Also, T-Mobile and/or Google should show it’s loyalty to G1 owners…how ’bout a free or low cost Slide, Galaxy, or Nexus for us early G1 adopters…the ones who beta tested Android and made it what it is today.

    • Tony

      Actually my math was wrong. It’s been 20 months since that last upgrade.

      • utkarsh

        Yes, I got my line upgraded with the free slide. I also bought the G1 launch day. You just have to call Customer Service, the T-Mobile store will NOT do it for you.

  • Mud Dog

    Anyone store people know if I can bring in one of our new black slides (unopened) when I get it and exchange it for red at the store?

    • Frank

      i would like to know also

      • utkarsh

        I asked when Customer Service sent me the phones, sorry they said no.
        Oh well im happy with the black, still an awesome phone.

  • Elias

    Thanks to this post I was able to get 5 free EVO 4G’s, and T-Mobile is now paying ME to use their service. I’m disappointed that I only got T-Mobile to PAY ME $75 a month to use their service. I threatened to cancel all of our lines, and the lines of every T-Mobile customer in Los Angeles as well, but the greedy people at T-Mobile wouldn’t budge. Greedy company!!!

  • utkarsh

    I did this!
    My family got 4 mytouch Slides for FREE on a contract extension. I even got my line upgraded (which still had 4 months left on the two year deal). Sweet deal. Customer Service even gave us unlimited data+ texting for $20 bucks a month each. I dont know how i got them to do that. Anyone want to buy one? Ima stick with my nexus

    • nathan

      what did you say to them?

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Ryan… certainly valid points but I don’t think that’s fair.

    T-Mobile employees are under orders to not have another net loss of customers this quarter. One way to prevent that is with new activations, but the main office is also looking at the churn rate. It’s not going to do any good if by the end of June T-Mobile adds new subscribers if on the other end people are walking out the door.

    I seriously doubt that people calling from reading T-MoNews are responsible for clogged lines and whatever. What’s causing delays, lag and slowdowns is the number of new activations occurring nationwide, from in the stores.

    That is a good thing because that means the promo was a success. It also proves that in these hard economic times potential and existing customers are paying attention to value. This should indicate to T-Mobile to continue with its value pricing and to not go the way of AT&T’s tiered artificially-low data plan caps.

    Lastly, T-Mobile uses “cost per gross add” metric (T-Mobile’s non generally accepted accounting principle) to determine the cost of acquiring a new customer. I think it’s $300. While that number seems high, it’s only an in-house calculation and outside of T-Mobile no one cares about it.

    Nevertheless, since corporate considers it important, Loyalty has to consider cost to retain customers and when dealing with the “canceling customer.” From what I can tell the free phone subsidy is being given ONLY to current customers close to having their contracts expiring.

    $300 to $400 for two Slides is a justified cost (CPGA), IMHO, to put the existing customer’s two lines into the new activation column rather than in the churn section, this to create a favorable second quarter result.

    Even if the CPGA was $600 to retain a three-line customer, that cost is justified considering T-Mobile’s dismal first quarter results on activations. I suspect that corporate knows this, hence people in here getting the deals they are.

  • First Fixer

    so does any one know if this is still going today

  • brealcmia

    Get a grip to everyone that making a good deal a damn political case. Its doesn’t matter what hold time reps, agents, existing or new customers are facing in trying to reach customer care. The promotion was aimed at securing new lines of service and switching existing customers to the newer price plans. If customer care, loyalty, or retention have decided to take care of there existing loyal customer that a move not likely to be seen else where. That a sign that Tmo has the whole Tmo Family in mind not just the newbie’s, furthermore how many of these folks that have never thought about magenta ran into store to take advantage of this special will make it through there 2yr agreement? The answer is unknown but are we more likely to see happy existing customers stay around? Probably so! Do your jobs, appreciate the sale, and the opportunity to be MAGENTA. Also to Ryan if the customers are retaining the same plan but going into higher end phones that have certain service requirements they must still be meet them not just to satisfy the billing system but its also the only way so many of the higher end devices are worth having. Thus increasing those customer payout and commitments and at the very least we still get the commitment to the brand. Seriously what wrong with people nowadays over analyst and conspiracy theorist get away from the blogs pages please.

    By the way this comment was left by a T-Mobile customer since 2001 (5 years after official release of the T-Mobile brand in the US) and a former customer relations/retention/care trainer for T-Mobile.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Even though the free phones promo is over (or was Saturday a soft deadline?) I’ll post this for your future reference on promotions, and for anyone searching Google.

    See my post above on why IMHO some people are getting these free phones. Here’s my summary take on it:

    1. Loyalty or cancellations is under orders to prevent people from leaving T-Mobile, this so to prevent a second quarter of net loss in customer count.

    2. The free phones promo was (and is, if it’s silently extended in stores, the decision being left to store management if they want to still do it for walk-ins who ask about it) an attempt to increase the bottom line on NEW activations.

    3. I suspect that calls to 611 and eventually “Loyalty” or “Cancellations” were told that a rep could “fold” the existing customer into the free phones promo, BUT ONLY IF THE CUSTOMER’S CONTRACT WAS CLOSE TO EXPIRING. “Close” was probably left to manager or supervisor discretion/interpretation, but probably NOT for people with more than three to four months remaining on contract. (I have no idea what that number is, just speculating).

    4. Even then, it’s up to the person handling the call, together with a supervisor, to make the call, so to speak, if the customer would really cancel if they don’t get the free phones deal.

    (Like T-Mobile employees in here revealed, they do attempt to detect who is faking it in terms of canceling. Those people will be told no, go away, quit bothering us. And they have to remember to say “Anything else we can do for you skinflint, chiseling, low-life chump, I mean sir.”)

    Bottom line: Unless you are near the end of your contract (as speculated above what that means) or are out of contract, don’t bother with this. The free phones promo was intended to get new customers, not retain old ones via upgrades.

    But no doubt at some point Retentions/Loyalty/Cancellations had to decide what to do about existing customers who wanted to “wet their beaks” too because they saw the ads on TV, saw the store promo banners, or read stories on the Net.

    (Out-of-context: Shame on those T-Mobile employees in here dissing T-Mobile’s customers looking for a deal. In these hard economic times everyone is looking for deals, wherever they may be had. Making fun of people simply because they would like a phone that they cannot otherwise afford or qualify for, well… that’s just plain arrogant and mean. So what if they try to get a free slide, how does that hurt you. And please, don’t say “Well, it clogs the phone lines and servers.” That’s just pathetic. And it’s that attitude that caused Sprint to lose customers and $2 billion per quarter.)

    5. At the end of the day it boils down to leverage, do YOU have anything to bargain with. If T-Mobile determines you do, you will get these kinds of deals, even if on the surface you don’t qualify.

    Such people, IMHO, have multiple lines, family plans (because that counts as two++ lines), are paying $150+ monthly, have paid T-Mobile maybe $10,000 or more since account activation, always pays BEFORE an account goes into soft collections, always buys mid or high end handsets and pays for data services on all lines.

    But if you are a short term customer, one who always pays the bill late, or appears a skinflint, then just look in the mirror to figure out why T-Mobile RIGHTLY told you to take a hike.

    • David

      Amen, amen, amen, amen, amen, amen, amen, amen….and oh, amen.

  • Clay

    Just got off the phone with customer retention.I was able to get 1 slide and 1 mt3g for my soon at zero cost. My line was 20 months into a contract but my sons line was upgraded only 4 months ago. Granted we have been with tmobile for 7 years and have 2 accounts for a total of 8 lines. The rep. was extremely helpful and gave me a deal, that I was completely satisfied with.No cost for phones, shipping or upgrades. Thats how you keep a good customer happy.

  • Miss Fitz

    I was not as lucky as Clay. The rep I got shot me down immediately. :)

    One of my lines is in the free and clear, but one line doesn’t clear until November. Bummer. Oh well. Back to my geriatric G1.

  • G Man

    I just got off the phone with loyalty. I have a family plan with a G1 from 11/2008 as my last upgrade. I was shot down on a free MT slide, but was offered one for $30 or an HD2 for $50. I declined the upgrade because I could not get a red MyTouch Slide. The rep stated she will call me back when red ones are available and honor the price quote. The rep also said that Tmo would give me $150 off the new contract price should a future handset become available that I want. I decided to wait because:

    1. A $30 Samsung Galaxy S would be sweet. A $30-50 Nexus One would be even sweeter.

    2. I don’t really like the HD2, but I like the look of the red Slide.

    3. I want to wait and see if the XDA Developer community embraces the Slide to the same extent as the G1. Will I be able to port G1 custom roms such as Cyanogenmod to the Slide…I want to wait and see on this.

  • comicaze

    really mad, got completely blown off. seriously debating leaving magenta now. promotion for only some who are eligible? sounds like discrimination to me.

    • unknown

      Another happy T-Mobile customer with conditional loyalty now wondering if he should stay because he didn’t get what he wants. Comicaze you’re a perfect example why i hate these posts. It’s not discrimination. It’s called a contract AND JUST BECAUSE THERE IS A PROMO OFFERED UNDER SPECIFIC QUALIFICATIONS DOES NOT MEAN THEY HAVE TO CHANGE THEM FOR YOU! YOU’RE NOT SPECIAL REGARDLESS OF HOW MANY TIMES YOUR MOM SAID SO.

  • Jim A

    I think you have to pick your battles, I read through some posts before calling. I had thought through what I would say when speaking to Customer Loyalty. I have 7+ years, a good pay history and was at 21 months instead of the 22 from a full upgrade as I was an G1 adopter… We talked about other high end phones with carriers and how I could port my # soon enough and pay less then upgrading with T-mo. I didn’t push for everything, so I didn’t get express shipping for $5…a free phone will be here next week…I was courteous and tried not to take up too much time…..

  • mtx

    Ok, I am always looking for a good deal, as I am sure all on here are. You are stupid not to in these economic times. HOW DARE tmobile reps get on a blog like this and bash their loyal customers that pay their paychecks for wanting to get a better phone. I don’t normally do blogs but when I saw this one I was intrigued because I didnt find out about the deal until sat nite after the stores were closed. I was told on the phone I had to go to a store on Sun and they would probably honor the deal. It was up to them. I went to a store and found one willing to do it but because of logistics I couldnt do it till after I got off work. I went to another one on the way home and was told no. I was also told they were tld thru countless emails and calls that NO store was to honor the deal on SUN. I have to admit I have twisted tmobiles arm in the past and got what I wanted. It can be done, just not every time. There is almost always a way to get around things that stand in your way. You just have to think out of the box. Most big businesses pay big bucks to out of the box thinkers. Tmobile employees on here, if you were out of the box thinkers like me you wouldnt be on here posting crap about your own company’s customers. Don’t bother posting crap about me either..I won’t be back on this blog. I got my ammo for tmobile just by reading everyone elses post. Good luck all you bargain hunters!!

  • Chiapet

    So has anyone gotten a tracking or an order number for their new free phone? I was told that I’d get a text on our phone. Has anyone gotten a text with the order info?

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Not sure if my comment got posted. So I’ll repeat it.

      No worries, when busy on a successful promotion it can take up to 48 hours to get that confirmation e-mail.

      But you can call 611 and ask them to confirm your order is in the system. That’s all that counts. I’d only be worried if the CSR says “What order?”

  • mega

    I called on Saturday and got 3 free MTS’s for $5 shipping. They said they would give me the data plan for $20, but needed to wait till I get the phones so i can give them the IMEI numbers? I don’t see why they need the IMEI numbers. Can someone explain?

    I plan on selling one of the MTS’s to get the Samsung Galaxy S. Will i still have the data plan for $20?


    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      They need the IMEI so to tie the correct data plan to the phone. You will be getting the Google data plan, I think that’s what they call it.

      I don’t know if it’s wise to post on here that you intend to sell one of the Slides. Those criticizing people taking advantage of the promo are going to be all over you, as evidence of the abuse they are talking about.

      • mega

        I haven’t decided for sure if i will sell one of the slides. At least I’m keeping the other two :)

  • Bella

    Does anyone know if this is still avail.? I am over 22 months and have been a loyal customer for porb more than 7 years should I just ask to be transferred to the loyalty department?

  • Robertbarrilleaux

    t-mobile has absolutely the very worst customer service there is.  can’t get them to answer their phone under 40-50 minutes.  cell phone service is lousy, although I am within 2 miles of I-10 and also a very busy throughfare.  I am so sorry that I re-uped with them when they called me in late june, 2011.  can’t wait for my 2 year contract to expire so I can drop them.