• raymond

    it needs to be something to rival the evo/droid x -_- samsung galaxy s is not it -_-

    • soon2TMO

      are you sure… rumor has it that the droid duo might get snapdragons.. umm this processor is not better thn hummingbird. galaxy s’ graphics gpu still reigns at the top with its powerVR SGX540.

      except for the lack of LED flash on the galaxy S.. but whatever.

  • Digitalthug

    There are a few comments with ppl saying that just because we geeks know the Galaxy S is coming to Tmobile that the rest of America doesnt.

    But think about where these clues are coming from – Twitter. You have to willingly add a Twitter name, and you have to obviously know the name, to follow them. What avg person is gonna follow a fckin phone company? Exactly, NO ONE. Thus the only ppl who follow tech sites/phone companies are gonna be those WHO FOLLOW THE INDUSTRY.

    Conclusion, these tweets are being read only by ppl who already know the Galaxy S is coming to Tmo. So either the TMO ppl responsible for this child’s game are fckin morons, or its NOT the Galaxy S and will be a big surprise…

    • Tmob

      I completely agree with. tmobile needs to take a good look at verizons marketing strategy. Verizons “leaks” all their upcoming superphone and look how well they do. I really hope they announce something amazing our it will be an epic fail.

    • pimpstrong

      well said homie

    • wack mode

      dumbass all 3 of u

    • buzz


      Have you checked T-Mo’s twitter page? They have over 50,000 followers which is a whole lot more than the other mobile carriers.

      They’re doing a pretty damn good job of reaching out to their customers on Twitter. Not everybody following them is some phone geek.

      • soon2TMO


        an average tmobile customer would follow tmobile tweets to learn news about services, coverage, or just news in general about tmobile..

  • pimpstrong

    It’s the HD2 in White to “compete” with the EVO haha hahaha haa

    • iFloss™

      LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good one bro. That’s it you have the best comment on the page xD

  • http://blog.tenkely.net Tenkely

    Has MobiTv always bee available on the HD2?

    • gangsta

      and it sorta sucks

  • Doctorpooepr

    bringing back pagers/beepers?

    • david


  • PdxDavid

    I think the reason the guessing game is not fun is because t-mobile has a terrible track record with “big” surprises. Even Charlie Brown eventually stopped falling for Luci’s football trick after awhile.

    • Jeff

      You a are right

    • ehudokai

      SO true! I’m not holding out hope. I’m holding out for my contract to end and I can get on a carrier that gives me good equipment…

  • pimpstrong

    Project Emerald—Powerful Thin Device(Smartphone)—Watch shows on the go…

    • Firehead

      Okay, seriously. Every other phone company in the US orders phones and gets them in line with seasonal selling and other releases. It seriously makes me lmao if TMO is so pathetic that they have to call getting a new smartphone device a secretive name like Project Emerald. IF it ends up being the Galaxy S I will have to take a few days off of work to stop laughing at how pathetic TMO looks. I mean come on! ATT already announced their version without any fanfare and TMO has to have a super secret project name….wowowow

      • pimpstrong

        that’s what’s wack. Sure we/I want TMO to carry the SGS but I do NOT want this fiasco to be the SGS. Like you said ATT just came out and announced it so TMO would just look dumb hyping it up like its theirs or some kind of kept secret phone. That would be like ATT playing the guessing game having us guess what phone they will start selling on June 24th LOL

  • trees247

    Its gonna be…A Huge Disappointment!

    • analog spirit

      Sadly, you’re probably right about that.

  • Nathan

    T-Mobile has been friendly with Windows Mobile devices too. It could be a Windows Phone 7 based device.

    • pimpstrong

      its too soon for that

    • david

      Ya they said it would be late fall before the W-7 phone would be out. Also if I remember right , they said that they would be sending pphones out to devlepers in late july.

    • just some dude

      Oh god no, please no more WM deices, EVER!

      • A_O

        i wouldn’t be so quick to judge, check out what Microsoft is doin with their windows mobile software, its a completely new OS.

        and im pretty sure the first phone released with that OS will be superior to any phone Tmobile has in their lineup right now.

    • z

      hell na they know better than that

  • Homer

    Have you seen the specs on those wp7 devices? There insane, but to be honest it will just be a big disappointment.

  • T

    Honestly, I could care less what it is running, and what it looks like, if it has a forward facing camera… im getting it! Video calling=huge win for people who travel!

    • Aaron

      I hear that! That’s the main reason I haven’t pulled the trigger on the N1.

  • DannOfThurs

    MobiTV is a Samsung-related item as well (http://www.fiercemobilecontent.com/story/samsung-mobitv-launch-new-mobile-tv-standard/2008-01-08)…

    To those who think the CPU’s or the device as a whole is underpowered, check the TMO forums for some great discussions on the Samsung CPU architecture (many started by my own stupid questions ;). It’ll bring some schooling to you :D

  • Comicaze

    knowing t-mobile and how well they know their costumers and give us what we want, my guess is project emerald, which will consist of a mytouch slide that is green in color : P

  • jshin

    Hope its something good,by the time I bought my last 3 phones I already knew what I was waiting/ following for my next, shadow -G1-TP2-HD2-? ? EQUALS NO FUN

  • wondercoolguy

    When you go to a site like this one where news is “leaked” out all the time. When TMO is trying to be sneaky with the general population all we have is to be let down. To the general population Samsung S will be a pleasant surprise to us will just another day in the TMO news office. My prediction they will announce the dell streak!!!! Samsung has their event next week TMO is going to announce the same thing, I doubt it.

    • Phil

      Dell Streak/Dell Mini 5….I believe will be sold through Dell, no? So no TMO subsidy on that bad boy? Just wondering…

  • http://www.teardropcity.com teardropcity

    They are announcing the HD3, the successor to the HD2, which feature 4 gigs additional storage. That’s why the HD2 was part of the giveaway this past Saturday. They needed to clear out the inventory.

  • JBC

    iPhone 4.

  • notananalyst

    I think the video hint is about Samsung Media Hub:

    • Scott

      I think you got it exactly right and if you watch the video and tie it in with the clues it has to be the Samsung Galaxy S. Why no flash for the camera though?

  • Jonathan:Brazil

    Well, since the HD2 already has MobiTV i’m hoping it’s an EVO-like phone with MobiTV.

  • ObsceneJesster

    If T-Mobile is isn’t doing these clues for us hardcore phone fans then who are they doing them for. I would say, while 90% of T-Mobile customers don’t know what the Galaxy S is, that 90% probably wouldn’t be fallowing T-Mobile on Twitter.

    By the way, T-Mobile will be announcing there new Android powered Side Kick this Thursday. They will be marketing it as a multimedia powerhouse. I don’t know that it’s super slim but what I do know is that it has plenty of muscle powering it’s 4.3in display.

    • LongTimeLurker

      you have a source there jesster?

    • Comicaze

      if thats true, that is MUCH more than “by the way” worthy! How do you know this?

    • MB

      Jesster….we are not releasing any new sidekicks this week…stop spreading lies.

    • alex32

      this thursday tmobile will also be announcing a 4.5 inch display with android 2.2, 2ghz snapdragon, with a slide out keyboard.

      yeah right…

      • http://tmonews trustme

        That’s funny, but we will see an Android w/ uma coming in August

    • soon2TMO

      this game is for all tmobile tweeter follower in general.. most of them would not know about the galaxy S, but they do follow the tweets for other tmobile related news, it’s not always about a phone.. so this clues will be a complete riddle for average tmo tweet followers but at the same time they may be interested about it with clues being about SIMS (popular) and TV/entertainment..

      2 cents.

      • soon2TMO

        and they follow the tweet to ask questions about their phones , plans, coverage, upgrades ,etc.. so why should we assume that those who follow tmo tweet are all about itching to learn news about upcoming deveices per se? there is more to the tweets than just upcoming devices.. IMO

    • beastly

      That would be awesome if it were true. But how would they have kept it secret for so long?

      Whoah… I’m starting to get some Sidekick nostalgia…

  • JR

    The problem with guessing games is that it is usually always a failure because it’s never as good as you hope. That makes for some PO’ed people in the end. If it’s not spectacular, which based on TMOs track record, it isn’t, then stop with the games. We all know the Galaxy S is coming so just say it. This is kind of infantile. Not to mention that while I love Tmo, what they “think” is something good is usually a major disappointment to people like us.

  • Sam96

    I believe the first email from t-mobile regarding the guessing game was addressed to Analysts. So with that in mind I would tend to think that t-mobile should know that anyone on tech blog knows about Samsung Galaxy S, Pro etc. Other carriers made it public. So there is no surprise their. T-mobile will me pretty stupid if all of this is about samsung galaxy S (which I don’t think they are). So it is definately something else. Something that is similar to SIMS (probably project emarald). slim and yet full of muscle (probably a phone ) and is going to have mobitv available.

  • JBC

    If the answer isnt something thats already been leaked, there’s going to be ALOT of unhappy people.

    • JBC

      Oops meant IS something that’s already been leaked…

      • Bobomo

        I don’t know… just getting actual confirmation on any of those leaked devices will be a relief.

    • pimpstrong

      your right. who wants to be told something that they already know?

  • E double e

    Hmmmmm. ……slim and powerful…..samsung……mobitv……samsung and tmobile affliated……the sims 3 and the green emerald 2gb flash drive……tmobiles project emerald…..Hmmmmmmmmmm????????

    • soon2TMO

      much likely.. plus the BIG samsung and tmobile announcement in july. so this should be a “project” for tmobile.

  • Randy

    its the Nokia N8 in 4 different colors… pre installed Sims 3 is on it. thank you have a nice day

    • vpuik

      you beat me to it. EA already demod full 3d Sims as one of the launch titles. MobileTV is also one of the features being promoted. even though the processor ‘lacks’ a little it has the best GPU out there. It makes me happy in the pants just thinking about it.

    • beastly

      That would be awesome. I’m not normally impressed by Symbian OS phones (20th century graphics-style interface) but the N8 looks *nice*.

  • Old G1er

    But then why are they giving us clues… the 90 percent of the people that are tmo fans don’t even know about the clues. who is going to add tmo on twitter? the tmo fans. they are giving us the tmo fans clues. now i am not sure what the device or service is so you maybe right but i think it is directed towards us.

    • soon2TMO

      maybe because tmobile is just playing this game for the heck of it.. tmo doesn’t care if this will be surprising to us or not.. but i think it’s fun though.. hehe
      we’re gonna find out sooner or later anyway.

  • G-Money

    HTC Vision.

  • Chris

    So with clue #1 and #3 having additional clues in the avatars, what can we make of clue #2?

  • Logan


  • Bill P

    Interesting article on the new SideKick. Could go along with the Tweets with SideKick being more on the entertaining/gaming side of android with mobitv and video gaming, geared towards the younger crowd.


    • Bobomo

      “It is also believed that the Twist will be a 4g device … ”

      This person doesn’t know what they are talking about.

      • beastly

        Hahaha. No kidding. Plus, can you imagine a 4″ screen on a sidekick-style device? Talk about a huge flippin’ phone!

  • JBC

    If it was an HTC version of the Sidekick, we’d definitely have heard about it by now. I’m just gonna say Galaxy S… and if it is then I’m not let down. If its not, then awesome.

  • Getreal

    They have 4 days until I pull the trigger with Apple and AT&T. Better let me know soon. I would love to stay with T-Mo but they are giving me no reason at this point in time.

  • Homer

    I think Randy is right unfortunately, the nokia n8 comes with tv, the sims and it is made from a skinny all aluminum shell making it slim but full of muscle. Need for speed shift, the sims and angry birds are the spotlight games.

    The Nokia N8 with on-demand Web TV. Access your favourite TV channels like CNN and National Geographic and get them piped to your phone from the comfort of your bus seat. Visit Ovi Store to find even more Web TV channels.  

    Operating Frequency
    WCDMA 850/900/1700/1900/2100
    Automatic switching between WCDMA & GSM bands

    • beastly

      Love the WCDMA bands! It’s about time we started getting phones with T-Mobile’s *and* AT&T’s 3G bands built into them. Are those actual specs for the N8?

  • John

    These clue games are stupid, just leak info like the big boys.

    Play like the big boys if you want to compete with them, don’t sit around building sand castles in the sand box while everyone watches and makes fun of you.

    oh and tmobile, listen to your comment threads of your customers, could help your advertising!

  • http://tmonews.com fops101

    E double, very smart my friend, the 2gb processor andriod powered 4inch 720P samsung will be the fastest phone on the market, and you will enjoy your hsdpa+ highspeed internet on that phone, fyi the EVO is a really nice phone that doesnt have the 4G network Sprint claims to have, go in there store shut off the wifi and do a speed test .38mbps download on there 3g its pretty funny.

  • Jose Medina

    Its going to be galaxy s and the 4g network they been talking about or maybe they will get the nexus one

  • http://tmonews.com fops101

    and the Galaxy S is also coming out, a part 5 really sick devices that are going to hit the market in the next couple of months, fops has said enough, enjoy

  • lala

    hmm ok so we know it has to do with mobitv we want to know if its on a device i think it has to do with project emarald thats my guess

  • deathsector

    if tmobile is not releasing a new htc monster into their line up , im goin to verizon to get the htc incredible , cuz isnt fair anymore , sprint with a the evo ,verizon with the incredible and tmobile with a samsung galaxy s i will not buy anyphone that doenst come from htc , so tmobile you betta hurry up cuz if not , you will be losing another customer..

  • 2FR35H

    Hey where are all those idiots that were saying it was a Micro SIM card now? haha

  • 2FR35H

    Mobitv costs $10 a month that is crap

  • bluberry

    Possibly an in-store N1?

  • Matt p

    Clue 1 agree it means project emerald
    Clue 2 slim and full of muscle could be Ltd
    Clue 3 mobitv

    Maybe an LTE device and initial system upgrade

  • BallHawk3

    It can’t be the Galaxy S. Like someone else said, AT&T announced the Aria with no fuss. If this is about the Galaxy S, that’s pathetic. What is the Galaxy S? For real. Unless your a tech geek, that would make sense, but this is TWITTER, for the masses.

    What does everyone know.

    Honestly, I think it’s the iPhone. Sorry to bring it up, as much as I don’t care for the iPhone, its the only thing that is worth this “hype” and “clues.” The Sim’s sold 6.3 Million copies (it’s also the best selling game in history). iPhone sold about 6.1 million (original one). The thin and powerful can be arguable. But the watch TV anywhere, that just so reminds me of the iPOD touch.

    If it’s about an app or program, hell no. Once again T-Mobile fails.

    I will say this now, it’s either some iPhone (or some Apple product) or a new RAZR. Think about it for a sec. If you want to go off the best selling game in history, look at the best selling phones in history. The top two were Nokia’s (really old school black and white beginning of age cell phones) and 3rd, is the more “modern” Motorola RAZR.

    That is my guess.

  • youngmantiburon

    its the iphone cause the galaxy s is going to att.

    • David

      Its not the iPhone and the Galaxy S doesn’t have to ONLY to go to ATT.

  • Alex

    Never thought it could be the N8, but I am sticking with the htc VISION. We shall see when this is finally over with.

  • http://twitter.com/ncmacasl ncmacasl

    Sounds like the Sims Clue refers to the EMERALD logo (Clue1) so I am guessing this is Project Emerald/Sidekick Twist that is super slim (Clue2)(WITH a keyboard??) and with Android 2.1 and MobiTV(Clue3) & HSPA+. I just hope the keyboard is a full 5-liner with enough Sidekick-like features to make us old ‘kickers happy.

  • Kurtis

    i know all of you are gonna reply back to this with “how do you know” and “stop spreading lies unless you can prove it” etc., etc…

    but i do have a friend who works for tmobile and after digging around found that project emerald is a phone that is releasing in october. it is the 3rd generation (and completely revamped) mytouch. the specs that were leaked (4.3″ screen. Android 2.1, 1Ghz processor) are all right on point. he did say there is no keyboard, it is full touchscreen. and i believe he said front-facing camera too.

    all of you can reply with whatever you wanna reply with. but honestly, he’s never steered my wrong with any information yet, so i’m gonna believe him on this one for now..

    • alex32

      my blackberry has been dying on me lately..my contract is up so i really hope this twitter news is of a really good phone (i hate samsung). if anything ill wait till december, so i hope this is true man. i just wish there would be any kind of leak for that like other carriers have

      • Kurtis

        yeah it would just help us all out if T-mobile would actually stop the games and just announce whatever it is they want to announce. i hate samsung too and hate what they do to android with their touchwiz interface. it’s awful!! the galaxy s may be a powerhouse android phone because of the specs, but it is still a piece of crap because of samsung. IMO!!!

    • SiXiam

      If that’s true then T-Mobile has a problem. If that’s all they got then there is no reason to stay with them and I should switch to Verizon when my (G1) contract is up in late October.

  • going_home

    The social media is so pathetically mindless and lame (Twitter Facebook Myspace etc).


    • soon2TMO

      hahahah i dont get it either! LOL

  • aksnoopy

    *sigh* just about any decent smartphone today can do these things to some extent.. this isn’t much of a clue!