Samsung Says, “Behold 2 Not Upgradeable Beyond Android 1.6”

It was just yesterday that we reported Samsung Behold 2 owners threatening to take legal action regarding a promise Samsung had made for a future upgrade to Android OS 2.x. To briefly summarize, basically, Samsung had promised an update to Android 2.x for the Samsung Behold 2 in a promo video before the device was released. Then, recently, in response to a Behold 2 owner, Samsung said the Behold 2 would never get an update to Android 2.x. Behold 2 owners felt that they had been lied to and demanded an update to 2.x or some other form of compensation. As it turns out, Samsung has taken note and has officially replied regarding the issue.

Official statement:

Samsung Mobile and T-Mobile USA are planning to update the Behold II to Android 1.6 which provides access to Google Maps Navigation, Google Voice Search capability and quick search box for Android.

The update will also supply additional benefits including Swype, an improved Media Player, updated core Android applications and improved Bluetooth capabilities. However, the Behold II is not upgradeable beyond Android 1.6.

So yeah, Behold 2 owners won’t be getting anything past Android 1.6. Hey, its better than nothing, right? We’d definitely like to hear your thoughts! Let us know in the comments!


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  • zeo

    To think I thought about picking this phone up late last year. I’m glad I decided to wait. This to me does not bode well for the Galaxy S, or any other Samsung Android handset.

    • umaluver

      I’d probably never buy a Samsung phone because of this.

      • namo

        In my case the word probably doesn’t work. I will never ever buy any more Samsung cellphone at all. I have 3 Samsung cellphone phone in my family plan. I will upgrade them soon with a SE or Nokia.

    • mmaxxsooner

      Hey they didn’t mention any update to the awesome cube! Oh yea an upgrade to 1.6 and a New update to that cube will make me happy NOT!! I think tmob shod really think of putting their dollars to a phone besides the galaxy S this fiasco has already ruined that phone before it ever hits he shelves. Where is tmo and their statement on the bh2 travesty. W

  • ronny j

    what exactly make it not upgradable beyond 1.6 it has more rom and ram than the hero
    and they already have 2.1

    • Ohgami

      the correct line should have been “We don’t feel like upgrading to 2.x”

      • J-Hop2o6

        yea exactly, lol

  • joel

    Another T-Mobile phone getting the short end of the stick. Surprise, surprise.

  • Mohammad


  • Galen20K

    GOOD! it doesn’t deserve anything more than 1.6. ha! Excuse me as I enjoy 2.2 Froyo on my Nexus One….

    • Listen&learn

      What a dick

  • Ohgami

    What a Bunch of Liars!! I will never own another Samsung item ever!! And I will be replacing my Current Samsung Home Items with NON Samsung ones before the Galaxy S hits store in the US.

  • Blake

    This is a joke, this phone is fully capable of running 2.1, they just dont care. I am selling the phone and i will no longer support samsung products.

  • jammallnyte73

    HOLY CRAP!!! My son graduated from High School 2 weeks ago and I got him a new phone for a present and he was choosing between the Cliq Xl and the Behold! I talked him out of the Behold. Thankfully!

    • d4nt3

      thankfully??!! I think you got him the only phone worse than the behold 2. motorola hardware + motoblur= FAIL you should have held him off for the mytouch slide

  • Matt

    CAll Bin Laden and tell him where Samsung’s Headquarters are located. Lying a** bast*rds!

  • Bill

    Never buying a Samsung again!

  • dsim91

    Samsung is junk alwasy was and always will be

  • Crystal

    A Behold 2 owner already created a ROM for 1.6… so those of us that really wanted 1.6 already basically have it. What we want is Android 2 as promised. The phone is totally capable and would be a pretty awesome phone if samsung would actually support it. i will never buy samsong again.

  • kdfkje

    not a behold to owner but was seriously looking at the galaxy s defintly lost faith in that phone

  • the1who

    Never buying Samsung Handset ever again!

    At least other manufacturers seem to be more than willing to update compared to Samsung. Must be how others set themselves apart, plus they didn’t put their code into overriding Android like Samsung has.

    Hope class action lawsuit goes full swing.

    Maybe the updated features may hold me over until I get next non-Samsung phone. Hopefully we get Google maps latest version as well to hold over.

    Mark my words, this day forward, Samsung isn’t a reputable handset maker anymore at all. Over, Fail!

    • rickb928

      HTC has a fairly selective policy on upgrading. The G1 of course is hamperd by RAM. The MyTouch and MT3G get spotty upgrades at best. No manufacturer except ‘Google’ (Nexus One) is quick to update, even Moto is variable.

      If you want to be sure to get updates, save yourself the pain and don’t count on an OTA release. Get root and roll with the modders.

      • the1who

        Yeah, I’m going to have to get rick rolled. haha

        Well, I wasn’t wanting to root it at first for the fact of the cliff hangers of announcements of potentially getting updated. Now I’ll be doing whatever I can to help root it until I can get another non-Samsung handset.

  • Trill

    The phone was a failur in my eyes but still sucks for those who own the productand worry about updates. I gotta say that I personally think it was the worst android phone although some might defend it and they cube interface just screamed I’m gonna add this in hopes someone will like it.

  • Anony Mouse

    This is one benefit of the open handset alliance…that the android software is not tied to just one manufacturer. I like some samsung models, but samsung seems to be more of a mid range to low end phone. Just like nokia is..although they do have some nice phones in the higher end market.

  • joiseyeric

    IMHO, the Behold 2 is nothing but a piece of junk, just as the first one was. Everyone I know who has that phone complains about it. It doesn’t read the memory card, freezes, etc. I personally would never buy a Samsung phone unless I was a basic user who just needed a phone to talk on!

  • Mackinrow

    glad i traded my bh2 for a hp mini yesterday

  • Mackinrow

    ps i have an hd2 now also

  • carlb

    at least yall are getting an some kind of upgrade the cliq is still with 1.5

    • Ohgami

      Yeah but Motorola Sticks by their Products AND gave an estimated release for 2.1!!

  • Cat

    thats suck then I am very disappointed in samsung company. I think that samsung loser! I believed that behold 2 need change upgrade next new version than old 1.5. I hope those action lawsuit goes against samsung cost million dollar about behold 2. If behold 2 won’t change then cause galaxy galaxy S can’t release at tmobile what is waste time our waiting. if change because we can change!

    • imgunnaeatu722

      That made absolutely no sense

      • Ryan

        LOL… On a more serious note, this will keep me from purchasing the Galaxy S. Too bad really. Nice phone, but their track record will keep myself and a lot of people away. Poor business.

    • Yo

      Wow am I that dumb or did that paragraph not make any sense?

    • Galen20K

      AhaHAhahaahaaa!!! OMFG!!! I Laughed so HARd REading that Paragraph that I couldn’t breathe! LOL!~!!!!

      AhAHAHHAHAHahahahaaa I”m gonna read it AGAIN! Thanks Cat!

  • mingkee

    There’s no more reason why we should get Samsung smartphone again.

  • namo

    I’m yelling BOYCOTT SAMSUNG!

    • timmyjoe42

      I’ve been boycotting Samsung ever since my camcorder died and they wouldn’t fix it while it was still under warranty. My Sony camcorder is awesome. My Motorola phone is awesome.

  • kendrix_myrealname

    Boy am I glad I didn’t buy this piece of crap

  • jake

    Yeah I will never buy a samsung phone again. I like samsung products and generally they make some damn nice stuff, like my 46in LED TV, but this phone has given me issues with the SD card which I guess is common. The refusal to update or support is the deal breaker. I will be switching to HTC. I was eyeing the galaxy S but not anymore, I figure they will abandon that phone too once you pay for it and walk out the store that will be all you get. The galaxy S will be lucky to see froyo. The only nice thing about samsung phones are the amoled screens, other manufacturers are starting to use samsungs amoled screens for their phones, so we wont need to get samsung phones to get amoled. As for Tmobile they dont care because its just one phone, they have many others. Anyway there is a project emerald rumored for TMO, 4.3 in HTC “Sidekick twist?”, Android 2.1 sense?, super amoled, 16gb internal storage packing beast probably 3rd or 4th quarter of this year, I will wait for this beast. ANyway hope I can get a refund for my phone

  • Shutup

    Seriously 90% of samsung phone users on tmobile are yelling boycott but give it 2 months when samsung releases another decent looking phone and the majority will be running to purchase it, sad thing is with the lack of phones tmobile carrys noone can blame you if you did.

    • the1who

      It’s easy for you to say that, however it may be true for a percentage of people. I myself will never buy Samsung again, there are plenty of alternatives for me to stick to my word….easy said, easy done.

  • dvd03

    if they said in an advertisement that they were upgrading past 2.0 then samsung is gonna have to fork out some cash, simple as that, 1.6 is not 2.0, so if i was a samsung owner id get a hold of that advertisement and stick it to them

    • Ryan

      It’s already in the works. Whether or not they listen is another story. We’re really hoping that T-Mobile, who prides themselves in customer service, will start to apply the pressure as well.

  • Tyc

    So you purchased a low level Android phone with the sad Touch Wiz overlay and you’re upset that the device will not be upgrade to 2.x?!?! Exactly what features are you demanding on that version of the OS? The Behold II is short on processing speed and ESPECIALLY short on RAM. Enjoy 1.6 and welcome our new overlord the Samsung Galazy S!

    • Listen&learn

      Wow dude you are so wrong has the most ram if any current tmo phone

      • Charles

        If the G1 can run 2.1, there’s no reason the Behold II can’t.

      • rickb928

        Charles, the G1 need to be rooted to run 2.1 So root your Samsung.

      • hitch

        rickb928 – we can root it – and update the phone to 1.6 already.
        but only because we’ve managed to get the galaxy & a leaked BH2 1.6 ROM.
        but Samsung has a “feature” that makes it damn near impossible to do cleanly – we need to have those Samsung images to start from.

        cyanogen *will not work*. cannot. ever.

  • hi!

    that’s really disappointing for behold 2 owners and I wonder if/how this will legitimately impact sales of the galaxy S. If it was to drop on tmobile tomorrow would be seriously not get it because of this? I guess I have to admit I’d have some reservations and knowing they’ve pulled this crap in the past would make me nervous

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Dang. That’s all I can say on this.
    This definitely just sealed the deal on my purchase of the HTC twist. Galaxy S will suffer MAJORLY for this blasphemy. Samsung just screwed themselves bigtime. Project Emerald can take the release date of the Galaxy S for all I care now.

  • watbetch

    I kind of don’t care. I still want the Galaxy S. The Behold II was past it’s prime when it was released.. I hated the phone and I spent less than a minute with it. I couldn’t believe how choppy the menu scrolling was.

  • tato22

    the right thing is NO SWEAT NO STRESS NO MASS

  • MatteKalle

    That IS bad news. Please do as I do and email Samsung too tell them that this is just bad for them self. I have already seen a lot of comments about that this will keep people from buying the Galaxy S. People does not want too buy a expensive phone that risks too be outdated in a year or so.

  • Matlock

    I think that this might be a clear indication that the Galaxy S is definitely coming to T-Mo. The reason more than likely they are not going past 1.6 is more than likely linked to that, and the fact that they would not want to take away from Galaxy S sales by havign the Behold 2 running 2.x.

  • yeye

    Lolz,i think another company is behind this,probably to upset behold 2 owners who might become potential buyers of Bada smartphones. Samsung can resolve this issue by simply giving cash or wave smartphones.this would be a smart move.if samsung give out wave smartphones to us,I don’t mind.

  • erasable

    I got a nexus one and love it. I love the vanilla ui of good old android. I actually considered buying a Behold 2 or a cliq but thankfully held on to my g1 till I got my nexus. touch wiz screwed the behold just like blur is screwing the cliq. These trendy little ui’s are ruining it for everybody. They slow updates to a crawl and are causing fragmentation of android. Basically simpler equals better.

  • that guy

    What drew people into the BH2 anyway? the moment i touched that phone it felt like a gigantic piece of crap, it just reeks of cheap

  • johnmed3

    Will the sucks! I*’m glad I’ did not get this crappy phone. I’ will never buy a Samsung product. I’m glad I’ have a rooted MYTG3!

  • equis

    so basically the behold 2 is as useless now as a g1? …wow!

    • Charles

      You can run 2.1 on the G1 :)

      • equis

        lol sooo true!

  • jdog

    Correct me if I’m wrong but far as I know none of Samsung’s Android phones have been upgraded. There first came out about 12 months ago in Europe.

  • Ermac

    Idk why people are talkin about Damnsung like they were better than this (I call em Damnsung cause as soon as u get one of their phones its always a problem in the short, but long run that makes u say……DAMN!), samsung mobile has always been the bane of existence, who the hell puts the option to update software on there phones and don’t even send out updates? Samsung has been doing that for years, alota people didn’t know the blast was supposed to get an update allowing u to send pics from the memory card, the first behold was supposed to get an update, regarding more internet browser compatibility, samsung has never been A+ certified in the update department. Now as for Motorola, its not that Motoblur is messin everything up, well it is but the reason behind that is because its not open! Who the hell puts a closed source UI on top of an open sourced OS???? WHERE DEY DO DAT AT????? Now I applaud Moto for working on an update for the cliq but motorola needs to MotoWake the hell up and send it out already, don’t they know that we cliq usere are beginning not to be able to use certain apps cause they were made in the new SDK??????

  • ls9freek

    samsung !

    listen close to me.

    ” i will never buy any junk from you ever, and you just lost a customer here for sure”


    my next phone will either be a motorola or htc….

    F you samsung.
    i hate you.. :(

  • docpsyd

    This should be a lesson for all those people who are excited about the Galaxy S… Samsung could care less about updating the phone after you purchase it. Get a nexus one… you get upgrades before they are even official!!! lol.

  • ls9freek

    something that really pisses me off is that the “samsung” moment got a 2.1 update not too long ago like 1-2 weeks ago. why cant the behold 2 ?!!!

    man the phone is capable of running 2.1 , i mean if g1 can do it soo can we . \
    man .!!!!!! its funny how some people are saying ” no samsung never promised 2.xx update ” those people dont know a thing.

    i feel like saying to them .

    oh yea well i got more than proof they did promise it .

    its super obvious !

    – the samsung behold 2 video that promised it got tooken off by samsung the one that says 2.0.
    – the tmobile reps at the store told me 2.0 was suppose to come out , they told me. and i know almost 90% of people got told the same thing.
    the video also says “removed by samsung mobile for copyright infringement ” .
    what copyright? jajajaa what a dumb excuse.

    see theres ur darn proof if you think samsung didnt promise the update or didnt remove it themselves.

  • shmengie

    whew! i won one those earlier this year in that samsung contest, but sold it on ebay (did NOT like the 3d-cube touchwiz thang). now i feel kinda bad for the chump…er…person i sold it to.

    happy rocking the mt3g le until my incredible arrives. yeah, jumping the tmo ship. like you care.

  • ls9freek

    oh and samsung mobile even joined the androidforums group.
    they registered as a member .
    they spied on what we were doing and overlooking what stuff we had .

    man what a corrupt , cheating company .

    i hate u samsung

    boycott samsung

  • jason

    Samsung is and always will be crappy, stick to making tvs.

  • slideordies14

    because of this, i too, will NEVER buy a samsung phone. how dare they screw over the people that bought into their products. i thought moto was bad with the updates taking forever for my cliq! I HOPE SOMEBODY WILL PROVE THAT YOU CAN PUT ANDROID 2.X ON A BEHOLD II. im motivated to do so and i dont even own the phone. this is just BS, plain and simple! my father and i put froyo on his g1! surely the Behold II is a better piece of hardware than the g1…or maybe HTC is just a better company….

  • slideordies14

    because of this, i too, will NEVER buy a samsung phone. how dare they screw over the people that bought into their products. i thought moto was bad with the updates taking forever for my cliq! I HOPE SOMEBODY WILL PROVE THAT YOU CAN PUT ANDROID 2.X ON A BEHOLD II. im motivated to do so and i dont even own the phone. this is just BS, plain and simple! my father and i put froyo on his g1! surely the Behold II is a better piece of hardware than the g1…or maybe HTC is just a better company….DamDung!

  • andy

    @d4nt3 both cliqs run waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than the behold II, ive used them both. Dont knock a phone til you try it