Samsung Says, “Behold 2 Not Upgradeable Beyond Android 1.6”

It was just yesterday that we reported Samsung Behold 2 owners threatening to take legal action regarding a promise Samsung had made for a future upgrade to Android OS 2.x. To briefly summarize, basically, Samsung had promised an update to Android 2.x for the Samsung Behold 2 in a promo video before the device was released. Then, recently, in response to a Behold 2 owner, Samsung said the Behold 2 would never get an update to Android 2.x. Behold 2 owners felt that they had been lied to and demanded an update to 2.x or some other form of compensation. As it turns out, Samsung has taken note and has officially replied regarding the issue.

Official statement:

Samsung Mobile and T-Mobile USA are planning to update the Behold II to Android 1.6 which provides access to Google Maps Navigation, Google Voice Search capability and quick search box for Android.

The update will also supply additional benefits including Swype, an improved Media Player, updated core Android applications and improved Bluetooth capabilities. However, the Behold II is not upgradeable beyond Android 1.6.

So yeah, Behold 2 owners won’t be getting anything past Android 1.6. Hey, its better than nothing, right? We’d definitely like to hear your thoughts! Let us know in the comments!


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  • AndroidFreek

    Samsung is planning on giving a A major discount on the Samsung Galaxy S to any upset behold 2 owners. This is aapart of their “something big”

    • Steve Slimer

      I highly doubt that.

  • dstewstar

    Listening to some Android Podcasts, an update for this phone was already scheduled for June. This move is straight deception, they are promising something they already had planned to try and subdue all the anger of the Behold 2 owners. This phone should be updated to at least OS 2.1.

  • derrickps3


    • The Observer

      i remember you, you won it from the contest lol

  • Jeter

    Wow! I can’t believe this. I remember reading that all TMobile Android phones would be upgraded to 2.x in some variaiton or form but now this? 1.6? Are you kidding me? The Behold 2 is garbage and I was hoping that an upgraded OS would solve a lot of the problems that exist. I don’t believe 1.6 will be able to solve this.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    IMHLO Samsung will not be able to ignore the B2 upgrade issue. They will have to come up with a remedy.

    After all, the Company did in fact say:

    “The Samsung Behold 2 comes fully equipped with Cupcake version 1.5 of the revolutionary Google Android operating system. And WHEN version 2.0 arrives it WILL update wirelessly.” (Emphasis added.)”

    I don’t think Samsung looks very good in pulling down the video where that was said. Besides, they have to know that thousands of people captured the video before they destroyed the evidence.

    And that makes them look extremely guilty to have pulled the video off YouTube, for example. And they took it off YouTube AFTER they learned about the upgrade controversy.

    If this matter goes to trial (I doubt it will) a jury will look at this single act as evidence of Samsung’s bad motive and knowledge that what it said in the video was in fact a promise.

    If T-Mobile was smart it would demand Samsung fix this immediately. For sure, in any litigation T-Mobile will be named a defendant, so they should start building a record for a cross claim against Samsung and also to stop this PR disaster.

  • @Behold_II_Man

    Well folks…the time has come…..

    Now that Roger’s ( Rogers ?!? ) is going to be providing Android 2.1 on an HTC Magic ( Yes, kiddies, for all intents and purposes, a MyTouch 3G ), there’s no serious rational leg Samsung can stand on that would TECHNICALLY preclude them from actually releasing a 2.1 for Behold II into the field.

    Anyone know the name of a good class action attorney ? My breastplate is getting worn down, and all this Cupcake software is really draggin’ me down.

  • joe

    As far as am concerned if tmobile and samsung cannot hold THEIR side of the deal why should I. am terminating my contract with tmobile today. Hopefully people will wise up and do the same. Am disgusted with having to deal with liars .I EXPECTED to get what i paid for .

    • Josh

      There is a difference between Samsung saying they can’t release an update and Tmobile saying they can’t. Tmobile provides the service, while Samsung provides the phones. Of course you purchase the phone through Tmobile, at whatever price, but the updates first have to come from Manufacturer, then to the carrier for them to change additional software, if they have too, then to the consumer. Thats why I just get unlocked Nexus, no additional Tmo software and updates come when google releases them. But I do completely understand the frustration of this. I went through it a lot with Windows Mobile.

  • Logan

    I will never buy another Samsung phone again. If a company promises something to their customers, then they need to go through with that promise. I feel lied to and cheated after spending almost $400 dollars on this phone. SAMSUNG blows..

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      You are being totally reasonable in your feelings.

      First, Samsung should keep the promise made in its promo video, that the Behold 2 WILL get the 2.0 upgrade WHEN it arrives. There’s nothing vague about that.

      Second, and to me worse, is Samsung’s behavior after it became aware of customer complaints about the upgrade. Samsung should not have told people to bug off, there won’t be an upgrade. And it should not have tried to destroy the evidence of that promise being made (I say “tried” because a lot of people captured that video. I have it and I am sure class action lawyers have it too.)

      Like is commonly said, Samsung’s cover up is worse than simply taking the position that the B2 cannot be upgraded.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    As I said before, in regards to the Behold 2 Samsung will most likely have to provide a remedy to those people simply because there is solid evidence that Samsung said “the B2 WILL get Android 2.0+ WHEN it becomes available.” (And sorry Samsung, tearing down the YouTube video in which you made that statement won’t make your promise any less binding.)

    That said, people need to get over their thinking that handset upgrades are some kind of constitutional right, so to speak. Think about it.

    Before the T-Mobile Touch Pro2 debuted there was all kinds of talk and griping about whether or not the phone would be getting Windows Phone 7 (at the time everyone was referring to it as WinMo 7).

    What was amusing at the time was that no one knew much about WinMo 7, what it would be, for example, and what Microsoft planned to do with WinMo 6.5+. Nevertheless everyone was saying how horrible Microsoft, HTC and T-Mobile were for not saying what they intended to do about Touch Pro2 upgrades.

    Then came the HD2 and you all know the huge debate, rants and complaining people posted about the HD2 NOT getting WinMO 7.

    The same thing happened with Android-based handsets. Of course the biggest problem with Android, IMHO, is that the OS is now suffering from major fragmentation, to where, as I said months ago, Android handsets have become like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get, or more accurately, what you will end up with after about six months ownership. (Yes, I even said back then that I was ripping off F. Gump.)

    Sophisticated users (if you are on this site you are a sophisticated user, notwithstanding some moronic comments posted in here)are not thinking clearly.

    Handsets intentionally have a life span of about 12 to 18 months for the typical carrier customer. Those in the wireless industry push this because that means people are buying handsets and renewing contracts. Handset makers and carriers design and bring out handsets with this in mind.

    So don’t diss Samsung, it is like any other manufacturer. It comes out with phones with only so much new technology so that it can later bring out a new model, with must have upgrades. Apple does this, and so does HTC.

    Wish, demand, rant, complain and dream all you want, no one is going to make and sell phones that you can keep upgrading the ROM year after year. If that was done, both manufacturers and carriers would suffer financially, big time(for reasons stated above). That ain’t gonna happen.

    So, as mean as this sounds, just deal with it. You should assume that the handset OS on the phone you buy will be the ONLY OS it will ever have. If it can be upgraded later, to some hot new version, great, but don’t count on it.

    Understand that phones are sold “as-is” in the sense that what you see is what you are buying. (Unless a manufacturer carelessly says that with your purchase you will get an OS upgrade, like Samsung did. LOL.)

    Do as I do. I bought the Touch Pro2 knowing it could only use WinMo 6.5; I bought the HD2 knowing it was in the same boat as my Touch Pro2.

    Now what I am doing is monitoring closely the developments on Android handsets. I am considering the SGS, Evo and maybe even the Slide. (Since my GF will take whichever phone I buy or pass on to her.) I assume that the OS that comes on the phone is it. If I want to upgrade I’ll mosey on over to XDA to get what I want.

    Just saying how I see it.

    • Joshua

      Most of what you said is accurate. The point that you are missing is that #1, Tmobile is no longer concerned with contracts because the subsidies cost them money. They could care less if you are on contract. They do care that you stick with their service but the discount they offer on the phones isn’t worth it to them anymore. That is why they came out with the even more plus plan.

      #2 Yes allowing the phone to get updated to the latest and greatest could be a poor financial decision, but saying it will get upgraded and then not doing it is much more financially destructive. Especially for a phone maker that i would say is still an infant in the game. HTC does it’s best to get their phones upgraded because they want to satisfy their customers. I was smart and went with the Nexus 1 because I knew Google would want it to have the latest and greatest because it shows off THEIR OS. Samsung will probaby try to make their best phones the ones that come with BADA, it just makes sense.

      You are just a slight bit off course downplaying customer loyalty. You and Samsung will see that in the end.

  • ls9freek

    i mean cmon , why would samsung take off the behold 2 video for . definately cause of that

  • going_home

    I wanna know why the 1.6 sent to G1’s a while back didnt have Swype ?


  • jake

    Project emerald, HTC, 4.3in super amoled, 16gb internal storage, nuff said. forget samsung and jump ship to HTC, atleast they give updates more consistently, (not all the time, but they’re not too bad) Wait for this phone to come out everyone, forget the galaxy S, now lets just hope we will be able to exchange the abandoned behold 2 for some serious credit for another phone.
    also Motorola is starting to develope an impressive line of android phone, and stated that they will agressively pursue putting out updates for their android phones, I laugh cause I used to hate Motorola, the cliq was crap, but now they are making some interesting high end phones and what the heck the cliq actually got 2.1 already. As far as I am concerned HTC and Motorola are the only companies who have been giving continued support with upgrades. With the exception of the Nexus One getting everything first. Make a 4.3in amoled nexus and I will be waiting in front of the line, I can dream cant I?

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Alas no one knows what Project Emerald is. Some sites say it’s the SGS and others say it’s s “super Sidekick.”

      I was content with considering the SGS since I want that super bright display. (I spend a lot of time outside and in bright lights. Can’t ever see my display. So a Super Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode display sounds great to me.)

      But then this possible new phone was mentioned, with the MAJOR additional feature that it has a physical keyboard. Well I am on board with that for sure.

      So now I don’t know what I’ll do, except wait, I guess. Wait and see what comes out in July if PE is in fact a handset.

      • jake

        Im pretty sure the emerald thing isnt the Galaxy S. Several sources and reputable sites are indicating an HTC phone with the mentioned(rumored) specs. I find it curious that it mentions super amoled for an HTC phone, since samsung makes the amoleds, however I have seen that HTC does use samsung amoled screens for their phones already example Nexus One. So I see no problem with HTC showing off some super amoled on a 4.3in screen. As far a the slide out keyboard, there hasnt been any indication mentioned, people are just speculating this because all previous incarnations of the sidekick have had them. Also the rumored HTC Vision is supposed to be a high end android slider rumored for TMO, this could also be speculated to be Project Emeralds true identity. That would be my best guess anyway. As far as the SGS that thing will be a nice handset, but sales will suffer over the Behold 2 crap. I am still gonna wait it out and see what project emerald turns out to be. No SGS for me.

  • Claudio

    I have said it before and I’ll say now again, if samsung came out with antihero ozone, i would not even think twice, I WOULD NOT BUY. just can’t trust them after what they did with the behold II. Not only the UI but they failed to deliver 2.x that they said they would roll out . I wonder now where those defenders are and those that say “who promised you any update”?

  • Dman

    Samsung do this everytime they did the same thing with the 1st gen behold samsung is full of bullcrap!

  • JBLmobileG1

    going_home… probably because when the G1 recieved the 1.6 update Swype still wasn’t even released yet. The first phone that I even know of to even get it for Tmobile (or any carrier for that matter) was the Motorola Cliq XT.

  • chrisH

    Samsung is a definite “do not buy” on my next phone shopping trip.

  • Sammysux

    Bought a Behold II in December. Bought a Nexus One in Feb. because Samsung TOTALLY ruined the Android experience with their crappy Touchwiz UI. I will never buy another Samsung. I was eyeing the Galaxy S until I saw that they layered it with Touchwiz :(

  • BRicht

    When shopping for a BH2 the reps said to stay away from Samsung because they don’t update their software so they must have known about this… If Samsung is coming out with 5 new phones how will they sell them if the reps tell customers to stay away? Samsung made a big mistake!

  • Ben


    I wanted to draw your attention to this important petition that I recently signed:

    “Samsung Needs to Stick to Their Word – Behold 2 Update”

    I really think this is an important cause, and I’d like to encourage you to add your signature, too. It’s free and takes just a few seconds of your time.


  • SoulCreator

    The Behold 2 is not upgradeable past 1.6!?!?!?! What Kind of B.S. line is that? Devices with lesser specs have received updates past 1.6 (ex: the HTC Hero) hell modders have even put together 2.1 ROMS out there for the G1! If the Behold 2 was unable to be upgraded past 1.6, why did they advertise the fact that it would be upgraded “when it’s available”. This is all just double talk from Samsung, the BH2 is *fully* capable of running 2.1 they would just rather us go out and spend more money on a Galaxy S rather than fulfill their promise to upgrade this device. And for the record if anyone wants *proof* that the BH2 *CAN* run 2.1 BH_MAN on android forums had *already* ported it onto a BH2, unfortunately without all of the proper drivers from Samsung the device will probably never be at 100%.

  • ty


  • Brent

    Eugene373 on Twitter: Who’s Ready for ALPHA 2.1 for the Behold 2! Posting is Shortly.. @Samsung No Reason BH2 can’t support 2.1

    If he gets it stable enough, we have something against Samsung!!!

    No 1.6 MY A$$!!!

  • hiddengopher

    Who the hell bought a Behold 2 in the first place?

    • the1who

      I for one did as well as a Cliq for the Wife. It was the best phone on a spec basis that T-Mobile had in December. I didn’t want a myTouch3G, nor did I want the Cliq. The only other “Android” choice was Behold 2.

  • william

    I bought the behold 2 because I work at tmobile and got a good discount..this has left a bad taste in my mouth and I will be less likely to promote samsung after this..A company that lies to get people to buy their product is rotten..I wont be buying samsung ever again even if they come out with a phone that has a 3ghz processor

    • dolphin

      It seems to me amount of ram in behold 2 is secret.
      Relatively recently(mar-apr) that android 2.1’s memory requirement excluded g1.
      Add these things together, probably have less than 200mb.
      Other than that, it is probably way too sluggish with bloated samsung junk.

  • Captain Obvious

    I really hate bashing any manufacturer because they all have their ups and their downs, but this one…bold faced lie deserves a slap in the face.

  • §ü|»è®mªn §wªg

    *slaps Samnsung CEO*

  • derrickps3

    i feel sorry for all the people getting hyped and are going to buy the galaxy s. DON’T DO IT, ITS A TRAP TO ROB YOU OF YOUR HARD EARNED CASH!!!!!

  • Matt

    The only reason they said its not upgradable past 1.6 is because they have not developed drivers for it or atleast have not released them. The way they announced it was low down and dirty too. VIA A MESSAGE BOARD!

  • Kerry

    Nonsense! Even the G1 is capable of running 2.x thanks to CyanogenMod. I’m willing to bet we’ll see a 2.x build from someone. If not from Cyanogen, then someone else.

  • Isaac

    Screw it I’m just ganna get the nexus one because my BH2 sucks balls and I want froyo

  • dolphin

    You guys are missing major benefit point.

    1) 2.1 is memory hog. Android phones are like pc with 768mb ram running xp or vista.

    2) 1.5 is good enough. What really needed is ability to remove unwanted crap like touchwiz and other things.

    3) swipe isn’t for me but good for most people.

    4) 1.6….is actually ok and get you more apps. And one critically needed app,
    namely HOME++. That way you can replace error prone side sliding touchwiz.

    I have owned dash,wing,mytouch,clic, behold2, clic xt, and nexus.
    There isn’t much difference except minor annoyance such as motoburr and touchwiz.

  • aiyah d

    reported to better business bureau for false advertising……sugguest you all do the same.

  • spary

    Might be june release in other places ( it IS better than touch wiz original… I like the Daily Briefing app a lot. I’m sure you can root and bring it to stock android.

  • dennis p

    who the heck even bought that behold 2 anyways

  • suzydangerous

    lol. i think this is all pretty funny. i just got a behold 2 and i think it’s pretty awesome. i am just an average consumer (regarding phones and computers) and had no idea about any of this stuff before i started looking around the web. but srsly for me, this phone is just fine… even without magical said upgrade.

  • MadSamCustomer

    Ok well im really mad because tmobile promised this phone would go past the 2.1 update and now there saying that it wont go past 1.6 what the hell kind of service is that. We want the behold 2 to hit the 2.1 update not 1.6 wtf. They better offer us a big discount towards the galaxy S or else we hitting BBB up

  • jake

    I think its funny to see how many people are all hyped to get the SGS in the other topic forums, and most of them just laugh about anyone who got a behold 2, I dont know why they think only 10 f’in people got the damn phone, tons of people got the behold and all got screwed, I am gonna laugh when all those retards get the SGS and then after 6 or 7 months Samsuck has a newer phone in its pipeline and no longer gonna spend time or money to put out updates, the SGS might get froyo OTA, but I dont think it will see anything beyond that and thats assuming it even gets froyo as all them douches think it will. As for Samsuck phones, no more for me, I still have to pay off 450 bucks for mine and there is nothing tmobile will do for me I already went and talked to them, I mean the reps at the store are pretty cool and understanding but they just dont have the power to exchange the phone or anything. So thanks alot samsuck.

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  • WDR

    I don’t have a dog in this fight – I still have a feature phone (hoping to see something truly impressive in July, though the mytouch slider is fairly impressive).

    However, despite whatever “promises” were made in promo videos, Samsungs reply seems to indicate a PHYSICAL limitation: “However, the Behold II is not upgradeable beyond Android 1.6.”

    They way it reads suugests that they can’t upgrade, not that they have simply decided not to. (In other words, they tried and it didn’t work out.)

    I seem to recall reading somewhere that it was a RAM issue. But since I am not OCD about this stuff, I don’t have it bookmarked or otherwise notated.

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  • Radori13

    its horseshit.