[UPDATED] T-Mobile HD2 Back In Stock!


UPDATE: According to our sources, the T-Mobile HD2 is now out of stock via Customer Care.  You can still order online or run down to your local T-Mobile store to check if they’ve got any in stock!

After selling out nearly twice since its debut 2 weeks ago, it looks like the HTC HD2 is ready to make a comeback. According to our sources, select T-Mobile stores have started to receive additional HTC HD2 shipments.  Additionally, it looks like the T-Mobile HTC HD2 is back in stock online and is also available through T-Mobile Customer Care (For Customer Care, dial 611 from your T-Mobile handset).  If you’ve been dying to purchase a T-Mobile HD2, now’s your chance!  Hopefully Magenta learned from their mistake and ordered extra this time around!  Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments!


  • ateam201

    anyone go to my-tmobile.com i think the phone is sold out for existing customers cause I don’t see the phone even there. I think they pulled it low stock again? I bet going to sell out again. And to the haters keep hating cause no one is changing their decision and not buying it, quite the opposite is happening selling out every time.

    • Greg

      I just returned my HD2, at least 1 extra more for others. Nothing was wrong with it, just,,,, you know – HD2 is a good phone, but…….Nexus One is better!! :P

  • jtc24

    im an employee and my hd2 finally shipped today! im excited but a little bit nervous. We have had 5 hd2s come back with freezing issues. hopefully mine wont have a problem. guess we will see.

    • cs987


      When did you order your phone. I ordered mine on 3/24 at about 730am CST and still have heard nothing! Kinda upset that I ordered so early and am still waiting at least for an update on shipping.

  • Mooseknuckle

    Sweet, I’ve been waiting on my order as well. I don’t mind winmo. I think it’s a great phone available through tmobile. I like my nexus one, but I guess android isn’t my style. I hope everyone’s HD2 works good and lasts.

  • http://www.tmonews.com lujanroy

    ive had my HD2 for 2 week now and the thing is amazing, best phone ive ever owned and ive owned every hot phone t mo has launched. it freezes once in awhile and thatts why it has a task manager built in, keep on top of task manager and do a soft reset once a day and it will run fine, be reminded that this thing is basically a mini pc, so treat it like one and you will have good luck.

  • HowIDoozIt

    My local store received 84 of them yesterday morning, and as of 10am today they had 6 left. I was the first one in the store to get one today, but while I was there upgrading they sold out before the rep could get this big ole beauty out of the box! So crazy how popular this phone is, with such little advertising! GOOD JOB TOMONEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

  • jtc24

    i ordered mine at 10:30 pm ct on 3/23. they showed up on our employee site a day before the release.

    • tehsu

      I ordered mine on the employee site around 11:10, still haven’t received anything for shipping, but maybe they are moving for employees now

      • tehsu

        it shipped

  • http://out ov1

    Mikey mikey mikey I know your loving all this attention your getting. I’m guessing your so bitter because your so lonely well here’s a text hug. You know a truely intelligent person can respect opinions not bash them.

  • Ash

    Sad tmobile is not offering existing customers the upgrade option…this is the price for staying loyal to tmobile…i’m now looking forward to Iphone 4G in june….Thanks Tmobile for the excellent service & reward for bring loyal….

    • Halo

      It is to bad the whole HD2 has been a bit of a mess with the upgrade situation it is hit and miss, they will upgrade, but you have to do it once stock is first available .

      I’m sure there will be plenty soon, but you may hear of something else coming out that catches your eye by that time.

  • TomCruise

    i went to 3 t-mobile corporate stores yesterday, all were out of stock.

    then i went to best buy and they had a few in stock, upgraded my account to HD2.

    this morning i sold it on ebay for full retail and ordered my nexus one. can’t wait for tomorrow to receive my nexus one. :-)

    • poopman

      thats a pretty good way to get a nexus one if youre on a family plan but its to much work for me since im lazy.

  • ace

    A question for TMO employess…..how many HD2 returns are you getting? Just curious.

    • jtc24

      We have had 3 exchanges due to frezing and 2 just return it.

  • huh

    no cares about the stupid mytouch so stfu and go post elsewhere

  • coolmen777

    Hey guys
    I flashed my HD2 to Energy Rom (on XDA Developers). I forgot to write down the settings for Opera Mobile homepage, that has nice shortcuts to Yahoo, Gmail, Your Account, etc. Can anyone with stock ROM, tell me the URL for the homepage? Thank You.


    FINALLLY!!!!!!!!! got my trackin info this morning. thought employees would never get it

  • justsomedude

    I cant believe people actually bought this thing, LOL.

    Android rules.


    well believe it android pansy

  • superrube

    I have been a customer for 8 years. Since TMO was first available in my area. I have 3 phone lines with them. I have always ben pretty happy with them but this whole upgrade fiasco sucks. If the EVO4 (witch runs android intead of winmo) comes out within the next few weeks im jumpin over to Sprint.

  • xDeToXx

    I’ve been a loyal customer, 5 lines, unlimited everything high value customer. But for some reason I can’t get this phone, but new customers can. Explain this.

  • sudocrashr

    amazon has had this phone. got mine 2 weeks ago. they offer it both for new and existing customers. guess people only want to buy it from tmobile stores.

    btw – i love my HD2!


    CS987…I hope you got yours. I ordered mine around the same time and it went smooth, but after waiting a few days I tried to track it and nothing. I called and they said no order had been entered. I guess they were out and just thew mine order away. I spent a lot of time on the phone and listened to the contract message and all.

    Was not too happy.

    • Jeremy

      That’s exactly what happened with me. I ordered 2 & the order never went through & I was so pissed. Now I have to wait until they give all the other people who got lucky enough to get their orders in before they ran out. You would think they would get more phones so they don’t sell out. Even the iphone didn’t sell out this much.