Some MyTouch 3G Slide Impressions

Maybe you have looking at the MyTouch 3G Slide thinking “I’d buy that, but I really wish I knew more about it.”  Well, this may be time for you to find out some more about the next MyTouch phone.  According to Android and Me, who know a guy, the screen is 3.5 inches diagonally and may, or may not, be an AMOLED screen.  Around back you will find a 5 MP camera with LED flash and autofocus.  The whole thing will be humming along with a 600 MHz ARM11 processor with 512 MB ROM and 512 MB RAM, powered by a 1300 mAH battery.  What is interesting is that this phone might be capable of running on the very fast HSPA+ speeds (or at least HSPA 7.2), and used to promote these speeds.  In addition, it will sport HTC’s newest Espresso Sense UI over Android 2.1 (so you get all those nifty benefits).  There will be a lot of apps  included, like the AppPack, My Account, myTouch Music, Quick Office, some games (one is Abduction), and Swype is the stock keyboard, though the HTC keyboard and Dragon Dictionary can be used.  It also appears that this is slimmer than the G1, which is always a good thing.  Stay tuned for future updates and leave your thoughts in the comments!

Android and Me

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  • lol

    some people here really need to get off apple’s dick! seriously, flash is not a bad technology! A well-written flash game, video player, etc will do just fine! the reason why you’re getting all these browser’s crashing is because there are flash games, flash sites, flash video players that weren’t written correctly. You have all these people who learn flash in high school or a 1 month thing they tried, then they wanted to make all these games and flash and post it on website. The stability of any software is highly dependable on the person who wrote the code. A poorly written flash game = a poorly written C++ game = a poorly written android app = a poorly written iphone app = a poorly written C# game = a poorly written XNA game = FAIL… GET IT in your head guys! its not the technology’s fault! its the coders fault! everything will fail if written/USED badly… this thing happened with flash a few years back. A lot of people just turned their websites to flash, intro use flash, website table, use flash, which caused browsers to crash and companies like apple blame it on flash…

  • Mooch

    It’s ok. Nothing to get excited over. I had high hopes for this phone when we first heard about it back in January. With the Nexus One & Droid being released, I would’ve thought that this phone would be made with some power behind it. The more and more I see it, the more I’m really digging the Sense UI (although I’m not too keen on the similar Espresso UI). I’m gonna hold off until after it’s released to see how buggy it is and also to see if maybe T-Mobile has anything remotely decent to offer in late Q2 or Q3. If this upcoming Samsung is really the Galaxy S (although I sincerely doubt it), then we finally might have something powerful to bring to the table and something worth buying. Although that Touchwiz…..blech!

  • JBLmobileG1

    While this phone looks like a winner when compaired to the other Android phones Tmobile offers its still nothing like Verizon will be getting which IS the incredible. I was just told this by my Verizon rep that they will get this phone with Android 2.1 a Snapdragon processor and an 8MP camera! No offense to Tmobile but you guys intoroduced the Android o/s and then it seems to me Verizon is now the ultimate Android phone supplier. WTH is up with this? Also I thought Tmobile was on some pannel with Google? If this is true how come you guys aren’t releasing an super Android phones? Is it cause money talks? They need a loan from DT or something because so far… when they release an Android phone that seems to be higher end (atleast for Tmobile) another carrier comes in with something 10x better. Look and Sprint with the EVO. It has HDMI out and 2 cameras! I am still sticking with Tmobile though because I know in the future their network will be one of the best I just wish they would release better Android phones than the competition.

  • Mooch

    It’s simple. You want your product to reach the largest consumer base possible. Verizon is the first, T-Mobile is the last. The answer speaks for itself.

    T-Mobile seems more interested in re-releasing phones with different colors (I’m looking at you, Blackberry 9700) and newer headphone jacks (wowee!!!) with slightly better RAM (which is still so old that it’s being phased out by other carriers… know who you are HTC Droid Eris). What’s old to them is new to us. We’re the first to get it but when it takes off, we get left in the dust so that bigger carriers can reap the benefits. That’s all there is to it.

  • jabombardier

    Its funny. Many in here are complaining that this phone is subpar to the android offerings for Verizon. It seems that just because it has a 600 Mhz processor its grounds to say the phone is trash. After just reviewing android phones that the myTouch slide can be compared to, including the nexus one, they all share the same hardware specs more or less. All the devices have 512 RAM and 512 ROM. In the end they are the same, except for cosmetics. So I believe that this new phone will be stellar and will perform well against and contradict early negative criticizm. I will be at the t-mobile Store to pick up my copy and retire my G1.

    • Monkeydroid

      No. 1Ghz does make a difference. The current myTouch 3G runs at 528mhz and it’s slow with stock android. Now this thing will be running 2.1 sense and 600mhz? T mobile is not doing enough as far as offering high end android phones. Period.

      • joe

        Really, thats funny cause my G1 runs 2.1 just fine. What you need to realize is that the processor is not the bottle neck on the G1/MT, it is the lack of Ram and other things.

    • BoomBoomBang

      I agree. I will be going there right after school and pick up mine and finally retire my Sidekick. Been using a Sidekick since 2005.

  • Bobert

    No grown man should be caught in public with this phone or the cliq

    • Ermac

      Man I’m so tired of everybody doggin the cliq if u really wanna compare the cliq to the mytouch or whatever check out these factors, the cliq has a better, smoother accelerometer than ANY HTC phone, touch games play better on the cliq vs any HTC phone with the same hardware specs try playin armageddon squardron on the my touch, notice the lag u get when u touch the screen, which on that game is somethin u have to do? That happens on all HTC phones, the cliq is really the first phone with LoJack basically, sombody borrowed ur shit…permanently go home or to an internet accessible computer and track it down, if they left the country, remote wipe ur shit off of it. My Cliq runs Raging Thunder II flawlessly with 3 background apps running. Hell my cliq has played a whole song I had set up as a notification tone still playin RT2 flawlessly. Its the perfect phone for emulators, quick as hell when ur dual logged in to a chat client, when I’m on my computer gmail I dnt still get the messages to my phone now that I’m logged in at the desktop, not to mention it has killer battery life for a power user! I watched 3 movies on it back to back and after playing half a song after watching all 3 of those movies I lost a bar. The only thing a mytouch has on a cliq is the bigger screen. The hell it doesn’t even hve a damn 5MP camera! Now dnt get me wrong I love HTC phones they are awesome but what really is the beef with the cliq what isn’t liked about it, I’m runnin swype, THE HERO KEYBOARD, and the android keyboad, how the hell is it runnin the hero keyboard so flawlessly that ud think HTC designed it exclusively for the cliq. When the cliq boots up, there is 11 apps running in the background at startup, any cliq users notice a lag to where u have to reboot the phone cause when I had my G1, the send menu and end key pressed together became my best friend.

  • matthiep-vo

    I think this phone will be a big hit! I mean people are doubting it cuz it has a 600 mhz processor but if you haven’t noticed the HTC Legend has the same processor and I doubt that there aren’t people that would use that phone no? This phone is cool and the keyboard is very spacious cuz it looks like the touchpro 2’s and I’ve used that and I have to say that it is pretty friggin awesome. This phone is better that the backflip I mean you gotta admit it. And all those people out there hating on T-Mobile for not having the “Best” android phones finna need to stop cuz they offer the most phones as of right now and the worst Android carrier has to be AT&T! Haha the backflip? Seriously? No way jose. The myTouch Slide is most likely the number 1 qwerty android not considering the G1 cuz that still kills the Droid, the Devour, the CliQ, the Backflip, and maybe the Samsung Moment who knows. The myTouch Slide might be one of the best android qwertys that may come out. I’m just sayin maybe we should just give this phone a fighting chance.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Reading some of these comments it’s clear that many people don’t have a clue how carriers and handset manufacturers operate.

    Do you really think that T-Mobile just sits on the sidelines lapping up scraps that the competitors and manufacturers decide to leave them.

    Do you really think that HTC dictates which phones T-Mobile gets, and that what HTC says is the final word on the subject? After all, YOU think, HTC is the customer and T-Mobile is lucky that HTC allows T-Mobile to do business with it.

    Do you really think that T-Mobile WORLDWIDE is an insignificant customer, so much so that HTC says who gets what?

    Do you know that to HTC T-Mobile U.S. is NOT the customer, it’s T-Mobile worldwide? All totaled T-Mobile has 148 million customers. And the parent DT is the largest communications company in Europe. That is who HTC cuts deals with.

    Even if T-Mobile U.S. was a separate customer (it’s not) TMOUS has 34 million customers and $17 billion in annual revenues. (That’s more money than many industries realize, e.g. the entire movie business.) Do you think with those kind of numbers HTC conspires with Verizon and Sprint on how to screw over T-Mobile and that HTC tells T-Mobile “Wait in the scraps line, chump.”

    Do you really think that HTC jumps to Sprint’s and Verizon’s tune and T-Mobile just sits there like a rock getting peed on by passing dogs?

    Do you really think it is HTC who dictates that Sprint will get the EVO, Verizon the Incredible and that HTC leaves T-Mobile in the dark as to what it will get, and this time around, in response to those phones T-Mobile gets the myTouch Slide?

    In regards to this, do you honestly believe that T-Mobile thinks that the myTouch Slide is its answer to the EVO or Incredible and that T-Mobile has nothing in the pipeline that will fall into the Android superphone category?

    Do you think that T-Mobile has to accept HTC’s and the competitors’ dictates because otherwise as punishment the other carriers will tell HTC to blacklist T-Mobile for “insubordination” and to stop supplying phones to T-Mobile.

    And what do you think, there’s a few T-Mobile employees in a basement somewhere in Germany deciding which phones to sell. Actually, T-Mobile has 15,000 employees, people who know a lot more than you do.

    Bottom line: Do you even know why this phone is coming out and who is the intended user? I did not think so.

    • Tomato

      Michael’s got a point. I really don’t understand all these negative comments about TMobile. I’ve had TMo for years and yeah, sometimes the network is spotty but a heck of a lot better than AT&T and a lot better than what Sprint used to be.

      I think TMo is way ahead of the curve right now, in offering non-contract plans for instance.

      I, for one, am seriously looking at that phone. Can’t wait to see the reviews.

      Don’t forget, the Moto Droid does not have a snapdragon processor and it’s pretty damn fast already. This phone might just be pretty good for most people’s uses, including mine.

      Plus it has a slider KB which is a plus in my book. Let’s just see what the reviewers will say about it before bashing the phone, shall we :)

  • Mooch

    yeah..well…that’s just like…your opinion…man : )

    • cellmate

      shut the f@$% up, Donnie!

  • Tomato

    I think that phone looks great!

  • Ktwist

    This is just one of the MANY Android phones coming out this year, so shut the hell up and quit your bitching if you don’t like this phone! 99% of the customers I deal with day to day do not know what a Snapdragon is. So jump ship for the Evo and get the shitty service you deserve, please just do it…For all those with patience, a 1ghz Android is coming around the same time as the Evo.

    • mad dog

      Last time I checked people were free to complain about whatever they wanted to. You may be tired of hearing people bitch about tmo but I’m sure people are tired of hearing you bitch about other people’s bitching. Something for you to think about.

      • Ktwist

        Maddog, true that. Let the bitching begin!

    • GreenRobot

      Well, aren’t you a lucky sob that your customers are ignorant uninformed fools. This way you can sell them overpriced, outdated junk and since they just don’t know any better, they’ll just give you their money and say thank you. You really are one lucky guy…

    • GreenRobot

      I remember seeing a commercial for Sims Clothing I think and they were saying something like: “An educated consumer is our best customer…”
      I suppose you and T-Mobile are currently betting on quite the opposite at the moment don’t you? Given the facts we currently do have, this seems to be the case.

      • Ktwist

        What’s so overpriced about $99 or $149 for a decent phone for everyone? You clearly don’t know anything about marketing and sales from comments like that. Not everyone can lay down $300 dollars for an Incredible Droid, $529 for a Nexus One ect..I’m assuming the educated phone geeks out there have already picked up an HD2 or Nexus One. Again, a company is not going to make all Super phones and no low cost handsets. Think realisticly please before you come to the conclusion I love pulling the wool over my customers eyes. You bash AT&T for the devour, backflip? Let me guess, your on a verizon site bashing the Droid Eris for it’s shitty specs. Most customers are NOT ignorant contrary to your belief, they just have other hobbies that don’t include looking over specs on the latest handsets.

      • steve

        t-mo is the discount carrier, they don’t want a high dollar device that they can’t sell to their flexpay customers

  • Omeer

    Dude(s) relax. Bitching about high end phones won’t bring one about any sooner. Obviously there are lots of rumors running around about T-mobile getting high end phones so just give it some more time and see how it pans out. If T-mo doesn’t deliver by the end of the year I’ll leave along with you guys, promise. For now just have some more patience people :)

    • jthono

      I’m gonna try to be patient.

  • jthono

    Not that this won’t be a good phone, I’m sure plenty of folks will like it. Me personally I’m still wondering when is Tmobile going to produce a much higher end android phone to compete with others like the droid, iphone, incredible, evo, etc. I actually considered jumping ship to verizon or sprint, but I’m locked in a contract.


    must be nice to be able to afford all these phones and sit back and complain about them…. this is how petty you all sound, ” hey i bought the HD2, the movies, Blah this phone has a great picture and a fabulous screen, super thin, largest screen ever released on a phone, 1ghz processor like all the complainers asked for, but really un happy, windows 6.5 sucks and this phone still has not brushed my teeth for me, nor has it put the dogs out or fed them, does not pick up after my kids nor got them to school, it doesnt get the coffee going in the morning,nor does it start my car wireless, shit this phone stinks!! verizon has a phone that is ten times better with a $200 a month individual line for 200 min and 500 text messages, sprint has the get my clothes ironed for me in the morning and does my kids homework with a 36 in 3d LED screen with shitty service and i can pay $200 dollars a month for with limited min and taxes and sur charges and hidden fees up the ass! come on people!! are you serious??? what do you want out of a phone! its a freakin cell phone! come to grips with reality..

    • Omeer


    • Bobert

      What the fuck is wrong with you?
      Get a hold of yourself

  • Myles

    I work for T-Mobile and am supposed to be getting one of these soon as part of a MyTouch Champion promotion. I was also a a meeting this evening a rep had already received his, and from everything I see, it flat out flies! I know the processor isnt much of an increase, but HTC has done something right because the multitouch seemed really responsive and the new Sense looks clean. I was also told at the meeting that the processor is actually 700 MHz, not 600, so take it for what it’s worth, but I’ll be more than happy to post again once I receive mine.

    • Regular Joe

      Please do :)

    • Bobert

      My wife has a Cliq. It’s pretty peppy and moto blur is pretty cool.
      I used it for a while but it’s like carrying a purse.
      I guess if your gay or pussy whiped the Cliq is your phone.

    • J. Peener

      I’m the champion at my store this time around too. have you received any info yet? We’re still in the dark about it for the most part.

  • nokialvr

    Can I use the T-Mobile $10 data plan on my Touch 3g? I will buy the phone seperate from my plan (meaning not on contract).

  • Don

    I am not going to be a complete dick and bash T-mobile and this phone. T-Mobile is a great carrier with nice price, excellent customer service, and decent phones. They have served me and my family well for about 10 years now. This phone is really cool, and it will probably be a hit among t mobile customers, but no one will feel enticed to switch to tmobile for this, or any devices.

    I understand t mobile is the 4th largest carrier, and presents itself as a value brand, but they need to score a big device. It might be natural that larger carriers get the big stuff but tmo needs to get in there and get some. They opened up the android game, and that was probably the first and only moment that t mobile got customers for the hardware. Its all about the hardware. At&t has the iphone and their profits have soared due to it. Verizon has their super android phones. And even SPRINT just scored a crucial device. I guess tmobile has the NExus 1 but you cant even get it on every plan for the subsidized price.

    This summer will be very intresting, new iphone, maybe even a verizon iphone, nexus 1 on other carriers. Sprints HTC EVO, and Verizons Droids. I am probably jumping shit for the EVO but i will have to see. But i doubt tmobile will score a blockbuster device.

  • Vikingfan45

    The HTC HD2 is a huge device alot of people i think is forgetting that just because its not android.But its still a powerful device despite it not being the HTC EVO.I think what people is getting upset about is the fact that t-mobile with it parent company being as powerful as it is, why does t-mobile always get the water down version of every phone. No EVO and HTC HD2??? No Hero and Mytouch 3G when t-mobile pioneered the android platform??? Samsung Behold 2 = CRAP. T-mobile Touch Pro 2 over Sprint Touch Pro 2 i mean it just seems like T-mobile always get the shaft when it comes to phones.

  • Omeer

    It seems to me that T-Mo USA HAS been ignored until now. However, the CEO of parent company Deutsche Telekom has expressed interests in investing time and money to expand its USA counterpart recently. You all have to admit there have been a lot of changes made to T-mo in the past years, changes for the better but as with most good changes it takes TIME. It makes sense that they chose to overhaul the services provided ( reduced rate plans, no-contract plans, customer service etc.) and expand their range of service (better 3G coverage, launch of HSPA+ network) first before offering high end devices. What good is a 3G device or HSPA+ device if the network it’s on doesn’t even support it? Now that T-mo USA has found its comfort zone in its network and services it can concentrate on launching devices that take advantage of it all. In short I foresee HIGH END PHONES COMING TO T-MOBILE SO SIT BACK, RELAX AND STOP THE BITCHING.

  • SCurtis

    The 600mhz processor is not necessarily a problem, depending on what kind of video processing the phone has on-board. The Verizon Droid only has a 600ish processor and is quite fast, due to offloading video processing to another chip.

  • shawn1224

    All I’m hearing is how TMO will soon get their fair share of a high end Android phone, but I’ve yet to see squat.

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • Alex

    I am too happy with TMO, but no one cant say that their android offerings is underwhelming. They have raise their game this year. Any truth to the unld. Talk, and text plan rumored?

  • Trill

    Actually I’ve heard the processor is 700mhz but lets cool it and wait

  • Green Robot

    Phandroid is reporting that some specs were leaked. It has 512MB ROM and 512MB of RAM, but it does have the rumored 600MHz ARM11 processor. It is a good mid-level Android phone – no doubt there. But it is just another good mid-level Android phone in a bunch of mid-level Android phones for TMO. Where is our high end device? The reviews of Droid Incredible are pouring in and TMO has nothing to compete with it – not even a solid rumor. Wake up TMO…

  • xLilVietAprilx

    Hey i searched up on the t-mobile website for the Mytouch Slide and they were selling the Mytouch Slide phone covers in red/black, silver/black, blue/black, and gold/black. That’s funny how they’re selling the cover even though the phone hasn’t even came out yet.

    • David, Managing Editor

      Its not the MyTouch Slide accessories its accessories for the myTouch that “Slide on,” as the picture clearly shows an image of the current myTouch. I saw it that way when you first wrote this comment but a closer breakdown reveals thats just the name of the accessory for the current myTouch.

      • Jesus

        Lol , haha That was funny. :O

  • tmob

    there is a rumor going on at leakdroid that the processor is at 1ghz. i dont really believe it but im hopeful ;)

    • shawn1224

      Even if it is 1 gig, the size of the screen cannot compete with other aforementioned top end devices.

      IMO, 4 inches is the starting point for a top tier device. 3.7 & below is so 2009 LOL

      • Ace

        the droid incredible is 3.7 o.O

  • DRE373

    It has a full keyboard ppl!!! with android 5 meg and a flash and, those dogging T-mobile are you all forgetting the GODFATHER(G1). I swear some times people forget for which they came.

    P.S HTC HD2!!! enough said!!

  • Claudio

    this isn’t directed to anyone, but i thing it applies here. we have been having the same discussion at another forum and someone articulated this very well:
    ” T-Mobile needs to step up their game
    Although the MT3G is fine, that’s all it is.. is fine. Being T-Mobile’s BEST android phone at the moment, it is blown out of the water and doesn’t even come close to the android phones that other carriers have, and now we’re leaps and bounds BEHIND other android phones. Isn’t that a little embarrassing? “FINE” really isn’t enough right now because every carrier out there has a powerhouse android phone while T-Mobile customers are stuck with mid-end phones that cost the same amount of money.
    Don’t defend T-Mobile and definitely don’t blame consumers. As consumers, it’s only natural that we demand more. I don’t mean to take a stab at anyone, but if EVERYONE or even MOST PEOPLE were like some on here, where one would be satisfied with mediocrity, then our technology and our society wouldn’t be as advanced as it is right now. It’s OUR fault that T-Mobile offers mediocre selections? Wow. Take your head out of T-Mobile’s ass.”

    I could not have said it better. if T-Mobile is going to play along with the the other top 3 carriers, i think it would behoove them to compete and bring more customers whatever way they can. not only offering low end, but also high end devices. if i remember correctly last year, which isn’t to long ago, Tmo lost 77,000 customers in Q3 ( i don’t think they want to keep on loosing customers

  • Jason

    My boss has this phone as he is a regional manager for tmobile, I’ve had this phone in my hand and played with it for a while it’s night and day different from the my touch and optimized to be way faster than the specs would have you believe. This will be tmobile best phone when it’s released.

  • Mike

    I had the occasion to visit my T-Mobile store a couple of days ago and happened to be there when someone came in with a N1. Additionally I had not seen the MyTouch 3G Slide but wanted to. They didn’t have any out but the T-Mobile employee there, who was the HTC person in the store for TM had one and was happy to show it to me and answer all of my questions. I got to hold both in my hands and the same time and do side-by-side comparisons. I compared both and the winner was the N1… or so I thought. I got home, called TM and got to discussing the ins and outs of the N1. I have a family plan and in order to get the N1 I would have to abandon the family plan for myself for at least 6 months – Google’s requirement. That, all things considered after doing the math on the plans, was a deal breaker. I was on the fence between the two. I really liked both but see the benefits of both. The MyTouch 3G Slide is really a sweet phone and is very fast. It feels solidly built and fit comfortably in my hand in both the portrait and landscape positions. The physical keyboard is very nice, but after having Swype demonstrated to me on the virtual keyboard I may never slide the physical keyboard out to use it. If you touch the keys one by one on the virtual keyboard you get a nice tactile vibration letting you know you hit a key.

    The internet browser on the MyTouch 3G Slide looked great. The apps and widgets look really cool and do so much. It is just a pleasurable phone to use. It does everything TM says it will do and does it well.

    The battery life is my only real concern, but specs say that this phone is on par with most if not all smart phones and I should be able to get through a normal day without having to recharge. I have talked to a lot of people that have these kinds of phones and they assure me that this is not out of line with what to expect and they have no problems at all. The girl at TM said that she uses her MyTouch 3G Slide constantly and has to recharge at midday – but again she told me that she is a very very heavy user of the phone and multi-tasks a lot. A full charge she told me only takes about 35 minutes… not a big deal. I figure I’ll get a car charger if this becomes an issue or keep a spare charger at my office.

    The screen was fully and easily responsive, as well as beautiful to look at – easily equal to or better than the Apple iPhone 3GS. The look and feel of the UI is incredible and the Genius function is indeed a very nice thing. It really does work as advertised.

    Don’t be swayed by all of this hype you read about a slow processor vs the N1 or other smart phones. I held both as I noted above, tried both… and honestly in the vast scheme of things it didn’t make a nickel’s worth of difference. One time the N1 was a little faster and one time the MyTouch Slide was a little faster. Honestly folks… how much faster is faster? Really…

    If you have the money to throw down on the plan for the N1 I’d say go for it. The cost differential between the N1 and the Mytouch 3G Slide are negligible ($179.00 for the N1 vs $129.00 for the MT 3G Slide – Wal Mart pre-purchase price.. and I suspect TM will be the same). The N1 honestly was my first choice, but the cost to own it and the benefit of what I’d receive made it not worth it for me with my family plan and trying to keep costs under control. If you don’t care about such things, the N1 is thinner, perhaps a little more advanced as far as the average user is concerned and has a different look and feel to the UI. It is very cool and you definitely won’t be disappointed. On the other hand I don’t believe you will be disappointed in the MyTouch 3G Slide either. It is one darned good phone.

    Either way you can’t go wrong… and afterall… it’s a phone darn it… a phone. If you can call people on it that is really what it is all about. All the extra stuff is just that… extra. It is a luxury – a very nice luxury, but a luxury nonetheless. I intend to get the the MyTouch 3G Slide and will enjoy every minute of using it. I’m on the list for the delivery date of June 2nd – not because I’m an early adopter, because I’m not. It is just a nice phone and I wanted to get a new one now. This will replace my Nokia E63, which I bought from Nokia a year ago when it became available in the United States. It still works well and will be passing it on to my wife. I don’t have a data plan for it, but it does have WiFi, is great for texting and is a batter champ as I only have to charge it a couple of times per week… but this comment is not about this it is about the N1 vs. the MyTouch 3G Slide.

    Thanks for reading and enjoy which ever phone you get!

  • odiots

    The Mytouch Slide had a dedicated GPU so its much faster than any previous ARM11 phones because non of them had dedicated GPU’s

    It’s an adreno GPU and its quite enough for this screen resolution. Thats why so many people that ACUTALLY HAVE the phone say they are suprised they get NO lag and it is snappy as hell is because of this, CPU/GPU combo

    And yes the MYTouch Slide benches higher than the motorola droid all around…and kills the devour.