[Updated] First myTouch Slide Image Appears In The Wild

2010-04-09 12.59.52

Update: It’s running Android 2.1! New pics to be added soon but hit the jump for a software version image! More pics here!

It was just yesterday that we promised future leaked images of the “next MyTouch device,” aka MyTouch Slide, aka Espresso.  The image above is the very first image to appear in the wild of the MyTouch Slide, so it is in the hands of at least one individual.  As we expect more images to leak out soon enough, we’re hoping all the important things like confirmed specs will also find its way to our inbox.  We can see by the home screen that personalization is again an emphasis of this device and, as we learned yesterday, the marketing campaign behind this device will be focused exactly on that.

This image matches up quite well to the leaked images we saw back at the end of January and, with the passing of the FCC and showing up in Radio Shack’s inventory, things are lining up quite nicely for a rumored May 19th launch.

While these specs below are from our January 29th post, we can’t confirm if they have been updated or remain the same.  We’re working with our sources for further confirmation, especially regarding the version of Android the MyTouch Slide is running.  We’ll update as we learn more.

Rumored specs:

1300mAHr Battery    * MicroSD memory cardslot is accessible without battery removal.  It is a push to insert and push to remove design.    * Optical trackpad with an integrated push button.    * Camera with LED flash.    * 3.5 mm Headset Jack    * Slide-out 4 row QWERTY keyboard    * 320×48o screen resolution.    * ARM11 processor



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  • Omeer

    On another note ARM 11 processor doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a low end processor. If you check their website it says the ARM 11 family of processors ranges from 350MHz to 1GHz so who knows maybe the SLIDE has the high end version of the processor. Although I’m willing to bet it’s the same as any other T-mobile phone but I won’t judge until I see the actual specs..

  • Omeer

    Woo-hoo android 2.1 is onboard so chances are the processor is better than average as well.. I’m definitely getting this :)

  • Orea

    If this thing is running Sense Ui over the Android 2.1 I just might consider gettin thig thing and selling my HD2 HA

    • http://cosmicbreeze.tumblr.com Dave

      It is, they updated it :D

  • annon


    • http://cosmicbreeze.tumblr.com Dave

      OMG, WOW!!! I am so SOLD!

  • Omeer

    Annon can you confirm if it has the sense UI, the processor, RAM etc?

    • Alex

      Yes it has HTC Sense

  • mike

    it will be a nice addition to the tmobile lineup of handsets

    • akawik

      yeah next to the rest of the trash

      • PlasmaShark

        Seriously, what lineup?…

  • Nezz

    Excited! been holding out for a new phone almost caved on cliq xt! happy i didnt! super bummed the galaxy S is at&t. at least this is an upgrade from my g1!

  • Randy

    the droid would seem faster, but yeah i understand all that. still if this phone is packing sense UI and has 2.1, then i am betting that the processor is gonna be in the realm of 800MHz to 1GHz(would be nice), well thats what i am praying for anyway. will have to wait and see.

  • Alex
  • thereugo67

    This looks like a decent phone, also running 2.1 thats nice, I guess my wife will giving her clix qt to the lil lady in her life. I’m waiting for a high powered android phone from tmobile, i guess i will be waiting forever…..here i come sprint….EVO!

  • Jelc

    Wow looks better than the original leaked images. This will probably be my next phone. Glad I didn’t get the Cliq. Htc Sense AND Android 2.1= FTW

  • Namo

    Need actual specs pls!!!!! It sounds promising.

  • BoomBoomBang


    Not that I don’t want to or anything, it’s just that I think it’s time to put it aside and start college off new and improved =]

  • BoomBoomBang

    I, personally, think the best keyboard on ANY phone has been occupied by the Sidekick. Period.

  • akawik

    just checked the specs and yeah disappointed. # 256 MB RAM
    # 512 MB ROM link

    • Trill

      Those are rumored specs so please read throughly and check your source. It will probably be the case but we can all dream.

  • John

    Looks nice. I didn’t see anywhere what the size of the screen is?

  • Wilco

    specs don’t look very good. What’s with that outdated crappy screen?

    Listen, I’m an Android fan-boy. Been a member of T-Mo since the Voicestream days. But if T-Mo is putting out the same range of technology as the G1/MyTouch3g/Cliq/Behold2, then I’m not interested and will be looking for a carrier that has a competitive Android phone. Give me at least:

    1Ghz processor
    512 RAM
    512 ROM
    3.7″ AMOLED
    Android 2.1

    Anything less is insulting and redundant at T-Mo. If T-Mo doesn’t announce something by June 1, then I’m going with the Galaxy S, EVO, Desire, or another similar option. I want a freakin high-end Android phone!!!! No more crap!!!!

    • BoomBoomBang

      …. whoa.

    • mytouch3g owner

      isn’t there like hmmm a Nexus for T-mobile?!

  • phonegeek

    looks like this will be my next phone i was going to be the cliq on ebay or craigslist seeing how i have a mytouch but i think this is upgrade worthy

  • RICK

    Don’t invest in the cliq or the XT. Those are very horrible phones. I feel that TMO has been disrespected by Moto with those 2 garbage phones. The mytouch is the most decent, but this slide better have a minimum processor starting at 600Ghz. Its a shame how TMO does not marry there even more prices with a beast of a phone. I sincerely hope they are reading all the comments by how underwhelming the specs, if true really are. I am not looking to leave you TMO, just give us a real ANDROID SUPER phone!!!!!!!!!!

  • tom

    have you used the cliq or xt personally or just played with them? Ive used the cliq since before launch and have had literally no problems with it, and ive used a lot of phones. I had lost ALL respect for motorola in the past 2 years, then after using it have gained it all back. It gets better battery life, better signal, and runs smoother than the mytouch, which i also used for a few months. I think that you should probably own the phones before you call them “HORRIBLE”

  • Trill

    I might be interested if it has the following:

    1. At least 700mhz
    2. 3.7″ or 3.5″
    3. 512ROM & 288RAM

  • lsxchevelle

    Looks like I will be getting this phone as I will be the myTouch champion at my store… Still using the G1 but like others I’m really hoping for an Android superphone. I heard that we are getting a Samsung 2nd half 2010 with Nexus One specs or better but I want a HTC device since updates seem quickly delivered to those devices over Motorola/Samsung. So the slide should hold me over for a bit by at least having 2.1

  • BoomBoomBang

    Finally, and Android phone that I like and can worth with.
    I just gotta adjust to the keyboard. Goodbye my fellow Sidekick =[