T-Mobile HTC HD2 Now Available


It’s finally here!  This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Yup, the much awaited T-Mobile HTC HD2 is officially available on T-Mobile’s website.  As previously stated, the HD2 will run you $199.99 with a 2-year agreement, and $449.99 sans contract.  The entertainment-packed handset also includes Transformers 1 and 2 already preloaded onto the 16GB microSD card included and will also come preloaded with the BlockBuster On-Demand app, MobiTV, Slacker Radio, and a Barnes & Noble E-reader app.  For your convenience, we’ve also included a link to some tips and tricks for those of you that are new to Swype and the official T-Mobile HTC HD2 Manual and Start Guide.  Additionally, the folks over at T-Mobile have compiled a series of “How To” videos briefly showcasing exactly how to use basic HD2 features.  We’ve included the links below!  Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments!

T-Mobile HTC HD2 User Manual & Start Guide

Swype Tips And Tricks

T-Mobile HD2 How To Videos

Buy now from T-Mobile.

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  • Mr. Multimedia

    Today at WireFly the price is $99.99 for T-mobile’s HD2 with a 2yr contract….. If you know of a cheaper price, please post it here……..

    • ed

      its amazing, the level of excitement over a device that will be severly outdated in 6 months…..

      • DotNetCoderAZ

        Define *severely* outdated? Let me guess, Microsoft isn’t going to support WinMo 6.5.x anymore? Or, the hardware is sub-par?

        Come on, let’s hear more FUD…

  • dm

    3 people in line now, and tmobile reps have showed up already but haven’t opened doors yet..

  • trife

    Just upgraded via CC with no problems. I’m only 4 months into a new 2-year contract so the best pricing I could get was $399 with a partial upgrade. Figured I don’t mind extending another 4 months so I went for it. It should be here on Friday! Can’t wait!

    Now to sell this 9700…….

    • Deuce017

      I’m 6 months into my new 2-year contract and I’m not seeing any upgrade price on My T-Mobile at all besides the $449.99 no contract price. Should I call up Customer Care about this?

  • Jeff

    I have mine reserved, but I am waiting at the door now. I am the only one here so far. I can see the display through the glass. Four more minutes.

  • nick

    just got off the phone with the 3rd cs and again she has said EARLY UPGRADE HAS NOT BEEN STOPPED AND THE HD2 QUALIFIES. She also told me though that they do know of a problem in the system that is cancelling out the upgrade which is making cs think it has ended. if you have problems at the store, she told me to have the store call them so they can override the system. they are bing told its going to be like this until 1pm est/10am pst.

    anyways, still only one here…1 hour to go!…jealous of you 9am stores!

  • 30014

    This phone is a beast, but I won’t be getting it because it packs winmo and won’t officially get win 7. I know I can get what I want from xda but I wouldn’t root a brand new phone and void the warranty like that. Because you know what would happen, two months after purchasing it there would be a problem with the screen or some other issue. But you would be screwed because you voided your warranty by rooting it.

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      Technically, you don’t “root” a WinMo device. You can install a cooked ROM on it and if you need to send it in for support, you can download and install the original ROM.

  • http://www.AHealthyVegan.com Tom Scholfield

    It totally sucks that this phone is using WinMo 6.5. If this was android I would be purchasing this phone instead of writing this.

    • Hawarr

      The Sense UI hides everything I hate about WinMo.

  • Jeff

    Not available until 1pm. Way to handle a launch T – Mobile.

  • TheMadHatter

    Can I upgrade while being on a family line and not have to get the mandatory data plan?

  • S

    The rumors about early upgrade pricing ending are true.. just got off the phone with customer care and they said was only eligible for a price of $329. When I told him that I was told by multiple other cc reps that I could upgrade to it for $199 he said I was wrong and basically acted like I was lying to him. After I insisted that they did, he then pulled up my account info and told me it indeed WAS noted that i would be able to buy the HD2 for $199…

    But now I’m not sure I even want to. I’ve waited for this phone for a long time, but T-mo’s cc rep was so rude and they’ve been so inconsistent that I feel like just canceling my account and going elsewhere.

    I’ve never been unhappy with their customer service before, I’ve been with them for 6 years, but it seems like they’re definitely going down hill.

    For all those getting the HD2, grats to you, and I really hope you enjoy it, but to me it’s not worth getting stuck with that kind of service for the next 2 years just for a cool phone. If I wanted that I would just go to sprint… =/

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      I can agree that their phone service has been getting worse and worse and the way that TMO handled this launch was purely a joke. However, the question of getting the HD2 or not, well, I look at it this way… if you can get it for the 199.99 price point, go for it! Once you have the phone, the amount of times you will have to deal with CS is going to be far and few in between.

      Also, you might want to consider the Even More Plus plan. It’s no contract and the payment plans for equipment works out well (at least for me).

    • snmclean21

      I have to agree with you on this as well. This is my first time commenting on this website but I read it just about everyday! However, I have also been with T-Mobile for 6 years and I am not too impressed with how they are handling the launch of the HD2. I’ve waited for this phone for a while and still may pick it up but this leaves me with a very different impression of T-Mobile’s customer service.

      • DotNetCoderAZ

        At this point? I could care less about their customer service. I know how much I am going to pay because I am on the Even More Plus plan and in all honesty, I am handy enough when it comes to a mobile device that I only need to contact CS when there is an issue with service or hardware repairs. Aside from those two times, I never need to deal with them and luckily, the reps at my local TMO store rock.

  • Gr8ful1

    I callled up CC, the website for upgrades is finally working. I inquired as to why the prices went from 79.99 for. the Bold 9700 to 264.99. The rep said that it was showing for 79.99 her system and that the HD2 was 149.99, not 309.99 as the upgrades online show. I just ordered my HD2

  • Jay

    Just ordered mine, wooohooo!

  • Jose

    i was the first in line and so i got a free 15 dollar screen protector yay!!! omg this phone is fast like i said before bye bye iphone :-) hahaha. now time for xda to some out with some nice roms.

  • WXman

    F*** Sprint.

  • DavidinJax

    My upgrade price shows $309.99… waa waa waa I won’t get it.

  • sdot00

    1PM?? Not sure who told you that…I’m a TMO employee, and we have already sold 8 of them…who is telling you 1PM?

  • NJchic

    Is every store giving away free screen protectors? I’m the only one at my location in NJ. Can’t wait to say adios to my G1!!!

    • Jose

      idk if everyone is but i asked them because i was the first in line lol

  • Syklone

    First thing the rep says to me, ” you here for the HD2″
    Me, “you damn right!”

  • Tig

    Well… I went to Walmart this morning to buy my phone. Nothing but a huge list of problems. I had to call tmobile 3 times to sort out all my account “problems” and they got everything set with Walmart. So the sales person gets to the final stage and cannot pull up the price information for my phone.

    The HD2 appears not to be in Walmarts systems yet.

    So they took my number and will call me when it’s all set. I waited there for over an hour and am late for work for nothing…

    • Jeff

      I feel your pain. Something very similar happened to me at the T – Mobile store. I called twice last week to make sure I was on the list. Both times, they told me I could come in at 9 and pick it up. So, I take time off from work, go over there, only to find out they can’t sell me one because its not in their system. All of the other stores close by are already sold out. So I have no choice but to wait for the call back and leave work yet again. A little frustrating to say the least. Oh well, I guess all I can do is wait…again.

      • Tig

        They put one aside for me. So once the pricing gets sorted out I know I will have one waiting for me. I just wanted it NOW…

        More waiting…

  • Joe Pa

    LOL at that dumb email we got this morning for registering for info on the HTC HD2.

  • Boris

    Ok, so I am a current customer but I don’t want to upgrade. I am on a family plan and just buy phone whenever I want for full price. I called my store today and they were like no, you can’t buy it outright. WTF type of the retarded thing is that? O well I guess that authorized retailer is getting my money.

  • dm

    Got hold of 2 today at my local store.. One of them I qualified for full upgrade and the other line, was 2 weeks till 12 month is over and the rep manual did it and let me upgrade early!

    • MIKE

      i was told i could upgrade because i have over 12 months with the line.. so how much would i be getting the HTC HD2 ??

      • dm

        I got both for 199 upgrade price.

  • vic

    i got mu hd2 this morning @8:00. dont know why some are having to wait till one o’clock. i was the second person in line and have come home and set up mu device. i hope that the rest of you get your phones, this phone is sexy as hell and i won’t be putting it down today.

  • rigel

    Great online pricing for new activations, 2 year contract:

    – Wirefly currently offers $50 Bing cashback, making the final cost $49.99.
    – Dell Mobility is $99.99 and has 5% cashback through Bing.
    – Walmart.com is $99.99.
    – LetsTalk.com is $99.99.

    – The AAA discount price is $149. The buy 1 get 1 free (BOGO) promotion IS available for AAA members.

    Good luck!

  • YourPalHal

    I picked one up @Walmart unlocked/unsubsizied on Mon. for top dollar; hoping for a bit of a refund if the retail price is $449.

    A couple of observations: Since I purchased unsubsidized no changes were made to my account @t-mobile. I dropped in my sim and found instant 3g goodness on my grandfathered $19/mo “total internet” data plan. No nastygrams about upgrading my data plan as of yet.

    I can’t seem to find any traces of swype on the device. Anybody have a clue here?

  • DK Brothers

    Picked my up this morning. Got to my T-Mobile store @ 170 Broadway in Lower Manhattan at 9 AM. They opened at 9AM and were sold out by 9:30! First impressions: Reception is not as good as my TP2. Keyboard seems a tad off. Gotta check for adjustments.

  • DK Brothers

    Picked my up this morning. Got to my T-Mobile store @ 170 Broadway in Lower Manhattan at 9 AM. They opened at 9AM and were sold out by 9:30! First impressions: Reception is not as good as my TP2. Keyboard seems a tad off. Gotta check for adjustments.

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      *Supposedly* The radio ROM on the HD2 is a little older than we would like. You can flash a new radio ROM (the latest is That should solve any reception issues.

  • Mobile Nut

    Was number 6 in line this morning at the store; they claimed (and charged me) $254.99 for an early upgrade – when I tried to tell her that the upgrade online was less she said that was not possible. But then when I go online, I can’t see any price for an upgrade – the $199 that is shown seems to be the amount for new customers. I have a grandfathered plan which might be the reason for the higher upgrade price.

  • Mike

    How do I purchase the HD2 off of T-Mo’s website without assigning a contract to it? I just want to buy it outright with Bing cashback.

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      I’m not 100% certain about this, but…

      I don’t think you can (yet) get it unsub’d directly from TMO. I think the only way
      you can buy it unsub’d is through Walmart and maybe WireFly or Letstalk.

      If you are a current TMO customer, you could switch your plan over to the Even More Plus plan and buy it that way. But, you wouldn’t get the Bing cashback.

  • gargoyle999

    I gots mine! whoooooo…………………….

  • gargoyle999

    BTW…my store was supposed to get 25 but only got 20….

  • 4ty-phive

    This phone officially sucks now, due to the fact that Sprint is getting the same exact hardware but with android 2.1. T-Mo is being laughed at

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      Sure, TMO is being laughed at… *sigh* I love all the people that come and report here that seem to be “in the know”.

      Any links or relevant docs that show TMO is being laughed at? Or, maybe some public opinion polls? Anything?

    • Tig

      Yeah because android is sooo much better right?

      No not right..

      and Sprint blows…

      So as of now you officially suck.

  • DavidinJax

    ugh I just called T-Mobile, and informed me I am only eligeble for a partial credit for upgrading, but to receive the full upgrade and only pay $149.00 I have to wait 5 months.

    I paid $400 for my BB when it came out, I can’t imagine paying $309.00 for a phone again, especially when mine works perfectly. I’ll wait the 5 months.

  • http://hiphopthugz.com nkog

    i got mine too wow this is definitely worth the money! i was the only one there too great way to promote the phone tmobile!

    • DavidinJax

      Speaking of.. WTF is going on with their marketing.. I have not seen any news of the this phone outside this website. No news of the dell mini netbook, or HSPA thing..

      Really TMo you have good products right now, word of mouth will only go so far, you have to get people interested first.

  • ed

    $300 to upgrade to a phone that will be obselete in 6 months when wp7 comes out…sounds like a great deal to me!!

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      And you have used WP7S personally? You know all about it’s strengths and weaknesses? Oh wait, no, you can’t considering the O/S hasn’t even been released yet!

      Again, more and more FUD.

  • Mike

    I’m just gonna wait. Either I’ll pi8ck this up when the price drops or I’ll pick up a better phone…

    The main issue is that these fast phones are great if you live in a nice big city, but T-Mo’s 3g network is pathetic, and they’re focusing resources on bringing faster speeds to big cities that have been enjoying 3G for a while now? Thanks, T-Mo.

    For the first time ever, I’m really thinking of switching to Verizon. Those coverage map commercials are really starting to be effective to me.

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      I’ll agree about the 3G coverage… Here in Phoenix, which side of the valley you are on dictates your 3G coverage. On the west side, it’s spotty at best. On the east side, I get stellar performance.

      TMO really does need to focus on getting 3G to everyone before the HSPA+ upgrades take place (and this coming from an admitted data junkie).

  • randalltroy

    the Tmo website is showing the nuron,for me, but not the Hd2 for upgrades

  • jay

    I spoke to an top rep, they are working hard to make this available online, over whelming demand on there website put a damper on the launch. Think of it this way I just ordered it and do to the new upgrade offers in 12 months I will be able to upgrade to their HDSPA+ device that makes sprints supersonic cry!! THere is a reason good ol T-MObile is waiting to launch the new device, can you say 1.5Ghz processor? 1080i? 180 million customers covered with real speeds faster then 11mbps? How about a company not planning on charging more for there new speeds? Yeah that is our beloved T!!

  • steve

    posting from bd2 right now

    • coach k

      your bd2 lol @ steve you need to practice typing! on the bd2

  • gargoyle999

    how do we get wifi tethering on this sucker…

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      As soon as I get mine (in 1 hour, 12 minutes), I’ll post instructions for you.

      • gargoyle999

        I would really appreciate it!


    So I got to the premier store in my area 15 min before they opened & I was 8th in line. By the time the store opened there was another 10 people in line. A few people in front of me did the BOGO & got two.

    The store was allocated 40, so I’m glad I went early….baby is charging now & I’ve done a fresh Sync on my WING and am ready to put it to pasture!!!

    in 12 months, the 2nd gen WPS7 phones will be out or the TMO upgraded version of Sprint’s EVO & I’ll get that :) For the next year, I’m a happy camper!!!

  • gargoyle999

    I wish it had a stylus

  • gargoyle999

    The rep confirmed the upgrade after 12 months with a smartphone is toast..

  • Tig

    Has anyone else been able to buy an upgrade at walmart?

  • beej

    Yup. Just got confirmation that teh smartphone early upgrade plan is gone. F@#$ T-Mobile. This is crap.

  • Kendrix_myrealname

    I want one so bad but I just cant see myself with a winmo device. Granted the screen is immaculate and gorgeous but winmo has way too many issues. Plus I’d miss my Android and the market

  • randalltroy

    so is the upgrade option showing up on Tmo’s website for anybody, or is it just me thats not getting the option


    Surprisingly the t mo store here in Kansas City is going to hold one for me until I get off work. SCORE!!!!!

  • Jeff

    Well, after some delay,I finally got mine.Posting from it now.

  • Vance

    Walmart has them if you are in Dallas Walmart on Frankford and March has about 5 left and they are just $148.88 just got mine. It is with Tax $161.00 but i got a walmart C.C. and i get back $20 on first bill total price $140.00 best price for a 2 year contract.