T-Mobile HTC HD2 Now Available


It’s finally here!  This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Yup, the much awaited T-Mobile HTC HD2 is officially available on T-Mobile’s website.  As previously stated, the HD2 will run you $199.99 with a 2-year agreement, and $449.99 sans contract.  The entertainment-packed handset also includes Transformers 1 and 2 already preloaded onto the 16GB microSD card included and will also come preloaded with the BlockBuster On-Demand app, MobiTV, Slacker Radio, and a Barnes & Noble E-reader app.  For your convenience, we’ve also included a link to some tips and tricks for those of you that are new to Swype and the official T-Mobile HTC HD2 Manual and Start Guide.  Additionally, the folks over at T-Mobile have compiled a series of “How To” videos briefly showcasing exactly how to use basic HD2 features.  We’ve included the links below!  Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments!

T-Mobile HTC HD2 User Manual & Start Guide

Swype Tips And Tricks

T-Mobile HD2 How To Videos

Buy now from T-Mobile.

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  • Vance

    Walmart has them if you are in Dallas Walmart on Frankford and March has about 5 left and they are just $148.88 just got mine. It is with Tax $161.00 but i got a walmart C.C. and i get back $20 on first bill total price $140.00 best price for a 2 year contract.

  • Infamous Rell

    When I went to the Tmo store this morning at 9, the rep asked me if I talked to CC about upgrading. I told her yes and with the early upgrade program for $199. Then she made it happen. So I don’t know if they stopped the early upgrade, but I was at 17 months and glad to get my HD2

  • steve

    This thing is a dream…I’ll hold on to it til i see what apple has in store in a few months. I feel bad for all the haters….

  • randalltroy

    what in heck is going on with the tmobile.com website, first I was locked out of my acctount,got that fixed, then it tells me I am not upgrade eligible, then it tells me the systems arent availble.I havent even had the chance to try to upgrade without calling cs today.I was on hold for 30 minutes though.Totally annoying

    • Jelc

      They’re probably busy with calls and stuff.

  • draws

    Got two this morning on 2year contracts for only 100 bucks total, I was shocked……

    • KiltDaddy

      Details please?

      • draws

        It was buy one get one free for 199 but the guy boss came along and gave me a 100 instant in store rebate and waived one activation fee also, so 100 bucks plus 10% tax

  • trickystyle

    I ordered mine this morning at 8. I am off contract with T-Mobile but I was eligible to do the instalment plan. Upfront I paid about 30 dollars. I am going to be paying 22.50 for 19 months ontop of my phone bill. I think it is a sweet deal plus I don’t have to renew my contract with T-Mobile. It will be with me in a few days time.

  • Kumbidi

    Guess what !!!! I just got myself a HTC HD 2.., i was on the $79.99 unlimited everything plan, i called first nd talked to a A**hole supervisor he said no way you can get the phone on discount, then i called back and talk to another guy, a good damn friendly guy, he made a solution, he said he will revert back my account to my old plan which was (49.99 unlimited Loyalty Plan) so also add free 3 days Shipping, and the phone only cost me $149.99 with 2 yr contract, i been with Tmo for 6 yrs so they know i wasnt gonna go anyplace so did i.

    so the good news is with out any problem i have one for $149.99 2 yr contract extention, Free shipping Unlimited Text $10 bucks, Unlimited Web for $19.99.

    So heck ya i had a gr8 day,

  • damien

    FYI T-Mobile did change their eligibility on their upgrades.. There are no more full eligible after 12 months, it is now at 18 months.. Their are several differnt teirs of eligibilty with discounts applying to each tier… Call CS or stop by the store to see what you are qualified for

  • Eric

    1. The HTC HD2 is missing multitouch at IE, however works at Opera Browser.
    2. The Opera Browser is unable to fit-to-screen and thus you get both vertical and horizontal scrolls on browser.
    3. No AVI, MP4 streaming or playback
    4. Takes time to awake after auto sleep mode….at least 1 min and thus you can hear the ringtone but cannot see the caller details
    5. It is not pocket phone for sure
    6. 3G at T-Mobile is like Edge
    7. Apps are very slow to respond
    I think it is enough for now…It is sure a dude and i will be returning this back today.

  • Blacksheep427

    I was the first buyer of HD2 in Hagerstown, MD at the Cole rd. store. I had $100 to use to for the payment plan. My total with upgrade discount was $199.99, not including taxes or the $18.00 upgrade fee. I am still playing with all the settings and am not used to touch screens. Regardless, if you’re thinking about this HD2, stop thinking and GET IT!

  • dan

    Funny, I am not having any of the lag problems that are listed here. I do hate the fact that no multitouch in IE, but whatever I am over it. Other than that, my phone is running great, and working great. The only annoyance I had is the email “outlook” syncing my gmail, but because I have patience, figured out how to get push and all contacts to sync over the air so am happy now. Now off to delete “Transformers 2, revenge of Michael Bay”

  • eric

    hd2 hot! all thats left is flash player and phone will be complete! hopefully we will get an air update like g1 did.. hope flash gets here sion!

  • Will

    Just ordered mine this morning :D They offered me a $50.00 discount for some issues I was having with being told different things by a plethora of different customer service personnel, so I said OK! Order my phone already lol. Should be here next week and I can’t wait! I am so ready to make the move (for real this time) from Blackberry and this phone looks like it will be a step in the right direction… though I hope I don’t have any real issues with the virtual keyboard seeing as I have big hands… but I’ll cross that bridge when it comes.

  • bigc17

    The HD2 is a great phone, pfobably the best on t-mobile yet.I Got my HD2 Yesterday because me and my mom stood in line with everyone else to get it and we were fourth to receive it. When we left the store, they still had 2 LEFTand hopefully everyone who wanted it got it.The HD2 is a beautiful display,a speedy processor, grest sound system and speakerphone,a pretty good web browser and lotd more. Sorry wait, no, i’m not sorry but this is better than the iPhone.

  • Phalosopher

    skyfire has flash via the browser..

  • lee

    oh my gosh, i ordered with CC wednesday morning 9am central, they just put it with UPS 2 hours ago, that’s the bad news, good news is i just got a chubby knowing it’s on the way finally…yeehaw!

  • Esoom

    Had mine for a couple of days, and although I am very particular about my phones, I am having no issues with this device, its easily the best TMobile phone ever, strong work TMobile.