T-Mobile HD2 Event Going Down In NYC, Live (Sort Of) (Updated)


Update: Almost forgot that the @TMobile_USA tweet finally finally finally is confirming what we already knew.  Many many thanks to the @WMExperts crew who gave me their blessing to repost their info.  Enjoy the show, guys!

Thanks to the good folks over at WMExperts who have so graciously and thankfully blessed us with the use of their pictures at the T-Mobile HTC HD2 launch event.  Things are happening live and we definitely suggest checking out the WMExperts live Twitter stream as they update the night away.  We’ll be updating details as they arrive.  Many many thanks to the guys over at WMExperts for allowing us to use their pics as, with little surprise, we weren’t invited.

  • Blockbuster movies: cost anywhere from $2.99-$3.99; you can also buy them. Purchases work w/other BBuster services. Saves to 16gb SD (included)
  • MobiTV is 3g streaming. Works very well. It’s basically live TV.
  • MobiTV is rocking. Very fast and great quality/channel selection. This HD2 is very media-centric. http://twitpic.com/190seq
  • Barnes & Noble eReader: very nice. Syncs OTA w/your acct. You can “lend” to the device but not from the device in this version.
  • Barnes & Noble eReader. Very sharp, legible. Nice animations. http://twitpic.com/191f5m
  • Block Buster Video app on HD2: can pause movie & cont. stream on other BBuster streaming apps/devices. http://twitpic.com/191eo1
  • T-mo Hd2 memory specs for ya… http://twitpic.com/191e1r
  • In flight entertainment app on HD2… http://twitpic.com/191ds9

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  • WMisbest

    Hoping for pre-order! I needs my HD2! Got my TP2 all souped up with the newest Energy ROM to give to my wife. Can’t Wait!!!! I hope pre-order is going to be made avail, Otherwise I will have to go and pick it up on my lunch break or after work = lame.

    • HerbieDerb

      sa…saa….SAA…SAAA…. SOLD!

      • drivethruboy168

        I’m using a HD2 right now… T-Mobile version, This thing is FLIPPIN AWESOME!!!! This is what I was expecting from the Touch Pro 2! I’m not even worried about Android anymore, this phone does EVERYTHING! And it works soo flawlessly! All you guys will love this phone! It is definitely worth the wait and anyone waiting to buy this will definitely be a happy camper! HD2 ALL THE WAY!!!!

  • Sgt. Cell

    Almost here, can’t wait.

  • Ricardo

    T-mobile needs to have contests that open a few seats to these events to the public. I’d love to be there.

    • john

      some of the poster’s here would have to be tazed to keep them from lunging at some of the phones…lol

  • Ronald


    • efjay

      DO EEETTT!!

  • gargoyle999

    so far nothing too new…what was the point of this press thing?

    • Doug

      to promote it? isn’t that one of the knocks on tmobile? they do a poor job of promoting their phones?

      • gargoyle999

        well hope something exciting comes of it to get promoted. Engadget isn’t mentioning it on their site yet and wmexperts is barely saying anything and they are there. It’s been running for an hour and a half!

      • lev

        Actually, they do a horrible job of promoting their phones, good service, most of their commercials are about their plans, and not phones, except the samsung behold 2 commercial that airs 4 months after the phone was released.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Huh? Nothing new? Just because we know all about this device, 99.9999% of the public does not. This event is for them, not YOU as indicated by the fact that YOU did not get an invite. :)

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Gargoyle, this is a mainstream press event, not for tech sites, etc.

      And the way it works is that MSM attends the event then go back to their homes and offices and write the stories that will appear in the media.

      Since this is held at night the stories won’t appear until tomorrow’s afternoon edition and on the Thursday morning editions.

      If you go to Google News and search “T-Mobile” you will see that various media are reporting the event.

      So it is getting coverage despite how stories are typically published.

      Ask a white male politician caught with a 16 year male gigolo how the “news cycle” works, they are experts at this stuff.

      Here’s the Google link, hit refresh as often as you want and you can see the latest stories pop up.


  • phalosopher


  • http://twitter.com/phenomenon_7 Phenomenon

    I’ve been taking extra precautions to MAKE SURE I don’t die before this phone drops.

    If a NetFlix app ever comes out for this phone I think I’d loose it. It would be the most complete device I would have ever owned thus far.

    • Doug

      i agree. i’d love a netflix app. maybe that’s something the devs can bring over. who knows. the blockbuster app does seem cool. i wasn’t very familiar with them since i use netflix. but it looks like it’s similar to itunes movie rentals.

  • bigc17

    Somebody better say something good and informing about this because all of this is starting to tick me off, yhe whole 8 day wait, not knowing everthing about the phone and no pre orders yet, what else now. Hope that someone says something we don’t know about the HD2 yet.

    • gargoyle999

      that’s what I’m saying! There is nothing coming out of this event. Yawn…

  • gargoyle999

    I still haven’t been notified from that stick together site and I was supposed to be first! ha..ha…

    Maybe they will email me tonight with a secret presale offer….

    • bigc17

      I haven’t been emailed by tmo either cause I did the same thing. You’re right, they probably will email everyone who did the stick together thing and yeah, hope us loyal tmo customers get a pre order tonight or tomorrow.

    • dm

      Why would you want to pre-order? Wouldn’t it be be better to get it the morning off, instead of waiting for ups to show up at your door…

      • Ricardo

        Many times when you pre-order, you can get the phone earlier then it’s launch date to the public.

  • RCornelous

    I am soooo hoping we can preorder this…I’m ready to get this phone YESTERDAY!!!!

  • steve

    Can you ask them about this picture?


    $7.18 to rent The 4th kind

    $32.38 to buy it

    Seems HIGH as hell, I can take any movie and put it on this phone for free. But other people dont have the know how.

    • Jason Mc

      yea 7.18 is crazy plus taxes means like $10 looks like i will be stealing again movies i mean

      • Ricardo

        WMexperts were saying, and it makes sense, that because the content can be screened on multiple outlets, the price is high. Personally, i don’t need it on multiple outlets. Charge me 3 bucks and i’ll only watch it on my phone.

      • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

        I have to disagree on the ‘making sense’ part. It makes no sense when MS rents/sells movies via the Zune marketplace that allows you to download it up to 5 times across 5 different devices, including Zune players and Xbox 360s, and for HALF those BB prices.

        No, if that screen shot is for real, then Blockbuster fails and damn anyone who says BB makes sense. They don’t, and their pricing is proof they still don’t get it. First app to get deleted off my HD2: Blockbuster.

    • http://hiphopthugz.com nkog

      blockbuster is reaching hard netflix is killing the market with the 8.99 unlimited streaming. for the prices blockbuster wants you can just order movies from your tv.

    • jon

      I think those prices are to rent and buy the blu ray disk at a local blockbuster. The tweet that goes along with that pic mentioned being able to do that if the movie wasn’t available to stream.

      • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

        Now THAT makes sense.

  • Wilma Flintstone


  • waiting4hd2

    isnt the tmobile version supposed to have 1gb rom? am i missing somthing???

    • TmoNinja

      (689.23 megabytes) + (355.69 megabytes) = 1.02042969 gigabytes

      • waiting4hd2

        it says
        total = 689.23
        In use = 355.69
        Free = 333.55
        So total (355.69 + 333.59) = 689.24….

        I dont understand the Total + free = 1 GB calculation :(
        shouldnt it show total as 1 gb and then show how much it is used and how much is free?

      • jon

        Math, you’re doin’ it wrong.

        in use 355.69 +
        Free 333.55 =
        Total 689.24 (rounding error)

      • TmoNinja

        LOL, wow, totally didn’t type that the way I meant it. Good catch guys. Yeah, all the training material and HTC specs point to 1 gig, dunno what’s up with these screens. Maybe someone should check one of the live demo models?

      • Duck Dodgers

        My TP2 says:

        Total: 220.20 MB
        In Use: 146.60MB
        Free: 73.30 MB

        Total: 186.79 MB
        In Use: 138.01 MB
        Free: 48.78 MB.

        The TP2 is suppose to have ROM: 512 MB and RAM: 288 MB so I don’t know if the WM 6.5 soaks up the rest of the 512 MB of ROM or not.

      • ColoradoGray

        WinMo Divides the ROM between space available for storage (documents, images, audio, video, messages, ect), and space available for Program installs. This used to adjustable WAY back when.
        Anywho, so the amth we are looking for is:
        689.23 MB Storage
        +458.76 MB Program
        1147.99 MB of ROM

      • jon


        Not quite, in this screen shot, Storage is ROM, and Program is RAM.

        You can verify this easily if you have a WinMo device. Check the numbers then open several programs, the Free Program memory will drop, close them and it goes back up.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      A little late with my post, but Colorado Guy has it right. The amount shown on the Settings page is what is available AFTER the OS, programs, drivers, etc. have taken up part of that ROM.

      The best way to confirm that the 1GB ROM is there and intact is to remember that the European version comes with 512MB ROM.

      The NYC Event screen shot shows 689MB of ROM left. So right there you have exceeded the ROM on the European HD2. 1GB ROM confirmed. :)

      This is nothing new. For one, notice on all computers they provide a disclaimer that says the hard disk capacity it lower than the specified size because of OS install. Same goes for the HD2’s ROM.

      To confirm and compare this with your computer’s hard disk, on your computer open up Windows Explorer. Highlight your “C” drive.

      Right click with your mouse so the drop down menu appears.

      Click “Properties” from the menu.

      Another window will pop up showing your C drive hard disk information.

      Now remember the ADVERTISED or specified size of your hard disk (e.g. 120GB, 160GB, 250GB). Compare that with the number that appears in the pop-up window, on a line item titled “Capacity.”

      Because your hard disk is partially used by instructions, commands and the OS, your disk’s “Capacity” is always LESS than your hard disk’s advertised size.

      Same goes for ROM.


    I wish they would just start selling the phone tmw morning! I’m tired of waiting already. They made me wait THIS long to tell me it’s official! How dare you?!?! LOL. This phone to me is THE perfect phone. It is drop dead gorgeous and with Meagan Fox riding along with me everywhere I go, makes me feel that much better. Haha. I could care less about the whole Transformers movies but it’s cool. It will definately keep my sons entertained that’s for sure. I can’t wait. Everyday does slower and sloower and sloooooooweeer. Can’t stop looking at the time wishing I could just fast forward.

  • NCole

    Ok, so I just logged on to MyTmobile went to upgrade my phone(G1), and if gave me the choice of Cliq…..However, when I put the htc HD2 in the search the product shows up and has an upgrade button. I clicked the button and begin to load only to hit me with this page can’t be loaded in DEVIL RED!!!!UGH!! And after trying it several more times it now just brings me back to the possible upgrade page!!…..Anywho I’m not sure if this gives us FAITHFUL CUSTOMERS A LITTLE LIGHT AT THE END OF THIS LOOOONNNNGGG TUNNEL!! Heres hoping for a pre-order Tonight!!

    • TmoNinja

      That button has been up for almost a week now. I hope there is a pre-order, but if so that button has nothing to do with it. =[

    • Wilma Flintstone

      I been there NCole. The Upgrade button has been there for days and is still not working. They are teasing us Maggie Faithful with all of this crap. Just give us the Friggin’ phone already!!!! First the Secretive crap now the Upgrade Tease. They better tell us something amazing tonight.

  • KiltDaddy

    asked via twitter if they were going to have pre-orders. answer: @kiltdaddy no, or rather no one here to confirm/deny :-/

  • Giddy

    Patience my fellow HD2 anticipatees. We must all quell the excitement rushing through our cores. Please settle yourselves and meditate about the lavishness of the phone. I too am excited and I am now Woooo Saaaaa-ing……..

    LOL! Yeah right! Come on with the phone already! I can’t take it anymore. Say it with me: Pre-Order-Pre-Order-Pre-Order


  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    MSNBC on MobiTV playing on an HD2. TV and tethering… that’s what I’m talking about.

    Goodbye $150 a month Comcast Cable TV and broadband.

  • NCole

    GEEEZ!!!!! Welp there goes my light:( Thanks for the honesty Mr.TmoNinja, I just can’t wait any longer!!! Can someone explain to me why Blockbuster has those outrageous prices for rentals?(Other than them being the devil)……You know something, It wasn’t this difficult or stressful when I purchased my G1 and I stalked & PRE-ORDERED it!! Tmobile is doing the most…But I’ll continue waiting:)

    • TmoNinja

      No prob,I work for em, but I’m waiting just as anxiously as you. Wish they’d just put this phone out for us who wanna pre-order. =]


    My question is why are we (in the USA) the last ones to get all the good phones? The N1 is probably the only phone that came out here first but that’s because it’s a pain in the @$$ to get one for a decent price unless you were a brand spankin’ new customer. What a slap in the face by Google! We make the G1 (which i’m dying to throw out my window now because of how Google treats loyal customers) a huge success and then they want us to pay over $400 for their phone which we (loyal G1 early adapters)made possible in the first place. I am SO happy that a GREAT non Android phone is coming out so that I can stop supporting Google. I actually LOVED Google until I got slapped in the face by them. That’s fine I’m tired of seeing that green snot on my screen….oops I meant green robot. I’m glad the N1 had so many problems and glad they haven’t sold like they expected. Thank God for the HD2. I will use it until I am ready to get another phone. Phew! I felt better now that I got to vent :). Comparing the HD2 with HTC Sense and WP7, the HD2 looks so much more ALIVE! WP7S looks like lego blocks on the homescreen. Very tacky and lame. That’s just my opinion. Oh and one last thing…F*&% Google!

  • RCornelous

    Well, I was hoping for additional information from the event…no info on pre-ordering or nothing!! What’s up with that??? Most of the stuff that was said we already knew!!

  • Davidohio

    I am glad the HD2 is not Win7 upgradeable because I just read on http://www.phonescoop.com that win7 won’t support multitasking or micro sd cards and will be “locked down” apple style. That sucks. It also had an article about the HD2 and said it will have windows mobile 6.5 and NOT 6.5.3

    • Kevin

      Not a problem for me. I’m getting this phone because of Sense. No Sense, no buy. It hides Win Mo so deep you can barely tell it’s a WM OS. So I’m very content and cannot wait until the 24th. The Only time I will really have to mess with WM is when I’m going to the Marketplace. This phone is a true beast, but most wont know it because their too busy b*tchin about it not having WM7. 6.5 is a blessing in disguise for the HD2.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      You’re kidding me right Davidohio? If that’s true about WP7, seriously count me out. I already didn’t like WP7 but that is just full of Suck.

      • wojax2

        its not looking so good for wp7s ..too many limitations like apple, I will not initially be upgrading to 7 series- this could end up like the win xp, windows 7 debacle…the hd2 is gonna do me just fine with a little help from xda.

  • NCole

    Thanks Wilma Flintston:)

    • Wilma Flintstone

      No Problem NCole. Cool Shades BTW :) Hopefully Maggy will give everybody here early access to the HD2.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Also, have you seen SPB Mobile Shell 3.5? It’s a custom ROM for WinMo that I’ll be using on my HD2. If not, then here’s the link to it:

        SPB Mobile Shell 3.5

        Enjoy. Ciao.

      • NCole

        Thanks times 2:) That video was awesome!!! I think I’m going to copy cat you on this one!! I love how sleek it looks!!! Great video

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Thanks and feel free to copy as you’re one cool cat. HAAA!!! I will be getting that ROM as soon as I leave the Maggy Store with my HD2.

  • RCornelous

    I just read that Windows Phone 7 won’t even allow cut and paste!!!

  • Tony

    What is the purpose of pre-orders.. please elaborate! Do you get it mailed to your house the first day or something?

    • jon

      Every once in a while pre-orders allow early access.

      e.g. The phone is for sale on the 24th, pre-orderers could pick theirs’ up on the 22nd.

      Doesn’t seem to be the case here though.

    • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

      *OR* it guarantees you got one in case it sells out.

  • waiting

    I’m really not sure what the point of giving them our email addy’s was. Doesn’t seem like there will be a pre-order =/

  • phalosopher

    Yeaaaa I’m definitely askin for next day or 2day.. wutever they got available if we can pre-order!


    Tell me about it. I gave them my email address and have not received a thing from them YET! I can only imagine they will send something juicy besides the damn release date because EVERYONE knows what day it’s launching already. I hope they don’t end up emailing me to tell me the phone is available AFTER I already have the phone. When it comes down to pre ordering, I’m not quiet sure I want to go that route. When the G1 was coming out, my friend pre ordered his and I didn’t. I went to the store and got it the first day it came out. My friend had to wait for it to come in the mail and got it about 3 or 4 days later. He was really upset so I don’t want to take that chance with the HD2. I have a buddy that works at Tmo so he is going to let me know as soon as they get them in stock. I can’t wait.

    • waiting

      I’m hoping for a pre-order cause the closest T-mobile to me is about 1 hour away… unless walmart or target decide to carry it, but they never seem to have the latest phones at the ones around here.

  • NJchic

    i just called tmobile just to see what they would say about pre-odering, which i knew would be a NO anyway. The reps are still saying they have nooo idea when this phone is coming out OR the pricing! I find that hilarious! Guess they’ll deny till the last minute! Then she tried to sell me a MyTouch and home phone service, Thanks but I’ll pass LoL!

  • waiting

    From Tmobile_USA twitter…

    “@PhilUp100Proof You can’t pre-order but you can be notified as soon as them become available http://cot.ag/9cbfbE ^CG”

    lol Why even have a notification. Everyone who wants this phone already knows it will be available on the 24th… Tmobile, this is just fail.


    As if we need to be notified of when this phone is going to be available. Wednesday March 23rd 2010 as soon as the doors open for business! If that was the point of signing up to be “the first to know” then that was complete garbage. I know more than the Tmo reps know about this phone….or they play a damn good job of acting stupid. LOL.

  • gargoyle999

    Well at least this press thing tonight isn’t going to create any long lines. Still don’t think much came out of it. Guess I can sleep in late next Wed. Head over to the local store around 8:30am.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    My feeling about all this is that:

    1. As I said a few days ago, I was hoping (and still hoping) that there is some reason for us signing up for e-mail notices. I hope that was not simply to tell us about the 24th. But then again, that page assumes we are plain ol customers. So getting e-mail notice of even the most basic info would be a benefit to someone who does not follow this stuff (aka, someone who would ask “What’s T-MoNews?”)

    2. Remember loyalty pricing? Well T-Mo should bestow upon it’s loyal customers some kind of advance notice and the opportunity to buy before everyone else.

    Come on T-Mobile, give us loyal customers a reason to feel special and to stay with you. Some companies call that VIP status. Heck, even Walgreen’s Drug Store calls me a VIP, on the cash register when they ring up my drugs. If Walgreen’s can do it, why not YOU T-Mo?

    • ace

      Good point Michael……As an employee,one of my biggest complaints is how we treat returning or loyal customers. why would a 5 or 6 year customer get the same pricing as someone who has only been here for 1 year? Part of the reason we are #4 is that we do not hold on to the customers we have. We have a churn of over 2.5% while Verizon is under 1%. Could it be that they give upgrading customers $ 100 off the price of the phone? Imagine the HD2 for $99.99 !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rigel

    Is the $199.99 price with or without a rebate? Also, will the HD2 be available at T-mobile.com and other online outlets, on the same day as the retail stores? T-Mobile offers 35% cash back through Bing.com and Amazon usually offers great deals as well. I won’t mind waiting a few days for delivery if it means getting the best deal on the phone. ;-)

    • gargoyle999

      Is that 35% Bing cashback still valid? I’m not finding it for T-Mobile.

      • rigel

        Still there. Enter “t-mobile” in the search box. You’ll see “Exclusive Online Offers at T-Mobile®. Get 35% Cashback From Bing!”. Click on the “Bing cashback” link, etc.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      The HD2 info brochure that this Site posted said it applied to everyone you mentioned.

      • rigel

        Yeah I saw the memo, but does that actually happen? Does T-Mobile implement a coordinated simultaneous release to all sales channels? As a long time Sprint customer, I have seen new products released to the market rather haphazardly. Retail might get the phone one week, telesales the next week, online another week and so on.

        I am hoping for a different experience with T-Mobile. ;-)

  • phalosopher

    So…. updates by midnight?! C’mon tmo…

  • Nellz3k

    i have a Sprint contract that expires in May but i’m gonna go ahead and drop $450 on the HD2 on the release day. Will it work just like a ipod touch with the wifi til i activate it in May?

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      AFAIK, you can use it with Wifi and no sim card, but I’m not 100% sure on that. I’ll have to test it with one of my devices.

      • Nellz3k

        DotNetCoderAZ, thanks for checkin on that!

      • DotNetCoderAZ

        So, in testing with my TP2 (which should be the same since it’s still HTC hardware), I was able to use WiFi, so in theory, you could use it until you get your SIM activated. However, things like GPS didn’t work quite as well (I think it’s because of A-GPS). Also, for some reason, things that should be network agnostic (Pandora and IE) would complain when I first launched them. After the apps ran for a few minutes, there was no problem.


  • trife

    I know this device isn’t being marketed as a business phone, but if there is somehow a pre-order for business accounts, I can assure you that some non-business account holders will get lucky with receiving an early HD2.

    Every time a new Blackberry has released on TMO (Curve, 8900, 9700), I’ve been able to order the phone early via Customer Care. Time will tell though, but time is getting short with only 1 week left until the official drop date.

  • tchez27

    Thanks a lot tmobile, I stayed up pass by bedtime for this friggin “press invite only” event just to find out that you either had a very small crowd or no one drinks at these events. Off to bed now in hopes that I wake up to a preorder email. Tchez out!

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Above I explained how news cycles work and that you should look to later tonight and tomorrow for coverage of the T-Mo event.

    Well take a look at how the respected PC World covered the event. Compare this with what you know.


    I’ll post it here in the event the link goes dead:

    “Phone maker HTC and wireless carrier T-Mobile announced the highly anticipated HD2 smartphone in the U.S. on Tuesday, but also said that no plans were in place to put Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Phone 7 OS on the device yet.

    The smartphone includes a large 4.3-inch touchscreen and runs the Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional OS. The HD2 was originally launched in October in Europe, and Microsoft has said Windows Mobile 6.5 devices could not be upgraded to Windows Phone 7.

    Users could therefore be left with a device that can’t be upgraded when Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 is officially released. Microsoft has said that smartphones based on new OS could become available starting late this year.

    Despite the growing enthusiasm surrounding Windows Phone 7, the companies didn’t want to wait for the new OS to release the HD2 in the U.S., said Jon Eliav, a T-Mobile spokesman. Eliav said that HTC is not providing a projection on when or whether HD2 smartphones will carry the Windows Phone 7 OS.

    “We don’t know when the first [Windows 7 Phone OS] device is coming out,” Eliav said.

    At the time of the Windows 7 OS launch, a number of carriers worldwide, including T-Mobile, committed to offer Windows Phone 7 Series devices as part of their phone offerings.

    The HD2 phone will be available in the U.S. on March 24 for US$449 without a contract, and for $199 with a mobile phone contract with T-Mobile. It includes 3G, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.1 wireless connectivity options.

    The phone includes a 5-megapixel camera and runs on Qualcomm’s 1GHz processor. It weighs 157 grams (0.35 pounds), and provides 3G talk tame of 320 minutes and standard talk time of 380 minutes. The standby time for the phone is up to 490 hours.

    The phone provides up to eight hours of battery life on video playback and 12 hours on audio playback. The devices comes with 576MB of memory and includes a MicroSD card slot for expandable storage.

    The companies have also tied up with a range of content providers to deliver multimedia to the device. Users will be able to download video from Blockbuster or e-books from Barnes and Noble. The company has also tied up with MobiTV to receive live TV. During a demonstration, the HD2 played back a movie and the MSNBC TV channel without choppy images.”

  • Ronald

    What was the whole point of signing up for the latest updates on the HD2? I never did receive an email every since I signed up on January 6th!

    • dj lu

      same here!!

    • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

      What is the point of asking this question again when it was asked a few posts up?

  • vic

    My local tmo had Hd2 in stock today but had none on the floor. The rep was cool and even took my name to set one aside for me but I told her that I would most likely be her first customer on the 24 to get it. She also told me that she did not know if pre-ordering would be available but she wolud let me know in the morning.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Interesting how different media garnered different information from the event.

    Here’s what another media outlet said:

    “… The T-Mobile version of the HD2 switches to the US carrier’s native 3G network but also comes with several preloaded apps, including Barnes & Noble’s e-reader, Blockbuster’s movie streaming service and MobiTV for Internet streaming TV. A pair of incentives are also preloaded, including six months of free Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi and both modern-day Transformers movies.

    HTC’s handset remains the most advanced Windows Mobile 6.5 device to date and is the first with a capacitive touchscreen and multi-touch gestures, both owing to custom work by its creator and not Microsoft.

    A quick 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 5-mega-pixel camera, GPS, Wi-Fi and microSDHC storage put the HD2 in the mid-to-high range. Despite its capabilities, however, it won’t be eligible for upgrading to Windows Phone 7 due to its control layout.”

  • Bigg

    Anything about a one year contract pricing?

  • http://www.slingbox.com/ TmoChicago

    why pay for mobitv when you can just get a sling box? I got one waiting to use it on my curve when it can out (no support for it at the time) then got a G1 only to find out that they came out with one for blackberries. Then no support for android no im getting the hd2 its going to be great. live cable on my phone all the movie channels i already have. no point of mobitv if you ask me just sling it. cant wait til the 24th.

    • Ricardo

      Sling box let’s you control your tv and dvr while mobitv is actual live tv on your phone.

      • HerbieDerb

        Your comment makes you look very…. unintelligent.

  • tchez27

    So far last night’s event and participants havent produced anything we didnt already know. They would’ve been better off just making a youtube video of the youtube video the European demo showed.

  • benjitek

    Looks like a fun device for a while, but can’t help think I’d be purchasing an antique. Having to cover up the OS to make it usable, combined with it not being upgradable to WP7 makes this an unlikely purchase for the masses :( Enjoy it if you get one though :)

    • vic

      So I guess the fact that the desire that will be running android and have sense on top of it is to make android usable also? You android fans are killing me. Not be able to upgrade to WP7 is not an issue unlike all of the android devices that has yet to see an upgrade to 2.0 and new device that have been released that were released with outdated software. Take a chill pill homie.

      • vic

        So I guess the fact that the desire that will be running android and have sense on top of it is to make android usable also? You android fans are killing me. Not being able to upgrade to WP7 is not an issue unlike all of the android devices that has yet to see an upgrade to 2.0 and new devices that have been released with outdated software. Take a chill pill homie

  • wojax2

    speaking off subject a little here…I gotta say that wp7s is an epic..fail!!! no multi-tasking,copy paste,no removeable storage..wow! I just saw on another website that Microsoft demoed windows phone 7 on an samsung omnia hd!! This phone doesn’t nearly have the specs that the hd2 has,and its running 7series!!!are you serious Microsoft?! and they dont want to upgrade the hd2’s software huh? microsoft is full of it!… samsung themselves said that they dont know for sure if their omnia hd is getting the update-but the fact that microsoft demoed 7 series on their phone @ the 7 series event should indicate pretty clearly. if I were t-mo and htc I would’ve demanded that 7 series be ported onto the hd2, especially if their showing it on an inferior device!(OMNIA HD). But then again.. it seems like we are all better off with winmo 6.5 anyways-sorry for the rant ,but I was just trying to make a point to all the people on the fence about the hd2 because it wont get windows 7 series- the hd2 just…. doesnt need it!

    • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

      I somewhat agree that WP7 is trying too much to be like Apple, however, I don’t see it as a huge failure at all.

      First, because you’re techinically wrong about the HD2 not ‘updgrading’… not to WP7, but MS has stated that WM6.5.XXX will continue to be supported and will exist. Supposedly, once WP7 lands, WM6.5XXX will be renamed something to the effect of ‘Windows Phone Starter’.

      In other words, MS isn’t stupid at all. They aren’t replacing one with another, they’re going to have TWO distince mobile OS’s out at the same time. One to compete as a ‘media centric’ device to go against Android and iPhone; the other to appease the open-source and multi-tasking crowd who hate Apple for being closed. Its so damn smart… Apple goes for one crowd, Google goes for the opposing crowd; meanwhile, MS is trying to hit up BOTH crowds.

      Despite all the limitations, iPhone is still the #1 selling phone, even when Apple shafts everyone by leaving out features and then ‘upgrading’ the handset every year. So the complaints about WP7, I imagine, really fall on deaf ears. The mass consumer has proven that these things don’t matter to them as long as the UI is good and the phone runs smoothly.

      Personally, I would normally be in total agreement with you, but the two things that MS will hook me on: Xbox and Zune. I have and love both… so to have a phone that will integrate with them would be awesome. I also learned from time w/ the G1 about what I really and truly need from a smartphone, and WP7 would fit my lifestyly very very well. (I also learned from time w/ the G1 that I totally miss WinMo… I don’t give a crap what MS haters want to say about it).

      • Camusa

        I just have to say that this and the post above are two of the most astute and concise posts I have seen on the subject.
        I had been gearing up to buy this puppy from the word, “go,” but had trepidations due to the OS change and no WP7 upgrade.
        The above explanation is making me rethink that this device may be perfect for me in that I need a productivity device and want some nice media/gaming features. The “zunesque” features of WP7 are enticing, but I like how you both have phrased this and I may just move forward with purchasing this device after all instead of waiting for the first releases of WP7.

      • wojax2

        “that seems to me to In other words, MS isn’t stupid at all. They aren’t replacing one with another, they’re going to have TWO distinct mobile OS’s out at the same time. One to compete as a ‘media centric’ device to go against Android and iPhone; the other to appease the open-source and multi-tasking crowd who hate Apple for being closed. Its so damn smart” -that to me seems like a very dangerous game…I understand the logic of having a business geared OS and then having a media geared OS but isn’t that gonna confuse the common consumer a bit ; like the whole windows 7-windows vista debacle?…Microsoft to me seems a little confused at who they are trying to be. They alienate their loyal costumers by not letting them upgrade their os’s on newer winmo devices to 7 series, and now they want to appear to be hip! by bringing in the iphone loving,video game playing tweetin,facebookin teenie boppin crowds to come solely to their side to saturate the already flooded, and confused microsoft os market.- 7 series should be an os that appeals to everyone,not just some..seems like they are gearing up for an excuse to drop winmo 6.5 in the very new future, as to bring their costumers to a totally restricted and not very customizable OS. sure they can play the apple game but remember-Apple is not just successful because of the iphone they also have the great and reliable software, hardware to prove it!(imac,ipod iphone ipad,i-whatever..) Microsoft on the other hand…..doesn’t have that luxury- and you know it. if wp7series is your thing ,go for it….. me im sticking it out with winmo 6.5 till the wheels fall off! again 7 series =fail!!:(

  • randall

    dang it, I was really hoping for a preorder.I have to work the 24th, and wont be able to get to a tmo store till the 25th

  • Phalosopher

    yea.. the hope is starting to fade a lil bit in regards to pre-ordering.. (sigh)…

  • dm

    I don’t know about you guys, but not really upset about not being able to pre-ordering.. When the G1 came out I pre-ordered mine, and it ended up getting to me 3 days later than release date, and I couldn’t even cancel it and go into a tmo store and pick up one, which they had stock sitting there. Let’s say I wasn’t happy…

    • Joe Pa

      Yeah, at this point I wouldn’t preorder anyways now. I’ll just pick it up on the 24th when the doors open.