T-Mobile HD2 Event Going Down In NYC, Live (Sort Of) (Updated)


Update: Almost forgot that the @TMobile_USA tweet finally finally finally is confirming what we already knew.  Many many thanks to the @WMExperts crew who gave me their blessing to repost their info.  Enjoy the show, guys!

Thanks to the good folks over at WMExperts who have so graciously and thankfully blessed us with the use of their pictures at the T-Mobile HTC HD2 launch event.  Things are happening live and we definitely suggest checking out the WMExperts live Twitter stream as they update the night away.  We’ll be updating details as they arrive.  Many many thanks to the guys over at WMExperts for allowing us to use their pics as, with little surprise, we weren’t invited.

  • Blockbuster movies: cost anywhere from $2.99-$3.99; you can also buy them. Purchases work w/other BBuster services. Saves to 16gb SD (included)
  • MobiTV is 3g streaming. Works very well. It’s basically live TV.
  • MobiTV is rocking. Very fast and great quality/channel selection. This HD2 is very media-centric. http://twitpic.com/190seq
  • Barnes & Noble eReader: very nice. Syncs OTA w/your acct. You can “lend” to the device but not from the device in this version.
  • Barnes & Noble eReader. Very sharp, legible. Nice animations. http://twitpic.com/191f5m
  • Block Buster Video app on HD2: can pause movie & cont. stream on other BBuster streaming apps/devices. http://twitpic.com/191eo1
  • T-mo Hd2 memory specs for ya… http://twitpic.com/191e1r
  • In flight entertainment app on HD2… http://twitpic.com/191ds9

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  • DK Brothers

    Prediction: Windows Mobile 7 will be the death of the WM platform. Everything I’ve read about it is nothing but warmed over iPhone guts. It’s the crap that crap passes in the toilet. Oh, Microsoft! You have fallen so far from your ivory tower. After my HD2 has become long in the tooth, I’ll be checking out Android once again.

  • SirMac

    All I know, Magenta will be getting a lot of money on the 24th. . . Im just asking for a pre-order.

  • imthatguy704

    My T-mobile store had two demo phones for folks to come in and play with. Needless to say I went this past Saturday and must say it’s a wonderful device. I also put my name on the list(#12) and had them run my info so all I have to do now is pay & play come march 24th.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    To help pass the time you can read the 310 page European HD2 user manual. LOL.


  • Phalosopher

    Greensboro,NC Tmo store still has NO INFO in regards to the release or price or the HD2!!! How can this be?!

    • Joe Pa

      Educate them.

    • TmoNinja

      Are you going to the T-Mobile corporate store in Greensboro or the T-Mobile Limited store in Greensboro?

  • JT

    An hour ago, main customer service people claim they know NOTHING about release dates or pricing for the HD2 – say they won’t know anything until they start selling it in the stores – that should halp speed up any lines, eh? She said she doubts the $199 and the $449 prices snd – shes’ even heard that the 24th date may not be any good! Talk about the blind leading the blind – I just want to get an estimate of how much an “early” upgrafe is going to cost me (got a Pro 2 in November w/2 year contract).

    • Joe Pa

      That’s pretty bad. It’s common knowledge now, I can’t believe they are still trying to keep this cloud of mystery around this phone.

  • Mike

    I only qualify for a partial upgrade. How much would i be getting this HTC HD2 phone ???

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Well my post from two nights ago did not register, so maybe there’s s space limit on comments? No matter, I’ll try this one more time. :)

    Warning and tip: Yes, this is long. If it offends, don’t read it. That’s better than posting flames.


    Can people quit with the expressions of betrayal and feeling cheated for not getting WP7 on the HD2. The HD2 is a WinMo phone, deal with it. Bonus suggestion: Buy an Android phone so you can get some sleep tonight.

    First, some statements of fact:


    Does anyone seriously think that MS intends to abandon the professional and business user and force them to use WP7, a mobile OS that is mostly about fun, games and social networking?

    If that was MS’s strategy that would have made the nightly news with headlines like “Microsoft Is Divorcing Businesses and Professionals .” But there are no such plans and that’s why the only place we hear about such nonsense is on these boards.

    Even if you don’t follow this kind of stuff it does not take much faith to accept that MS will continue to support its business and professional customers.


    If you accept the contention that MS does not intend to abandon the professional and business user, which OS do you think MS will make available to them? Uh… it’s Windows Mobile Professional. While older iterations of WinMo may be renamed Classic, etc., that’s only to differentiate the “base OS” or basic OS from the professional version that includes MS mobile Office apps.


    What about hardware? Well guess what, the professional and business user too want the latest, fanciest handset. If you are on this board you follow handset development and know what is what. Thinking about all the handsets out there, it’s a safe bet that HTC will be supplying at least two smartphones for the WinMo professional/business user, the HD2 and the upcoming Touch Pro3.

    (I submit that the HD2 is more a hybrid device, catering to people who want a multi-media phone, but also need the business applications. That’s a good move considering, for example, that many business travelers like playing a movie when on the plane or in a hotel room.)

    That’s right, the HD2 is a Windows Mobile device. As I said above, accept that it is and move on. If you don’t want a phone meant for professional and business users, STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT THE HD2, don’t buy it and take a look at Android offerings. Buy an Android-based phone or wait to buy a WP7-based phone that will emphasize social networking and is promised to provide you a multi-media extravaganza.


    People on the Net continue to confuse and/or lump together into a single concept: WP7, WinMo, consumers, professionals, business users, smartphones, superphones, pricing, current phones and upcoming phones. Absent from the discussion is Microsoft’s dual-platform strategy and MS’s intentions in the mobile market. Everyone, including the media, makes unfounded assumptions and post BS as if they are an insider with the real scoop.

    So for the tenth time:

    — WinMo is not going anywhere. MS will continue to develop the platform. (Not so YOU say? Does anyone have any evidence whatsoever that MS intends to abandon or discontinue WinMo?)

    — WP7 is NOT replacing WinMo so quit saying that.

    — MS will continue to develop the WinMo OS, new versions will be debuting this year and next. MS has in fact said these things. In contrast, MS has never said WinMo will be no more.

    — WinMo is for the professional and business user. It is NOT for the consumer.

    — WP7 Series superphones are for the consumer, people who are debating whether to get an iPhone, Nexus One, WP7 Series phone (and of course Android-user trolls.)

    — WinMo-based phones will continue to include apps and programs geared toward the professional such as Office mobile suite.


    WinMo is obsolete (please look up the definition of “obsolete,” it’s different than “outdated;” I agree that aspects of WinMO are outdated); WP7 is replacing WinMo; MS is taking WinMo off the market; MS will not be further developing WinMo; WP7 and WinMO are similar platforms — therefore WP7 should be judged on how much of an improvement it is over WinMo…


    If you think you do, fell free to post evidence to support any of the above contentions. Don’t look too long because MS has never intimated any of the above. In contrast, for example, Google with “dual platform” in quotes and see what pops up.


    Stop the whining, protests and complaining. The HD2 is a WinMo handset. Buy it, love it, caress it. Or don’t.

    Yes, it would be cool if MS and HTC gave HD2 purchasers the option of selecting WP7 or WinMO, or slipped a coupon into the T-Mo HD2 box promising an upgrade to WP7 (and that may well happen) but you need to stop with the rants, saying you feel gypped and then proceeding to diss MS and the WinMo lineage.

    Personally I prefer WinMo because it’s an OS more suited for professional use. The WP7 user interface looks something in concept like MotoBlur where the emphasis is providing, as MS said last July 2009, a “rich, premium user experience where people can keep in touch with all their social contacts from one place on the Windows Phone, the Today screen.”

    Moreover, WP7 will be closed source. MS is going to put coding in there that makes it very difficult for XDA or others to get everything to work on a hacked HD2, for example. Look at the TP2 to see what I mean. XDA senior members (meaning they are really smart and gifted) cannot crack Android and the TP2 to where they can get critical features to work, for example, Bluetooth, GPS and initially, custom ringtones.

    So IMHO it’s going to be some time before WP7 is cracked and ported on to other devices (assuming MS takes steps to keep XDA out). So I’ll keep my WinMo 6.x.x, thank you.

    Well the Ambien is kicking in so I better post this while I still can. Flame away Android fanboys. And pardon in advance no time to spell check or review for content/grammar. I am nodding off as I type. Thanks for reading, hope it all made HTC sense.

    • David, Managing Editor

      Michael, shouldn’t be any space on the comments, not sure what would have happened. If it occurs again let me know. Though two nights ago we did go down for a few hours so its possible some wires might have gotten crossed.

  • H Deezy

    Yeah the same thing happened to my friend when he pre ordered the g1. I don’t want to risk it. I need this phone the minute the doors open at Tmo. If I were to pre order and the phone comes a few days later I will raise hell. LOL. I am already having a hard time waiting for the release date. I just came back from playing with an HD2 at Tmo. The rep there told me that he doesn’t know if they will be selling on the 24th. He said they might start selling the 27th. That would really SUCK! That would be a Saturday and it will be pandemonium at the stores. I didn’t mention anything to him about the official release date from the event last night. He also told me that I might be able to pre order it starting this weekend but I am not going to go that route. He didn’t too much sound like he knew what he was talking about but you never know. I just know I hope he is wrong about the release date. My bday is the 23rd and waiting until the 24th to get this phone is long enough. This phone to me is the perfect phone. The store had 2 HD2’s. I was checking one out and another customer also. They might have more who knows. They are probably stocked up with them but can’t tell anybody about it. Oh well, one more LONG ASS WEEK to go. Let’s do this!

    • Joe Pa

      I’ve talked to 3 stores in my area and that all said the 24th. The 27th would be sucky for sure….

  • MuLtiPaSs

    Does anyone know what the cost of MobiTV will be? Will it and the Blockbuster Movie app be something you subscribe to separately or will they bill through T-Mobile?

    Waiting on HD2… Trying.. Patiently…

    • Bdar

      MobiTV is around $10/mo. added to your bill. BB I’m not certain, but from screen shots it appears as though it’s free to browse and you pay for what you watch.

  • JR

    I’m not looking to get flamed here but just as an FYI, you might want to wait for CTIA next week before you drop some coin for the HD2. I don’t know anything BUT, for me I don’t want buyers remorse if some cool phones are announced at CTIA. As much as I like the HD2, I for one am hoping for a new Palm device for Tmo. Pleeese

    • http://Tmonews Wojax2

      Lol I kinda know where your coming from.

    • Joe Pa

      Palm has money to develop new phones?

      • DotNetCoderAZ


    • greg

      tmo has a 14 day return policy. So if something better comes out, return it. Also a good way to test it out…if your so concerned about winmo

  • randall

    so with the confusion on the pricing with the cliq xt, is it certain we will get 199 w/data pricing,I am fully upgrade eligible with no data plan. I am getting a little worried.

  • phalosopher

    @ ninja.. I called the tmo store @ 4 seasons mall(3rd floor)

  • gargoyle999

    about as exciting as the event itself (not very) but here is what’s on cnet now..


  • Charlie

    Stoppped by the store in Denver…played with the HD2. They got the display units in today. I will prob jump from VZN for this phone….or at least I will give tmo a shot. Where do I get a good review of carriers based on city??

  • rupert22

    Mobile TV is free the first month then 9.99 each month after. The phone works wonderful and everything is hd quality. Cant wait till next week will be the first person at the door.

  • Doug

    Just called a Chicago store. I asked if they’re doing pre-orders or keeping a list. He said no but they’re getting around 40 phones so there won’t be a problem. ALSO I asked if it would be available on the 24th. Get this, he said they are going on sale on FRIDAY the 26th but they will be available to demo on the 24th.

    He seemed pretty sure of himself. Is it common for stores to pick their own release date? This is getting pretty confusing.

    • Doug

      Aaaaaand I called another store and they said they will definitely have them available on the 24th. And they have some for demo already. Stop playin’ with me, TMO.

  • phalosopher

    (Sigh)… sooo no pics or additional info about the event lastnight.. did it even happen?!lol

    • gargoyle999

      It was a snooze fest. lol…

      Just as well for those of us wanting to buy one. Don’t think there will be to much competition from others storming the doors as 9am.

  • scc

    I visited my tmo store today and the manager actually had the HD2. He confirmed that the phone will be in stores on the 24th, but said that the it will – more than likely – cost more than $199 & It should be around the same cost as the Pro2.

    • Doug

      that would be really annoying seeing tmobile announced it was going to be 199.99

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Huh? What a cornball that manager is. For one, the time for rumors and speculation is over. Maybe before his comment might have been plausible, but he (and you?) is aware that T-Mobile officially announced the price.

      In my book that trumps what a moron misinformed manager says. Talk about out of the loop.

      • randall

        Well tmo has only posted a price with a qualifying 2 yr plan w/data, it may be the price for new activation, and not upgrades.I certainly hope this isnt the case

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        I don’t get what people are saying here. I have seen every web media site, including those who attended the launch event, say that the phone is $199 on a two year, $450 on Even More Plus (meaning no discount).

        What is unclear about $199 and $450?

      • scc

        Look Mike, don’t shoot the messenger. That’s what the manager told me. I even questioned him with disbelief because pretty much everything else was right on the forums about this device. He said he didn’t know exactly how much it would cost, but was pretty damn sure $199.99 was out of the question. Is he wrong? We’ll find out soon!

        He just got the phone that day & was excitedly playing with it in the store. Nice ‘entertainment’ phone. I’m anxious to read the forums after this phone has been purchased.

  • manushka

    Finally saw it today! woo hoo!! Weirdly, it did not feel as big as I assumed. It feels right in my hand. I like it and cannot wait.

  • hansmann1

    I have been reading all the glowing comments about the T-Mobile HTC HD2 for some time now and finally gave in and called T-Mobile yesterday.
    I am a 10+ years T-Mobile customer (going back to the early VoiceStream days) with a grandfathered BB unlimited e-mail package ($19.99). While I understand that T-Mobile requires me to sign up for a new Web plan (no grandfathering possible) incl. e-mail for $30.00 without SMS. I have a problem that they also require me to pay $10.00 more for my existing voice plan (1000 anytime minutes for $39.99) which I do not intend to upgrade. I was asking how many customers they have with 10+ years of continuous service – and why there are no customer loyalty plans available? I did not get an answer and I did not expect one. So for me – unless their (voice) plan prices stay the same – no HD2. Oh well….

    • HerbieDerb

      That will be your loss for trying to save $10 a month and lusting after the most spec’ed out smartphone currently in the US.

    • Joe Pa

      Just buy it unlocked.

  • Mista

    I just sold my blackberry bold 9700 to get the htchd2

  • Joe Pa

    lol…it says “out of stock” on T-mobile site

  • david

    I just got off the phone with a tmob rep and they said they don’t know what site I’m on and I told them the site and they said you can’t listen to anything that is posted on a 3rd party site so yeah..also they said that they don’t know when the phone will be out or how much the phone will even be so I don’t know what’s going on with damn tmob and some people are hearing the 24th n some hearing 27th so I don’t know what day it will be..I hope it willl come out on the 24th..

    I just hope they don’t wait till like the last minute to say well the phone is out and u can get it and have people sit out at tmob store for doors open and them say its not out today on the 2th and I be not till like 27th or in april so hope they will let eveyone know in advance so noone wastes time sitting in front tmob store for nothing..

  • waiting4hd2

    TMOBILE site for HTC HD2 has the following information. Funny…technical bug..

  • hansmann1

    “HerbieDerb says:
    March 18, 2010 at 11:23 am

    That will be your loss for trying to save $10 a month and lusting after the most spec’ed out smartphone currently in the US.”

    Not really – this is more a matter of principle – why does Tmob have to increase the price of my existing voice plan? I understand the data plan – np there – but this is just greed. Guess what – 3 months down the road another “most spec’ed out” phone will be available – and another one in 6 months…
    You hopefully realize the day you buy the HTC HD2 it is old news. Now if HTC has a similar phone with a more mature Android OS, that would be something to think about…

    • HerbieDerb

      Either their greed or your cheapness. New gadgets come out and go out all the time. Pricing of plans will change with demand. There is more demand now than before, so pricing goes up, ie. VZW. If you can control yourself and not lust after the latest and greatest handset, youll save yourself some change but have a boring phone. If youve talked youself out of the HD2.. then this is all moot. btw, the next big thing is coming in the next 2 weeks. Too bad you cant grandfather your CHEAP plan to Sprint.

      IMO, HD2 will have a VERY long shelf life in the US.

      • hansmann1

        Now HerbieDerb – hold your horses…

        I still do not understand what the correlation is to my voice plan? The demand is not on voice – it’s on web and other neat features. No one buys the HD2 because of the voice plan. As mentioned before – I understand the data plans – voice has nothing to do with it – except maximizing profits and greed!
        Not sure how long you have been with tmob – but based on your philosophy (the newest gadgets, the next big thing) it probably is only a few months – since you seem to jump to the next BIG thing. IMO – the long shelf life will be debated when the next BIG thing hits the market…

  • Bdar

    Just left a T-Mo Retail store in BR, LA and played with the HD2 for about 45min. |D
    Also the reps there were not as versed on the device as I was, but they loved listening to me rave about this device. I showed them (on the HD2) the video of the guy taking keys, scissors, knife, leatherman to the screen, and I taught them about Skyfire.

    They said that their location will only be receiving 8 units and they’ve already begun a waiting list (I quickly put my name down for 2[BOGO FTW]). Two others already had the same idea. The rep said that the first 8 lines signed up will get them, and that they’ll call all of us on the 23rd to confirm. They also said that after those eight are gone it won’t be until ~April 5th before the next batch arrives, so no BOGO on those.

    Also, they let me watch them unpackage and play with some of the accessories they’ve received for the HD2. They got some screen protectors and (laughably) some inferior quality gel-skins to the one provided, and a nice set of hard-cases with silicone exteriors (unfortunately they only came in pink or fuchsia, no nice black, metal, or white yet) but I definitely will go back for one of those hard-cases, the quality felt nice.

    Hopefully I’ll be tided over until the 24th now. :)

    • Joe Pa

      My local store said 20, and that new activations get first dibs. He told me not too many people were calling, spas long you made it in by 10am…..you would get one easy. They aren’t taking names either….

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Having been with T-Mobile since 2004 and having bought all the hot phones, including the Touch Pro2, my prediction is that the HD2 will not be a big seller.

        The reasons:

        1. MS failed to explain its dual-platform strategy that means WinMo will continue to be developed. And the OS on the HD2 will be improved, updated and upgraded.

        2. Instead, the story that got legs and stuck with the media: “The HD2 has the OUTDATED WinMo OS and it WILL NOT be upgradeable to WP7.”

        3. The consuming public does not know about this device. Ask everyone you know if they have heard about the HD2, no one will say they have.

        4. The media (MSM) has said squat about the HD2. This tells you that the phone’s debut is not a big deal, not even with T-Mobile.

        5. And last, but not least, people are posting on here that stores are getting very few HD2s. That tells me it’s not a big launch. Consider, for example, the one post that says there’s a waiting list started but few people are on it. Six days before launch what does that fact alone tell you.

        Check it out yourselves. Go to Google News and search T-Mobile HD2 and click to show you stories in the last couple days. Most of the stories announcing the HD2 say the OS is outdated (its not) and as a negative that the HD2 will not be upgradeable to WP7.

        Many stories say that the HD2 is outdated before it has even debuted.

        Yes, all the stories are nonsense, but that does not matter. What does matter is that the HD2 has been declared DOA before it has even debuted.

        As for me, I was stoked on getting the HD2 but based on a negative experience with T-Mo customer care today I am considering canceling T-Mo and moving to Verizon. (For two months T-Mo keeps “forgetting” to credit my account $80 in over charges, each time they say they took care of it, but they have not so I had to pay it to prevent it erroneously going into collections.)

        Oh well. What’s that saying “It was a nice run while it lasted.”

  • HerbieDerb


    The demand is not for the voice plan. The demand is for a Tmo plan with a hot phone. Tmo will not feel negative effects from you are protesting the HD2 over $10. There is a HUGE demand for this phone. Watch it sell out next week and then again 1st week of April… even with the non-existant marketing campaign. Your loyalty reasoning has some validitiy… but when it comes down to something so silly as $10, they would rather not deal with you… youre already theyre customer. They will be signing many NEW Tmo customers next week and you will simply be left behind. Thats business.

    • Joe Pa

      Sounds like bad business to me…..

      • HerbieDerb

        if youre looking at it from the customer side

      • Joe Pa

        Only side I care about.

  • Bdar

    Speaking of bad business, this is why I am glad this phone doesn’t have android:


    (Although the reveal at the end is someone I like.)

  • phalosopher

    Just got off the phone with tmo.. apparently they are all informed. Spoke with “Heather” who had just got out of a meeting about it.. lol she was damn neare more excited than me.. she basically told me the same thing about pricing and said people could call in on the 24th as early as 7am Pacific Time to order.. she suggested I go to the store bc she could tell I needed asap lol she also peeped my account and said I qualified for the $199.00/2 yr contract..(been with tmo since 2003). I asked how come there wasn’t a preorder and she said she wondered the same thing yet apparently they were tryin to build the initial anticipation of the phone..which they’ve clearly accomplished that.. well that’s all I know for now.. no preorder and I will be @ my local tmo store ready to make it happen!

  • phalosopher

    My bad! 199.99 lol

  • Joe Pa

    The 24th can’t get here soon enough…..

  • phalosopher

    Yea… who u tellin.. never wanted a weekend to go by so fast in my life! Lol weds is gonna take forever to get here…

    • Joe Pa

      At least we got March Madness this weekend….

  • dm

    We want hump day!

  • http://tmonews.com meshech

    why is tmobile being such a dick about the phone we already know when its coming out but when you call them to order the phone they keep telling you that they dont know and all that other bull shit it pissing me off that they wanna act this stupid about the phone

  • gargoyle999

    Called my local store, no waiting list. First come first served. Think I’ll get there about 7:30 and scope it out.

    • Joe Pa

      First come first serve besides new line activations who get first dibs according to the couple of stores I’ve talked to. 7:30 is a good time, I was thinking about heading over to my local store at that time too….

  • Phalosopher

    Just called my tmo store..1st come first serve.. they open at 10am.. so im gonna be there right when it opens.

  • cdrobinson83

    yeah, the store that actually seemed to know what they were talking about by me got their demo 2 days ago and said they’ll have them for sale on the 24th. no preorder, no list. i was told they’re getting around 30 phones and it’s first come first serve. they open at 10 am and said they don’t expect a high demand. which doesn’t surprise me seeing the guy who was showing me the phone was doing his best to tell me how his nexus one is a much better phone and that the HD2 doesn’t hold a candle to it. other than that, he was very helpful.

  • Flgirll

    There are a bunch of videos posted on YouTube from the NYC Tmobile event for the HD2. One of the links: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYw8pQTviYU

  • Flgirll

    FYI – There is full video review of the HD2 on YouTube up! :-)

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      That’s a very good Wirefly review, one of the best IMHO. Thanks for the “re-link.” (They had a review before, but they tool it down because of what I speculated at the time, T-Mo, as he says, was not ready to reveal the HD2 to the world. LOL, I’d love to see the e-mail they sent to Wirefly, “Take that video down immediately if not sooner… Or else.”)

      Sidenote, he ripped off my joke in my G1 video. :)

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    So far I have looked at the manual and all the videos of the HD2 in search of a lanyard or strap hole. Have not seen one. :(

    Does anyone know if the HD2 has a hole to insert a lanyard, like there is on the Touch Pro2?

    If not, guess I will have to make a workaround like I did on my G1. (May need to drill a hole into that HD2 metal cover.)


    Why is HTC inconsistent on this. No lanyard hole on the G1, maybe none on the HD2, but they put one on the Touch Pro2.

  • hansmann1

    @ HerbieDerb:

    Thanks for your feedback. Called tmob again today – and what a difference!

    My voice plan stays the same and my new data plan is only $5.00 more then my old BB. Throw in another 5 bucks for 300 SMS – and I am all set!

    • HerbieDerb

      Congrats.. small guy wins! Enjoy the phone.

  • gargoyle999

    How does T-Mo price the data plan? On the website it shows as being $30/month. But my wife just got a TP2 and the data plan was $25 when we activated it not $30 like on the website. Is there a current customer discount or something?

  • http://Tmonews.com Lee

    @ItsMichaelNotMike No there isn’t a hole for a lanyard. I caught a video on youtube how to rig one, That’s how I know.

  • steve

    What the hell is a $18 UPGRADE FEE? That’s a big ass rip off, I’m gonna move my sim card from Iphone to my HD2….where does the “upgrade” come from?

  • phoneking13

    I played with one today at the mall…. A T-Mo kiosk has them in stock already. It’s not a pretty bad phone. The screen was very clear (especially watching movies on…)