Microsoft Crushes Hopes Of A WP7 Upgrade For HD2


There have been quite a few rumors of a Windows Phone 7 OS upgrade for the HD2, and, until now, there was hope for a possible upgrade to the Windows Phone 7.  In an interview with APC Magazine, Microsoft claims that the HTC HD2 does not meet their criteria for the new OS.  Natasha Kwan, General Manager for Microsoft’s Mobile Communications Business in the Asia-Pacific region, pointed out that the HD2 will not qualify for an upgrade to WP7 as “it doesn’t have the three buttons”.   The three buttons Kwan refers to are the Home, Back and Search keys that are mandatory for all Windows Phone 7 devices.  The HD2, on the other hand, has Call, Home, Start, Back and End/Power controls.  Buttons might not be the only things keeping this Snapdragon monster from a WP7 upgrade.  Tony Wilkinson, Business Operations Director for Microsoft Australia said, “There are some hardware components that the HD2 doesn’t have”. Thanks for crushing our hopes and dreams, Microsoft!

Could this possibly affect T-Mobile HD2 sales? Leave your thoughts in the comments!


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  • jpg

    Well, I was going to buy it ! They should just put android on it. Problem solved.

    • God

      hop on over to xda devs and you will probably be able to put Android OR WP7 on it…

  • GentillyWoods

    There goes my getting the HD2 in a few weeks! I was looking forward to getting back into Microsoft’s camp. My poor MT3G will have to rock on until I get to see WM7 hardware.

  • Mark

    This puts a serious damper on a great piece of hardware, what a shame!

  • Mog

    If the HD2 doesn’t support WP7, then WP7 has ridiculously high system requirements.

    Either that, or it really is just the buttons, or something equally silly, like an FM radio. Does the HD2 have an FM radio?

  • Bran

    It’s not just the buttons. It doesn’t have the accelerometer or hd radio

    • chaoscentral

      HD Radio is not a requirement, an FM Radio is however. But none the less the HD2 most definitely has an Accelerometer and an FM Radio. So your points are invalid.

  • LGMarines

    I hope this is a joke. I love the look of the phone and the only reason that I’ve held off buying the Nexus One is because of the “rumored WM7 upgrade”. Do they realize that most people that are anticipating these phones are people with iPhones that are tiered of Apple being a control freak. I have to give it to Steve. He got two of the smartest people together. One to design the hot sexy shell and the other to give it the brains so it wouldn’t fall into the “dumb blond” category as all other phones. Will a company manage to do that again(other than Apple)? Why is it so hard. Here’s an idea… HTC HD2 shell design with Android OS with HTC Sence UI. I’ll buy before you can even make it.

    • DarkCloud

      its call the HTC wimax or new named the SuperSonic

    • chris

      you guys are crazy into this android os stuff.

      first of all let me clear this I have an Android phone. I have a g1 and been modding it since back idk when. but people not buying this just because of 6.5? is ridiculous… seriously, you guys need to like jump out of ur android bubble and use another freaking phone. I would want all 3 phones including the iphone if i was rich.

  • dsim91

    I’m getting this phone the day it comes out, and later this year if there is something better running wm7 then I will get it .

  • smackiesfunkies

    well WTF!!!!
    i was waiting on picking up a n1 because i was hoping itd get the WM7 upgrade too.
    this seriously gives me major second thoughts on buying the hd2
    that suuuuuuucks
    but then again i have faith in the devs that either way the hd2 will get WM7 and android…just dunno if i want to play the waiting game /:
    but i am leaning more towards the n1 now since the hd2 doesnt meet the stupid requirements for WM7

  • Oscar

    I’m an iPhoner waiting for good change . Now I have to wait longer.
    Micro sucks, pcs too. You tried tmobile , good effort!!!

  • whodatfever

    Whew! I was worried I might have to pick this phone up. I can ignore it now.

  • elliottpalmer

    remember they said all phones required the windows flag key on the handset to get 6.5 upgrade, that didn’t stick! so mabye there is hope.

  • DK Brothers

    Bran says:
    March 1, 2010 at 11:21 pm
    It doesn’t have the accelerometer or hd radio.


  • DK Brothers

    It’s strange that not a one of you have seen WM7 yet are willing to say you won’t get this device because the HD2 won’t support it. I’m going to pick this up day one. If WM7 can’t be loaded then I will be going back to Android after this device has run it’s course.

    As it stands now, NO apps will work with WM7. There are thousands of WM apps and none will run on WM7. Why would I want WM7?

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      EXACTLY! Seriously people… WM7 is not the be all, end all of mobile operating systems. This phones specs easily outweigh the lack (or non-lack) of an update to WM7. Also, WM 6.5.x (what the phone currently runs) is going to be rebranded into Windows Mobile Starter Edition…

  • Chad

    I was going to get this. There is no reason for me to buy a new phone with software that will be totally obsolete in a few months. Upgrade or no sale, end of story. Reason being, I’d like to have a phone with all the Zune features implemented in, I guess those dreams are now shattered.

    • chris

      did that stop people from buying a Hero? knowing Donut is out? NO! because the SENSE is outweighing the lack of DOnutness on the phone.

      why are people so soft on criticism when it comes to iphone or android but so hard on windows mobile. It freaking works with exchange and does everything a smartphone should do.

  • T

    I am glad the HD2 isint going WM7 yet because Adobe is making flash for 6.5 not 7 so yay:) and WM7 looks horrible, I hate that ugly Zune layout!

  • SEFan

    I saw this via

    It seems there might be a sort of future for the 6.5 series OS yet. Does that change our impression of the HD2’s desirability? Still fine hardware, still Sense UI, and it appears there might be at least some years’ of growth left in the old 6.5.3 OS. Just askin’….

    I suppose if I can get Exchange support, a decent music player, a video player, GPS, I could probably live with the slab for a couple years…

  • Blacksheep427

    Like some others, I thought I’d buy an HTC HD2 and then upgrade to Win Mo (or Phone) 7. But after some comments, especially about lack of apps, this won’t stop me from getting the HD2. Did everybody see the other important post, the prices of some of TMO’s devices? Still great news, IMO.

  • Mixer Mel

    Its a windows phone. Just like if there is a will, there is a way; If there is a Microsoft OS there is a way. >:). I’m sure there is a way around that. I’m still getting one. I actually demoed one and for everyone having doubts, it is well worth it even with WP 6.5. Just don’t EVER drop it. That screen is gargantuan and soooo pretty!

  • I’ll never tell

    I got to train with this phone today, and I was pleasantly surprised. Maybe it was the preloaded Transformers movies, maybe swype, maybe the overall awesomeness of the screen and weather animations. Damn you snap dragon. I hate WM but why am I feeling so inclined to get this phone. If Android was on this phone it would be a wrap! Thats all I kept telling myself, but now, now I’m feeling like I’m about to cheat. So wrong yet it feels so right….

    • efjay

      Get used to the feeling, apple looks set to try and beat android by the back door, WM may be your only option :)

  • MOBmentality

    I dont even get this whole gush over WinMo7 “official” update..
    A: xda will be putting windows 7 on this phone before windows has time to even realease a true7 phone.. its already cracked and there are already custom roms for it available NOW soft setting a few buttons and porting over the os will be NOTHING
    B: we wont see WinMo7 for MONTHS maybe even q1 next year from the looks of all the last minute holdups.. are you REALLY sweating the $200 upgrade to get this phone THAT BAD that youre gonna sit on your current phone a YEAR till 7 comes out? You dont need a new phone.. you need a better job.
    Plus 6.5 is gonna run parallel for a WHILE.. its like Vista vs Win7 its not like all of a sudden one just STOPS WORKING.

  • MOBmentality

    plus there is already dual boot android systems on winmo phones.. so we will just take the droid rom they are ALREADY RUNNING on the TP2 and run it on the hd2..

  • sortamad

    I think that all the people that are claiming they aren’t going to buy the phone just because it doesn’t have (or isn’t compatible with) WINDOWS 7 are either full of bull or just feel like being GIGANTIC drama queens. We pretty much knew from the beginning that this phone wouldn’t be compatible because of the specs (even though i do agree that the “three keys” rule is just plain ridiculous). Don’t get me wrong, i would like to see this phone run WINDOWS 7 but is it a necessity, no. Obviously someone will come out with a hack to it and we could see this phone running it. But, either way, WINDOWS 6.5 or 7, i’m still getting this phone on the release date. Hope its sooner rather than later!!

  • Nicole Jackson

    I don’t know jack about hacking or even what the hell a “cooked ROM” is, so I can’t just go to that XDA forum and do it. I was hoping for an upgradeable phone. I might just wait and see if the Dell Mini 5 is coming to TMo… It’s the only other phone that gives me chills like this one.

  • 007

    You all are missing the big fact: with T-Mobile you get a full discount every year on smartphones, so buy this phone and next year when there is a decent win7 phone you can buy it…

  • Jennifer

    Even without the Windows 7 upgrade this is a really, really nice phone. I have been able to play with it a few times, and even being a die hard Android fan I am seriously considering getting it. My only hold back, is how bad is the Windows Marketplace going to suck?

  • Chris

    I don’t think that will matter at all. people have already seen WM7 running on the HD2. someone will make a compatible/stable version of WM7 for the T-Mobile version if they haven’t already. I will still be purchasing my HD2 when it comes out and checking out the net for a suitable Rom upgrade until one is released

  • Richard

    Please someone come out with a Android OS for will truly solve all this Windows 6.5/ 7 hoopla! =)

  • OMG>>>>>PPL>>

    OMFG..PPL..this is not the worse thing that could happen…HD2 is still one of the first of its kind..(hardware/specs)…all these phone company and os developers will never put all their tricks in one phone..(thats how they make money and stay in the mix)..look at the IPHONE…its always getting updated with new tricks..and to me that is what makes a great phone, the ability to always update and with the HD2 specs that will always be possible..Im getting the HD2 because of the 4.3 inch screen and the specs…if I get this phone I will not be changing phones until another phone comes out with these same features and the newest OS…(you all know when windows 7 comes out its going to be on a phone that is no where close to being as attrative as the HD2….(even if someone creates an IPHONE killer there will still be IPHONE users because of all the APPS>>>)…Windows 7 will not matter if it is not on an amazing phone like the for me to get windows 7 if will have to work on my HD2 or be on a phone that is really similar to the HD2…im not going form a 4.3 inch screen to a 3.5 or 3.7 in screen..and android is great but as long as my phone does what i need it to do that is all that matter..and the HD2 is capable…alot of you people are fans just jump abroad what ever is hot..i have always been a windows fan…and been wait for them to put it on a great phone..,.HD2….STOP B**chin..

  • damien

    Just got the phone, it is great!!!! Some of the employees went to a training for the HD2 today and recieved the HD2… It is coming out on the 24th of this month..

  • Bill Berry

    Let’s get real here; it’s not as if HTC and T-Mobile won’t be releasing other devices. Please take a look at HTC 2010 lineup and tell me when did the world come to an end with the release of the HD2? It’s called the HTC Bravo; it’s Android and it’s packing the same 1GHz Snapdragon processor. I own the Touch Pro 2 and am well aware it has half the horsepower of the HD2. The folks over at XDA-Developers continue to put out excellent ROMs for my device to include their own variation of Android called XDAndroid. It’s a work in progress but as of March 1st they now have wi-fi up and running. Check out: The HD2 is not the end of the line and as HTC and T-Mobile roll out other devices that notion will become clear. The HTC Tera is a smaller version of the TP2 but faster processor 600Mhz with keyboard. There is the HD2 Mini which may be the Diamond 3; but whatever the names are it looks like a bright, bright future for smart phones. Personally, I don’t give a damn whether Microsoft shoots their own foot or nose off. It may be a nice mobile OS and a goofy moniker but with no apps for it, what’s the point? I have faith in XDA and their work and they haven’t let me down yet.

  • MoJo..HD@

    I can’t wait…windows 7, we will see how bad or great it is when it comes out..until then screw the hype you people are putting on it…HD2 is official and it’s here..(windows 7 is months away maybe years)…if it is that great I will get a phone with WM7..when it comes out..(till then this phone will be the greatest phone i have ever purchased..(I hate at&t but im not mad at the IPHONE.its just not form me..)

  • ThaNatrix

    This is sad news as it knocks tmobile’s entire phone list out of serious competition with other offerings. A snapdragon windows 7 phone would be a great move, but a 6.5 is nothing new, it won’t draw new customers. Tmobile already lacks in the android department (the N1 doesn’t count because they’re nearly impossible to get at a decent price). They need to bust out an HTC made android 2.1 fast as the best competition device that THEY exclusively control the distro of. Tmobile is behind, and they someone manage to stay there. MyTouch was too little too late, as was the G1, Cliq is too little and too Motorola, Nuron is too little.

  • Addicus

    I will wait until MIX to make up my mind. I want the hardware, but I also want to be able to upgrade to WP7. I like 6.5.3 on my old school and beat up Cingular 8525, but from what I saw WP7 is what I’ve always wanted out of a phone OS. Well see. At least the price isn’t too outrageous like the TP2. WTF was that?

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    This just in, from a MS exec in the know:

    “For Windows Phone 7 Series we are enforcing a strict set of hardware requirements to ensure a consistently great experience for end-users and developers. While we cannot confirm that WM6.X phones that satisfy those requirements will be upgradeable, every Windows Phone 7 Series device will be upgradeable with improvements and features we deliver with subsequent Windows Phone 7 Series releases. We currently do not have plans to update the HTC HD2 to Windows Phone 7 Series.”

    I dunno, but that last sentence does not say that MS will NOT be upgrading the HD2. Saying “currently we do not have plans” is the same as a politician’s response to the question on if he will run for President. Whenever he or she says “currently do not…” that means there still is a possibility for a run.

    In some circles they would call MS’s last sentence “waffling” which in this case is a good thing for those who want to hold out hope the HD2 will get a WP7 upgrade.

    No matter, if I like WP7 I can install it myself, like I installed 6.5 with HTC Sense on my Touch Pro2 months before anyone else got it.

    And truth be told, I prefer it this way. I suspect that this WP7 controversy caused T-Mo to significantly lower the HD2’s debut price. I’ll take a $100 to $150 discount off full retail rather than pay more for a WP7 “rain-check.”

    And you just know that MS, HTC, Qualcomm and T-Mo have some fantastic phones coming out in November. I bet they make the HD2 look very outdated.

    For example, based on what Qualcomm was showing off at the MWC, I suspect the WP7S (Windows Phone Series 7) “superphones” will have HDMI ports (similar to the one Qualcomm was using for the video demo at MWC).

    A cell phone with an HDMI port…?! Anyone want to buy my HD2, used but in mint condition (unless I give the HD2 to my girlfriend).

    • chris

      phones with HDMI port has been out in asia for some time now…

  • HeLLkAt31

    Just think about it, T-mobile has no better phone when its available in late March… I will buy it when it comes out. All of us here on these forums or other tech info forums have the same great knowledge but its also our greatest weakness… The reason is this, we are all so ahead of the game and even years ahead of everyone that we don’t stop to appreciate what is here and now, we are just like Luke Skywalker when he’s lookin out into the distant with the 2 suns in the background, dreaming of whats out there that he looses focus on what he has on the here and now…

  • Mojo

    I think the HD2 will be upgradable..I think when WM7 upgrade comes out, they will just charge us an arm and a leg…just to make up for the price drop they probably made on this HD2…..(and in my mind whatever phone they got comming out in November are not going to be better than the HD2…to much hype was put on this phone. Plus, WM7 will look so much better on its 4.3 inch screen..for HTC, MS, and Mo to make it a 9 month phone that gets out dated in november..will be stupid..(to much money and time put into this phone to just let it fall off because of WM7)….JEEZ that will be just bad business…

  • vikingfan45

    SUPERSONIC come on over to the yellow and black………….

  • vikingfan45

    FYI its not going to be upgradable at all ALL WINDOWS MOBILE 7 PHONES HAVE TO HAVE 3 BUTTONS as you see the HD2 has more stop getting your hopes up

  • Kevin n

    No new HD2 for me!

  • Bill Berry

    What’s Microsoft’s percentage of the mobile market again? You’d think they’d be thinking about their bottom line before making Windows Phone 7 hardware requirements ridiculously restrictive. What were they thinking…Hell I might now like that damn interface to start with let alone what app will run on it; any?

  • Joe Healy

    at the rate i break phones i’ll need a new one by xmas anyway. just ordered new hd2, will order wp7 phone on holidays and ‘pass along’ to wife. no, i dont get a phone discount.

  • Thubert177

    not sure why anyone cares Windows mobile 6.5 is not that great but is WAY more usefl than WP7. No custom ring tones, no dedicated im application, no file manager, you have to deal zune software (which is a huge amount fo space) simply to transfer items seriously? WP7 is all form and little to no function in smart phone world its like 3 steps forward and at least 10 steps back…..ill pass and for those looking at it if the HD2 was ACTUALLY RELIABLE WHICH IT ISNT it would be the better phone….