HD2 For $149.99! ‘Nuff Said


Okay, so we’re literally 1 day away from the T-Mobile HTC HD2’s official launch (although a few of you might have been lucky and snagged one from Walmart a bit early).  As you probably already know, the HTC HD2 will run you $199.99 with a 2 year agreement, and $449.99 outright directly from T-Mobile.  Want to save an extra $50 (who doesn’t?)? Courtesy of WMdeals, you can snag a brand new T-Mobile HTC HD2 for $149.99, starting tomorrow, March 24th.  Hit the jump for full details!


  • Purchase one HTC HD2 with both Voice and Data services on a 2-year term for $149.99
  • Limited Time Offer (March 24th – 31st): Purchase two HD2 units with both Voice and Data services on a 2-year term for $199.99*
* Note: After March 31st, the HTC HD2 will cost $149.99 each with activation of Voice and Data services on a 2-year term (We aren’t sure if this promotion is limited to new activations only, but we have a feeling the deal applies only to new activations.
Take advantage of this exclusive offer by calling 866-464-8662, press option 3 for new service, and mention promo code “Windows Mobile” when placing your order. This offer is only valid via the 866# provided (offer not available at authorized T-Mobile retail stores).
Sidenote: Our sources tell us that RadioShack will also sell the T-Mobile HTC HD2 for $149.99 with a 2-year agreement starting tomorrow.

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  • BL@Z3

    I see everyone talkin about Sprint but if u think about it look how sprint takes care of there phones they don’t mail u a new 1 like t mobile u go into the store wait on a long line and get ur phone fixed or get a refurbished one right then and there i’ve heard alot of complaints about sprint phone bills and the way they treat even loyal customers not 2 mention its the most dropped calls network. Also what they say is 4G is really not 4G they haven’t yet expanded anything as far as there network goes and if they did i don’t see how they can have so many dropped and not even completed phone calls

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    OK, I just ordered mine and have an order number. Will post what I did in a separate comment.

  • Richard

    The Sprint stores in my area are horrible. The staff is unintelligent and doesn’t want anything to do with you unless you are there to spend money. Also the Clear service which the Evo will using is horrible. The speeds are decent on it but lack of coverage and the ping rates kill it. I’ll stick with T-Mobile HSDPA+(when it gets here) since the speeds will be greater than 4G

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    OK, I am here in San Francisco so I was told by T-Mo that I could order the phone as soon as the CSRs went on duty, 6:00 am EDT.

    But because T-Mo News people said it was for sale I logged on to my account. Clicked my upgrade phone icon and eventually showed ONLY the Touch Pro2 as available. But when I searched for “HD2” the phone showed up and I pressed “upgrade.”

    I then got to the page and said “Buy” and that went through. Note, a screen flashed that I could pay for it in installments if I was a MORE+ customer, which I am. But it then went to the totals page without showing payments. It said the full amount ($450) would appear on my next bill.

    So I said yes to buying it and would check on the payments issue later, this so I would be assured a phone.

    Sidenote: I don’t think you can do a More+ purchase online because you have to digitally approve the credit agreement (to pay for the phone over 20 months). That requires an e-mail to be sent, then it links to a page where you digitally sign the installment agreement.

    At 3:15 PDT I got through to a CSR and she confirmed I had ordered a phone and that it was being processed. She said she could cancel the order and them “tomorrow” (Thursday) see that it was done (the cancellation) and then write up another HD2 on payments. (That sounded bad since I want the phone).

    So I said just keep the order intact and I will deal with it all later.

    I asked if she had any sales and she said that I was her second call and the call before me was for an HD2 too.

    So that tells me these are going to be on backorder soon.

    She also said that when they are on backorder a message will pop up on the screen telling them so, so that they can promptly tell people.

    Oh, on shipping. Typically it takes only two days for phones to arrive in the USPS mail to me. So that’s why I always order over the phone. It never takes long to get the phone. I am always mainly concerned about getting a phone ordered. Getting it in my hands, well… I can wait for that.

    Oh, with tax and shipping the phone was $499.30 So it was less than $500!

    Yes, I could have tried to work them on price but I am worn out dealing with all this so I just don’t care to haggle to save $100. Moreover, I am not too sure they make deals when someone is not agreeing to a contract, aka an EMP customer.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    OK, I ordered another phone. I ended up calling back and get this, the CSR who said my first order was left intact, well she had canceled it. (I think she canceled it and forgot to un-cancel it once we agreed to leave it in place.)

    So the new CSR and I simply ordered a second HD2 on my other line, set it up for payments and the email signature form came in, I signed it and I am good to go.

    You know how I say to call back until you get what you want. Well I am glad I called back. I would have been waiting for a phone that would never arrive.

    I asked her how sales were going. She looked up inventory and said while she could not give me numbers, sales were heavy for the HD2. But there were enough in stock that it should not be back-ordered for the day, at least.

    Sidenote: She said if the other HD2 shows up in the mail that I can just refuse the shipment. I said “OK.” ;)

  • Mr. Multimedia

    Today at WireFly the price is $99.99 for T-mobile’s HD2 with a 2yr contract….. If you know of a cheaper price, please post it here……..

  • Beasy

    Its only $99 for new customers……..:( that sucks.

    $199.99 still isnt a bad deal tho

  • miggedy

    It is strange how cheap they are making this phone. Since the hd2 will not get WM7, they will make one later that will have WM7 later in the year. I will still get it. It comes with so much for a cheap price. I’ll get WM7 after the next upgrade when all the bugs are out of it

  • ov1

    If it was android base I would be in line right now

  • http://tmonews.com meshech

    so i got my HD2 yesterday and it froze up on me already had to do a reset its ok its no android but i think ill learn to love it they sprint version will be better but everyone is saying their service sucks so either you have a good phone with bad service or a bad phone with good service even though the hd2 is not that bad i like it