Sony Ericsson X10 Headed To T-Mobile After All?


Previously, Sony’s newest flagship mobile device, the Xperia X10 was shown to have T-Mobile USA 3G bands. Quickly enough, most sites slated a AT&T launch in the States. But according to the folks over at AndroidGuys, the Xperia X10 seems to have two variants. According to the document they have received, the X10 is supposedly headed to Bell/AT&T AND our very own Magenta. The document shows that variant 1 has the 1700MHz band, which is exclusive to T-Mobile in the United States. Let’s just hope this turns out to be true. I sure would love to have that beautiful device, although it definitely won’t be anywhere near cheap. Hit the jump for the document, courtesy of AndroidGuys! And let’s hear your thoughts in the comments!



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  • jomcty

    My neighbor works for Sony Ericsson and he showed me the Xperia he was beta testing. It was running a debug version of android which hobbled it a bit but the phone felt nice in the hand, had a pretty loud speaker and nice, bright screen.

    However, in my brief exposure to the phone, I didn’t see anything that distinguished it from any other android phone I’ve seen.

  • uhhuh420

    yeah and my fifth cousins’ neighbor’s best friend’s brother of the guy who sold him his dog’s great great great grandmother’s pool guy’s 12th cousin works for Sony and said they are launching the xperia 85 with 8G instead of 3G.

    • atul0002

      gud one

  • Vinny

    This is great news. I hope this device does have the 1700 T-Mobile band. Without that 1700 band there is no 3g service. This is one hot looking device which has capabilities of many upgrades. The hi tech super fast processor is the nuts. The screen is fabulous and it is just one sleek looking machine. These are the kinds of devices I wish T-Mobile would jump on. I’m sure T-Mobile must realize the consumers in the USA want great looking and hi tech devices. Sony Ericsson and Nokia are top of the food chain.

  • Phani

    So, Are we getting this phone? I’ll definitely Switch to TMO if I can get this HandSet…