Nexus One Pricing Leaked


Update: The terms of sale have leaked via a PDF that while dated for November 17th pretty much details the process by which you buy this phone. Read here.

This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for! The guys over at Gizmodo have got their paws on what seems to be an internal Google document revealing pricing for the HTC Nexus One, both subsidized and unsubsidized. Getting right to the point, the Nexus One will be $530 unsubsidized and $180 subsidized with a new 2-year contract with T-Mobile. Here are some details to take note of:

-$530 Unsubsidized price tag

-$180 Subsidized (new 2-year contract)

If you want the phone at the $180 subsidized price there is a catch. There’s only one rate plan: $39.99 Even More 500 mins + Text + Web for $79.99 (umm…What if I want unlimited minutes?). According to Gizmodo’s Tipster, existing customers cannot keep their plan if they want a subsidized phone; they have to change to the one plan, and this only applies to accounts with one single line. Family plans, Flexpay, SmartAccess and KidConnect subscribers must buy the phone unlocked and unsubsidized for $530. Also you can only buy five Nexus One phones per Google account. Google will sell the handset at

And if you cancel your plan before 120 days, you have to pay the subsidy difference between what you paid and the unsubsidized price, so $350 in this case. Or you can return the phone to Google. You also authorize them to charge this directly to your credit card.

Google’s set up some pretty tight requirements. Seriously though, what is up with only being able to get the Nexus One subsidized at that one price plan? 500 mins, I go through that in less than 2 weeks. I really hope Google makes some last minute changes to their requirements.

How’s the pricing looking? Leave your thoughts in the comments.


Thanks to EVERYONE who sent this in via email and the @TmoNews twitter account!

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  • John

    Cool thing about this is that you can change price plan at any time with tmo. Get it sub’d, change pp in 30 days then after 365 days go to em+ plan. 1 yr with em and 1 with em+. Discounted phone, don’t see a way to lose

    • GenesisDH

      The fact that this ‘subsidy’ only applies to postpaid customers. That’s a lose in most people’s books. Last I heard T-Mobile is aimed toward non-postpaid customers (hence why FlexPay and EM+ are hotly marketed by T-Mo), and in most cases FlexPay customers have an option to pay for the phone in payments. This rumor throws the installment plan out the fire escape if true. Ridiculous.
      This shoots FlexPay, SmartAccess and family customers in the foot and groin.

      I’m on a EM+ plan and qualify for installments, but I have to pay the full cost up front? Blech…

      Plus, there’s no guarantee that you’d be able to move off the EM plan buying this on contract. Hopefully you’re right (just like most hope that there really isn’t a ‘one T-Mobile plan only’ setup as displayed), but don’t expect it to be.

      • John

        Can anyone see tmo letting google really dictate their arpu (average revenue per user) for those already on em+ that would kinda suck. Hopefully this is only the start of the process.

  • Usman

    How do we know that the $79.99 Even More plan detailed in the picture isn’t just the minimum plan required for this phone? That makes a whole lot more sense than keeping people from buying more expensive plans.

  • Fate

    wow.. $530 for the freakin’ phone.. man.. I think I’m going to be after this..

    • js-1

      thats how much the iphine is too…evem more i think to buy it out right.

      bicthy bitchy…gees.

      • Aaron

        iphone is around $800 retail

    • js-1

      no its 599…i asked

      • Kickstar13

        Asked who?

  • justme

    read the update, and what caught my eye was the fee attached to the 14-day remorse period – $45. of course that’s waived if you return in w/in the time frame in as-new condition and in an _unopened_ package.

    realize any and all of this info – pricing structure, plan restriction, remorse fee – may be wrong, but if it is, dayum.

    • GenesisDH


      That isn’t unusual. T-Mobile’s restocking/remorse fee can be upwards of $35 for most smartphones.

      • Usman

        Yes, but it’s Google that is charging the $45 “refurbishing” fee…not T-mobile, since they’re not selling the phone.

      • GenesisDH


        Nokia does the same with their unlocked phones, Apple does with their phones, etc. This is normal policy.

        Go to a BestBuy look at their returns policy, a number of products they sell are subject to a restocking fee.

      • justme

        ah, didn’t realize that. the last time i tried a phone and returned it in the remorse period i wasn’t charged anything but the shipped. of course that was a long looonnnngggg time ago.

    • Peter

      What caught my eyes was the original price they were thinking about back in Nov (or whenever the ToS were written): $429. I wonder what increased the priced by $100.

  • Oce

    So loyalty customers get screwed! Count me out!

  • GreenTea

    so is the plan just $80? If so…this makes my current bill cheaper and I only have 300 minutes with Myfaves now…most of My faves have Tmo now so 500 minutes with unlimited tmo-tmo will work just fine


    • StuckInTexas

      @GreenTea – Really? I have 2 lines, 1000 minutes and MyFaves for $59.99 a month. No data or txt.

      Would consider this as an upgrade, but there is no way I am changing my plan.

      • eli_the_great89

        Unless you received some sort of mean discount, I find it hard to believe that you have a MyFaves plan with 1000 whenever minutes for $59.99 when the chepeast MyFaves plan when it existed was with 400 whenever minutes for $69.99, and that’s just the voice plan it obviously doesn’t include any extra services.
        so….??? How is it your plan is so cheap?

      • Mizraim73

        I also have 2 lines with 1000 minutes and MyFaves for $59.99 a month. I believe it was a special promotion for new customers several years ago.

    • TonicTrouble

      Not true eli_the_great89. I have one line on MyFaves w/ 1000 minutes for 59.99.

    • deeone

      i’ve got 1000 minutes with myfave $39.99, i won’t lose to this crap.

  • Androidnoob

    Wow $530 unsubsidized?! Please tell me this isn’t so.. I was seriously about to return my Cliq anticipating that the price for the Nexus one would be cheaper than the $400 msrp I had to pay for the phone (I’m paying $22/month for 20 months on an Even More Plus plan)! It looks like I might be with the Cliq for now =/

    • Usman

      If you still have time to return the Cliq, but decide to keep it because you’ll pay an extra $5 a month for the N1, you’re not very smart!

    • Usman

      If you can still return the Cliq for a full refund, but don’t do so because you’d end up paying an extra $5 a month for the N1, you’re not very smart.

  • Erik

    Does anyone know the price for the Android data plan on T-Mob? I’m planning to buy it unlocked and still have my iPhone on a grandfathered $20 unlimited data plan which I’m sure won’t work with the N1.

    • GenesisDH


      It costs $30 for Even More and grandfathered voice plans, $25 for Even More Plus plans.

      • beastly

        $20 for the first two lines on an Even More Plus family plan. :)

  • JGreen

    This is fair deal, the plan is not bad! Dont forget this is a Google phone and will most likely come with Google Voice! Free minutes and text! Im love’n it got my $530 ready!

    • Unal

      Google Voice is not free mins. Google Voice is not VOIP. It uses your existing mins.

  • Tmo Employee

    If what is said is tru, WTF is T-mo thinking with that price point. Oh yea we have this alsome phone, BUT you have to switch your plan to somthing your prolly go over on. Thats grimey. Somehow I cannot see google telling tmobile that people have to switch to a certain plan, considering they just did this huge project black launch, for the unlimited plan price point. Thats like saying heres a new car, BUT you can only drive it 40 miles a week. I don’t see this happeneing for very long if it does. No worries to be as I am getting the phone anyway, whether its via being an ambassador or through my discount.

  • Tmo Employee


    • GenesisDH

      @Tmo Employee

      Calm down.

      The rumor behind this is that the ‘GV minutes’ are being done over VoIP (presumably via software Gizmo5 made post-buyout).
      If GV’s done over VoIP it would be free (I know, I use GV over VoIP on my computer a lot, don’t use any T-Mobile minutes doing so) and this would completely avoid the T-Mobile voice network…

      However, I don’t see this rumor coming true. At least not yet.

      • Unal

        Now that is true. If they activate VOIP that is a different story. That would be very nice.

  • Abdililaah M. Mohamud

    I am so excited to finally have some “solid” proof of the N1 on T-Mo, and I was actually prepared to to shell out more than the $530, so its a win for me! For sure!

  • -ray

    No way am I giving up my unlimited talk time for $50. Plus, is google going to offer insurance on this phone? I always get insurance because I tend to drop a phone every once in a while… One more thing.. What is it with that cheezy color? Black would have been more manly!!

  • Rick

    “And if you cancel your plan before 120 days”

    Um, what if I cancel my plan after 120 days??? Home free?

    I’d like to hear more about that.

    ps – all you family plan users with no data; I had to buy data plans for EACH line. This makes your $60/mo bill more like $130/mo for two lines. MyFavs is still pretty cool, but it ain’t free.

  • BAR

    Any thoughts on when you’re eligible for the upgrade @ $180? I still have 11 months to go out of 22 months to go before I’m technically eligible for a fully-discounted upgrade.

    I called Tmo last night and for a new Blackberry, it’s cheaper to cancel my account and sign-up for a new account then it is just to get a new one. I hope this won’t be the case with the Nexus One.

  • sortamad

    where were those good ol’ days where all you had to do was call 611 and just extend your contract to get a phone…

  • iwantone

    I have a question. . . I don’t know how to make this any clearer but i’m on a family plan with my fam. I have a sidekick and pay the 20 dollar grandfather fee. If i get this phone how much will the date cost?

    • Peter

      $530 according to rumors…

    • beastly

      If you’re on a grandfathered plan, I think I remember data being $25 per line, but that was because we already had shared unlimited messages.

  • Ozz

    I agree with Oce. I have been a loyal customer since the original Sidekick, got the loyalty plan when it was FIRST released, and now my loyalty gets me exactly SH**!

  • Rayen321

    “Existing users my qualify for upgrade pricing” It states that in the first section. Everyone relax until the launch date.

  • iwantone

    Oh and i’m buying the phone unlocked as well if that helps.

  • iwantone

    Oh and i’m planning on buying it unlocked if that helps.

  • Robert

    Again, anybody willing to spend over $500 for a phone must be crazy in my opinion or a millionaire which I’m assuming most of you aren’t.

    It’s funny how many comments here are from ‘kids’ that are worried about talking their parents into buying this for them. I’d just laugh at mine and I’m relatively well off but the thinking that ANY phone is worth as much as a decent computer is laughable at best.

    I could buy 2 netbooks for what they will be asking for this phone… and yet people on here will flock to it as though it’s the next best thing when in fact in 6 months it will probably be outdone by something from Samsung or Motorola anyway.

    And I doubt this is Google as much as it is Google/T-Mobile who had to have agreed on how to market this so everybody claiming that T-Mobile has nothing to do with this… they are ‘subsidizing’ (stupidest word ever) the phone so obviously they have something to do with it.

    And once again they are screwing their loyalty customers and those on family plans as well.

    I can’t believe how easily people are fooled and buy into the idea that a phone costs $500 to $1000 and has to be subsidized to make it affordable when you can go out and buy a computer for that same price… NOT subsidized.

    Really? Can your phone do more than your laptop can? I didn’t think so.

    • Rayen321

      Can your netbook do half the things a Nexus One can do? Camera, GPS, portability? This is a device you use everyday all day nearly 365 days a year. As for the Kids comment, I’m an adult that will be buying the phone, but as I said before i will wait until the launch for THE FULL DETAILS.

    • Usman

      The full, unsubsidized price of many non-smartphones are about the same as netbooks. What’s your point?

    • Richard

      Anybody willing to pay for a subsidized phone and get locked into a 2 year contract must be crazy.

  • Da Boss

    I was wondering about that price is you read the terms of sale document on page 2 at the bottom it says the unlocked price is $429 where did the extra $100 come from the proof of the price is in the terms of sale that you posted so I doubt its gonna be $529

    • Rayen321

      That was an example.

  • Yeah it’s ME

    No go for me…I can’t (and never could) justify paying that much for a phone. It’s a phone (a good one but still)!

  • Peter Johnson

    This is just crazy. I am on a family plan with 5 phones. I would have to drop my phone from the account to get a plan that is worse than my current one. I don’t think so. I have been with tmobile for 7 years. I hope they change their minds about the plans and/or pricing. If they dont the first time the change their txt message rate i’m leaving tmobile. I have owned a G1 since the lanuch ( i pre ordered) they are not doing my any favors and have put a bad taste in my mouth.

    • sortamad

      thats the same thing that im saying… why should we have to change our whole plan to just get an upgrade… especially when a lot of times (if you’ve been with t-mob for a long time like me) you have to change your plan for a crappier one… im happy with the one i have now, cant i just get the phone for another two year upgrade with the same plan??? is that too much to ask?

  • ron

    Looks like a great phone. I am an fan of Android. But the slating of the family plan (which I have with 4 lines) will keep me away from this phone. There is no way I’m gonna pay $500+ for any phone.

  • jeff

    I really don’t think this is real…the off contract price is in line with phones of this class …the subsidized price is also in line but the plan requirement is just bizarre…if this is true its defiantly not a game changer…and if the plan thing is true i don’t think this phone will go very far

    still if they do offer the payment plan through tmobile i might give it a go

    • GooG FreaK

      i agree…. the whole thing wreaks of hoax…. I mean, they are using a mac for god sake… probably an apple/iphone fan boy trying to stir the pot.

  • GooG FreaK


    So, as a current(and long-time)Google phone(G1)owner(got it the day before the official release date), and T-mobile family plan subscriber, I am going to need to pay the unsubsidized price instead of a semi-upgrade-subsidization price??? That is F%$king whack!! I have unlimited everything, and 3 lines on my account, and I feel as if I am being mugged in a dark alley here… It actually BLOWS MY FREAKING MIND that they think this is an appropriate course to be pursuing…. just because someone is a gadget geek doesn’t mean that they are a single guy looking for an individual rate plan.

    • Usman

      You chose to sign onto a 2 year contract…no one forced you.

      • Usman

        Nevermind… misread your post man.

  • Disappointed

    This sucks. I need it on the Even More family share plan for it to be worth it. It is cheaper for me to get two subsidized phones and shell out an extra $240 over two years than it is for me to spend over $1,000 to buy two phones.

    ($240 is the price difference between the Even More and Even More Plus plans, (I did not include unlimited txt messages because I do not need them with GV))

  • TheAtom

    This is disappointing. You can say I am complaining but this phone went from being a game changer, to worse then trying to buy a different smart phone. Why do we have to change our plan to that? I am okay with having to get a data plan, but to have to change to a specific plan is game changing in a bad way.

  • Aaron

    Cmon kickstar13/David give us some details plz!!!

  • Aaron

    This doesnt sound like tmo at all

  • Rosco

    Ok, wait folks, DO THE MATH.

    You already have an existing T-Mobile line. (Family plan, whatever). You buy the N-1 for $180 (a new line). $80/mo for the new line of service. When you get it, put your existing sim in the N-1. 121 days, 4 months, $320/mo later you CANCEL the new line, and get T-Mobile to unlock the phone. (they will unlock any phone you get from them after 90 days). What did you pay for the new phone? $180 + $320 (4x $80) = $500. You (effectively) get the N-1, Unlocked for $500, and have spread the cost out with $180 down and ‘4 Easy Payments’ (Ron Popeil would be proud).

    • CaptKirk

      Don’t forget the early termination fee one would have to pay. A 2 year contract needs to be signed, so if one cancels in 4 months, he/she will still have 1 year and 8 months left on the contract…meaning a decent sized early termination fee, which will drive the total cost well past the initial unlocked price of $530.

  • nathan118

    In case anyone was wondering, if I go to UPGRADE my current phone, then I’m given the option of $25 unlimited web. Apparently that’s just gone for new people under the project dark pricing.

  • Unal

    I think we should wait and see the details. Clearly it can’t be one page with one option. That is not normal in any carrier in the world. One plan? I think that is either a start point or there are more details.

    • JayJay

      I agree. This obviously is NOT the final say of what plan we can use because nobody will limit a customer to just one plan, that’s just an outrage lol. Google knows better. I think it’s just to amp up the hype of it all honestly…

  • Jose

    Not even the Iphone cost that much….

    • Kickstar13

      An unlocked iPhone 3GS 16GB brand new in the box costs around $800

      Nexus One costs $530 brand new and its unlocked.

  • David

    From what I read. T-mobile is NOT selling this device, Google is and T-mobile is supporting it. $530 is to much money in my opinion. I have 2 lines on a 1800 min family plan, 400 text and data on 1 line (my G1) on a Flex pay 2 year contract and my bill with taxes is $150 a month. I will get another android phone but not this one. The stipulations are just plain stupid. No flex pay, no family plan?? I have to go to a lower price plan with less minutes? Stupid. FAIL.

    • NiiDiddy

      @David – Exactly my thoughts!!

  • beastly

    The iPhone cost more than that, and people still lined up around the block to buy it. But the iPhone had much better lead-up publicity, there was no recession, and it wasn’t launched just after Christmas.

    Honestly, the installments on Even More Plus is the best idea I’ve seen in a long time, and I’m not sure why T-Mobile isn’t finding a way to get Google to let them offer the installments to their customers. That might actually put one of these in everybody’s hand. Think about it. Google makes their announcement and says to all the folks out there paying $110 a month for 900 minutes + data and messages on an iPhone, “Hey, check it out. You pop down $35 activation, sign up for unlimited everything with T-Mobile, and you get this phone and service for $106.50, no contract, and your rates go down to $80 a month after 20 months. Not good enough? Sign on with a friend to a family plan, and you’re only paying $96.50 a month. Still not good enough? The next three lines you add have no activation fee, and each one is only $81.50 a month and they effectively get the best phone on the market for free.”

    Not allowing T-Mobile to put this phone on the installment plan is going to tick off existing Even More Plus customers and means passing up the chance to steal a bunch of AT&T customers. I just flat-out don’t get it. Isn’t part of Google’s purpose to get a bunch of Android phones out there so they can gather mobile data for their market research?

  • Sgt. Cell

    How does this phone go from announced to released so quick? How about doing this with the HD2. I’m ready and waiting T Mobile.

  • Bob

    Ah, and here is where all of the Google fanbois that were saying they were going to ditch their iPhone and get the “Google Phone” turn around and say “Holy crap, that’s expensive!” and realize that it’s not a game changer it all. It’s just another HTC phone with Android.
    FYI, you can already buy unlocked phones. Sony-Ericsson has been selling them for ages, and so has HTC.

  • beastly

    Also, I don’t really see this phone as being fundamentally different from a mytouch. When the iPhone came out, it was the only phone in its class. So far as I can tell, the only things this phone offers that the MyTouch doesn’t are a better processor and a newer version of Android. That’s kind of nice, but it’s not going to bring in many new customers, either for Google or for T-Mobile. It’s certainly not worthy of a Google press conference.

    “Hey, guess what, guys? We’re releasing a new phone that’s pretty much more of the same of what you’ve been seeing from Android over the last year. But here’s what’s new and exciting and different: we’re selling it directly, which means you don’t have the same purchasing options you have with any other Android phone! Just thought you all should know.”

  • GooG_Nut

    I’ve learned with T-Mobile that you have to want until the press release for the full information….all will be revealed.

  • Kickstar13

    The unlocked pricing really isn’t that bad, if you compare it to the myTouch 3G

    T-Mobile myTouch 3G=528Mhz Processor, Android 1.6, 3.2MP camera-> Price: $499 w/o contract

    HTC Nexus One=1Ghz Snaprdragon Processor, Android 2.1, 5MP camera, AMOLED Full Touchscreen-> Price: $529 w/o contract unlocked

    • nathan118

      The problem is that if I want to keep my plan, I have to pay $530 for the Nexus One. If I get a myTouch and want to keep my plan (and new contract) then it only costs me $150. That’s almost 400 dollars.

    • Ariel

      The Mytouch is 399 w/o contract, not 499. It used to be 499, but Tmobile now sells it for 399.

  • asian_inspired

    wondering if tmo employees will be able to get a hold of the phone with their discounts???.. what do you guys think

  • Kickstar13
  • eli_the_great89

    $180 on a 2 year subsidized plan doesn’t sound bad at all.

    Now they’ll be forced to put down the price of their hideous deformed TP2 and Behold II.

    This is a phone I can see at a higher price, SnapDragon processor makes up for it all.

    • Kickstar13

      Its not the subsidized price that’s making people frustrated, its the requirement of that one single 500 mins+text+unlimited web $79.99 plan that is required to get the Nexus One at that $180 price tag.

      • CaptKirk

        Exactly! We want to be able to use our existing plans (I am assuming most of us already have unlimited data plans) with this phone! I think most of the complaints are from people with Family plans… Blocking us out of a subsidized phone makes even less sense!! We pay more per month than a subscriber with a single line!! Why are the customers that are paying T-Mobile MORE getting LESS in this deal? Kind of ironic from T-Mobile’s perspective when they have plans named Even More and Even More PLUS. e.e

        I sure hope this pricing information was either intentionally “leaked” by all parties involved in the sale of this device to test the waters or that this information simply isn’t finalized yet.

        I am trying very hard to be patient and calm considering Google and T-Mobile are generally understanding and appreciative of their loyal users/customers. Hopefully that will be the case and there will be further clarification and consideration made for the pricing issues.

      • Usman

        I still think that is the MINIMUM plan that will be required on contract. I can’t think of a single reason why T-mobile or Google would want to limit potential revenue by limiting people to 500 minutes. It just isn’t good business.

  • JBLmobileG1

    $530 may sound like a good deal but let’s be real… how much do you think a phone like this cost to make. I bet if you cut the phone price in half it would still cost less to make. What is funny is Google has always been known to give out Free services so I don’t see why they would charge so much on a phone. Then again HTC I am sure gets something from it. I think all phones at outright cost are overly priced but that’s just me.

  • JBLmobileG1

    On a second note…. why do I (or anyone else for that matter) want an unlocked Nexus One phone. I mean seriously sure you could use it on AT&T but not with 3G.. only edge so its pretty pointless. I am sure your paying the extra money just to have it unlocked.

  • Mark

    I don’t understand why people keep comparing the retail prices of any phones. There has never been a popular phone that generated it’s sales at retail prices. Even the first i phone had a price reduction very quickly.

    This will be the test case for the retail price program with t mobile. I’m more surprised google would risk a poor start by such a high price point. In 90 days this phone will be 150 or less and free thru t mobile. Why would google go thru the bother of selling a low volume phone?

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Good points Mark. I too am not sure what Google is thinking. Do they think anything with the Google brand will sell? Do they control so much of the mobile market (apps and OS) that a a device that seamlessly integrates everything into one device will be a success? Do they have some grand plan where this phone is only a small part of the bigger scheme?

      Some thoughts:

      1. Google assumes no one ever pays retail, so the price point is to motivate people to go with a plan. To be sure, I am not aware of anyone in the past, including myself, who has paid full price for a phone (at least not since the days of subsidized phones). The closest I have gone to paying full price was in August 09 where I bought the T-Mobile Touch Pro2 for $329 on a one year contract.

      2. That $550 price point is nothing new. All of the newer smartphones are $500 to $800, with prices in the 500s being the average “high priced” phone.

      3. What is new is Google selling it unlocked. Previously no manufacturer or carrier has sold an unlocked “debut” phone on the retail market. The question is, is Google more interested in selling phones via T-Mo or do they see the unlocked version being a big seller.

      4. IMHO the market has been saturated with smartphones and the various operating systems. And consumers considered the G1 the Google phone. So the Nexus, IMHO, won’t be that big a deal. If anything, to consumers this is more of a sequel to the G1 and that phone (with Android) has run its course. In other words, the public is over the excitement of the Google phone (again, which was the G1).

      5. Again IMHO, the Google phone OS (which most consumers understand to be Android) has become too fragmented. In other words, there’s too many versions of Android out there, which one you have depending on your phone and carrier.

      Fragmentation is not a bad thing since competition breeds improvement in the OS and user interface. For example, Motorola has the MotoBlur shell (user interface) that emphasizes ease of use if one is on on the social networks (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace).

      But how that might hurt the Nexus is that the buying consumer now has a lot of choices when it comes to Android and the user shell. While the Nexus might have made a big splash in Sept. 2008 (when the G1 came out) now it’s not that remarkable a device, at least not to the masses.

      6. And let’s face it folks, the Nexus is no longer a revolutionary design, at least not to the masses who base a major part of a buying decision on how a phone looks, feels and functions. Put the Nexus next to all the other touch screen only phones now on the market, it looks the same.

      7. Which brings to mind, what about all the people who insist on a keyboard? This phone does not have one so that leaves me wondering how big of a market will this phone eliminate as potential buyers?

      But in 2010 I suspect a huge part of the the consumer market will be going touch screen only. Using myself as an example, I bought the T-Mobile Touch Pro2 because it had a keyboard. Because I send fewer e-mails and texts than before I use the touchscreen more than before. But I do like using the keyboard when typing.

      So does this mean I might take the plunge and go touchscreen only? I don’t know. I suspect that the percentage of touch screen only users is increasing every month and will overtake those of us who use keyboards.

      Well, that’s my mouthy comments on all this.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    eli_the_great89 says: I find it hard to believe that you have a MyFaves plan with 1000 whenever minutes for $59.99 when the chepeast MyFaves plan when it existed was with 400 whenever minutes for $69.99

    You don’t know how plans work or what you are talking about. $69.99 for 400 minutes was not the cheapest MyFaves plan.

    Most everyone knows that T-Mobile has had promotions over the years, some lasting as long as a month, others for a week. That has resulted in many people having plans that most others have never heard of. So there’s no reason to be questioning that person’s truthfulness.

    And technically I have the cheapest MyFaves plan. I have two MyFaves lines for $89 monthly. That was loyalty pricing and while it made MyFaves moot, we are holding on to them because they are not offered any longer.